Glazer: Calling the Big Fight

Having some experience in the fight game, I got to see a ton of great fights…

I worked with world champs from Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier to Roberto Duran in my Champions Forever series. And of course, I interviewed several of the champs including Ali and Frazier.

I even attended the title fight in Kingston between George Foreman and Joe Frazier.

As many of you know, I was a producer and sometimes interviewer on those videos.

With that in mind here’s my opinion of the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor battle Saturday.

First of, it’s NOT A TITLE FIGHT…so that’s a big issue.

The fight is for PRIDE AND HUGE MONEY.

At 40 Floyd’s career is really pretty much over. Conor is 29 and is 21-3 including a recent LOSS to Nate Diaz a year ago last March. In fact, he submitted in that fight kinda like a TKO. So Conor unlike Floyd is NOT UNDEFEATED. Floyd is 49-0!

The odds on this fight ever coming off were large a year or so back.

However, when the public got wind of it, the greed rose to hundreds of millions being split between the two camps – Las Vegas and promoters.

Mayweather will earn over $100 million and Conor close to that before taxes and expenses. Plus they’re paying out huge money to lawyers, agents, managers, hangers on, trainers and so forth.

Considering both are at or near the end of their fighting careers, it’s not a bad way to go.

Las Vegas is now on the hook at the bookie joints – most owned privately and not by the hotels. And more than 60% of the bets are on Conor.

Weeks ago the odds were better than 10-1 against him.  Today it’s down to 4 or 5-1 and falling.


The money is coming in on McGregor to win. And you GET PAID WAY MORE IF HE DOES FOR A SMALLER WAGER. Do most experts think Conor will win? NO!

Maywather is 49-0 and considered one of the all time best boxers in history.

He is known for speed and incredible defense – he’s nearly impossible to hit. He has never been badly hurt in the ring.

McGregor is tough as nails, can take a punch and deliver a bigger one: however he does have 3 losses in his much shorter career and has been stopped before. Just being a tough guy doesn’t win pro fights against the best fighters of all time.

What do I think will happen?

Conor will stick his face out at Floyd early, “COME ON HIT ME,” like you can’t hurt me. Floyd will back up, jab him, hit him and continue to dance around him scoring punches to Conor’s face.

McGregor will then try and use his bigger body to corner Mayweather, using even his shoulders to push Floyd back. I don’t think this will work. Floyd can duck under and land more shots to Conor’s face and body.

So unless Conor lands a huge punch to Floyd’s head it’s a NO GO.

Conor has never gone 12 rounds as a pro. Floyd lives in the ring and is trained to go the distance. Conor will tire and could be stopped or lose the decision due to lack of landing punches and taking far too many.

One wildcard: That maybe the fight is fixed to set up another payday for both camps!

Was the Mayweather/Pacquio fight fixed to do the same thing? No.

I think Mayweather will win the fight.

Vegas gets lots of extra Conor money, remember Vegas doesn’t really pick winners they try and balance the bets so they get the 10% VIG from each bet as profit…by tomorrow this fight might be under 3-1.

One guy who will likely bet a few million on himself and he can is Mayweather. He has before though odds favored him, he still collected a nice payday.

The fight’s a big show and means little to boxing history or really MMA history which is still pretty new.

It proves that we all buy in on HYPE.

I know I’ll be watching hoping for some weird stuff to happen. MAYBE CONOR WILL THROW FLOYD TO THE FLOOR AND TRY AND STOMP HIM….hah..I doubit it. Hey Conor leaves with millions and hopefully paid handsomely enough to live a great life.

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11 Responses to Glazer: Calling the Big Fight

  1. Kerouac says:


    – or maybe Conor bites Floyd’s ear off (cue Ethel Merman – ‘there’s no busine$$ like show business.’)

    That Saturday’s event is being referred ‘boxing’, a claim that will have to be judged in appendix, Mayweather being to boxing what Waldo is to hiding in plain sight, while a McGregor is to ‘the sweet science’ what Michael Jordan was to trying hit a baseball in lieu jump shot, Tebow trying same via arm and bat.

    Shouldn’t be close, rather a mismatch, unless (as HC added or was it CG) “maybe the fight is fixed to set up another payday for both camps!” Circa century 21, no integrity left the wayward world $port$, Kerouac would not be surprised by such in the least.

    Despite ample evidence previously that PPV fools and their money be fast parted, are still dope$ who pay to watch publicity stunts masquerading something other (visions Muhammad Ali ‘fighting’ Antonio Inoki to a ‘special rules’ draw 1976. To say the latter was poorly received some 40 years ago answers today’s question ‘can you top that’, or more accurately ‘how low can you go’, 2017.

    Mayweather & McGregor.

    The crowd where Ali and Inoki went at it threw garbage into the ring, while chanting: “Money back! Money back!” As one reviewer put it: “the janitorial people took almost a full day to clean up the garbage that was hurled at the two ‘combatants’ as the result of their lousy performance”.

    Eh, no different Kansas Citians throwing their $ away on the swiss chiefs decade aft decade, flying banners above the stadium/wearing paper bags their heads in protest and chanting ‘this is our year’, unrequited, ad nauseam.

    Tickets, get your McGregor/Mayweather fight & swiss chiefs Superbowl tickets.


    • boom boom says:

      love your posts kerowacky…you should be full time on kcc. the rest are
      just plain zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring.

    • Frank says:

      My guess is that Mayweather could have won the fight in the first round but the contract said that he had to let it go 10 rounds to make the most money for the sport and himself. I only saw the end of the fight, and McGregor was hobbling around like a bug that I allow to live for a few more seconds until I finally stomp it.

  2. CG says:

    Conor was better than expected. He came out and won two of the first 3 rounds. Floyd’s experience and stamina showed as the fight move to the middle rounds. He started to land far too many hard shots to McGregor’s face and head. By round 9 it was clear Conor was going to fall, he was spent and had no real offense anymore. The TKO came in the 10th round and I think both sides were glad it was over. In a way everyone won…Floyd now a shadow of his old self at 40 and not having fought in two years, was glad to win and by a knockout, he surely was a bit worried early when he was getting hit and hard. Conor got his money, looked pretty good, is tough and his fans were happy to see he didn’t fall early and was effective. Vegas made millions, their guy won and it was easily the biggest money fight of all time.

    I saw the fight at the Waldo Well, packed, nice crowd, well behaved, it just took forever to get to the main event, we all had to be there by about 8pm, paid 40 bucks to get in and 25 for a table seat…still the place was rocking and everyone had a nice time…fans were leaning towards Mayweather at the WEll…

    It was a nice huge gimmick event that worked very well. It will not be a big remembered sporting event no….It gave Floyd a nice ending to a long and monster career as boxing’s only super star left. Will it come again? Sure but not with these two…

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      I had McGregor winning the first 4 rounds and Mayweather all the rest. I was suprised at how he was able to land some really clean upper cut shots to Mayweather’s jaw early on. But Mayweather’s pure boxing skill were just too much in the long run, exactly how I thought it would be. Kudos to McGregor..he lasted 5 rounds longer than I thought he would. He’s a tough sumbitch, and if it had been a UFC fight, Mayweather would’ve been laying in a puddle of his own blood and piss inside 2 minutes. But he’s not a UFC fighter, and McGregor is not a pro boxer.

  3. Kerouac says:

    This ‘epic’ was reminiscent Superbowl I: great promotion, pomp & circumstance as ever amping hyperbole portending the moment of truth. Final analysis, yet another Hollywood as Vegas script fell apart second half, last night same Super Sunday ’67.

    Just as 61,946 failed fill the Los Angeles Coliseum’s 100,000+ seat capacity, $ell-out proved elusive there Las Vegas too. According to preliminary accounting, PPV issues magnified said, nod the fight’s delayed start, similar the botched second-half kickoff Superbowl I due technical issue required re-kick a late-return sponsor commercial.

    Last night, Floyd Mayweather was still Watson to Conor McGregor’s Sherlock: ‘come here, I need you’. For awhile, Floyd did show up and got pummeled but as the script, McGregor became fagged ongoing as those not so Super Chiefs yore, ending spent the ropes/turf beaten convincingly on points 35-10/TKO same, leaving no doubt after the sweat had cleared dust-up, who was better.

    Was some opinion passed post-fight that McGregor has a future such ‘boxing’ as this, outside his more familiar knack, MMA. Big top in the sky, PT’s watch continues to be affirmed, every minute beckoning millions more be born… and $eparated.

  4. boom boom says:

    Glaze…this was not a fight. It was like watching a circus. In a normal fight, mcgregor would have had at least 5-8 points taken away for his antics of holding and hitting/fouls/
    not listening to the ref (who was a joke)/and all the crap he pulled on floyd.
    You could have paid $19 and watched it at home had you had any brains and bought it thru a streaming service.
    This was a joke pulled on the american public. A billion dollar joke. McGregor trains to take extreme punishment in mma so it was apparent that the only thing that could hurt
    him (and did) was his stamina as he had only fought for 25 minutes on previous time.
    Floyd was a lttle overwhelmed by what mcgregor offered…but mma usually spends about half the time grappling and mcgregor reverted back to that time after time
    even though he was never penalized.
    Another small but significant difference was the gloves…8 ounces versus the
    4 ounces of mma. After about 25 minutes those can feel heavy in comparison….and the padding is almost non existent in those mma so they train to take immense punishment.
    That’s why a good female mma fighter could probably kick your ass.
    But overall it was like watching America’s got talent and all those dog acts.
    It was a novelty…a car wreck that everyone has to stop and see….a funny video that catches on viral you tube…….nothing really important here….just another con game
    that took your money and probably a billion from people around the world.
    This was a joke..but it was fun to watch. And with the crap you put up/with donald trump/houston hurricane/the neo nazis/…it was a great 3 hours of comedy!
    Maybe you should geet back into the mud wrestling and midget fighting business.
    From the suckers who watch this fight… those might be pretty popular in 5-10 years..and with americans being the suckers they are you could do pretty well.
    take care….

  5. CG says:

    Harley its easy to predict an outcome AFTER THE EVENT HUH…you know zero on boxing or sports for that matter…I know a bit on the subject having produced 4 movies about boxing right…unlike you I have been in my share of fights over the years…a few in the ring as a young guy and some in other places, ha….hey I think I lost as many as I won, but you sure learn the reality of fighting and in some cases boxing…

    Harley its gonna be football in a week so lets see your picks like we see mine…start there. You won’t you can’t, I think you know little about the NFL. Not a crime. You are a person who watches and judges the ‘doers’ and himself does nothing….so why would I care what you think? I don’t nobody does.

    • boom boom says:

      you’re the stupidest idiot. You know nothing except how to pick up strippers.
      Please glaze you ruined and jinxed the royals…you were wrong on every
      Now put up or shut up. I’ve got a bet that i proposed and you failed to
      take it. What happened. Chicken little get afraid he won’t have a place to
      spew out his garbage.
      Are you in on the bet. BOOM BOOM ONLY AGREES TO THE BET IF YOU
      I THINK YOU’RE AFRAID OF BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. E.H. says:

    I thought McGregor would get knocked out in the 2nd round. He shocked me those first 3 rounds and then after that it looked like he was tired, he definitely had ZERO power rounds 4-10.

    Overall an entertaining fight, I paid $20 to watch at a friends house. I give the fight a B-.

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