Glazer: Former KC Media Dudes Land Cushy Gigs on Fox

Former 610 Sports heavy hitter Nick Wright has joined Hall of Famer Cris Carter on Fox Sports FS1..

The show is called First Things First and is on from 5-630 A.M. daily nation-wide.

In addition, ex Star scribe Jason Whitlock is also on Fox’ Speak For Yourself’ with Colin Cowherd.

Yep, both former Kansas City guys.

The irony is that Wright interviewed Whitlock on a special program shown when Whitlock left Kansas City for Los Angeles. Clearly they were friends and perhaps helped each other get into the daily sports shows on Fox. Of course both will probably make pretty good money.

Wright was killing it in Houston on the The Loop the No. 1 morning drive sports talk show there so he was already in tall clover. Whitlock has bounced around a lot over the last five years most notably on ESPN from which he was fired.

Both guys ended up at 610 with Entercom in the 2000’s. Whitlock had been on WHB and was of course a controversial writer for the Kansas City Star back when he and Hearne were the two mainstays of the Star’s news outside the box.

I did tons of shows with both Jason and Nick.

Whitlock, Bill Maas and me did a bunch of Friday mid-day shows on 610.

I had comics come in with me on most Fridays but we mostly talked sports each week. I had been on with Soren Petro years before at KMBZ sports talk when it existed.

I also did WHB with Maas and Jason years before.

I remember getting in trouble with Whitlock over comments made by comic Lisa Lampanelli on one Friday, but it blew over.

And Nick gave me one of my best introductions ever on his show early on, “Now we have the most recognized voice in Kansas City radio with us today..Craig Glazer.”

Nice of him.

We had good times back in those days, wish I had copies of some of the shows – ha.

Hat’s off to Nick and Jason for making it in the national sports media.

I think they both have bright futures in a tough, demanding area of the media.

It’s nice to see our Kansas City guys get such fantastic gigs. I wish them both continued good luck. We miss you guys back here.

And Jason, our sports section in the newspaper is just too tame without you buddy.
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10 Responses to Glazer: Former KC Media Dudes Land Cushy Gigs on Fox

  1. Nick Wright Truther says:

    If ever there was a guy with face tailor made for radio, it’s ol’ Nick.

  2. Kerouac says:


    The late Bum Phillips remains camera shy


    If Foreman can segue from boxing gloves to apron…


    The rumor isn’t true Junior… were just on hiatus right now


  3. The Word says:

    For the life of me I don’t know how Nick Wright got this far in media. He’s not very talented. And the few times I listened to him here in KC, he was the definition of the word, “Cuck.”

    For all of you who don’t know what the word “Cuck” means here’s a link to the Urban Dictionary.

    He did a liberal white guilt political show masqueraded as sports talk. And for the life of me. He was born and raised in KC and never talked about baseball. But could go on and on about the NBA. In fact, he didn’t talk baseball, college football or Basketball. But of course talk a ton about the NBA and blaming whites for all the problems of the country.

    • Frank says:

      Nick Wright’s no worse than any of the other opinion host’s whose whole shtick is to pretend they know everything about a given sports subject and that their co-host know’s nothing, even when their co-host might have been the only one to have played a professional sport, and even though that co-host might be a hall of famer in their sport. And then there’s a need to pick a player to either love or hate throughout one’s sports talk career. It’s as if they are all in a debate class and they have to pick a card with a player’s name on it and then a card that says either love or hate, and then RUN WITH IT. As far as being able to tell that Nick either likes to watch or doesn’t have a say as to whether his wife/girlfriend is screwing another man (a black man according to many cuck definitions) by how he talks on the radio, you have a very particularly discerning set of ears.

  4. boom boom says:

    and glaze is stuck as a little wheel in little old kc.
    no movie…no glamour…no big time book…no sports talk…even got kicked off all the
    radio shows.

    • CG says:

      Harley most of what you mentioned is of course untrue, have a hit big book, movie in the works, still do radio and often tv, still in the news…I’ve been a champ my movie series is CHAMPIONS FOREVER…p.s. what sir have you ever done? If you had some big moments you wouldn’t use a fake name huh…

      • boom boom says:

        dream on…..”in the works”……radio? tv? big wheel in a small
        town……you are no where near the success of either of these guys.
        everything is old with you…30-40 years ago….who cares?
        without kcc you’re old man river.

        • CG says:

          Harley THE KING OF STING is not old its a current movie in last stage of development that means HIRING ACTORS AND HAS BEEN FINANCED, dig it…30-40 years bout what, my book is what 2009…my movies went from 2-1990-2011 Champions Forever…on and on…my YOU TUBE SERIES A MAN AND HIS DOG, WHAT ONE YEAR OLD…and now on comedy central…sorry man what is old bout all that and more…Harley again I ask what have you ever done? What? You judge people who do and you don’t do anything.

          As for Nick and Jason, they have both done well in the sports media field…I love what they do, better or more than me…well they have no movies,books or anything about their own lives out there do they…but hey they are both a big success and I pull for them…I have a relationship with them, did when they lived here, but I’m sure they will acknowledge knowing and working with me…etc…man you are THE BIGGEST HATER I’VE EVER MET…oh I haven’t met you

          • CG says:

            My mistake Jason did write a book a few years back, I believe published with KC Star. I was even at his kick off at 18th and Vine restaurant back then.

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