Glazer: Scribe Lauds Chiefs, Cringes for Weekend Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0 and the only undefeated team in the AFC today…

And Atlanta is the only undefeated team in the NFC. So yes, the Chiefs are THE talk of sports media regarding the NFL. Remember the Falcons were the NFC champs last year and lost the close one to New England, soooo everybody expected them to be very good, not so much KC.

Can the Chiefs keep rolling all year?

They sure could folks.

The big battle will be staying healthy. We have older key players in big roles. Justin Houstin is clearly the dean of our defense. This is the first time since he signed a mega million dollar contract three years ago he’s been healthy for three straight regular season games! Damn. Yes he has delivered. What’s scary is he can get better, much better.

Trouble is, he tends to get hurt easy and often, then never really plays anymore that season. We don’t have any other dominating linebackers with Tamba Hali washed up.

Derrick Johnson is still a season long question mark coming back from leg injury at age 35. DJ is playing well and helping set up the defense, but doesn’t have that speed anymore and you worry about him getting hurt again. It’s a long season and he’s in on tons of tackles.

The hero is clearly Daniel Sorenson.

Daniel is the Eric Berry replacement and this guy is everywhere – safety, corner, linebacker. Hell, he might even do a jet sweep one day! This player has arguably been the MVP on defense and he reminds me of Donnie Edward.  The guy’s not big, not real fast but damn he is where the ball winds up.

The Chiefs offense might be the best in the NFL with a little more work.

We all know Kareem Hunt is as of today the best running back in the NFL and rookie of the year. Tyreek Hill is deadly but needs more deep balls coming his way from Alex Smith. Travis Kelce needs to be a bigger part of the offense, especially on short yardage. Clearly there is some anger towards him from his coach due to his continued bad behavior on the field and fear of him fumbling or just dropping passes on big plays.

Let’s find out.

We need to find a back up running back and we need to use Chris Conley at wide out to take pressure off of Hill.

Weapons, weapons, weapons – we’re always looking for more of them.

Overall the Chiefs are looking very good. Defense is a bit soft at times but so are all the other teams. Our offensive line continues to be just average. Alex Smith needs to throw deeper more often to open up short passes and the running game. Smith has to continue to be a bit daring.

We play Washington Monday Night.

Another reason the media loves KC is they start a long string of prime evening games with no other game on during theirs. It’s THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS…AMERICA’S TEAM…finally, huh?

Chiefs over Skins at home 27-17.

As for college we just don’t have a team in KC to follow. K-State will get a win but have no shot to win the Big 12, maybe third place.

KU and MU suck.

I’ll say this KU’s offense is improving and they might win ONE more. Wow.


Sorry guys I have sucked so far….college is really tough. The top teams have to give up so many points and often just can’t cover. The Pros also have few consistent teams, but I have to pick so tread lightly for now.

Wisconsin -7 over NorthWestern in a tease with Clemson -1 over Virginia Tech..


KANSAS CITY – 1 over Washington in a tease with New England -1 over Carolina on a tease

Atlanta -1 over the Bills on a tease with New England -1 over Carolina
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27 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Lauds Chiefs, Cringes for Weekend Picks

  1. David Nelson says:

    Keep swinging…. you are due. 2-7. Ouch.

  2. Kerouac says:

    “Remember the Falcons were the NFC Champs last year”

    – remember the cheatriots, all dressed up with nowhere to go but 19-0? Cancel the trip White House and placement perfection ahead the ’72 Dolphins.

    Remember the swiss starting out 9-0 that one season not so very long ago… kerplop.

    And remember 1971, swiss headed back the Superbowl and another Championship… ‘Till one sunny Christmas Day Santa came to say: swiss chiefs with your nose so high, gonna put some coal in your stocking tonight’; 27-24 Miami… guess the swiss hadn’t been so good that year after all … ssssssssssssssssssssssss… ah, North Pole memories.

    With apologies Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones:

    ‘Try, Try To Remember’

    ‘Try to remember KC not pretender
    Success was ours, such winning fellows.
    Try to remember the Chiefs as contenders
    The field was green, Toma’s endzones yellow.
    Try to remember that ’69 ender, our team was
    World Champion… was no one better (except Raiders)
    Try to remember and if you remember, then hallow, swallow, wallow.’

    “Can the Chiefs keep rolling all year?”

    – swiss as π (pi) a mathematical constant… no.

    “The big battle will be staying healthy.”

    – the rub every season, team; will not survive the journey intact…

    “We all know”

    – because we live in Kansas City…

    “Kareem Hunt is as of today”

    – Cinderella… but if he’s shaped like a pumpkin (is), the slipper doesn’t fit (not on those gunboats) and runs into the rookie wall (will), alarm clock his as swiss rings midnight, mournin nother ‘wait till next year part 2018 verse 49’ Groundhog Day.

    “the best running back in the NFL”

    – Le’Veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliott, flip a coin; Emmitt Smith already proved the best RB of this or any season is not necessarily the one with the most rushing yardage…


    – [ drum roll ]

    ” rookie of the year.”

    – Deshaun Watson, QB (not even honorable mention ‘Pine’ Mahomes, bench [ rimshot / cymbal crash! ]

    “Tyreek Hill”

    – remains a gadget player (one averaging over 10 yards ‘less’ per punt return 2017 than 2016 and 27.4 ‘less’ yards per return on kickoff returns (due not even being named the starter at that specialty… he ranks 43rd in the NFL yards per catch, tied for 22nd (with several others) in catches, 7th in receiving yards & 6th in td catches… our #1 top wide receiver; he’s a ‘Superstar’ you know, CG 🙂

    “Travis Kelce”

    – the ‘best tight end in the NFL in his own eyes’ ranks 37th among all TE’s in average yards per catch, but ‘tied’ (with several others including his own teammate, fellow TE ‘Basketball Jones’ Harris) 9th place td catches, 6th place receptions, and 5th yardage. Kelce the Klown makes up for all of that lackluster production his though by ranking #1 in the league boorishness… he’s a ‘Superstar’ you know, CG.

    “Clearly there is some anger towards him from his coach due to his continued bad behavior on the field and fear of him fumbling or just dropping passes on big plays. Let’s find out.”

    – let’s not – much more pleasant watching the swiss try work their way toward another one and done end of season without Kelce the Klown antics. He ‘did’ surprise Kerouac the other day in Los Angeles though: I noticed him on the sideline hand over his heart during the National Anthem (maybe he thot they were playing a song in tribute him?)

    “Another reason the media loves KC is they”

    – are desperate for some good news just like the swiss: what’s worse the national stage: half a century of no KC success or a third consecutive season of falling tv ratings?


    – take two aspirin and sleep it off, CG…

    “Chiefs over Skins at home 27-17.”

    @ the swiss 10

    … there, fixed it for you CG.


    • CG says:

      K you are a hater champion for sure…ok much of what you say is true, on Kelce agreed, alot of talk and no action so far….all show no go….Hunt is very good, so is Hill….will Chiefs fade…welp they always do…so can’t say they won’t….be kind and DON’T REWIND…

      • Kerouac says:

        CG, compadre: you are intelligent enough to know (am certain) that Kerouac, scrupulously fact-driven, always providing detail affirms his narratives, also writes some things ‘tongue in cheek’. If that eludes you, perhaps you’ve become numb/immune both the swiss & your comics level appeal. What’s funnier: watching an comic bomb nightly or an football team annually for nigh on HALF A CENTURY?

        Upshot – don’t take me/any it personal. All that to say this: the swiss are (again) based what I’ve seen, not going anywhere ’17, other their usual final destination… ‘wait till next year’. Perfect record mine 47 – 0, undefeated like Marciano, when it comes to predicting Chiefs fortunes (of note, Rocky met his demise same year the swiss last deserved be referred to as Chiefs, 1969.)

        Were it my desire / is not, could pen/keyboard the same shades of mundane party-line, colorless ‘kc kool-aid drinker’ narratives, ‘homer-istic circle-jerk’ piffle one finds on most any local team’s area websites and in most every locale. That is not my style, nor my preference.

        Consider me a counter homer-ism… irritating as realist Kerouac might be if/when taken seriously, as indigestible same reading the narrative self-flagellations and overhype when ‘anyone’ tries to make a swiss molehill into Chiefs mountain. Likewise anyone who considers a predicted game score some outrageous margin and takes it literally, well… nuff said.

        As stated more than one occasion, come here for information & entertainment – or entertainment and information if you please, that gleaned from as well provided others including sophomoric stylings of yours truly, Kerouac – Lays Potato Chip of Blogdom.

        In summary: want to shut Kerouac up, any/all interested? Let the swiss become Chiefs again, or petition HC to remove me if feel so inclined, provided censoring that which you personally do not agree with or merely find too irreverent, gets the better of you.

        (PS) Does Junior help make your picks each week? Cue Brittany Spears: OOOPS, I did it again. Lighten up CG, ‘kay? Concentrate instead on deflating that blogger makes narrative BOOM BOOM in his pants every time he posts here, compared the wit & charm Kerouac.


        • CG says:

          K I respect you and enjoy your work here. I think you are the best writer on this site. You are funny,too often on the money and hard to argue with on most issues. Thank you for all your responses. I appreciate you very much.

          • BOOM BOOM says:

            and you make everything glazo bozo writes look like he’s completely out of his league when it comes to sports. You literally take him limb by limb…inch by inch and tear his story to shreds. Not one statement he made was true and your facts kerowacky were astounding in make glazo bozo look like a complete stiff in everythhing he writes. Love it. Wish I knew the stats but he’s proven a jinx for 7 years for every sports team in kc.
            thanks kerowacky. glad to have one person on here who even though he’s wrong every game still has the facts to do the WWE smackdown on mr. glaze.
            And that’s it folks.

          • Kerouac says:

            Ditto CG… appreciate your comments as well. The amount of feedback your KCC comments receive affirms people care, or minimum, are motivated enough reply one way or the other.

            This were the circus (sometimes it is), think of yourself 21st century PT Barnum – minus you, fewer customers would drop by to $pend some time here @HC’s fun house/advertisers.

            Were you a singer and I Jewish, Martin & Lewis. Kerouac considers you his (and Dean always got top billing.)


    • “REDSKINS 49
      @ the swiss 10

      … there, fixed it for you CG.”

      Eh…Not so much, Ros.

  3. CG says:

    Harley K thinks you are a major loser…as stated….as for being wrong all the time…I don’t have to even answer that one….

  4. E.H. says:

    Wow, KC finally has a great offense, the best since the Priest Holmes days. And we have a great defense too. Suddenly our supposed tough schedule doesn’t look all that tough anymore does it?

    I think KC beats the redskins simply because it’s at home and well, they’re the redskins.
    Hopefully we don’t go on a long, winning streak like we’ve done in the past. You know, peak too early.

    Funny, the Chiefs have 4 games in the next 19 days, I’m sure we’ll lay an egg in at least two of them, just to give the guys some rest.

    • CG says:

      E.H. I see your point man we’ve had some long winning streaks that mattered not..with Dick…9-0, Andy 9-0 and many more…then we stunk…again one reason Chiefs are never seen as a serious threat to win it all, they fade and their record doesn’t seem to be who they are…we are never dominant…we just find ways to win…as for losing 2 of 4, hope not…I still want to keep winning I just want to see more consistent play by our top stars…get better, and find some other weapons on both sides of the ball…this team can be a 14 win team or fall to a 10/11 winner and just a low level playoff team as we have been for 5 decades….

  5. CG says:

    K well it works cause one of us is Jewish…thanks for being an online pal…much respect for your work sir.

  6. CG says:

    Maybe fourth time is the charm, I finally got the two college games right so I’m 1-0 this week so far, maybe I can get two more and be 5-7 for the year to this point…and go from there…

    Nice to see the Royals fans out in big numbers to say goodbye to our core World Series team guys. I believe over 30,000 yesterday and they won…good ending.

  7. Kerouac says:

    The Deshaun Watson NFL Rookie-of-the-Year express rolls on… Sunday, he merely tied the all-time NFL record for tds in a game by a rookie QB with 5, 4 passing and 1 running. Had it not been for the Texans 57-14 margin of victory (Watson led them to the most points in franchise history) he would’ve likely not been removed early, and could’ve tied or broken Hall of Famer Gale Sayers all-time NFL record for an rookie player at any position with 6 tds.


    This is the guy the swiss should’ve drafted: already a S*T*A*R and will only continue get better. Watson is carrying Houston on his back and is now 2-1 as a starter, with 2 of those 3 games played on the road, including one vs the ‘World Champion’ Patriots who Watson had beat shy his own defense caving in at the end.

    Having played in only 3½ games, behind the NFL’s worst offensive line (most sacks allowed), and not having his second best WR all season until yesterday, Watson has produced more total yards on offense than any rookie at any position the NFL, with 959 yards. He also has the most tds produced 9, the most td passes 7, most passing yards and best completion % with 811 and 65%… and most rushing tds by an rookie QB with 2.

    Early impressions: temper hype and expectations, by all means… that said, the lessers being touted ‘best this or best that’ draft/team etc. left and right courtesy an knee-jerk reactionary media/homeristic websites (KC Star & Arrowhead Pride prime examples), Watson reminds Kerouac of a beautiful mix black & white: the cake (obvious) Warren Moon & the icing on top (wait for it) Tom Brady – sky’s the limit for Deshaun Watson.

    With more experience and improved offensive line play, Superbowl’s will be dancing the collective heads Houston Texans/fandom same.

    NFL Rookie Watch/comparison

    WATSON: 114 ~ 74 ~ 811 ~ 7/4 ~ 65% ~ 7.1 ypa / 19 ~ 148 ~ 2 ~ 7.8 ~ 1 fumble lost on 133 touches ~ (959 total yards) ~ 10.3 yards per result of play

    CHIEF RB KAREEM HUNT: 47 ~ 401 ~ 4 ~ 8.5 / 9 ~137 ~ 2 ~ 15.2 ~ 1 fumble lost on 56 touches ~ (538 total yards) ~ 9.6 yards per result of play

    Only other QB drafted who has shown worthy of starting is CLEV’s Kizer; all the rest who were drafted higher than Watson (Trubisky and Mahomes) as well those drafted lower (Davis, Beathard, Dobbs and Peterman), continue to grab pine & pull splinters.

    Buehler (Mahomes)…
    Buehler (Mahomes)…
    Ferris Bueller (Patrick Mahomes)?

    As in ‘anyone care explain the swiss trading 3 high draft picks – 2 #1’s and a #3 for the greatest thing since sliced bread, or at minimum according the local party line the next Brett Fave, Hall of Famer and bringer Superbowl’s faster than a speeding bullet?

    More powerful than a fullback and able leap tall goal-line defenses in a single bound according local KC media/fandom homers those websites referenced earlier. Funnier and better, those same two websites media/fandom stated more than once preseason that Watson looked like a ‘bust’, as they were pining for Mahomes to take over in KC.
    Well, they were close… he is riding the pine.

    Watson’s the name… DESHAUN WATSON




  8. Kerouac says:

    Biggest takeaway from the NFL after four weeks: someone has to win… might as well be anybody.

    Lamar Hunt would be happy the landscape: every team a different shade of mediocre, ‘almost no team left behind post season hope ‘ – cha-cha ching ownership’$ battle-cry.

    No dominant team, just an collection about 83% (25) equal, another 17% (5) less than, various degree. Take away the not-so-fab winless five CLEV, SD, NYG, SF and ‘hey we beat the Browns’ CIN, remaining two-dozen plus one other can beat or be beat by any that lot, same.

    How great the mediocrity, how negligible the difference talent/tween winning/losing?

    * Last season’s sub .500 Bills sit atop the AFC West having defeated the best team in the NFL’s sorry lot this week Falcons in ATL, as well an win over another Superbowl caliber-team Broncos in BUF.

    * Chargers have lost four games by a grand total of 21 points. The loss of their top CB and both of their two top draft choices difference between 0-4 and 4-0, potentially.

    * Rams have the greatest margin difference points for/vs (37) NFL, 2016’s 4-12 team now 3-1/first place; last year’s 1st place team is this year’s sub .500… the Seahawks.

    * Last place – before today – Jets, beat the first place – before today – Jaguars, and NY who with KC is the longest-suffering team in the AFC terms Superbowl absence, now tied with New England.

    * Patriots have scored more points than any team in the AFC – and have given up more points than team in the NFL, last year’s Champions this year’s bearer .500 record and in the unfamiliar position of second place, to wit in a tie with… the NY Jets?

    If the MLB Cubs can win it all after slumbering for 108 years, why not those hapless NFL Chiefs (48 years), Jets (49 years), Browns (53 years), Eagles (57 years) & Lions (60 years)? Why not? Guess it’s harder to reach the top than bottom of the barrel.


    • Kerouac says:

      Longest dry spells since last Championship Game WIN

      Lions 1957
      Eagles 1960 (went to/lost Superbowls in 1980, 2004)
      Vikings 1961 [never] / (lost Superbowls 1969, 1973, 1974, 1976)
      Oilers 1961 [defunct*]
      Chargers 1963 (lost Superbowl 1994)
      Browns 1964 (became Ravens ’96, won Superbowls 2000, 2012; Browns reborn ’99
      Bills 1965 (lost Superbowls 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993)
      Falcons 1966 [never] / (lost Superbowls 1998, 2015)
      Bengals 1968 [never] / (lost Superbowls 1981, 1988)
      Jets 1968
      Chiefs 1969

      Of note, the Chiefs Head Coaches, including those ended up elsewhere NFL as head coaches, are an combined 2-7 lifetime their Superbowl forays, suggesting not only can’t the Chiefs get there, but, even when they/their former’s manage to do so, they bring a little of Kansas City with them:

      Stram 1-1
      Levy 0-4
      Vermeil 1-1
      Reid 0-1

      • CG says:

        K you are right we have no rich history of winning the big ones, nor our players or head coaches, save Stram,Dawson….Joe Montana before he got here…yep our franchise stinks overall…and to be honest nobody really believes we can get there this year…we don’t have the pedigree…so its uphill, can we? Will we? Maybe…but NFL Gods say NO!!!! Not with Smith.

  9. Destructor D says:

    You always take obvious teasers in general and teasers are tough, you are 0-2-1 this weekend in teasers so try straight up plays! You have to win one game instead of 2…

    • BOOM BOOM says:

      proves again that glazo bozo is good at miscounting. His teases are a joke.
      His stories are a joke and K literally rips him to shreds. Hearne would be
      better off having k write the major sports stories and glazo bozo with
      his days old qoutes and writings be the dumb comments on kcc.
      His teases are a hoax and bullshit.
      He’s afraid to take on boom boom in straight line bets. Boom boom knows
      that teases are sucker bets. Glazo would rather have his dog do his private parts than take on boom boom.

  10. Destructor D says:

    Sorry 1-2 my bad!

  11. CG says:

    HARLY YOU ARE ON SON…I’ll just pick who covers no teases since you don’t get them, but o.k. lets do it this week coming up….hows that cry baby?

    • Richard Cranium says:

      Clearly, you are the one that doesn’t understand gambling. Your “teases” are nothing more than a fake extension of your lack of knowledge. The teases you claim are true, do not add up mathematical……but YOU STILL LOSE THEM. I still pity you.

      • CG says:

        Hold the PITTY DICK, my teases are six points off each side of the ‘number’ on each team…check out the line SPORTSANDODDS.COM it has Vegas odds and hotel numbers on odds, p.s. they change often so it depends on when you make your bet….remember almost nobody in KC goes to a bookie joint in Vegas and bets…EVER, why they don’t know how, are scared, intimidated, all the above…me I bet there and do well…I’ve lost but I’ve won more often on the big bets mostly tease bets, can’t win them all…

  12. Kerouac says:

    And that’s how the better team drops victory careless clutches defeat, 24-20 Skins win.

    Recipe: take one Butterfingers WR, mix with one DC Head Coach his version KC Andy Reid’s ‘clock mismanagement 101’ timeout not needed – and voila! Once again, an local fandom suspends their annual disbelief another chorus of, ‘this is our year!’ (sorta like Barney Fife trying recite the ‘Emancipation Proclamation’… and just as effective.)

    Like the swiss, another ‘one word’ relic the late 1960’s nod ‘The Graduate’:


    Translation: here in Kansas City we spell our 48th nervous breakdown ‘i-s b-e-t-t-e-r t-o b-e l-u-c-k-y t-h-a-n g-o-o-d’, our mantra (with apologies to the late Lou Gehrig): “tonight, we feel like the luckiest team on the face of the turf, NFL gridiron’.

    Part 2017

    Verse 48

    Still waiting be impressed, swiss… Kerouac will leave the lights on for you.


  13. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    My love/hate relationship with the Chiefs continues. If nothing else, they are entertaining as hell. From the head-scratching, unbelievable blunders to the magnificently brilliant plays, KC truly is a box of chocolates. Kings of the NFL at the moment. They could be court jesters by the time the final script is written. Oh NFL, how I love thee.

    Hunt is one magnificent beast. Kelce, with his million dollar talent and 10 cent brain, WILL cost the Chiefs a game at some point. Maybe that’s what it is going to take for the mature light to come on. Easily one of the top offensive weapons in the league and simply refuses to embrace a “been there, done that” mentality. Aggravating!

    I’m rooting hard for Smith. The guy is impossible not to like as a player and a human. These first 4 games of the season have been some of his career best. IMO

    Go ahead and break my heart, Chiefs. I don’t care. I’ve begun to enjoy the pain.

    Riding that 4-0 high.

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