Glazer: Don’t Look Now But Here Comes the NFL & Chiefs

Tyreek Hill mug shot

Seems like only yesterday the New England Patriots and Tom Brady pulled off the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all-time..

Yet on Friday the Kansas City Chiefs play their first pre season football game.

Damn, how time just zooms by…

So how do this year’s Chiefs stack up for 2017?

Las Vegas has it like this:

Super Bowl winner: New England 31-10, Cowboys 10-1, Packers 11-1, Seahawks 12-1, Steelers 12-1, Raiders 15-1, Giants 22-1, Chiefs 28-1 and Broncos 30-1!

So KC is the 8th best team in the NFL? A likely playoff team, again?

I don’t know about you, but I think we need to find some weapons for our Chiefs just to become a wild card team!

Oakland is real and could not only win the division – which they probably would have last year had their quarterback not been hurt – they could even go to Super Bowl.

And yes, Chiefs QB Alex Smith is back.

As is Spencer Ware, with no real dangerous offensive weapons outside Tyreek Hill.

Notice that I left out Travis Kelce.

Travis is good – some think All Pro – but he makes too many mistakes.

He had only four touchdowns last year…Hill was the offense with 12 TD’s.

Without Tyreek HIll the Chiefs were at best a .500 team.

Kelce needs to improve and learn how to win the big games with big plays, a la beating the Steelers.

He did precious little to help win that game – kinda like Tony Gonzalez.

Tony disappeared in the big playoff games – he was a no show and overrated.

I know, Tony’s a 1st round Hall of Famer for sure. Because he had numbers, but few memorable games that mattered.

Speaking of Kelce,  I think it’s best if he doesn’t do another reality show.

His big money’s in football now, not TV.

So the fact that we have few big offensive threats is a killer. 

It’s hard to challenge without weapons.

Maybe someone will step up or show up. I hope so.

And the Chiefs have a tough schedule…Cowboys, Pats, Steelers, Giants and the Raiders twice – YIKES.

I like the Pats again and think the Cowboys and Falcons are the teams to beat

Those and maybe the Raiders.

Only New England is picked to win more than 10 games this year by Vegas…12 to be exact.

That said, remember all this can change with injuries, especially at quarterback.

Just ask Miami that lost Ryan Tannehill for the season and signed Jay Cutler.

Not good.

Miami had been considered a decent team and a likely low level playoff team like KC.

The Chiefs defense is questionable as well.

Linebackers? Who are they?

Will Justin Houston play and at least be solid instead of hurt most of the time and worthless? How bout Dee Ford? Can Derek Johnson be effective with two major leg injuries over the last couple seasons at age 35? Tamba Hali is a part time player/coach….and KC needs these guys to win.

So the Chiefs are a mystery.

Most so-called experts have them as a wild card.

Oakland is considered Tom Brady’s only real threat standing in the way of his going to Super Bowl No. 8.

I think the Steelers will suffer from Big Ben talking retirement at the end of this season, in that he may be off his game.

So who else is there?

Again, without a Brady injury I like New England’s chances at another title. The Chiefs are a wait and see to find out if we find another weapon.

So it all begins., let the good times roll!
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24 Responses to Glazer: Don’t Look Now But Here Comes the NFL & Chiefs

  1. Richard Cranium says:

    They don’t play until Friday. Read a paper, or check the internet, or actually know what it is you are discussing. Feeble.

  2. Richard Cranium says:

    Idiot. I call you out, and you can’t even acknowledge you were wrong. Lord almighty you are a sad sad human.

    • CG says:

      Dick, wrong about what don’t know what you are talking about let me know…if I was wrong I will sure say so…

      • boom boom says:

        glazo…you did it again..another chiefs article and another loss.
        please stop this hearne. We need the chiefs this fall.
        They’re on prime tv like 6/7 times.
        cut the glaze off or we’ll start a petition to have his stories
        taken off kcc.

      • Richard Cranium says:

        You’re a bafoon. You had the date the Chiefs play as Thursday, to which I called you out as a meathead. Then you deleted my comment and inserted the above. Pathetic.

  3. David Nelson says:

    CG – cannot wait for your picks teasing the favorites in a few weeks. A great Fall tradition here on KCC – I’m not kidding.

  4. Newbaumturk says:

    Chiefs will make the playoffs and lose first round just like always.

  5. Kerouac says:

    Someone asked Kerouac ‘why are you always so negative re: the Chiefs’? “Same reason locals are always so positive about the Chiefs” – which is to say, an nod to consistency. Aft a half century’s worth of pie in the sky, one gets tired of the same ol’ same ol’, same – touche. As Mencken countered Peale, so Kerouac counters the lunacy be swiss chiefs fandom & media annually, too many them. One of these decades, fanatical lunacy ebbs and raison prevails upon an thence gullible no more, so too will Kerouac abstain same.

    Until then…

    “Seems like only yesterday the New England Patriots and Tom Brady pulled off the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all-time.”

    – ‘Seems only yesterday the superior Atlanta Falcons handed the inferior New England Patriots with the greatest gift of Super Bowl charity in history’… there, fixed.

    “So how do this year’s Chiefs stack up for 2017?”

    – same as every the past 47… which is to say:

    1 Raiders 11-5
    2 Broncos 9-7 / Chargers 9-7 (tie)
    4 swiss 8-8

    “Travis is good – some think All Pro – but he makes too many mistakes.”

    – the biggest embarrassment in franchise history, due to his on-field antics – choking variously: Dropped passes. Fumbles. Shoving the opposition and drawing an penalty. Can’t block his way out a wet paper bag. Unprofessional lockerroom comments made to media. Obscene gestures. Spastic gyrations. He’s an all pro… a**hat, for sure.

    “no real dangerous offensive weapons outside Tyreek Hill.”

    – he’s a gimmick/gadget player unless shown otherwise. When your top wide receiver (a desperate fandom prays he’ll be) can’t even manage double digits in ypc (a poor 9.7 2016) you aren’t going anywhere through the air or post season. Double him, and you take him out of the game… defenses will because who else is gonna beat you? Conley? Wilson? Swing passes/bubble screens? Alex Smith?

    Speaking of Achilles heel, what of Smith or any the QB’s? Kerouac’s take, Smith starts not only this year but next and beyond too, potentially. They’ve no one any better and his contract would not be an impediment (they get reworked all the time.)

    Speaking of desperation (here in KC we spell it ‘QB’s and Superbowl’s’), hope springs eternal… and pipe dreams. Prayer unanswered nigh on half a century, media/fandom now embraces an new lunacy: ‘Mahomes is a franchise QB! No – he’s a future Hall of Famer!’ No no wait – he’s the new Brett Favre! Reality: looks like Jesse Haynes. Long-time fans remember Haynes hype, same. Unfortunately, then the games began & like another training camp media-created ‘legend’ followed him, Bobby Sippio, reality set in.

    Kerouac had a chance to watch the swiss at training camp, and despite flowery reports to the contrary, Mahomes looks confused, a lot. He’s been overhyped & will be the 3rd QB behind Smith and Bray in 2017. Smith is still head and shoulders better than Bray, and Bray looks better than Mahomes. Overhype reigns supreme same every other NFL camp. Trubisky in CHIC & Watson in HOU are already on their way to Canton too, as Kizer in CLEV same, reports those locales just as flowery as in Kaycee (this trio will be the next Manning, Wilson & Moon, using the same KC homeristic tack.) A better idea: let fate unfold fandom/media various venues rather than trying to manage it. Shy said they are no better than the mainstream media, who ‘creates their own truths’, same.

    “Without Tyreek HIll the Chiefs were at best a .500 team.”

    – or worse – and this year he apparently will not ply his only talent (speed) on special teams. He gets injured some point (odds are he will due his size) & *poof* goes 2017.

    “The Chiefs defense is questionable as well.”

    – agreed, but (shhh) don’t say it too loud. No Poe, but Bennie’s in the house (not Jack, Logan. He’s a superstar too according local media/fans.) Add aged Johnson & Hali, an inconsistent Ford, the cavity at RCB & those massive overhypes Eric (‘I still can’t cover Antonio Gates’) Berry & Marcus (an boom = int or bust = long td pass allowed ‘Toast’) Peters, injury-prone Houston & the ever present reality that is new injuries for a new season, and really there’s no reason whatsoever KC’s defense can’t be #1 in 2017… in our furtive dreams.

    “So it all begins., let the good times roll!”

    – right; ‘wait till next year, part 2018, verse 49’…


    • boom boom says:

      KEROWACKY….what did the military channel go off the air…did the reruns of I Love Lucy stop on TVLAND…..did your free scooter you got off the tv have a bad battery….did your life alert go off unexpectedly??????????????
      You sure are on a rant today old man!

  6. Rainbow Man says:

    – Dorsey Canned under obvious One Arrowhead mutiny
    – New 39 Yr Old Rookie GM
    – Several Top Contract Players Missing from “optional” practice
    – We traded for.. not drafted.. a 1 round QB
    – Tamba Hali tirade

    The NFL can be surprising but when I go to Vegas next week… No way I am betting Chiefs 28-1

  7. Kerouac says:

    Continuing the “let the good times roll” vibe, fraudroyals lose yet again… post season began today, fraudies wouldn’t even qualify, despite baseball’s ‘no team left behind’ 5 team clusterfudge, MLB allows not only the best team/best record, but gifts also-ran teams/4 more to back in due modern eligibility rules.

    How pathetic must an team be when it cannot even succeed via that gimme criteria? KC is currently 7th best in the AL, with two other teams about ready to pass them as well, which will drop them to 9th… ay caramba.

    ‘Wait till next year, part 2018 verse 63’…


    • boom boom says:

      KEROWACKY….blame glazo bozo again….right after he writes about the
      royals doing well…they collapse.
      Please glazo more sports columns.
      Write about strippers, shoe cobblers in lawrence, ufo’s….just stay away from
      writing about royals or chiefs. Write about soccer or 3 on 3 bball or
      blue valley district womens volleyball (i know you’re hitting on that scene!)

      • CG says:

        Harley nobody cares what you say son….you are a nothing, nobody with no name or any reality. None..Hearne puts you up cause you are a joke and people like to laugh at you. Whoever you are. Its gonna be real NFL soon. So tell you what try picking four or five games a week like I do..see how that goes.

  8. E.H. says:

    A lot of “experts” have dialed the Chiefs back to 8-8 or 9-7. I don’t know, Andy Reid is a very good coach and I think Alex Smith is going to go all out to try to keep his job. Sure, we don’t have as good a QB as Derek Carr, Big Ben, Brady or Luck but that doesn’t mean we’re all a sudden a team like the Bengals or Fins. I say Reid still takes this team to the playoffs and wins the 1st round.

    • CG says:

      Maybe. Pat Mahomes is getting rave reviews everywhere. They say he looks like the next ‘big thing’ in the NFL…another John Elway….can’t wait to see that. Like most Chiefs fans I am tired of just hoping for a wild card or a weak entry to the post season…its been decades since we thought going in we were a super bowl contender.

      • CG says:

        Well game was last night, pre season against a terruble San Fran team…yes our quarterbacks all went deep early, only Smith’s bomb to guess wh0 HILL COUNTED, NICE ONE, Pat Mhomes looked sharp but was with the 2nd and 3rd team tons of penelties cost him and so it went…our D was good early and poor second half, overall not impressive day.

        • E.H. says:

          It’s hard to gauge a team during the pre-season. I don’t know anything about Mahomes and I doubt he starts any games this year unless Alex goes Mahomes a certain 2nd stringer already?

          Wow, I looked at our regular season schedule and it’s both tough and easy. What I mean is sure, we’re going to lose to NE, Pit, Dal, and Oak(at least once). But it’s quite possible we’ll beat the Chargers twice, AT Houston, Was, Oak once, Phi, Jets(easy), Mia, Buf, Den(twice?). That’s 11-4 and I don’t know if we can beat the Giants in Jersey.

          Bottom Line: No matter how people say KC’s schedule is brutal we still get to play Houston with no QB, Jets, Phi, Was, Buf, Mia with stupid Cutler, and Denver and the L.A. Chargers TWICE.

  9. CG says:

    Yes I will be picking games again. Last year I was horrid to start the season…then came back and had a good year overall. Its tough early cause you are mostly betting on teams based on last years results…like Pats, Steelers, Cowboys, Oakland, Chiefs and things change. So we will see.

    • boom boom says:

      a blind dog with 3 legs could pick more winners than you glaze.
      please don’t jinx the chiefs. Please no more articles. I can’t handle
      it with you ruining thelocal teams.
      Write a full article on the cleveland indians. Please jinx them…not the
      royals or chiefs!
      Boom boom was right again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CG says:

        For a guy with such a big mouth, loud and wrong most of the time how bout you picking games this fall show us your stuff.

    • CG says:

      Again who knows who is tops or not yet…E.H. I believe Pat could ‘start’ now and we would do as well or better….he is the future, why not now…he looks the part…he is younger, faster, bigger arm, total confidence…yes Alex has the NFL experience but look at Dallas last year? Huh…I see in Pat a rock star who is ready now…Alex has had his ten years and I don’t see it getting better do you?

  10. Kerouac says:

    2017 Game #1

    The recap:

    Tickets – get your goin’ goin’ goin’ fast swiss chiefs Superbowl tickets! Too late, gone. A great night at the old boneyard- er, our house – for San Francisco. The worst team in the NFL, 2016’s 2-win 49ers, came in with a new Head Coach, all new QBs, all new schemes, all new everything and trashed the place, dominating our 2017 version ‘this is our year’: SF 27 @KC 17.

    There, that wasn’t so good now was it. Was it bad as it looked, Mr. Pinth-Garnell?

    Worse. Where to begin & how much time and internet paper do we have?

    Defense: yes please. Here in Kansas City we spell it G-A-S-H-E-D & C-R-Y U-N-C-L-E. 200 yards rushing allowed to backs not named Sayers & Brown. We made up for it by managing 30 rushing yards of our own on offense, courtesy our stable of stallions- er, nags, vs SFs 2016 NFL worst 32nd ranked team defense.

    Surely then, our vaunted passing game (according those training camp pundits) saved the night?

    Guess again, and don’t call them Shirley unless they play like her… they did, 434 total yards allowed to the 31st ranked NFL offense of 2016.

    No offense (double entendre) fellow swiss fans, but less than 200 (187) net yards isn’t gonna get er done. Too, all the training camp media hype gave way reality once more: the best QB’s and WR’s on the field last night hailed ‘not’ from the midwest, but from the left coast. 272 yards 2 td passes and 0 ints, compared our 156, 1 and 1 net aft sack yardage was deducted.

    The performers:

    Starting QB Alex ‘The Arm’ Smith threw an end zone int on the swiss first possession, but like this year’s purported top receiver Tyweak Hill who dropped one on the drive, SF dropped the int. Smith was followed by Tyler ‘The Tower’ Bray who threw the best pass of the night, 83 yards & an td in stride, negated by an official’s call (where’s kelce the klown when we need komic relief and komplainin’ to oaf-ficals?)

    Both playing against SF’s #1 defense, Bray the swiss top backup and #2 QB and Smith the starter, managed 9 of 14 for 111 yards, 0 tds & 1 int. Late first half Pat ‘The Pundit’s Choice’ Mahomes came in and, playing vs SF’s 3rd & 4th team defenders, a swiss WR beat his man deep down the sideline but, had to slow up for Mahomes underthrown pass. The QB some anointed the next Favre, threw an pass Tyler Palko would’ve loved – and also completed. It was caught, but so too was a swiss lineman holding; negated.

    Aft that, Mahomes was sacked, and the drive sputtered to an end. Night’s end, a paltry 49 yards passing on 7 completions. A special team miscue by SF gave KC a short field, and WR Kemp scored from 1 yard out (but he made up for it later by fumbling the ball away to SF; thanks, don’t mention it.)

    So, the Mahomes debut was quite underwhelming in the final analysis compared the massive over-hype bandied about by local media and fandom. Kerouac of course was not surprised… ditto the swiss 2017 debut… underwhelming. Smith remains starter, Bray remains top backup & Mahomes is still firmly entrenched as third string; he did look better than 4th stringer Joel Stave, but the truth is the best QBs on the field last night were SF’s.

    The 49ers #3 draft choice rookie QB CJ Beathard was the best rookie – heck, the best QB on the field, finishing 7 of 11, 101 yards, and 2 tds. His uncle is QB Pete Beathard, KC’s #1 draft choice 1964; Matt Barkley was also an impressive 10 of 17 for 168 yards, while SF starter ‘Bad’ Brian Hoyer remains Brian- and I ain’t lyin’ – bad.

    In 1979 SF drafted Joe Montana in round #3 while KC picked Steve Fuller in round #1 – in 2017 SF picks CJ Beathard in round #3 while KC picks Pat Mahomes in round #1 – deja vu? Kerouac recalls the debut another ballyhooed KC rookie QB – David Jaynes. 1974, Jaynes first NFL pass went for a 43 yard td to a WR named Clark; by the end of ’75, both players were gone from the NFL.

    Upshot: a loss, at home, to the worst team in the NFL, does not portend success 2017 for the swiss. Mahomes inauspicious debut (especially compared to other rookie QB’s in the NFL, stats below) tempers expectations he’ll this year if ever, become anything beyond average.

    NFL rookie QB debuts:

    Watson 25/ 15 / 179 / 0-0 / 3 rushes 24 yards 1 td ~ the #12 overall NFL pick

    Trubisky 25 / 18 / 166 / 1-0 / 3 rushes 38 yards 0 tds ~ the #2 overall NFL pick

    Kizer 21 / 18 / 184 / 1-0 / 3 rushes 12 yards 0 tds ~ the #52 overall NFL pick

    Beathard 11 / 7 / 101 / 2-0 / 0 rushes 0 yards 0 tds ~ the #104 overall NFL pick

    Mahomes 9 / 7 / 49 / 1-0 / 0 rushes 0 yards 0 tds ~ the #10 overall NFL pick

    ‘This is our year

    Part 2017

    Verse 48’

    Sure it is.


  11. boom boom says:

    Here’s what I’ll do this season you picklebrain glazo bozo.
    I’ll pick games…with my dog. I’ll have have pick the teams by the bowl of food
    he chooses to eat out of.
    You won’t beat him ….guaranteed….no teases….straight point bets.
    You are so bad at picking teams my dogwill kick your ass this season.
    And the winner will never post on kcc again.
    Up for the bet big mouth never did nothing felon?
    Put up or shut up ….i got you this time!!!!!!!
    REady baldy?
    Agree to the bet and let’s get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boom Boom.

    Hearne has our ip addresses…he can keep count….loser leaves kcc forever!
    Be a man glazo…or put your tail between your legs and run scared.

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