Glazer: Chiefs Win Wasn’t Pretty, But…

They didn’t look like last week’s Chiefs team…

The team that torched New England and Tom Brady. They did however win a big game against the Eagles at Arrowhead. Final score: 27-20.

The Eagles seemed to outplay the Chiefs most of the game. KC had trouble stopping Carson Wentz, the Philly quarterback. He had lots of time to throw way too often – yes, this even with Chiefs six sacks, most at the end of the game.

Chiefs QB Alex Smith was sacked a million times – our O line was not blocking well at all during the first half and much of the second half.

Kareem Hunt, our new super star, was nearly shut out until he had what really was the game turning play…a 50 plus yard run for a touchdown. After Hunt’s big play, Smith, Tyreek Hill and even Travis Kelce pitched in with our defense doing better and getting a couple turnovers including a huge interception late to set up the final touchdown by Kelce on a pitch pass.

So, hey, we won and maintain the title of “team to beat” in the AFC.

That said, it was not pretty.

And thoughts of starting Pat Mahomes began to fill our heads at the end of the first half with the score 6-3 Chiefs.

We had nearly no offense in the first half.

Yet banged up Alex Smith made a brave first down run early in the second half.

He has guts for sure.

So KC got its second wind and pulled off the victory.

It was messy the last 2 minutes with the Eagles getting a touchdown late and recovering an on-side kick with 5 seconds remaining. It gave them a shot at a hail marry…lucky they didn’t get the catch in the end zone….so, not pretty but a win.

The Chiefs need to use their weapons more,

Kelce, Hill and Hunt – then mix in Chris Conley as well.

If this team wants to be a Super Bowl guest they will need to improve on both sides of the ball.

So good win.

Now we have some soft games with the crappy Redskins and nearly as bad it Chargers before we face Oakland and the Steelers.

So yeah, we won.

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7 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Win Wasn’t Pretty, But…

  1. E.H. says:

    Reid knows he can’t peak too early, he learned that lesson back in 2014..remember that season where we killed the Pats in Oct on a home Monday night game? We were crusin’ towards the playoffs at 7-3 but then we lost 4 of 6 to finish 9-7 and OUT of the playoffs.

    We all know this is Alex Smith’s last season with the Chiefs. He’s auditioning for that last big contract so he’s going to win a lot of games. I expect to be a Wildcard at 10-6 and since Pittsburgh and NE will have byes we have a good shot at winning in the Wildcard round. After that it’s probably curtains again.

  2. Kerouac says:

    Kansas City

    ‘Swiss slip by Eagles… barely’

    Sunday, ‘wait till next year’s Kansas City Chiefs ran into the we ‘can’t get it done’ either Philadelphia Eagles. One in football exile since 1960, the other since 1970, as watching a couple stumbling sausages a race baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers park: was no winner but everyone fell down a lot, not merely due the rain-slicked field.

    This was no KC masterpiece.

    Had two actual pro teams played rather than facsimiles, 27-20 gives way 24-30. Like an song from another century no definitive answer – 25 or 6 to 4, had the two tried to do some more. More catching in lieu dancing, more kicking in place hooking & more expertise instead apprentice.

    Was a game of “I’ve got it, you take it” – a dropped PHIL td pass off a receivers hands, (- 7 points), a missed PHIL field goal (- 3 points), and an PHIL fumble near their own end zone a kickoff recovered by the swiss (+ 3 points for them) the difference between an 6-point PHIL ‘W’ and a 7-point ‘L’ benficiary’s direction.

    As it is, swiss join the ranks the legion unbeaten at 2-0, seven all told. The AFC West, Broncos on top ahead of the Raiders, the swiss behind both in third based conference record as well point differential consideration the NFL criteria, if season ended today.
    Simple terms, swiss have scored fewer points and allowed more than Raiders, KC also trails the top-spot Broncos (as does Oakland) due Denver being 1-0 vs a divisional foe, OAK & KC not yet having played a common opponent. Even the win-less Chargers are just 7 points shy being 2-0 themselves NFL’s pity party – er, ‘parity’ plan.

    As for the ‘entertainment’ factor, was no Fred Astaire there, only Big Bird wearing a #87 outfit for the swiss – the self-proclaimed national tv two weeks ago ‘leader’ and usual suspect Kelce the Klown doing what he does best:

    Getting sent head over heels by a little defensive back and taunting the opposition while drawing yet another penalty for 15 yards, in the course his latest generalized tonic-clonic seizure aka gran mal, while giving his Head Coach & America another birds-eye view of his backside. Hard to believe that he (as Megyn Kelly) had his tv show cancelled and ‘Dancing With The Stars’ advised him – “don’t call us… and we won’t call you either.”

    “The Eagles seemed to outplay the Chiefs most of the game.”

    – no seeming about it, CG… even a KC homer with a conscience would have to admit swiss got lucky, but circa 2017 mediocrity reigns NFL. Lamar Hunt’s desire was that all teams finish .500, $o that every team would make po$t $ea$on every $ingle year.
    As Kerouac has stated before, we’re almost there. Till then, still waiting be impressed this year’s version ‘part 2017 verse 48’ here the ‘Show Me State’.


  3. Didn’t Carson Wentz end up getting sacked more than Alex Smith?

    • CG says:

      Yes I believe so…both went down early and often…nothing to brag about…hey we won…thats all that will be remembered really…now if Hunt can do more and Hill can be the hottie he was last year…the Chiefs could go to say 12-14 wins and be a homefielder for playoffs, perhaps a super bowl return after 50 years…nice.

  4. Libertarian says:

    I was at the game. Boring first half all around, but the second half kicked ass.

    Both teams started lighting it up then. I still wouldnt call it ugly, though.

  5. Harry Balczak says:

    Kelsey is a punk. The picture you have at the top of your article should have been his SECOND penalty for taunting. Dude need to be benched for an entire game if he gets another one.

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