Glazer: Life Here Before Trolls & Losers Set In

If you’re of a certain age – Baby Boomer, Gen X – for example…

You probably recall a day when things were kinder and people just seemed nicer. You know, back in the 60’s,70′ and 80’s.  Before of course, the Internet and social media reared their ugly heads.

Back then local local kids dreamed of being on local TV shows like Whizzo or Romper Room with Miss Virginia (who wasn’t even halfway hot).

Better yet, being on with television weather wonk Fred Broski’s show Bowling For Dollar‘ or Junior Auction, where you could win cash and prizes plus be famous…well, at least here in KC or at school, right?

I’ve known Broski for years. He and his wife were regulars at Stanford’s in Westport and beyond. I was even on Junior Action (but didn’t win anything, didn’t have enough points from those darn Guys Potato Chips bags.

And oh how I loved Fred’s morning shows on Sundays where he hosted a family show that featured cartoons like Deputy Dog and more. Kids hated Sundays back then because the next day was Monday and it was back to school. Plus the NFL wasn’t important to us kids back then.

Miss Virginia & Harry S.

Fred was one of the best known and most upbeat tv newsmen in KC history.

And he’s just written a great book about his life and times on television news, Kansas City and more.

It’s called, Sunshine, Strikes and Spares.

Fred will be doing book signings all over Kansas City over the next few weeks. You can get his new book on and other places he will inform us about soon.

Hey, this man brought me his homemade BBQ to our Overland Park location a few years back.

They just don’t make ’em like Fred anymore.

He was front and center when we didn’t have haters and trolls online like boom boom attacking anyone and everyone.

It was a mellower media time in our lives and country.

Man, I sure loved those days.

My biggest accomplishment back then was riding in the American Royal parade when it mattered. I was on TV and all the kids at school saw me.

My grandpa had a wagon and I had a pony, so I was in the parade for years with my brothers. One year we had Miss Virginia seated next to me up front in our red wagon.

Boy, you’d have thought she was Joe Montana back in those days when the crowds watching the parade went crazy as we rode past them.

I was dressed as an outaw cowboy, yep toy guns and the whole nine yards.

Fun times for many of us back in the day.

You can relive those days now with Fred in his new book, and go hear him speak at book signings.

He’s quite a guy and a great Kansas City Icon.

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34 Responses to Glazer: Life Here Before Trolls & Losers Set In

  1. Kerouac says:

    “You probably recall a day when things were kinder and people just seemed nicer. You know, back in the 60’s,70′ and 80’s.”

    – Mary Hopkin sang ‘those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end’… alas, always do. Fortunately, Kerouac’s memory unfettered, brings us Fred Broski’s fearless forecast gone wrong, 50 years ago.

    Haven’t yet read the book (will), but wonder if Fred’s flashbacks recall the day fall of 1967 when, as every weatherman ever prognosticated (and lost), he was ‘off the mark’ a bit (Agent 86 would have say “missed it by thaaaaaaaat much.”)

    Half a century ago everything Kansas City Chiefs was my concern… so it was a Broski quip the evening news KMBC-TV 9 Friday, October 13, 1967, lingers (recall it because later that night, my fave show ‘Star Trek’ came on WDAF- TV 4.) The date might have given fair warning, but in reality was not important as ‘what’ Fred said, followed what transpired that Sunday in San Diego vs the Chargers.

    3-1 Chiefs were defending AFL Champions & entered the game vs the 3-0-1 Chargers with momentum, having shut out the Dolphins in KC the Sunday before (not being 4-0 result a poor day in Oakland two weeks earlier, a heartbreaking Otis Taylor drop of what would’ve been an 80 yard td pass from Len Dawson the crusher; Otis 5-yards in the clear behind Hall of Fame Raiders CB Willie Brown with two minutes left to play, victory instead ended a 23-21 KC loss.)

    Here the plot thickens (as thence did begin mine distrust weathermen who fearlessly forecast weather… and football games, same.)

    Chiefs back on track it appeared aft a 41-0 blowout of Miami, and having beaten San Diego twice 1966, KC looked a good bet to repeat their success of a year earlier. Was this point however the weather started to turn for the ’67 Chiefs, who began heading south instead post season, as in ‘home for the holidays’.

    Enter Broski his golden tongue, one matched the lightning bolts same helmet, jersey, pants – and offensive strikes the Chargers. That Sunday, October 15 in San Diego was ‘warmer’ than it had been of late. The week earlier a high of 84° had given way 71° by the following Saturday, day before Chiefs vs Chargers. Sensing meteorological uptick no doubt, Fred stated the Friday afore the game “it’s been cooler of late in San Diego but the Chiefs will go out there and push up the temperature a bit.”

    Game time arrived with a surprise: it was an even cooler 68°, relative humidity was 77% and wind gusts of 9 mph. Too, the game was delayed on Kansas City tv, due an earlier game running longer than expected, so the Chiefs game was joined mid- 1st quarter, San Diego already ahead 14-0. This became omen more heated, and less a breeze portended KC, afternoon wore on. For this ‘any given Sunday’ nod a football adage, the Greek ‘ta meteora’ or ‘celestial phenomena’ meant the only thing rained down in San Diego was touchdowns, extra points, field goals & spectacular displays long-distance scoring… by the Chargers.

    Final gun game’s end, the numbers 84 and 45 told the tale: 84° the high reached, 45 the total points Chiefs gave up the Chargers. 45-17 San Diego lead early 4th quarter only served to make the 45-31 final appear closer than was.

    “They were fantastically fast” said a somber Hank Stram in the Chiefs shell-shocked locker room post game, the strong & sturdy Chiefs having proven too slow weather the storm or catch San Diego’s Super Chargers led by Lance Alworth, Gary Garrison, Willie Frazier, Dickie Post and the aptly named Speedy Duncan, whose 100 yard int return for a td was a pro record and topped the Chargers other quicksilver shots 67, 60 and 35 yards, all tds.

    While the high in San Diego dropped to 69° the next Sunday, back in Kansas City the Chiefs were getting frozen out of the W column again by dropping an second straight game, this time to the Oilers, and, with yet another defeat any realistic chance Chiefs would repeat as AFL Champions.

    Their final 9-5 record paled behind the Raiders 13-1 Superbowl express, but like KC, the Chargers too fell apart, and after starting the year 5-0-1 went into a tailspin over the next 8 games, going 3-5 to end at 8-5-1 in third place AFL West.

    Upshot: still waiting for an apology, Fred… didn’t see him for awhile on air aft that.

    Moral: never believe an weatherman, no matter how much shade he tries to throw. Still, win, lose or draw, miss those days the 60’s Chiefs and Fred.

    The End (and so it was)


    • CG says:

      Man you brought back those times and those big games K. I began to remember all that as I read your story. Thank you…you are a wonderful writer K.

    • boom boom says:

      haha old man. I guess they were on time with the social security check this month for you.
      Fred Broski? Half a century ago? AARP? Whizzo? Man you are an
      old son of a gun.
      I’ll bet you played with plastic soldiers in the dirt.
      Now glazo bozo….did they even have color tv when you were a kid?
      I guess old age is setting in along with “I remember” in every one of your
      You need to come with boom boom for a workout sometime. I’d leave you
      in the dust!
      p.s….Fred is a great guy….my grandpa likes him!

  2. Libertarian says:

    I was on Bowling for Dollars in 1973. Lyric Theater.

    Stepdad picked the spare, and won $10.

    I forget what the jackpot was. Under a thousand I think.

    And we thought we had it rough back then.

  3. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Even at the time, I thought Bowling For Dollars was the corniest show on television. I think that’s exactly what they were going for. I tell my adult children all the time that I wished they had grown up in the same world I did. Many consider today’s kids having MORE than we did. I think it is the exact opposite. They have so much less. I was just telling them a few weeks ago when driving through my old ‘hood in the Northland that I knew the name of the people that lived in every single house in the neighborhood. There are about 150 houses. It’s definitely a different world, CG. Not a better one.

    Thanks for the read.

  4. Frank says:

    You mentioned Fred Broski and his wife but failed to mention if she was an ugly skank. What gives?

    • CG says:

      I’m sure she is a wonderful lady. Frank or is it Boom Boom, what a terrible thing to write, you are a bad person for doing that as you know…you are the hater/troll discussed above…as is boom boom.

      Again people like Fred have accomplished quite a bit in life what have you guys done?

    • Brian says:

      Seriously? Good Lord. Have you no sense of decency? I’m sure your mother and your family are very proud of you for that response. Two words: Pa-Thetic

      • CG says:

        Brain thank you for being honest. I wish more readers would let the haters have it on this and other sites….people like Fred don’t deserve to see or read those kinds of comments. Its done by the hater to belittle and hurt, not other reason. Usually, like here, the comments are made up lies. Oh those days with people like Fred Broski were the good ones, when we didn’t have to deal with creeps like this one. Thanks Brian.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Agreed, CG. This reader/writer took that stand! That’s why you don’t see me here any more. Life’s too short to interject that much hate and BS from small minded simpletons into it. And unlike the anonymous hater Harley, I’m too busy making it happen in life. See, he can just spout off about his anonymous success in his fake life. He can drive across campus and see my name on every new construction project there! Big difference. You can look up my name. You can look up Total Transition Management, LLC. You can call my phone number. You can read my LinkedIn, web site, Facebook business page.
        Harley Boom Boom Jo Jo Asshat? He’s a big zero and refuses to prove otherwise.
        Oh, he lost his predictions too. All of them. And if he has to hide behind the Russians for an excuse, his prognostication skills should have ferreted that out – even though there’s zero proof.
        Remember, “old man,” there’s not going to be another Republican president for the REST of our lives! Oh, and this one? He’ll be impeached 90 days after election. Oops. He was wrong there too. Let’s see, when’s he been RIGHT?
        Oh, his national blog writing? Just as fake. He’s forgotten who can secretly see into his world…. OOOPS! I shouldn’t have said that; he’ll have me back in “federul court” like all the other times he sued/never sued me.

        Why make that daily nuisance part of your life? When I look at my 3rd quarter taxes, that’s farrrrrr more rewarding.

        • Phaedrus says:

          Nice work Paul. Although, I never would have believed that there’s an International Office Movers Institute. What’ll they think of next?

          Also, your “Our Services” tab has a typo….I think your looking for a “smoother” move, not to “smother” your clients (unless they are Boomboom).

          • admin says:

            One of these days Sir Paul may find the urge to saddle back up to be irresistible

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Thanks! That’s all getting rehabbed now. I had to have a splash page thrown up, very last minute, for an out of state, state contract requirement. The real page will be up in the next month or two.

        • boom boom says:


    • chuck says:

      Frank is Harley with marginally better syntax.

      • miket. says:

        naw… harley is all about self-aggrandizement. his outward ‘superiority’ is no different than a 12-year old who makes up grand lies to mask his anger at not having what he lies about, and puts on the “what me worry?” hat to try and mask all that from himself.

        frank is a psychopath. he truly believes he’s superior and likes being mean-spirited, and wants you to know that. he uses his intellect to hurt and deflect attack. he’s an ass_ole and a bully. too smart for his own good.

        harley is a happy, silly, slapstick drunk compared frank.

        • Frank says:

          I’m sorry about using intellect. I’ll dumb it down for you next time. And before you say I’m a bully for saying I’ll dumb it down for you, it appears that’s what you want considering your offended by intellect. If saying that I’ll dumb it down next time also offends you, well, fu** it then.

        • Frank says:

          I sincerely apologize Miket, which is hard for a psychopath to do. Of course, I may be misunderstood. Thanks for clearing everything up for me though.

    • David Nelson says:

      Come on Frank. If you are trying to be funny, try harder. Very bad taste.

  5. boom boom says:

    Boom boom would never refer to a woman as such. Boom boom’s family knew
    the lerners from king louie….nkc bowl owner and knows the broski family.
    Boom Boom’s family was a sponsor of Bowling for Dollars. Great people and always
    ready to help any philanthropic cause.

  6. CG says:

    Harley..BOOM BOOM, So you don’t use mean words on women? Really how bout my story about a year ago or so on a movie I was in with a young lady..I didn’t was an action picture shot in KC, I did opening with a pretty young girl who was semi-nude in the opening shots with called her every name in the book, old, ugly, a hooker, her mother sure enjoyed reading that…turned out she was a pro actress from here and a nice girl age I believe 29…very attractive…you did it to hurt her, and make sure she didn’t want to go out with me…etc…you are a really bad person as all readers here know…nobody on here likes you or respects you Harley..nobody…you hate on all the writers or anyone they write about like Fred here, for no reason.

    Paul Wilson just destroyed you, it was easy…he doesn’t write here cause mostly of YOU…and your sickening hate remarks on him and his family…my God. I don’t know what you do or if you have ever done much of anything…but your hate on me and others is simply the ‘little man complex’ you feel less than so you lash out with hate..and as a coward with fake names. AGAIN WHAT HAVE YOU EVER DONE, EXPLAIN. I SAY I DID MORE IN LIFE IN A WEEK THAN YOU DID IN WHAT 60/70 YEARS…We know things Wilson has done, Chuck, Hearne, me so on and so forth..but you are a nobody yet hate on everyone. That’s all you write…hate. Try something else.

    • boom boom says:

      I got the old guys all riled up. This is fun.
      I gotta admit that i could really unload on some people on here…but why
      waste time.
      I’m in great shape….biz is booming…I’m leaving for 2 weeks on vacation
      and the old guys are wasting time on kcc.
      Watching you old guys get mad is a trip…and others agree….I’m a figment
      of your imagination and you’re screaming at someone you don’t know.
      But i know you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s what is funny.
      Good luck boys. There are some specialists for dementia in kc….maybe
      you should check them out.
      Happy….feeling great….an living life to the max…..your friend Boom Boom!!!!!
      I just cana’t get things going better…except laughing at your retorts to my
      words. I get a kick out of champagne and watching you guys try to keep
      up with boom boom.
      hahahahahahahahaha! Please check your blood pressure. High blood
      pressure kills.
      And glaze…don’t bet that pony on any games. You’ll have lost it if you
      continue picking losers. Did you read that book MY LITTLE PONY…..

    • boom boom says:


    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Thanks, CG. He’s wrong AGAIN. I don’t ever recall you and I planning to meet, as he said, “YOU TWO WERE GOING TO DUKE IT OUT…REMEMBER THAT AND WISLON CHICKENED OUT. ANYWAY…HAVE FUN IN KC….TO THE BEACHES HERE ”
      The only “beach” he’s as is Shawnee Mission Lake.
      Poor little man. If stupid hurt, he’d be in chronic pain.

      • admin says:

        I do recall Craig getting mad at you early on thought, Sir Paul

        • CG says:

          Admin, we had a brief small argument over much to do bout nothing. At that time I really didn’t know who Paul was, latter I remembered him from years back, nice guy and we got along…no big deal.

  7. E.H. says:

    Frank definitely affirmed this blog’s lede.

  8. CG says:

    AS Hearne once pointed out to me, 99% of readers here and most blogs make no comment..ever. They don’t want to get involved, be looked at or make someone mad…or they are just too lazy. Sooooo….most comments tend to be negative, mean, or even violent as we see on kcc and Tonys…way it is…if the writer is a local or national personality or the story is about such an individual…you count on personal attacks…people who do in this world will always be judged and often attacked by the majority who just judge and watch the train roll on down the track….way it is…so here is an example of a good man, Fred, being attacked by a couple fake named people who just want to hate on someone, no reason. Its whats wrong with America today in general….’lets find someone to hate’ reasons matter not…

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    I grew up a few blocks from Fred’s parents grocery. Fred was a regular in the neighborhood too. Used to run Van Brunt Recreation (Independence Ave & Lawn) sometimes for the owner at night. Pretty cool for hs kids to hang around a tv star.

    • CG says:

      Fred is a good man, a standout KCer and his book is very good and fun make sure you get a copy, order online…

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