Lefsetz: NBA is the New NFL

Don’t mess with the NBA

Because the players run the league…

Sometimes change has to come from the top. History repeats itself, but with a twist. In the 1960s we were a homogeneous society – a middle class which could pay our bills and if you fell behind you were supported by a safety net. Today, it’s every person for themselves and fear reigns. People are afraid of the corporation, but not basketball players.

Who live on Twitter.

That’s right, basketball is the bleeding edge of sports. And the fastest growing.

It’s gonna eclipse football in your lifetime.

You don’t get CTE, the game moves fast and if you don’t think the NBA rules, you’re probably watching baseball, while your kids are talking about whether LeBron will leave Cleveland.

That’s right, LeBron is squeaky clean.

He’s got tattoos, but no rap sheet. His childhood friends run his business, not Hollywood agents. He doesn’t need the system, HE IS A SYSTEM!

Ditto on Steph Curry.

He does his job best. He lets his work speak for him. But when you cross him…

They’re unafraid of the consequences, they do what’s right. Hell, LeBron handpicked his coach. This is not the NFL, where owners are in charge and the players are fungible as they work themselves to death, literally. Sans players, the NBA is worthless. They wouldn’t even bother with replacements. The game would suffer too much.

And the NBA was on Twitter long before Trump put his finger to his phone.

When you attack someone on their medium, you get attacked right back.

And we need heroes and people to learn from. Now that the politicians are sold out and CEOs are venerated who else are we to turn to other than sports stars and entertainers? I won’t say you’ve got a responsibility so much as an OPPORTUNITY!

So Trump picked the wrong target.

But ignorant people always do this. Unaware of the consequences of their actions.

It’s great that football players are protesting.

But the Warriors organization got behind Curry long before the NFL owners woke up. But waking up is good, even if it takes you a beat. We were for the Vietnam War before we were against it – we just needed to be educated.

Our country is divided in a way it hasn’t been since the 60s.

And you can denigrate poor African-Americans in Ferguson, but don’t pick a fight with NBA stars who make double digit millions a year – who net more cash than musicians. Who march to the beat of their own drummer and go their own way.

Hell, Steph Curry went with Under Armour when the man at the machine missed the memo – one of the reasons Nike is now struggling.

Lonzo Ball’s dad might be a blowhard, but these companies depend upon athletes. And just because they don’t upset the apple cart in the NFL doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.

I don’t know what happens next.

But I do know when you’re trying to please everybody you please nobody.

You’ve got to take a stand.

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19 Responses to Lefsetz: NBA is the New NFL

  1. chuck says:

    Yeah, sure Lefty, if you just click those Ruby Slippers together, then it will all come true. I guess, if you are a Liberal, you can just say or print things and they are true, just because you said or printed them.





    This is from Greg Easterbrook, of ESPN, Lefty. He is a guy who actually works in and follows sports for a living. Ya might wanna do just a little fuckin research before you start flogging your fuckin dolphin and drooling out of your mouth when you pen your shit for an excuse articles.

    “– as the once-hot NBA continues its downward slip-slide in popularity. The reason is the decline of NBA play, which every season seems to become more simplified, less coordinated and more immature. Every year the NBA becomes less mature by about one tree-ring. During the Magic-Bird-MJ Golden Age, it was a sport of mental 30-year-olds, then 29-year-olds, then 28-year-olds and so on. Currently the NBA is a sport of mental 19-year-olds.

    If the NFL turned into the NBA, there would be no plays on offense; 11 guys would just run around doing whatever they felt like, calling for the ball. Each person who actually got the ball would immediately throw a 60-yard pass, then turn to the officials to scream for a foul. Players would refuse to speak to each other, and cover their ears when coaches spoke. Players would put tattoos on their helmets.

    NBA ratings have fallen almost 45 percent in the past decade. For a decade the quality of the NBA product has been going downhill. The NBA’s attitude is that fans are too stupid to notice. But fans know about the decline and are paying steadily less attention.”

    There are endless articles available from endless sources that repeat in one way or another what Mr. Easterbrook just said.

    “Sans players, the NBA is worthless.”

    What the fuck does that even mean? Hey Lefty, if you just wish hard enough, maybe without players people would still show up in the stands to talk about how mean America is to all those Heroes in Ferguson.

    “And we need heroes and people to learn from.” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! The fuckin NBA!!????!!! Seriously, I am actually laughing my ass off. Next time there is an NBA All Star Weekend near your town, be sure Lefty and show up. It’s a beautiful thing.


    NFL – 13 billion
    MLB – 9.5 Billion
    NBA -5.8 Billion

    And my guess is that they are all going to decline, because of idiots like Lefty who live to inject Liberal politics into sports.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      “Leftysez” just got fitted for a clownsuit. AGAIN. But this is what happens when you live in California and drink too much of the leftist koolaid. Your opinions aren’t based on facts, they are based on feelings. Hey Leftysez! Facts don’t care about your feelings.

  2. Kobe says:

    I am arguably one of, if not the most well known NBA players in history. I am a hero. I did have that pesky “Raped a girl up her butt” problem, but I paid out a ton of cash and the charges magically disappeared.

  3. Ron Artest says:

    I am the man behind the Palace Brawl. When I went into the stands looking for a fight, I grabbed himself a 73-game suspension. My rap sheet doesn’t end there though. In the years prior, I got in trouble for smashing a $100,000 TV camera and grabbing the mother of my child by the throat.

    I Ron Artest was “heart” of my team and I set the tone for what they’re going to do on, but mostly off the court. Whether it be a fight outside a strip club or just an everyday Wal-Mart robbery, you can be sure that I Ron Artest will be there leading the pack.

  4. chuck says:

    Ok, I gotta admit, I do love to see Dennis Rodman, the great hero that he is, anytime I can on TV.

    40% of the “hero” players in the NBA have serious criminal records.

    So come on mom, grab the kids and lets get down to the arena (Which, of course brins to mind another great “hero”, Gilbert Arenas.) and watch our HEROES!!!!

  5. chuck says:

    “It’s great that football players are protesting.”

    “You’ve gotta take a stand.”

    Tim Tebow got fined for taking a knee to pray. Fuck the NFL.

    “The NFL and the left are all of a sudden supporters of the 1st Amendment. They keep claiming that the NFL players have the First Amendment right to protest the national anthem if they so wish. Okay, great, and the consumers have a right to boycott.

    Interestingly, the NFL threatened players with fines for wearing patriotic cleats on 9/11 in 2016. Why does Goodell have so much contempt for American patriotism?”

    Fuck the NFL.

    “”The NFL will reportedly fine three NFL players for wearing cleats that honored 9/11 victims and first responders during games on the 15-year anniversary of the attacks.

    Tennessee Titans linebacker Avery Williamson and New York Giants receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz are each expecting a $6,000 fine for their patriotic shoes, according to Fox News reporter Trace Gallagher.”

    Fuck the NFL.

    Fuck the NFL’s tax exempt status!!!

    Just for the hell of it, fuck the K C Star too and their TAX EXEMPT STATUS.

    Rename the Chiefs and stop insulting those Native Americans.

    Call them the Kansas City ANTIFAS!

  6. chuck says:

    The NFL only enforces rules against conservatives.


  7. chuck says:

    By the way Lefty, Hockey is up 79% since 2011.

    Just sayin…, if you are into trends…

  8. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    The day I turn to entertainers and sports stars to “learn from” is the same day I put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger. One of the reasons we have so many people in the United States who are political nincompoops is BECAUSE they listen to entertainers and sports stars. VERY FEW of whom are intelligent enough to wipe their own backsides by themselves. (Yes, you can put that buffoon Jimmy Kimmel on that list. Stick to yuk-yuk jokes that someone else writes for you, Jimmy)

    Want some REAL entertainment? Put that assclown Jimmy Kimmel (or any Hollywood blowhard) in a debate against Ben Shapiro on healthcare, and watch as they slowly dissolve into a puddle of tears and urine. But I digress.

    Bottom line? DON’T listen to sports stars and entertainers, who the media would have you believe are your “betters”. Do your own reading/research. Form your own educated opinions. Don’t get your political stances from watching Good Morning America or Fox and Friends. Do your own thinking. The folks on tv aren’t nearly as smart as they’d have you believe.

    • chuck says:


      I love the players, who, in a contest to win a free Escalade, don’t have the candle power to hit their asses with both hands, killing their own business and place of employment.

      The owners have got to just hate, hate, hate these idiots, who, unable to see any consequence for their narcissistic, “look at me”, virtue signalling, cool kid bullshit, are slowly, insistently and incessantly feeding their companies into a Gramascian grinder, bit, by, brain dead bit.

      I couldn’t be any happier seeing this train coming down the tracks, at a hundred MPH, high beams on, whistle at 200 DB and the SJW Player-Buffoons, too busy tying themselves to the track with sanctimony and outrage right before they naturally gravitate towards more realistic employment. Tossing packages on the belt at UPS and maybe, with those really valuable degrees from college, cleaning the sneeze shield at the local Pizza Hut.


      It’s an NFL suicide and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

    • chuck says:

      If Roger GODell, has any sense and wants to save his job, he should pitch the owners on letting it burn to the ground and then, CRUSHING the player’s union. Then repackage the entire thing and hope for the best.

      I love GODell saying that Trump didn’t have respect for the “Great NFL”.

      Maybe if Trump wears sackcloth and ashes and directs Mea Culpas to the players he can get back, someday into Gods Grace.

  9. OPKS Jimbo says:

    The NBA crushed this when Abdul-Rauf took a knee in 1995. Fined his butt until he got off his knees. Goodell could have nipped this in the bud with Krapernick the first time he kneeled but didn’t.

  10. Ann Coulter says:

    Don’t these libtards realize that free speech only applies to the Right. Liberals need to STFU.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Troll bait from a moron leftist with a conservative screen-name. Oh how witty and sharp.

      It’s not about the players right to speak or protest. The problem is that they are using their employer’s platform to do it. Now, if their employers want to allow it, that’s perfectly fine as well. They just have to realize that they are alienating a majority of their paying customer base. The NFL’s falling ratings will only be accelerated by this misguided “protest”.

      • Ann Coulter says:

        I saw a lot of employers down on the field protesting with their players. I think the employers are in a better position to judge their business decisions and the opinions of their paying customer fan base than some moron, fake name right winger.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          And you’d be wrong. (as usual) I’m 100% behind anyone’s right to protest (peacefully of course, which the players are most certainly doing), and I also believe their stated reasons for protesting are just. I just think they’ve chosen the wrong vehicle. They’ve chosen a Corvette to try and cross the Pacific ocean. They’re just going to sink.

  11. BOOM BOOM says:

    Moved vacation because we got word cartels are taking over Sun Palace.
    But glad I got to see lefty get it right up his behind by chuckles.
    I mean I’ve been saying lefty is a total nutcase and finally chuckles just annihilates
    the dude with 7 elongated comments that surpasses my record!
    But yes…chuckles is right about 80% of the time. Yet ABC/ESPN/TBS etc. make
    millions/billions off basketball.
    And now the nba has superstar like curry and lebron bringing back the days of
    majic and bird. Those TV execs are smoking stogies made of $100 bills.
    And of course the nfl kneeling comes into the comment section. Hey the boys at
    CBS/NBC/ gotta love this bullcrap. Ratings aren’t down. People are now watching more games on non metered media like I phones/tablets/computers…and their
    getting games streamed into their homes that don’t get picked up….i mean with amazon stick or x96 ebay there will be no ratings on these games eventually.
    Way to go chuckles…you did a great job and I do agree with lots of what you said.
    But what are these mumbo jumbos gonna watch? Pawn Stars? HOS of Beverly Hills? or your favorite THE KARDASHIANS.
    Can’t wait for monday nite when the chiefs kneel in arrowhead. Now that’s going to be entertainment. Clark may not though…it would mess up his hair@

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