Glazer: Chiefs Appear Real but Scribe Still Likes Mahomes

The Chiefs take down Chargers in front of mostly Chiefs fans in north LA…

So the Chiefs are now 3-0 and are arguably the best team in the NFL, right?

Maybe in this new NFL where there are no shut down defenses and parody has taken over, the day of the upset is all but gone.

Hell, the lowly Chicago Bears beat the heavily favored Steelers today.

The Chiefs had really no offense at all today, did they? All their points came off early turnovers by the Chargers aging and slow QB Phillip Rivers. He is a shadow of his old self.

Yet Rivers was handed like a million chances to win the game by KC and Alex Smith.

Pssst…we had zero offense most of the game.

The Chiefs scored nothing in the second half until Kareem Hunt’s gallant long scoring run to end the game.

Alex turned back into, well, Alex.  Careful, safe, boring and with zero it factor.

He will never have that magic. He’s a guy playing over his head and a good but just not a great quarterback. He never will be. It’s that thing you are born with and Alex just wasn’t. Not his fault.

What makes KC a contender this year for a Super Bowl? Simple: the addition of a great running back in Hunt and a speedy dangerous receiver in Tyreek Hill with some occasional help from Travis Kelce.

Today Kelce had one catch for one yard. Super Star!

We do need to use Chris Conley some and perhaps find another back somewhere. I know half of you will hate this but…

I still say we’d be more dangerous with Pat Mahomes at quarterback.

He’d make more mistakes but we would have a top offense and be a true Super Bowl team, if the D steps up with him. The other improvement this year is having a somewhat healthy Justin Houston playing well.

So we beat the Chargers 24-17 after leading from the first quarter 17-10 and not adding a point until the final drive and final play by Hunt. His long run, over 70 yards ended the contest. He is truly a great young back, perhaps 2000 yards is coming this year from him on the ground.

Hell, in 3 games he has 500 already. Maybe Alex will keep us winning. Hope so..

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18 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Appear Real but Scribe Still Likes Mahomes

  1. Kerouac says:

    Best of the Worst: NFL Week 3

    There’s a new ‘best team’ in the NFL today, and it’s no longer the Oakland Raiders…
    all hail the Atlanta Falcons.

    The Falcons remained perfect on the season, defeating the previously undefeated Lions in Detroit 30-26. Now 3-0 including a win over the NFL’s best QB today and perhaps ever, Aaron Rodgers, the 2016 Superbowl Falcons continue to excel 2017. Just as Atlanta was the NFL’s best last season, its own unforced errors gifting an inferior New England team with what should have been Atlanta’s Vince Lombardi Trophy, the Falcons are flying high once more if vs that sorry lot known as the parity-driven NFL, 32 teams equally mediocre and on any particular day no better than any opponent, even win-less ones.

    Speaking of which, the NFL’s worst team 2017 the LA Chargers could not be shook by the perennial pretenders Kansas City, a one score margin till near the end of the game. Chargers injuries, including to their best player and best RB in the AFC West, Melvin Gordon, made things too easy for the overhyped Chiefs, who nevertheless still had to struggle all day facing the win-less Chargers, who everybody beats as noted.

    Elsewhere, was ‘mediocre Sunday’ terms level of play AFC West teams. The division’s top team Oakland lost as did second best Denver so after three weeks things are fairly even terms power rankings, Oakland, Denver and Kansas City on top a virtual tie, edge to OAK & DEN due their greater overall strength of schedule to date.

    For Kansas City fans, the day around the NFL also affirmed locals greatest fear: Chiefs have yet to play or beat anybody of substance, 2017. That PHIL needed a miracle to beat a win-less NY Giants team gives credence to the fact the Eagles, who were every inch the equal of Kansas City a week before, are not very good like the Giants.

    Meanwhile, the Patriots, who likewise had to struggle to get past the equally poor HOU Texans, in New England, vs a rookie QB, are clearly not what they once were, no better a also-ran in a league chock full of them, all 32 in actuality, this year as every since illegitimate results 1969 and the merger which followed 1970 and to date, affirm.

    Speaking of PHIL, the best day by an NFL rookie by Eagles kicker Jake Elliott, who nailed a game-winning 61 yard field final the play regulation, far away from the cozy confines indoor no-wind venue or outdoor rarfied air.

    Honorable mention goes to Texans QB Deshaun Watson, who has become not only an starter but a star while more overhyped rookie QB’s continue to grab splinters (Patrick ‘Pine’ Mahomes comes to mind.) Starting only his second game after winning his first and playing the most important & difficult position on the field, behind an offensive line that rivals Claude Rains ‘Invisible Man’ as a unit (calling it a ‘unit’ philanthropic), Watson had the Patriots beat but his Texan defense could not match his own play.

    Three weeks into his career, Watson looks well on his way to NFL Rookie of the Year honors. On the veteran front, best day award goes the ever & always #12 Wonder the NFL world Aaron Rodgers, who nigh on single-handedly climbed a mountain to lead the Packers to a comeback victory after being down two touchdowns at halftime.

    Closing with one more look at the swiss: Chargers outgained them on offense (which means the LA defense was also superior to KC’s), and save for one long fluke play totally dominated the swiss offense.

    On a positive not, Kelce the Klown was silent (thought maybe he was being used as an blocker until the tv affirmed he was actually only doing what he is capable of – holding, and another penalty his – while being held in check not only by the Chargers D (1 catch for 1 yard), but by a guilty conscience, hopefully (no juvenile antics for one game the inverse tantamount a torrential downpour LA.)

    Not to be out prima donna’d, ‘Toast’ Peters stepped into the Klown breech to draw an unsportsmanlike penalty, and he was also seen celebrating himself near the sideline (instead of blocking for a teammate aft the latter made an apparent interception, later overturned on review.) Having watched #22 for the last two seasons and now a third, his best attribute appears to be a combination of pouting, taunting, raising fist and/or head lowered and fist raised while sulking on the bench during National Anthem – and also being averse to any contact at all on the field, as in ‘he doesn’t actually tackle’… anybody. Ever. (there is a name for that which rhymes with a lower part the female anatomy.)

    Final thots: no surprise a lack of discipline continues to permeate the swiss: not only are a number their players at the top of the list for most disrespectful show-boaties in the NFL, swiss also lead the league in penalties as mentioned numerous times today on the broadcast, affirming in Kansas City, spell team ‘hey – look at me everybody!’ and may have to consider changing the club’s name to the Kansas City ’Individuals’ instead the original nod a late politician.

    This ‘lack’ theirs will cost them at some point – already has in term respect most fans – but also on the field. Just as Schottenheimer’s ‘thugs’ resulted in a similar black mark on Kansas City some 20 years ago their conduct, $elling out 2017 to try at any cost to win a Superbowl apparently knows no bounds decency, player deportment.

    Upshot: Kerouac still waiting to be impressed by the swiss… still no confidence they indicate anything more what they have almost half a century… a slipper wearer and coach rider that every midnight without fail, turns back pumpkin when post season separates the boys from the men.


    • Stomper says:

      Wait a minute here K-man. Pretty sure you’re the same guy who constantly rants that no NFL or MLB player who competed after the expansion years of 69′ and 70′ could be considered as the best ever. You wrote it again in this offering. Now you’re saying that Aaron Rodgers may be that guy? “NFL’s best quarterback today, and perhaps ever” How can that be when he competes against watered down talent as you have constantly lectured us?

      • Kerouac says:

        Refer to Rodgers as “perhaps” not due Kerouac believing the QB is ‘best’ – said an nebulous construct, made up subjective as well empirical evidence, no final arbiter qualified – but rather due his other-worldly play-making ability/results displayed throughout his career.

        That reason alone he belongs the discussion, having repeated his success often enough & with lesser teams that, minimum, one could imagine him having success if lesser golden age of football, despite the harder realities QBs & WRs of that time faced, terms less advantageous rules. Put another, you could put Rodgers in any offense/era and he’d likely excel & better than all his over-hyped modern peers in my studied opinion.

        Rodgers combination of magician-ship afield augmented stats convinces me he could ‘compete’ any era including the old one, whereas Kerouac wouldn’t put Brady (for example) same level, latter more beneficiary his era history than an QB for all times, all factors in effect yesteryear considered.

        My personal view: Rodgers a throwback Bengals QB Greg Cook – no less a QB authority the late 49er’s Bill Walsh on the record saying Cook was the best QB he ever had & better than another guy his, name of Montana. Most people don’t know/remember Cook, but before injury he was “the best” according Walsh and as a rookie to boot in 1969.

        Back to 2017, remains the case precisely that due watered down talent/too many players/teams/games and an rule manipulated game today initiated help create both advantage & stat offenses, an true gauge accomplishment compared yesteryear impossible because the game yesteryear held true its original form/did not have or need rule changes aid success/protect its ‘inve$tment$’ the QBs, modern pro football’s not so covert dirty little secret.

        Upshot – when you compromise the game and bastardize the rules to the extent they have over the last 40 plus years, what you get is not so much the genuine article as poor knock-off. The process, stats/record book and the part & parcel results including Championships are bent – crooked – loss integrity relegating modern results valueless, grand scheme of things.

    • Not to burst your bubble, K, but the vast majority of penalties by the Chiefs have been procedural- false starts, holding, offsides ( with holding being their favorite by a good margin).

      Now, it’s been a while since I played, but procedural penalties (especially holding) were always more of the “I’m getting beat by the guy across the line” penalty than a “hey– look at me everybody” type. YMMV.

      • Kerouac says:

        “Not to burst your bubble”

        – do disenthrall the masses half century morass KC, favor those would lend ear if not suspension their disbelief, intern…

        Kerouac once loved them as woman; became Housman fan:

        ‘When I was one-and-twenty
        I heard a wise man say,
        “Give crowns and pounds and guineas
        But not your heart away;
        Give pearls away and rubies
        But keep your fancy free.”
        But I was one-and-twenty,
        No use to talk to me.

        When I was one-and-twenty
        I heard him say again,
        “The heart out of the bosom
        Was never given in vain;
        ’Tis paid with sighs a plenty
        And sold for endless rue.”
        And I am two-and-twenty,
        And oh, ’tis true, ’tis true.’

        Many fandom still in denial, Kerouac recused his a long, Long, LONG time ago. Nod Ace… ‘how long, has this been going on?’ Let us count the days, nights & ways since the swiss lost theirs.

        First man on the moon has nothing on KC’s Chiefs, last landed football relevance on planet Earth in the same year 1969; may return ‘in the year 2525, if football is still’, nod Zager & Evans.

        17,425 diurnal course sun-ups & sundowns past – ‘wait till next year’, ‘part 2017’, ‘verse 48’; could reference ‘wait till next year’, parts 2018, 2019, 2020 and verses 49, 50 and 51 followed ‘wait till next year part 2021 verse 52’, yet…why play the spoiler.


        – yes, what is it now?

        “Now, it’s been a while since I played”

        – Kerouac holds not relative youth your caducity against you, compared venerableness mine…


        – preface always an acknowledgement defeat, go on anyway…

        “the vast majority of penalties by the Chiefs have been procedural- false starts, holding, offsides ( with holding being their favorite by a good margin).”

        – as totality their ineptness time immemorial a favorite ploy: 30 years tolls one generation’s bell, forthwith be working their way yonder an second generation dupes. Kerouac not inclined go all ‘Emily Litella’ – “nevermind” – they all count, penalties as votes (unless liberal, in which case the popular vote – even rigged nod illegals – Trump’s electoral college.) No, not here America where ‘get with the program or ready for more in 2020 comes a Trump for four more’, reigns.)

        Only according swiss fandom many them and Hillary apologists same, ears to hear if not eyes, hearts & minds to see the writing on Stephen Foster’s note pad calls to the defeated:

        ‘Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,
        Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;
        Sounds of the rude world, heard in the day,
        Lull’d by the moonlight have all passed away!’

        Upshot: a swiss fandom in denial.

        “procedural penalties (especially holding) were always more of the “I’m getting beat by the guy across the line” penalty than a “hey– look at me everybody” type. YMMV.

        – they’re averaging 11 penalties per game, most in the NFL and almost double their average 2016, when were middle the pack.
        They’ve become the Raiders yore… perhaps someday they will replicate Oakland’s success, ‘Superbowls’ (ditto Denver’s, and New England’s, and Pittsburgh and Dallas and San Francisco and… well, how much time and internet paper have we here?)

        Not even a duet featuring Dorothy and Israel Kamakawiwoʻole singing ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ will turn pie in the sky to Lombardi’s… a mileage never varies.

        When was the last time you saw a player on one of those great ‘Superbowl teams’ referenced, throw his towel at an official or infer masturbation & while in better behaved moments spasm about the field as if in the troes gran mal seizure?

        Never saw any ‘leader’ lead via the acts described above whether the 1960’s or more recent era a Barry Sanders or Priest Holmes.

        Vince Lombardi said re: sportsmanship post td score: “act like you’ve been there before”. Len Dawson said aft throwing a td – “we were able to get the ball to him” (emphasis on WE in lieu ME… difference between professionalism and ‘hey look at me everybody!)

        Difference between a winner(s) and a loser(s).

        It’s been half a century since the swiss were ‘Chiefs’… why it’s no coincidence the echo their trophy case becomes louder end each season ‘this is our year’ and fades out with a whimper, collective tails tucked between their legs.

        Put another, a Chiefs Superbowl is to Willoughby as Kerouac is to Rod Serling.

        ‘Willoughby? Maybe it’s wishful thinking nestled in a hidden part of a man’s mind, or maybe it’s the last stop in the vast design of things – or perhaps, for a man like Mr. Gart Williams, who climbed on a world that went by too fast, it’s a place around the bend where he could jump off. Willoughby? Whatever it is, it comes with sunlight and serenity, and is a part of The Twilight Zone.’ – Serling’s closing ‘A Stop at Willoughby’,

        As the Chiefs, cancelled back in the 1960’s and as such, nothing better has followed in the decades since.

        • TL;DR.

          You should consider changing your user name to Paul Neil Milne Johnstone….

          • Kerouac says:


            – but you did comment, which speaks volumes… unfortunately apprentice, such a ‘sparse’ effort yours persuades you have nothing of substance, your ‘brief’ the equivalent p*nis envy.

            Kerouac – Lays Potato Chip of Blogdom – prolific in ‘every’ way.


  2. Kerouac says:

    “parody has taken over”

    – well, ‘parity’ or “parody”, that’s another way to accurately describe the swiss and NFL, CG… none of these collections of teams- check that, ‘Individuals’ 2017, could carry the shoes 1966 Denver Broncos, 4-10 finishers AFL West, likely undefeated or close to it, as every other AFL team back then were they playing today.

    “I still say we’d be more dangerous with Pat Mahomes at quarterback.”

    – have said afore, will say it once more: Patrick ‘Pine’ Mahomes home is on the bench, for as long as the next ‘2’ years likely… the swiss get lucky & win an Superbowl (won’t, but for demonstration purposes) Smith is not only back but signs an extension via an reworked contract, likely – Mahomes will end up Pete Beathard.2, traded elsewhere.

    Here’s the best rookie QB in the NFL, one of only two starting: HOU Deshaun Watson

    Watson’s stats to date through 2017’s first 3 games, the last 2 with him starting:

    Pass: 80 attempts / 49 completions / 528 yards / 3 td passes / 61.3% completion /
    Run: 15 rushes / 124 yards / 1 td / 8.3 per carry / 1-1 record as Texans starting QB /

    Chiefs should have drafted Watson instead of Mahomes, Deshaun will end up being a much better pro than ‘Pine’, my opine.

    “He is truly a great young back, perhaps 2000 yards is coming this year from him on the ground. Hell, in 3 games he has 500 already.”

    – he has 407 CG, and would need to ‘average’ over 125 a game for 16 games… its not gonna happen, but, enjoy the fantasy before the bubble bursts. Similar Mike Garrett during his big rookie debut in 1966… one long run in an game skews rest of the stats. Examples: one game, Garrett had 9 carries for 102 yards vs the Oilers: an 77 yard td run; otherwise, 8 carries 25 yards; another game, 10 carries for 83 yards vs OAK: 42 yard td removed, 9 for 41. They all count but just comparing stats can be misleading – Eagles stuffed Hunt most the game last weekend: 13 for 81 becomes 12 for 28 minus his one one long run…. perspective.

    Next game: Redskins vs Chiefs:

    WASH 49
    @swiss 10


  3. CG says:

    I think Alex Smith is a good quarterback, just not super thats all. I’ve said that for years as have many observers. Alex thinks he is tops due to his winning record. I don’t cause he can’t win games that matter at seasons end. Without playoff wins and a super bowl you are just not ‘great’ you can be good, he is good. Alex is a man who made over 100 million playing in the NFL and a good person.
    Hey maybe this year will be ‘that’ year for Smith. I hope it is for Alex and KC.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    The NFL is a batshit crazy league. A team that looks great for 4 games, can easily go into a tailspin and look horrid for the next 4.

    For the record, I’m all done with the NFL. Not watching it. Not betting on it. And I’m not the only one. Their tv ratings continue in a death spiral as the rank and file of NFL fans are completely disgusted with the protests. These idiot players (and owners, who empower them) are slitting their own throats.

  5. “….parody has taken over, the day of the upset is all but gone.”

    an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.

    the state or condition of being equal, especially regarding status or pay.

    You’re welcome.

    • CG says:

      Lance thank you clearing that up.

    • Fake Name Guy says:

      I love that comedy is LITERALLY his business and yet he still has no clue what parody is.

      • CG says:

        Fake name guy of course I do, I just used the wrong spelling of a word meaning ‘becoming equal’ clearly similar words spelled differently my mistake…I think we all knew what was meant there…even you

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