Glazer: Time for Chiefs Fans to Take a Knee

The Chiefs sent backup QB Chase Daniels to the Eagles..

So now we have no real veteran back up quarterback if Alex Smith goes down. Yes, we have our No. 1 draft pick Patrick Mahomes, who has of course no experience in the NFL.

And we all want to see what he can do, but if KC is a contender you want someone who can step in and win.

So why not Colin Kaepernick?.

Kaepernick was once the darling and future of then Super Bowl team San Francisco. The dude who took Alex Smith’s job.

Then Kaepernick became a distraction when he didn’t stand for the national anthem two seasons back. I don’t agree with what he did, but it was his right to protest if he so desired.

In any case, that’s over now.

Is that any worse than Tyreek Hill‘s checkered past?

In the NFL does it really matter?

Kaepernick played well last year on a bad San Fran team with 16 touchdowns, only 4 INT’S, 2,241 yards in the air, 468 yards on the ground and 2 TD’s.

He had a 90.7 quarterback rating.

That’s very good with a team that didn’t lend him much help.

He certainly didn’t have the weapons KC had.

Now the Jets and the Seahawks have passed him over for lesser backups (or starters in the Jets case).

Look, this guy was once considered an elite young quarterback.

He’s only 28 years old and has skills and experience. He can win games and he would come at a low price.

The Chiefs dumped Chase Daniels who went to the Eagles who may also dump him and become available. Chase is another good choice to back up Alex for at least one season until Patrick is ready to go.

Most observers feel Kaepernick is still not only solid but maybe even good if given weapons and a better team. He surely is better than most back ups in the league today.

In fact, better than some starters.

Was his kneel down so offensive that he must now be left out of the NFL for all time? 

Again I didn’t like it either and it led to others following in his path for a few weeks, but it’s over now.

Did it really cause that much harm?

In the end it only hurt Kaepernick, who has done tons of charity work and donated big bucks to charity to make amends.

I think he’s worth a look, if not perhaps bring back Chase.

I’d hate to see Mahomes thrown in before he’s ready if we’re in the race for the post season. Hey, I like the kid, but I’d like to see him brought in slowly. I think next season will be his time to shine.

Meanwhile Colin could be a good quarterback again if given a chance.

Why not?

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40 Responses to Glazer: Time for Chiefs Fans to Take a Knee

  1. E.H. says:

    NFL teams care about their image, the pig socks that Kaepernick wore basically got him banned from the NFL forever.

    Other issues banning Kaepernick from the NFL:
    1. He’s being controlled by another person, his girlfriend. He let her ruin his career.
    2. He’s a head case.
    3. He bit the hand that fed him.
    4. QB’s are THE MOST IMPORTANT player. In essence, THEY are the franchise. Other players may kneel and get away with it..not the QB.
    5. The hair. This ain’t the mid 70’s.
    6. He used to be ripped and fast. Speed was his biggest strength. Now that that’s gone he’s a shell of his former self.
    7. Cleveland won’t take him. If the Browns won’t take your sorry ass, you ain’t getting on the Chiefs, Seahags, or even the Vikequeens.

    Enjoy the CFL Colin Kaepernick.

  2. rkcal says:

    No way this is happening. Domestic abuse? No prob. Not knowing your place and failure to stay in line? Please. Especially here in the Bible Belt. He’s untouchable. Tyler Bray all the way.

  3. Rainbow Man says:

    I am OK with picking up Kaepernick but Dorsey won’t do it. If it doesn’t work out its a pink slip decision.

    I do not give a crap about the National Anthem thing and no one else should. Why even have it at sporting events? Remember when they used to do it at the end of every night on Network TV? Who did it kill when they stopped doing that? I guess TV stopped signing off.

    I have inconspicuous ways of supporting our troops and our country. I don’t need to listen to a bunch of drunks say “Home of The Chiefs.” As far as I am concerned, Colin can do yoga during the Whiteman AFB Stealth fly by. Just sling the ball.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    Beat your wife/girlfriend, help a friend try and coverup his murdering his wife, c’mon and play for us.

    Take knee for something you think needs to be changed, get the hell out of here.

    The last two-years performance is part of it. But Mara of the Giants spoke the truth about why Kap is not signed. He could say it because he doesn’t need a QB.

    The NFL was started with seed money from Al Capone. That pretty much says it all.

  5. Again glazer proves he knows nothing about football. And he knows nothing about
    the world we live in, unlike his make believe, b.s. world.
    Kapernick was one of maybe 10,000 players who knelt when the anthem was played.
    One guy. And it attracted national attention because the media and espn made it
    a huge issue. But really, did it make any difference in anyone’s life.
    Free country. Free speech. It’s in the constitution. Has anyone read it recently?
    And glazer writes “if given weapons and a better “…of course…so would any quarterback. Give most qb’s a great defense and receivers like jerry rice/gonzalez/
    and edelman and they too could be great.
    So he writes about how the chiefs need to pick up chase or Colin to wait for a kid
    who’s never thrown a football in the nfl to start in 2018? Really? Terrible plan
    if you ask me. Chase has too many injuries to play and his arm strength never
    made it in the nfl. But he made millions backing up in new orleans and kc.
    Imagine arrowhead with all those rednecks in the stands (fans who I love) and Colin comes on the field. Imagine what they’d scream. And Clark is never one to take a chance on anything. Takes his millions from the chiefs operation, rolls it into
    dallas to name another building after his family or give to his aunt June for her
    nationwide radio show.
    Back up smith who got us a playoff win last year after years of frustration. Clark never really gave him the weapons. Smith got a coach who never won a superbowl/mediocre receivers/a unstable running game/and a patchwork team that few gave any chance of making it to the playoffs (remember the raiders were supposed to take our division).
    Truth is Clark won’t pay the big money free agents…won’t committ to winning championships…and worst of all while upcharging parking to the most loyal fans
    in football/overcharging for everything inside the stadium/and never adding that game changing player we need is still the cheap skate his dad was for so many years.
    So stop the b.s. glazer of how to make little changes can bring a winner to arrowhead.
    Clark won’t do it. He and his dad bamboozled the county to rebuild that stadium with little out of their own pocket. He doesn’t care…just like glass until moore showed him a plan to start at the bottom of the minor leagues and build a winner (although it lasted a short time) that way. Clark doesn’t get it. Backups seldom play. Smith isn’t getting hurt because now he runs away from the rush.
    And football is seeing it’s numbers diving in tv ratings/viewership which means
    Not in kc though. sundays are cbs and fox radio days. Clark has to wake up.
    Reid needs to go. We need fresh blood at the top and bottom. And clark needs to
    learn how to allocate his dollars better.
    Til then your ridiculous stories will be pure b.s.
    The cubs brought in a computer expert an won a series first time in a zillion years.
    Where can the chiefs find someone like that.
    Instead the greatest fans in football have to wait 2 hours in and out of the stadium
    to get to the game and home and Clark drives his Brinks vehicle to dallas with his
    millions every week.
    Please glazer. Stop the b.s. Nice try though. But this is KC…it’s not hollywood where dreamers go to stake their claim to being famous.

    • Each NFL team is allowed to have 53 players on its roster (plus a five-player practice squad). The NFL has 32 teams, making a total of 1,696 players.

      In the 2016 NFL season, Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, safety Eric Reid and outside linebacker Eli Harold of the San Francisco 49ers knelt during the National Anthem.

      Wide receiver Kenny Stills and safety Michael Thomas of the Miami Dolphins knelt during the National Anthem.

      My point? Harley claims that CG knows nothing about football in his first paragraph, then gets his facts wrong in the very next sentence.

      You’re a moron Harley, and I exist solely to prove it.

      • GHOST….i was referring to over the many years of the nfl…
        who cares who knelt…espn (who is losing 2 million viewers
        a year) made a big deal about it….but in the end who cares!
        Okay .000005% of players knelt in nfl history….not a big story
        except for those who need something to get the dander up.
        not a big deal except for ghost who has nothing importantto say.
        Story was mostly about lack of interest by clark and his money
        grubbing style. His dad lived in a 50″s theme suite at arrowhead
        but when clark got gov money he built a suite of glamour.
        You really proved me wrong you old piece of crap…you got
        it so perfect….NOT!
        Now go find someone like glazeer with at least 5 incorrect
        assertions in his story to try to bring down.
        hahahahahahaha! Good luck loser!

  6. Hearne when do you let me write my story on the trump russia scandal and what it
    really did and how it started and who the real enemy is…it’s not dumbshit
    is Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Hard to imagine that you could add much if anything to what’s already been both reported and misreported but wait!


      Come to think of it, perhaps your contribution might be worthy…go for it

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Wait, Russia is our enemy? Groundbreaking stuff right there.

        • guy…russia isn’t our enemy according to prez dumpster.
          He borrows money from them…listens to them…helps them throw american elections….helps him throw
          french elections…hugs and kisses their highest authroties
          in the white house…call put a “great leader”….washes
          their illegal gotten billions.
          See guy you’re a freaking idiot…and boom boom just dropped the boom on your head.
          Nice try loser~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            LOLOL! What a colossal douche canoe. Disappear Harley. You got bitch slapped in the election where your girlfriend The Hildabeast suffered the greatest political defeat in U.S. history. Everyone knows you’re a blowhard idiot and left this site for months in utter humiliation.

          • guy…the russians threw the election and it was only by 60k some votes.
            Where are you getting your news? from glazer
            and admin?
            seriously…get real bud….and thanks for
            always reading my stories.
            I count you as a reader/fan/disciple of the
            great BOOM BOOM.

  7. Guy Who Says What Others Think says: ought to write a column opining about Grandpa Snyder initially refusing to grant one of his players a release to transfer, until gramps got hammered in the press.

  8. CG says:

    Harley I never said hire Colin. I said consider it. If he’s playing well and can do the job, hire him, if not, not. That’s all. However with Clark as owner you are right on that one point, not likely. Is Colin good enough, I think so, don’t know.

    • CG says:

      As for Trump, I listened to Comey this morning. In the end it is a witch hunt. We are not at war with Russia. Trump surely wanted to be pals with Russia and team up with them against everyone else…makes sense, hard to do. Trump wants to be great, he wants to show off, sure he cut corners, they all do. Comey made it clear that TRUMP DID NOT ASK TO STOP RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION, there is no crime. He did ask him to back off General Flynn, so what, Flynn was not arrested. On and on…all modern day b.s. Cyber wars. Comey said the Russians did give up Clintons email add ons etc..but did not change any votes. I don’t see anything there but smoke. However Trump might be thinking this won’t end, enough is enough and resign at some point claiming victory but can’t do his job with all the attacks. Possible. Leave as the president elected and say ‘thank you’ goodbye. might happen.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        LOL! Will NOT happen. He will never give in and admit defeat to the Establishment.

        I thought it was interesting that Comey admitted he was leaking or had friends leak information to the press. I also found his testimony on Loretta Lynch particularly interesting. Comey stated Lynch directed him to stop calling the Clinton email probe an “investigation” and to call it a “matter”. “That was one of the bricks in the load that I needed to step away from the department,” and then added he was concerned Lynch was trying to align the DOJ’s comments with the way the campaign was talking about the probe. “That gave me a queasy feeling,”

      • you stupid idiot….there’s more than you or I ever imagined
        …did you know trump admitted to laundering millions probably
        billions thru his taj majhal casino and mueller brought a
        prosecutor into take him down.
        Dozens of russians caught laundering money an they face
        20-25 years in big house (your former place of residence you
        felonious loser) and guess they’ll rat out the whole group.
        You just saw comey destroy the president….but thats about
        1/100 of what they have on dumpster.
        What about kushner the jew……he’s toast. Flynn or manafort
        will rat out dumpster instead of going to jail (the place you were
        in you criiminal) for 5-10 years.
        Flynn and manafort and dumpster and kushner and sessions
        all in trouble. You just saw a little and think you’re so smart.
        But in the end they go to the big house (unless they rat out
        dumpster). You should know how these things go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • glazer you’re no lawyer…you’re n ex felon. good luck!

      • stupid comments again glazer. Trump asked comey/coates and
        nsa director to cut off investigation. You’re one stupid mule.
        They had 17 intelligence agencies say the russians interferred in the election but you being the idiot you are with no knowledge on any subject except hookers and drugs say they were wrong.
        There are multiple investigations going on now….including money laundering and by now flynn has ratted out trump
        again mr. glazer…please stick to the subjects you know well
        and don’t venture into anything that requires even the slightest amount of brains to discuss.

    • The problem with Colin Kaepernick is that his style of play isn’t suited to the backup role. As a running QB he opens himself up to injury more so than a pocket QB. The backup QB’s primary job, and I mean this seriously, is to not get hurt.

    BOOM BOOM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Goose13 says:

      Harley, you ignorant slut.
      Had to be said. Every time he types crap, I think of Belushi and Ackroyd saying that.

    • Harley on 16 Aug, 2016:

      “….if I was Hillary I would let dumpster complain and complain
      and then once he gets the commission to change the rules don’t debate the dumpster. By that time she should have way over 350 electoral votes and be on her way to the landslide Harley predicted over a year ago.

      This goes to prove again that no one can match Harley in stats/predictions/analysis nor being able to decipher events and forecasting the results. I have been on target with sports/politics/personal information and will continue to be the only one who is spot on correct on these type of items.”

      The Ghost of Harley Past is back — to prove Harley is a moron.

      • loser has time to go back almost a year and get my qoutes.
        only reason hillary lost was voter suppression/russians.
        they threw the election for trump and mueller will bring out the truth.
        Obstruction of justice and lying and lyaing and lying and
        lets get trump on the witness stand along with his fellow
        the truth will set you free.
        Now get a job you old coot.

        • Oh Harley, you poor, ignorant, malicious, crapulous mass. It’s not my fault you stayed hidden for the last 10 months…..

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          Harley once again gets fitted for a clownsuit. Of course, a big red nose, and stupid oversized floppy shoes are appropriate for a village idiot like him. He got put in his place in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election, and disappeared for months in shame and humiliation. Now he comes back with a different, yet equally stupid moniker and “enlightens” us all with his latest batch of empty headed screeds. Do us all a real favor and disappear again Harley. Your douchebaggery lends nothing.

  10. chuck says:

    NFL Teams are “For Profit” organizations. The owners, if they are smart, avoid taking ANY sides in National Politics.

    Kaepernick is your garden variety, pro athlete narcissist, with fleeting and diminishing skills, that craves the spotlight. His virtue signalling, “look at me” behavior during the National Anthem probably played really well with the demographics in the locker room, but not so well with the demographics that make up the fan base.

    Time to move on from the NFL and embrace his natural vocation as a life sized Chia Pet model.

  11. Libertarian says:

    C’mon CG….I’d rather have Jeff George!

  12. Libertarian says:

    The Royals sure could use a good closer.

    I wonder how many fastballs he can sling in a row?

  13. Who wrote this article, Stannis Baratheon?

  14. Bob says:

    “The Chiefs sent backup QB Chase Daniels to the Eagles..”

    Five days later and his name is still spelled wrong.

  15. Stomper says:

    Interesting that this post on the Chiefs has crossed over a bit into politics. Guess that’s what happens when Harley/Baby Boom Boom appears in the comments.

    Just wanted to offer an opinion on leaks in government. Leaking classified information is illegal but not all government information is classified. Many times leakers are heralded for being whistleblowers on illegal activity, or just for bringing information into the public domain that the public has a right to know. Leaking is an American institution and those who follow government history closely know that it took place as early as when camps supporting Adams and Jefferson leaked information when they competed to follow Washington in 1896. Leaking is not always a bad thing or even an illegal activity. Just sayin’


  17. Kerouac says:

    Sorry, Kerouac (as the swiss chiefs) is late to the party: wait till ‘next’ next year, part 2018, verse 49


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