New Jack City: Bogus KCI Flights, Beer Pong Busts & Peace Signs

Know what you are talking about…

Seems that about every story I hear or read about a new airport terminal hints at the possibly more DIRECT flights from KCI.

The latest was in Sunday’s Kansas City Star cover story in which Kansas City Chamber chief exec Joe Reardon was quoted as saying it would be a comfortable, passenger-friendly terminal with top-tier dining and MORE DIRECT FLIGHTS.

Hold it right there.

Do we REALLY need more direct flights to….say Orlando, Las Vegas, Miami or DC?

For my money, I far prefer more NON-STOPS to such destinations.

And that is what we are lacking.

Let’s not forget that there’s a dramatic difference between the two.

For example, a DIRECT flight takes you from Kansas City to San Francisco with an intermediate stop in say Denver. You don’t get off the plane for the stop, but it can still easily add more than an hour to 90 minutes to your trip.

A NON-STOP between MCI and SFO is exactly what the name implies. And that’s what we need more of out of Kansas City.

So let’s be absolutely clear of what we are talking about BEFORE voting on Question One on November 7th.

There’s something else that’s bugging me……

With all the media attention to St. Teresa Academy‘s supposed Beer Pong controversy, I have yet to see any mention that the symbol used was in actuality a counterclockwise, left facing swastika—or Sauvastika.

Doesn’t that have an entirely different meaning? As in an ancient Hindu religious symbol?

Just saying……

Kind of reminds me of a million years ago when Shawnee Mission East High School was celebrating Hippie Week and displayed that famous (homemade) free-spirited 60’s peace symbol prominently at the school.

You guessed it. They mistakenly use a Mercedes-Benz star.

Mistakes happen, I guess.

That one incidentally made it unto the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite—as a kicker story.

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  1. BOOM BOOM says:

    please stay to your “vacation” stories. the st. teresa story you mentioned was wrong.
    The girls knew what they meant….it’s the intent that counts.

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