Hearne: Political Correctness Meets the Silly Season @ 18th & Grand

Anybody wanna join me in calling for the closing of Thomas Jefferson’s Library and tearing down of Monticello?


Well then, how about we start by following Kansas City Star freelance columnist Steve Kraske’s suggestion to rip the name of “visionary” Country Club Plaza developer Jesse Clyde Nichols off the J.C. Nichols Fountain that bears his name.

After all, everyone knows Jefferson owned slaves (and mated with them for crying out loud) and that African Americans were discriminated against across the board in Kansas City and just about everywhere else in this country until the mid to late 1960s.

But does that mean every other notable achievement anyone ever accomplished in their lives should be denigrated and erased from the history books in the interest of the current media wave of over-the-top political correctness?

Why waste millions of dollars sprucing up the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, Kansas given that the 34th President reportedly cheated on his wife and issued an “anti-gay executive order” some 60 years back?

Or how about we kick out the southern states that seceded from the Union leading to the American Civil War?

Or at the very least, remove those state’s stars from our flag in a symbolic recognition of their wrongheadedness?

Seriously though, is this the best the Star’s Stevie Wonder can come up with in the way of column ideas? It’s a classic case of Jason Whitlock-style race baiting.

Using the mayor of New Orleans call for the removal of Confederate monuments as an excuse to discredit one of the Cowtown’s most visionary developers?

For the record, there’s a difference between the two, Steve-O.

Unlike Nichols, the Confederacy did nothing for the advancement of pretty much anything halfway positive in American society. Nichols’ accomplishments on the other hand were significant.

Slow news day?

Oh and one more thing…

Outside of the few folks who dwell in Wikipedia-land, the fact that Nichols used the same restrictive covenants popular throughout the nations is a little known detail. Especially compared to the reason the Civil War was fought.

The bottom line being, there’s just no comparison. Unless of course you want to start removing street and building names and the like and sanitizing the history books once and for all.

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6 Responses to Hearne: Political Correctness Meets the Silly Season @ 18th & Grand

  1. RickM says:

    “Or how about we kick out the southern states that seceded from the Union leading to the American Civil War?”

    I’m thinking. I’m thinking Texas, especially.

    Seriously, though, Whitlock recently took heat for refuting LeBron’s comments after his home (estate) in LA was vandalized by racists. He’s no baiter.

    P.S, Kraske may have too big a megaphone in this town, but will never wield any real influence.

    • admin says:

      Trust me, his megaphone’s not that big…

      Once upon a time maybe, but not in today’s world.

  2. chuck says:

    Nothing will ever be enough. Krapske is just another ethnomasochistic, garden variety, virtue signalling, Progressive, wanna be thought leader.

    Standing in this ‘confederacy’ is denoted by faux outrage and an insistence on conformity to a pernicious Progressive Narrative that thrives on hate for the Occident.

    Steve Krapske’s loathsome virtue signaling probably acquires him some gravitas with all the “Cool Kid” Liberals in town. Another Democrat demagogue whose preachy condescension and ivory tower ideology, in conjunction with support from City Hall and the tax payer subsidized company he works for, The Kansas City Star, inflicts a vacuous and inane interpretation of current events into the newspaper of record for all we Hoi Polloi enjoy.

    This is more politically correct poison and it should be choked down only after reading the label on the bottle.

    “These lies, from Progressive Thought Leaders will leave your brain necrotic and unable to discern the truth. After ingesting these words, you may have the following symptoms. A strange and unjustified preoccupation with Russia. A sudden need to give away all of your hard earned money to entitled lay-a-bouts who think you are in possession of something called “White Privilege”. Dreams about single terminal airports, downtown hotels and really cool street cars filled with 25 million out of town tourists. Desires to “Corn Roll” your hair, which, then lead to uncontrollable guilt about “Cultural Appropriation”. Wanting to get “Muscle” to places where people who don’t agree with you are, so they can get their asses kicked. Taking pleasure in shouting down other people when they don’t agree with you. Feeling of needing to shoot those who don’t agree with you, or, even hitting them when they are not looking, say, with a bike lock, or, an egg, or, sucker punching them. If these symptoms persist, and, you have not been locked up, then see a doctor, or, just quit reading agitprop penned by Steve Krapske.

  3. Goose13 says:

    If Kraske really believes this, then he should move. I think the neighborhood he lives in was developed by JC Nichols.

    • admin says:


      Unless he’s moved, he lives in Westwood (not to be confused with Westwood Hills). Somewhere near the big Entercom tower that he threatened former Entercom chieftain Bob Zuroweste about.

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