Glazer: Power to the…Royals?

Wow, it actually happened…

Royals GM Dayton Moore did it; the Royals are a power team!

Yep, six players are in double figures with home runs. That’s a first for a KC team. In fact, two players may break 30 home runs for the year, Sal Perez and Mike Moustakas.

The Mighty Moose likely will hit for plus 40…unreal.

A team that has never hit for power is now doing just that.

And with the power hitting comes wins.

The Royals are hot.

In fact baseball’s worst team in April is now in second place over .500 – crazy.

The Royals for the first time ever are a dangerous home run hitting bunch. Damn. 

during Game One of the 2014 World Series at Kauffman Stadium on October 21, 2014 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Okay, okay, only two players made the All Star team thus far, Perez and Jason Vargas. However Moose and Hosmer should be on the team. Moose has 22 homers and Eric is one of baseball’s most dangerous hitters.

Hosmer is also a fantastic first baseman.

So these Royals deserve the honor.

More importantly, the Royals are a contender for the division.

Will Dayton Moore keep Eric and Moose or trade them? Tough call.

What a comeback.

I said the Royals were done in June…looks like I was wrong.

The entire league is at .500ish. And all but Houston the Yanks and Boston look like maybes. So the Royals could get in and do their thing one more time.

Stay tuned!

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15 Responses to Glazer: Power to the…Royals?

  1. miket. says:

    craig… go out on a limb… make the case for or against. you throw the questions out there, but you leave it there. are the royals buyers or sellers? trade deadline looms larger now. what do you think?

    i think they’re buyers for one more grab at it, or they stand pat. and i think moore and yost and the rest have already made up their minds.

    hosmer? my gut tells me they sign him, but not to a long-term deal.

  2. CG says:

    Mike first let me say I said Royals were done in May. I was wrong…looks like a post season is likely with this hitting…pitching is an issue so getting another arm is very likely. I also agree Royals will stand pat on trades for the most part. Ned and Dayton want one more postseason with these guys.

    I don’t agree we can keep Eric or Moose, both will get plus 100 million offers…we might keep Cain,Escabar. I just think Eric wants bright lights and big city, Moose maybe not but 100 million and more hard to pass up.

    • glazer is always wrong…point blank. Wrong on his book…his movie..his
      busiiness…his hos….I mean the guy is batting 0000000 on his predictions.
      to have this joker write anything is pure idiocy on hc’s part. this guy couldn’t pick a winning horse in a one horse race. It’s one thing today..another thing
      tommorow. this guy can’t remember one day to the next what he says except that whatever he says is always wrong.
      So hearne…you could put a 12 year old in old man glazer’s spot and get a
      better article than this bum. I guess and age are taking their toll on the
      old mule.
      Put him out to pasture and get someone who know’s sports and let this
      guy go back to bringing in naked gay guys to his showcase in kck.
      The only one worse is the unemployed dude. His stories were a riot.

  3. E.H. says:

    Everybody thought the Royals were done, even me. Look at the SF Giants, they were the best team in baseball at this time, now they’re the worst. I thought the Royals had peaked too but I think they’re the hottest team in baseball right now, at least in the AL.
    I guess these teammates loyalty to each other really is super strong.
    Final Note: Is Mike Moustakas the straw that stirs the drink?

    • Paul says:

      Moose is definitely the straw that stirs the drink. He’s not as polished with the media as Hosmer, or as endearing as Salvy, but he is the lone player who can carry a team on his shoulders for a couple weeks. I don’t foresee the Royals signing him, Hosmer, nor Cain, but if they’re going to make a run for one of them, it should be Moose.

      • E.H. says:

        Paul, I wish we could keep everybody. However, I’m thinking the owner and GM will probably let Cain, Hosmer, Esky, and Moose walk. They’ve already got 2 incredibly successful postseason’s out of these guys, maybe a 3rd this upcoming Oct. Why pony up huge bucks when players like Alex Gordon and Pablo Sandoval turned into pumpkins once they got their huge contracts?

        Just let the 28/29 year olds leave as free agents and rebuild again.

  4. Kerouac says:

    Lemme help: ‘wait till next year, fraudroyals’… signed, sealed, delivered. Moving on, and seeing as you’ve not chimed in on the swiss chiefs recent excision of John Dorsey, what’s your take re: said, CG? Here’s mine: ‘wait till next year, part 2018, verse 49’.


    • CG says:

      K I did write about Dorsey’s leaving. Hearne had tech problems and as you all see site was down a week or so…my story is now old so he didn’t post it…

      I think both Hunt and Andy were sideways with Dorsey on several issues…and fired him. Do I think its good? Don’t know what he really brought to the party? His picks in the drafts were at best so-so…Dee Ford number 1, nope..but he did that and many other poor picks, he did find us Tyreek Hill and Marcus Peters if those were his picks and not a scouts or Andy’s? Who knows…Kelce? I think the Chiefs are in for a tough road next season…Oakland may be the best team in the AFC along with guess who, Pats…Chiefs may have a problem getting into the post season…hard scheduale…Dallas, Steelers, Pats…on and on Oakland twice yikes…Dorsey in my mind was not the key reason for the playoffs, so losing him may not be an issue..

      • E.H. says:

        Dorsey was better than Pioli but how could he not be lol? Still, I think the secret to the Chiefs success is Andy Reid, he’s obviously one of the best coaches in the league and credit goes to Clark Hunt for hiring him. It’s not Andy’s fault we don’t have a Tom Brady or Big Ben as QB, those guys are as rare as hen’s teeth. Oakland is now the team to beat in the West, I wouldn’t have it any other way Go Chiefs.

      • Kerouac says:

        So John Dorsey is out… welcome to the new version Kansas City Chiefs, same as the old, their one abiding constant: dysfunction.

        Chiefs/Dallas Texans franchise history, there has never been a single GM that was not ultimately fired, whether a permanent or acting capacity. No, not one, semantics aside; color Kerouac not surprised.

        Dorsey follows in the tradition of Pioli, Thum, Peterson, Schaff, Stram, Steadman, Klosterman, Rossi… all of them let go.

        Some, like Peterson & Rossi, were jettisoned during the course of the regular season… Klosterman’s mouth likely did him in. A publication quoted him in the fall 1965 as saying – ‘living in KC isn’t so much like Heaven or Hell, it’s moreso purgatory’. Ouch. He also made reference a possibility the Chiefs could consider moving to California, Los Angeles or Anaheim, what with then attendance concerns in Kansas City. As a result, he was ‘hired away’ by the Oilers, or fired by the Chiefs, depending on take.

        He was arguably KC’s best GM ever, talent acquisition measure: his January 1966 hire by Houston preceded by one year, Chiefs first appearance in a World Championship Game, Superbowl 1, January 1967. Coincidence? The same year he bolted San Diego for Kansas City, 1963, the Chargers won their (still) only World Championship (NFL Bears chickened out & declined to play SD for all the marbles, so, co-World Champions at minimum.)

        Yet, Klosterman’s knack is debatable. Separate drafts AFL/NFL 1960’s lent the Chiefs better odds success their competition due Owner Lamar Hunt’s greater depth of wallet than greater depth of insight Klosterman’s vs his peers re: what constituted a great player, this Kerouac’s belief.

        Sans such advantage Hunt, those salad says Chiefs 1960’s might well have been naught (a team such as the Broncos for example: bad teams due never being able afford or part & parcel attract a #1 draft choice until the AFL was in its 8th year, 1967, no doubt would not have been at the competitive disadvantage they were for most of the decade.)

        The Chiefs checkered history re: success is even more appalling, considering all they had going for them in terms of advantages, ownership/money, talent, GM, HC.

        Back to their more recent history, one could say Thum was but a placeholder & Steadman was promoted/given a ceremonial title, but that would be subjective/wishful thinking, my opine.

        Upshot: the one constant their GM and HC carousel same has been turnover. In 57 years now, not one GM or HC has left on top, a Champion of the World in their sport. All have found or been shown the door (with nudge), one way or the other.

        One HC reportedly wasn’t fired but ‘resigned’, Schottenheimer. He was quoted “I have decided to take a break, take some time and relax.” He went on to coach three more professional teams, so, draw your own conclusion.

        If but one World Championship in 6 decades (and that ‘one’ bearing an *) trying doesn’t say something, their role call of dismissed GM’s and HC’s too, one other constant does – the same ownership has been in place throughout.

        The Comedy 🙂


        Tragedy 🙁

        of swiss chiefs football.

        CONCLUSION: ‘Wait till next year’, part ad infinitum, verse ad nauseam . . .

  5. Chiefs sucked with dorsey. Using voicemail to cut Maclin….plus the other unpublished things they’ve done under the table. Reid is not a big time coach. Smith can throw
    if he has some receivers. Letting maclin go was a big mistake. Kelce is pissed.
    chiefs made too many mistakes and didn’t learn from the past with these midget
    receivers they try to develope. One year doesn’t make a career. Glaze get social security check an thinks he’s rich. what a mess.

  6. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Speaking of Glaze…I stumbled across this podcast by comedian Joey Diaz. He’s talking about the relationships between sugardaddies/sugarbabies and talks about having a “chubby dude who owns a club in Kansas City” show up. His guest, fellow comedian Willie Barcena then refers to the comedy club owner wearing a wig and that he can’t believe it’s a piece. Diaz says he knows it’s a piece because it makes strange sounds when the guy snorts coke. Who could they be talking about???? Skip to the 36:36 min/sec point in the podcast:

    • CG says:

      Uh I’m not chubby…not a sugar daddy to anyone never needed to be…however those two are fat…so maybe thats them…who knows…both funny guys though…I know they talk about me on several shows…comedy central did a one hour special still out there on my ‘man and his dog’ you tube series….with just me and the dogs hosted by Nikki Glaser and comedy central radio guys…funny…

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