Glazer: Next George Brett Fuels Royals Attack

Man, eight wins in a row – longest winning streak of the year for KC…

Just 1 1/2 games out of first behind Cleveland. If it ended today, we’d be a wild card team in the American League.

TheRoyals ended the first half of season cold but man have they heated up.

Signing three pitchers, not trading any core players and the home run bats are back!

Eric Hosmer is on heat street with 16 home runs with the second most hits in the league at 122 and batting .319. Last night he had a grand slam – his first – 5 hits and 6 RBI’s.

It would appear that Eric is on his way to his best season ever with well over 20 homers and perhaps close to 100 RBI’s and a plus .300 batting average.

Moose will break KC’s home run record and is in line to even win the home run title from Aaron Judge – he’s got 29 and New York’s Judge has 32. So the race is on.

No doubt this team has been streaky. A super cold start and it looked like they were toast.

Everyone including me wrote them off in May

Then came the home run attack and new life.

However that cold second half start again made it look suspect as far as a playoff run. Not now. The winning confidence is there, the experience of winning is there, the desire is back. Seven players in double digits with home runs is a first for any KC team.

And Kansas City has a new star position player in Whit Merrifield.

Whit is batting .294 just behind Hosmer with 11 home runs and is heating it up as of late.

Whit has baseball’s longest hitting streak with 20 in a row.

His fielding is outstanding and guess what? He may be the man who wears the tag…”the next George Brett.”

He’s got the goods.

Remember, this is Whit’s first full season. He gives Kansas City a core group of 5 big time hitters back to back to back. Now it’s Cain, Hosmer, Moose, Sal and Whit. That’s a tough group to have to pitch to four times a game.

The Royals pitching is solid, looking for that starter to help lock down the front four. Relief pitching has improved and the team is just on a roll. Sure they will hit cold spots, but it sure looks good right now.

Remember, these guys were 40-1 to win their division just weeks ago. Today they are ranked number 8 in baseball to go to the World Series at 15-1.

Nice jump.

If they stay healthy – with just Houston in the American League – thats a lock on post season. Look out for the Royals.

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32 Responses to Glazer: Next George Brett Fuels Royals Attack

  1. boom boom says:

    therre you go…jinxing the royals again…
    please bring in jimmy walker and keep away from the royals news!

    • boom boom says:

      YOU’RE A JINX.
      STAY AWAY FROM ME…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. boom boom says:

    “the next george brett”….that’s like saying you’re like anthony scarry muchi…
    both toupees….bullshitters….
    give us a break glazeer… know nothing! And yes we watch sports center so
    your stories are at least 5 days old in todays media world

    • CG says:

      Harley we’ve been over this son…lets see you were right about Atlanta beating the team I picked, New England in the Super Bowl…you were right about Clinton beating Trump…you were right about…hmmm…not much…again you are a fake name person who doesn’t exist. Plus you are a hater/troll…you only hate on here against writers and people you want to compete with on some level. In the real world you don’t exist. What is it you do? Who are you? What have you ever accomplished? As you see on here nobody agrees with anything you have to say.

      • admin says:

        Wow! I think Craig kinda hit the nail on the head with this one

        • CG says:

          Agreed Admin. Harley if you would just comment on the stories and not the writers or hating on me and others things would be much better. Nobody here wants to attack you but you force it by the name calling and making up hateful comments…try being normal.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            It’s EASY to state your wealth, huge home, multi global business empire, art collection worth more than most people’s homes and you’re high flying lifestyle….when no one knows who you are.
            I challenged him to meet at your place in June, Craig, and compare our May income. If it wasn’t 5 times more than his, I’d give him his $10k, but of course, he blew it off while claiming I’m unemployed.
            But staying he’s ALWAYS RIGHT after being wrong about everything is past the mentality of most trolls!
            Hillary will WIN! (Now he claims he was still right because the Russians rigged it)
            There will never be another Republican president in us old guys lifetimes… WRONG again.
            Plus, his thousands of positive comments on his writings on national web sites and blogs, but refuses to share as much as a link to ONE.
            So we’re assuming this illiterate piece of douche waste writes like a illiterate 5 year old on here, but slows it down and writes like Plato for the HuffPo?
            Youre a loser, Boo-Boo. That name must come from your closest equal, Honey Boo Boo.
            That’s your level of fame and education, J School troll. Go sell crazy somewhere else…

          • boom boom says:

            former box seller /: did you finally get a job.
            Thought I saw you stacking chew at 7-11.
            But that’s okay its still an honest job with an
            honest minimum wage.
            But I hope you work in kansas cause in missouri they lowered the minimum wage.
            and with those nicely shined and resoled shoes
            hope you look good.\
            Truth is I don’t need to meet any of you.
            You want to compare one month of income because it was the next month you got fired.
            so let it be sir. Collect your social security
            checks….hope that trump and his cronies
            dont kill medicare…..and maybe find some work in a jazz bar (are there any left?)
            Good luck old timer….you said your company fired you. You wrote it. I could care less about your personal life or your work or about you
            and anything about you.
            And guess what….harley was right…before the election….it wasn’t a fair election and everyday
            we see more and more evidence of what the
            cheater did.
            But you like cheaters…just like glazer…heck he
            even wrote a book (or maybe a short story) about his cheating.
            Funny how all you guys are alike. Old…phony…trying to act like you’re something when in the end….YOU ARE BIG NOTHINGS.
            Boom Boom wins! KNOCKOUT! JUST LIKE MAYWEATHER!

          • admin says:

            It must be a wonderful thing to wake up every day and look in the mirror and see a ridiculously embittered old man, boomy.

            Tell us about it

          • boom boom says:

            actually admin…i don’t look inthe mirror..i throw
            on sweats/t shirts and head to work out.
            usually about 6:30 on weekends….about 6 on
            weekdays on my interval schedule.
            then get bac kto work…handle emails…the rest of my work…do some emails writing/commenting/
            then if its wed or sun…run 4-5 miles in afternoon if its not too hot.
            Most of my work is done before 2 pm then i contact clients…schedule work…make sure invoices are out…and relax for maybe 30 minutes … then its usually 4:30-5pm.
            Noneof the old guys could catch up with me.
            Glaze couldn’t run 5 miles without puking.
            I live every minute as i’ts my last and for guys
            like the shoe boy/admin/chuck/…they’ll be pushing updaisies . Boom Boom wants a chance at Mayweather!!!!!!!!!!!

          • admin says:

            Well, that explains thing in part, boomy…

            I’d probably steer clear of mirrors too if I were you. And I’m sure occupational therapy keeps your mind off your myriad other deficiencies, so good strategy there as well.

            Answer me this though:

            If everything in your life is so freaking hunky dory, why is it that you have such hatred oozing out of your every pore?

            Just curious.

          • Goose13 says:

            He does all that, but no time to spell check??

        • boom boom says:

          no he hit his head on the pole at his favortie strip club.

  3. Kerouac says:

    “Kansas City has a new star position player in Whit Merrifield.”

    – exit Peale, enter Mencken… appears the sky is falling, or at least the ceiling. A career minor leaguer who has spent 8 years including 2017 when he was still playing in AAA, turns 29 in less than 6 months and has 300 at bats with not a single stat screaming ‘a star is born’, is suddenly Aster? (the next Brett even, according HC’s headline.) Hope blinds as it springs eternal in KC (fraudroyals, swiss chiefs, our NBA team that ain’t), etc.

    As for the current home run leaders… “Moose will break KC’s home run record and is in line to even win the home run title from Aaron Judge – he’s got 29 and New York’s Judge has 32. So the race is on.”

    – lol… he might, but recall another former Kansas City player, Reggie Jackson, who in 1969 with the A’s of Oakland, hit 37 home runs by the All Star break, the most ever by anyone at that point in an season. In the remaining 70 games after the break however, Jackson hit just 10, finishing way back in 3rd place AL.

    At least those were legit home runs. Alas, 2017’s uptick home runs is, sadly, the result a more tightly wound ball according to several informed opinions, including those of players themselves (a rash of blisters on the fingers pitchers too affirms something is rotten in MLB.) Thought baseball had learned its lesson back in the PED days, when medicinally addled players & juiced balls same made an mockery of statistics and the game itself… gue$$ not.

    To end on a positive note, only a couple of weeks until the swiss ‘wait till next year part 48’ NFL tour kicks off in Kansas City vs those equally powerful SF 49ers… BE THERE!


    • CG says:

      K I was as you know down on the Royals from the start this season. Sometimes we are wrong. I clearly was wrong. This team is pretty damn good. Hey there are two months left and of course they could fall apart, but it feels and looks good at this time. They made a dramatic comeback from April/May. Give them credit.

      • Kerouac says:

        Give them credit for what CG, showing up? Today is the easiest era in history (every pro sport) to make post season. MLB, with 10 teams (33%) gifted with post season berths nod ‘no team left behind’… pathetic.

        ‘Hey – we made the post season – woo hoo!’ Yeah, you and those other 9 ‘great’ teams: those 5 out of 15 today each league/10 out of 30 total compared 1 out of 10/2 out of 20 from each league 50 years ago. ‘And we won our division – Champs!’ Yeah… hoo rah. Nod the Van Camps Pork & Beans song… life’s simple pleasures are the best.

        Compare yesteryear when, up through 1968, was one division in each league MLB, instead of 3 each – THAT separated the creme de la creme from participation trophy types/those other 28 also ran teams. By its very definition ‘greatness’ is rare as in ‘less’ not ‘more’: 1 team from each league not 5 teams each which equates ‘more’; reason why there is but 1 Champion and not 10 winners.

        Too many teams, divisions, games and players: over-saturation and watering down of teams talent level. Same thing in football, basketball, etc., If one team proves better than the rest based on an W/L record over the course a massive schedule of 162 games nee chances MLB, why give 28 other teams a ‘second chance’ to play in post season?

        Excitement? Not for ownership. MONEY. For Championship bereft franchises the also rans like fraudroyals & swiss chiefs among others, yes… like the gambler who believes ‘this is the day’ (and likely the only way we may finally win, if not legit.)

        As I’ve stated afore, the day is coming when EVERY TEAM in EVERY SPORT will make post season, due reasons economic survival alone and to keep fandom’s $ satisfied that even their crummy team ‘made post season!’ & ‘we have a chance to win!’

        Alas, is already too late – merit having given way revenue long ago/compromised result. Why there hasn’t been a legit team or Championship MLB, NFL or NBA since 1968… frauds all.


  4. Libertarian says:

    When your team is hot going into the play-offs, it doesnt matter if your opponent has more wins than you.

    The team thats hot will win.

  5. E.H. says:

    The Royals are hot, I mean really HOT right now. One of the KC pitchers said during the doldrums in April “Don’t count us out!”, man was he right. Just like most everyone else I thought they were done, I knew the core of talent was there but they seemed to be fading didn’t they?

    Right now it looks like the AL Central is going to come down to the TEN games KC has to play against Cleveland. Still, both these teams may make the playoffs anyway. I’d love for KC to have another run at the World Series, it would be icing on the cake after going to the WS in 14/15!

    Heck, Whit played pretty decent LAST YEAR..but this year is really where he’s starting to shine.

  6. Rainbow Man says:

    It is obvious that Ventura’s death shell shocked the team and they were still in that fog when the season started.

    • admin says:

      While I’m not a big fan of Venture – especially given the way he went out – you may have a point, Rainbow

  7. boom boom says:

    This is why people who claim to be something they’re not usually can’t get things straight…you’ve changed your mind 10times this season on the royals glazer…
    so now you think you’re some great oddsmaker? NOT….you’re like the wind…
    blowing shit all over!
    Say hello to black barbie….and why are you not posting your talent on kcc or on
    the radio like before….whats going on?

    • CG says:

      When you cover sports things change….as do opinions…simple as that…Boy the Royals win 9 in a row, and 9 out of 10 and are now 3 games back, about where they were when they started the run…why? Cleveland has won 10 in a row…damn.

    • Goose13 says:

      Lots of people had the Royals dead. If they didn’t turn it around, they probably would have been selling off talent. That’s what teams in baseball do now.

  8. E.H. says:

    Baseball is strange. Last year at the All Star break the SF Giants had the best record in baseball and they were on the verge of winning their FOURTH World Series in seven seasons. What happened? They’ve been the WORST baseball team ever since, right now they have the WORST record in baseball. W E I R D.

  9. E.H. says:

    KC 2017 season so far:
    Apr: 7-16
    May: 15-14
    Jun: 17-9
    Jul: 16-10
    Grand Total: 55-49

  10. Kerouac says:

    Now 0-2 in August and creeping back toward .500… how ’bout them fraudroyals!


  11. E.H. says:

    Here’s a positive note: KC has about 55 games left but only about 15-20 of those games are against teams that are any good(above .500).

    There, I just jinxed them didn’t I?

    • CG says:

      Boy are they playing lousy…yikes maybe we are just a wild card?

      • E.H. says:

        I jinxed them, I know I shouldn’t have done it but I did for some stupid reason. Hopefully they’re not in a full on collapse, we’ll know more by the end of next week(12 days from now).

        \Too bad the Wildcard is just a one game winner takes all/loser goes home deal. Oops, I jinxed them again!

  12. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    What’s worse is that the Royals just got pimp-slapped by the Cardinals in Kauffman Stadium in a BIG way. Total humiliation, to the tune of an aggregate score of 21-6. Then again last night in St Louis, the Cardinals shrug off a 3-0 deficit and pound away at the Royals pitching en route to an 8-5 come back win. The Royals just aren’t good enough. They don’t have the talent on the pitching staff, and they aren’t consistent enough in any facet of the game. Alex Gordon is flat out robbing the Royals.

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