Glazer: Chiefs Biggest Win in Modern History! Super Wow!


KANSAS CITY, MO – JANUARY 11: A fan of the Kansas City Chiefs cheers during the game against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Divisional Playoffs on January 11, 2004 at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Colts defeated the Chiefs 38-31 to advance to the AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Yes, I was wrong on my call of the Kansas City Chiefs last night…

And I must apologize to Chiefs QB Alex Smith for comparing him to Alex Gordon.

In my opinion, Smith played his best game as a pro ever.

He had over 500 yards in the air, 4 TD passes – the road over the world champs no less – who were everyone’s pick to go back to the Super Bowl with Tom Brady for the 8th time.

So yes, the Chiefs were better than the Patriots and Brady. And yes, this was their BIGGEST WIN in modern NFL history.

The team’s  last legit big win was Joe Montana defeating the Houston Oilers after the 1993 season at Houston with Warren Moon. Since that huge win and many playoffs, and some division titles, with just one play-off win against a weak Texas team, they haven’t really had much to brag about…until last night.

The Chiefs not only beat New England they shut them out in the second half. And nobody at New England has done that to a Tom Brady club. In fact the Chiefs 42 points were the most ever scored on the Pats under Bill Belichick and  Brady.

Not to mention that over 500 yards offense for KC was the most in over a decade by the Chiefs.

I talked about this club being a mystery this season and asked if SOMEONE would step up and help the boys in red be a real Super Bowl contender, not a pretender as they have been under Andy Reid for four seasons. They were never a true Super Bowl contender the last four years – good just not great.

Now with the big find, the man who was the difference last night, KAREEM HUNT, the Chiefs are for real.

Hunt’s numbers for his first game are staggering.

He had 148 yards rushing on 17 carries, about 8 or 9 yards per rush. Hunt had 98 yards inthe air and caught the game winning bomb from Alex Smith.

Hunt had 3 touchdowns in his first NFL game. His numbers for a first game rookie back are an NFL record.

Oh, and how about Tyreek Hill? His big bomb TD catch and his entire game as the Chiefs No. 1 wide out was first class.

Again, Alex Smith was fantastic with his 4 touchdown throws. He had only 15 all of last year and had over 300 yards in the air. Damn, he outplayed Brady.

The Chiefs defense turned the game in the first quarter when they stopped a fourth and one from their 10 yard line. The stop was made by now injured Eric Berry.

Later in the game Justin Houston – remember him? – stopped another 4th and 1. The Chiefs defense shut out Brady the entire second half and they had to punt the entire 4th quarter.

What started as a blow-out for New England over KC ended the other way with a convincing 15 point win for the Chiefs.

Again it was the Chiefs’ statement game.

Alex Smith will not hear about Pat Mahomes replacing him if he keeps up that kind of play.

Hey, it’s game one of sixteen, but with a monster start the Chiefs are now the No. 1 team to beat in the AFC.

The Chiefs will new get a lot of media talk about a Super Bowl and it’s legit this time out.

That said, losing Berry for the season with an ACL will hurt a ton.

However, these guys have time to get another safety and Daniel Sorenson was great in pre season. I hope  hey hope Eric is okay and Derek Johnson has played very well coming off his two leg injuries at his age.

It’s a long season but what a start in front of perhaps the Chiefs’ largest TV audience since the Super Bowl in 1970.

Damn, I’m kinda glad I was wrong about them and hope this continues.

If so it will be a fun season.

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9 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Biggest Win in Modern History! Super Wow!

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    *Derrick Johnson
    *Ruptured achilles (not ACL)

  2. Kerouac says:

    Somebody wake the lookout. Case the formerly Titanic now sunk their maiden 2017 voyage New England Patriots, they never saw that obstacle in their way till they ran into it… by then, it was too late: Chiefs 42 @Patriots 27.

    For one night and one game at least the NFL World Champions walked a green mile, and their knight-errant became Python’s Black Knight, their aura of invincibility and insufferable cockiness (fandom) as well smugness (team) gave way reality check – no Champion team stays on top forever. Not the dynastic NY’s Yankees of 20th century baseball lore, not Montreal’s Canadians hockey, not basketball’s Boston Celtics same century nor football’s greatest ever, the Green Bay Packers.

    They wrote the Patriots and Brady’s epitaph three years ago on a night in Kansas City much like last evening’s, New England. Only, Tom was but an lad of 37 in 2014; now, he looks a not so terrific 40 which, coupled no Judd’s for the Defense, lends credence Belichick’s “it’s on to New Orleans” holds a far greater sense of urgency than it did 24 hours afore. It was certainly lacking in his team according players and observers alike, which is to say perhaps a Superbowl hangover.

    It’s happened before, just not to the Patriots. Kansas City suffered the same fate 1970, blown out by the Vikings in an rematch to open that season. Hindsight affirms it truly was the beginning of the end for the Chiefs. 47 years later, the strains ‘this may be the start of something big’ may be premature. ‘Never throw caution to the wind’ Kerouac offers a few facts that suggests why it just may be.

    * KC pass rush: had none last night most of the game; likewise, NE was just as unable. As the AFC West boasts the best three sackers the NFL in Von Miller, Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa, whatever order ‘best’ you prefer, offensive results Chiefs seen rear view last night’s game will not appear as large when seen in context, when facing good defense.

    * Not to be confused (or maybe they are) with the 1966 Chiefs, who went to Buffalo season opener vs the defending AFL & Co-World Champion Bills. The Chiefs 42-20 victory that year was gained vs the best defense the AFL and all of football arguably, whereas New England’s 2016 defense ranked 12th out of 16 teams the AFC and then lost four players from that unit; based last night’s results, appears they’re playing an quartet short now, 2017.

    * Another similarity KC’s 2017 open and 1966 same: two rookie RB’s made big debuts – Garrett and Hunt. Mike averaged 12.4 yards per touch ’66 and Kareem 11.1 last night. Mike scored on a 79 yard td while Hunt had one of 78. Len Dawson was almost perfect a 151.1 QB rating in ’66, while Smith was only slightly worse last night, if vs an inferior opponent. That latter aspect should temper the typical ‘this is our year’ delusions that dance in locals heads annually, KC.

    The best may be yet to come but for starters KC’s 55th bow provided the best finish of the night: no more talk of 19-0 by the Patriots, and no more talk re: replacing Captain Checkdown Smith, who has been as denigrated as rookie overhype Mahomes has been coronated, the former for not being ‘Mad Bomber’ Daryle Lamonica during his career, the latter for being Brett Favre before he has thrown a single NFL pass.

    Upshot: Chiefs made it to the Superbowl that 1966 season, but were beaten by those aforementioned best ever Packers. 2017 season but one game old, an case beginners luck KC, or an precursor end their long half decade banishment football irrelevance?

    Color ‘Show Me’ Kerouac a patient man.



    Addendum: speaking of ‘dumb’ dum, Travis Kelce, aka the KC Klown . Last night was vintage Klown: dropping passes while open, turning what big gainers into more proof that he’s only a legend in his own mind. Watching this reported 260 lb. man-child get sent head over heels by a midget NE CB weighing 60 + lbs. less not so much poetry in motion as poetic justice.

    Earlier in last night’s game, Klown did what he/they do best – embarrass themselves. Aft a pregame pledge that he’d become ‘a leader’, this jewel affirmed he hasn’t a clue by punching an opposition Patriots player with the ball – in said player’s jewels same. Cue a familiar refrain: 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct #87. Announcer Collinsworth, partaker one too many blows same his scrambled egg of an head, then joined the CTE suspect list when he suggested Klown was a good blocker… that Cris received a degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law his younger days but only plays one on tv now, suggests he made the right choice.

    Quick hitters –

    Eric Berry ruptured his achilles tendom… that’s the bad news. The good news? He won’t have to (try) and cover the Chargers old man Antonio Gates in 2017, LA’s 37 year old TE who has continued to eat Berry like he was a Chinese dish full of MSG.

    Tyweak Hill was a non-factor all night other than on one play, when a blown Patriots coverage left him uncovered. Otherwise, he averaged a mere 9.7 yards per catch, and again replicated exactly his well below average 2016 ypc results same; an gadget and gimmick player he remains.

    Too, in order to succeed KC’s offense has to get ‘cute’ as OAK’s Head Coach and Otis Taylor body-slammer Jack Del Rio describes them. The Chiefs don’t have the talent / horses to do otherwise. Interestingly, this the same knock that Hank Stram suffered until KC finally starting putting it together in 1966. Unlike the 2017 Chiefs however, those 1960’s ‘had the horses’, but Stram preferred play it more scheme-wise, in lieu simple mano y mano best man wins tack as their great talent level suggested should prevail. This why many (including Kerouac) believe those Chiefs of yore left as many four more Superbowl’s/World Championships un-won, had they operated an more conventional attack offense. Many believe Stram’s choice was to assist QB Dawson, who was the Captain Checkdown of his day in many ways compared his peers (Len got a bit of an unfair rap, my opine.)

    Until Kerouac’s pen creates again…


    • CG says:

      As always K, well written and lots of facts back up our thoughts….hey I’ with you on the Chiefs of Len Dawson and Hank Stram, our best years but long ago….now the new Chiefs will work on a team of tomorrow led by Pat Mahomes and perhaps Kareen Hunt and other new stars….do I think the Chiefs are a super bowl team this year? Not right now no…I still am not impressed with Alex, as far as a full season and beyond. Smith has been an o.k. quarterback his entire career hard to believe it will all change in perhaps his final season as a Chiefs starter…buy lets see how he does the next few games. Then there is the rest of the team, like you that game did not sell me for a season on our defense or ability to throw downfield all year…hey I hope we can and this is a magical year cause our Royals are done for years to come, they, are left with nothing from the 2014/2015 seasons thats dead…only Hosmer is a bright light for the future and will not be here…even with the core guys the Royals were just average the last two years and now no pitchers. Over. Pssst and really not much offense….no .300 hitter on the team save Eric and he’s a goner…so even if we keep Moose, Cain and crew not much of an offense.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Craig “Mercury” Glazer. Good Lord. Wake me up when they beat the Patriots in the playoffs when it REALLY matters.

  4. BILL says:

    He had over 500 yards in the air, 4 TD passes WRONG 368

  5. boom boom says:

    But I’m glad jackie posted your pic in his story!
    Mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake. I mean if hearne want to
    dig the writers of the star for mistakes he should start with glaze.
    seriously…glaze….turn off the teasers and lets see who knows football.
    You obviously don’t.
    You’re wishy washy…you’re undecided…and more importantly you are wrong again
    and again.p
    So hang it up. You hung up the movie…you hangup the book….now let your
    prognosticator career end in a whimper as you crawl away from kcc.
    You didn’ t have to tell us you were wrong….we knew it. For years and years.
    Your bull sh*t about getting kicked out of hotels…your supposed high rolling…
    your b.s. about everything leaves you no credibility.
    You got killed in your last post….BOOM BOOM WANTS TO KNOCK YOU OUT

    • CG says:

      I hung up nothing, you never have accomplished a thing in your life nobody with a pretend name number what 4, my book did well and how many people from here have had a book written on their lives? Some not many, huh. Oh and it was purchased for a movie. As mentioned I was in L.A. just a few weeks ago meeting with the studios making the pix, I have no magic button to push to have it done when I’d like and when it is you will be one of the ‘congrats Glazer’ behind you all the way A-holes. Staying on a project like that your entire adult life is rare and of a person’s life story never been done for that long of a time with deals all the way til made. It takes balls just like living it did mister troll/hater nobody. The only joke on here is YOU. Agin I am invited to be on radio/media and the two main blogs is KC because some people do care what I think and believe, even you hater…you hang on every word. Again you are welcome to show your picks all year right here JoJo/Harley/boom boom…
      P.S. Hearne keeps you on here cause you are hated and get attention as a moron thats the only reason he puts you up…readers like the gunfire….thats it.

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