Glazer: Scribe Charts Chiefs QB Alex Smith’s Final Days

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith  got a $70 million contract a couple years back…

Not a bad deal, with $30 million of that guaranteed and he becomes a free agent in 2019.

That said, the Chiefs picked quarterback Patrick Mahomes as their No. 1 this year.

So Mahomes will be hopefully be the Chiefs starter at some point, likely next season. Meaning that Smith will have to play better than ever to keep his job as a starter in 2018, unless Mahomes is looking bad when he does play.

So it’s likely this could be Smith’s final season in Kansas City as a starter.

Would he accept a back-up roll and teachers spot next year to get his final payday?

Apparently Smith was a bit unhappy with his brief talks with Mahomes.

“It’s his job to seek me out for help not really mine,” Smith said.

And while Smith never said he wouldn’t help his Mahomes,  reality has sunk in for Alex that this is likely it.

The question being, will Smith try and become a starter somewhere else as soon as next year? Will the Chiefs cut him next year if this season is like the past few, one playoff game and done?

Would Smith go somewhere else as a back up?

Lots of questions no answers. Not yet.

However Chiefs coach Andy Reid says he’s committed to Smith for this season.

Meaning, just this one.

Smith made that clear, it’s just for one year. This one.

Sure, if Smith takes KC to the AFC title game and plays well even in a loss, perhaps he’ll get another year here. He’s a guy is in his mid 30’s now and a bit off his game, which was only just good – not great.

In a way, Smith’s been another Trent Green – playoffs – but no prize at season’s end.

Mahomes has the goods.

Last year at Texas Tech he threw for over 5000 yards, 41 touchdowns with a completion pct of 65.7 and 10 INT’s.

That’s impressive to say the least.

Mahomes looks great on tape.

However he comes from the no huddle style of offense and usually those quarterbacks struggle in the NFL. Plus he’s the first No. 1 quarterback pick for the Chiefs in more than three decades.

So it seems the Chiefs are set on giving him his shot at being the starter and franchise quarterback.

Another problem will be paying both Alex and Mahomes next year.

Big bucks.

Look, Alex did a good job for the Chiefs. He was never a problem off the field. He’s a family guy – a clean cut face for the team and the city.

The problem is simple; fans are sick and tired of being a playoff team that doesn’t go far.

Just one win since Joe Montana in the post season is pretty sad since the 1993 season.

And no Super Bowls since the ’69 season, so it’s been a long, long wait.

The talk was, if we build a great team around Alex Smith he can get us to the big dance.

That never happened.

Most fans now think it never will with Alex and they want a change.

Look even if Mahomes is the real deal it likely will take a season or two of losing to find out.

Now with Royals in a backwards slide, fans are already thinking, “Oh boy, a return to nowhere for both clubs.”

I think the Chiefs have a better shot of staying a post season team than the Royals in the next few years. Who knows, right?

Unless Alex has the season of his career – a really big one – he will leave KC as a bit of a not what we hoped for career.

We all agree Alex Smith is a great person. He put all he had out there. He had his moments of greatness, but just not enough of them.

Smith lacked the “it” factor that the great ones have.

Will Mahomes bring Kansas City greatness with the Chiefs?

It’s always a long shot, but he looks the part..for now.

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22 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Charts Chiefs QB Alex Smith’s Final Days

  1. E.H. says:

    Alex Smith has been very good and he wins an awful lot of games but when he’s up against Big Ben, Andrew Luck, or Tom Brady in the playoffs guess what? That’s when his limitations become glaringly obvious. Thankfully Dorsey and Reid are doing the right thing here, they’re giving Alex one more chance to win a playoff or three and if he doesn’t it’s “thank you, Alex. enjoy your last few years with Buffalo”.

    • CG says:

      E.H. you are right, though some of his best performances were in the post season, like the loss to Luck and the Colts when he scored often, threw for over 300 yards, but our defense was horrid and they came back to beat us…not his fault…but all we remember is losing, again.

      I think there are other teams besides the Bills for Alex to land, even as a starter perhaps…there just aren’t many decent NFL quarterbacks to go around these days.

      • E.H. says:

        CG, I agree Alex will have several teams to choose from next year. Thinking about it he’s going to be in a great situation..a proven above average QB with a good 3-4 years left in him. He’s definitely going to get a pretty big paycheck for years to come.

  2. name a texas tech qb (with all their great passing stats) who did big things in the nfl.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:


    • So?
      Name a Mizzou qb (with all their great passing stats) who did big things in the nfl.

      • not the question dude. Chase Daniels has done really well in nfl….
        has hung onto a spot with 3 teams….never took a bad hit (no
        concussions) and he leaves the nfl sitting on the bench with
        probably 20 million in the bank.
        Not bad huh.

    • Shawnster says:

      Name an alias (with all his ignorance) Harley has used on KCC.

      • wislon……southy……glaze…..come on boys….theo proved
        it…i just asked a simple question….no texas tech qb makes it
        in nfl….they can thro against ku and k state and college
        cb’s….but nothing in pros.
        Baby boom boom is for what is happening now and in future
        of stock market.

  3. CG says:

    Well there is always a first time for a new guy to do great from any school…this guy has the goods…we’ll see. Hey I was wrong abou Johnny Football…so who knows.

    • you’re never right because you change your mind every 2 minutes.
      You missed 75% of super bowls and luckily you never bet realmoney.
      Please hearne…get someone to writeabout sports who has a brain.
      Maybe get kerowacky on your payroll.

      • miket. says:

        really? k-raq? you wrote that with your sarcasm font on, right?

      • CG says:

        Harley get help please. I missed 75% of Super Bowls? Like which ones…that’s called ‘a lie’ something you do too often here. I never bet real money…what do I bet fake money? Another lie. Your hate campaign is again off the rails…Just comment on the story and not your hate for the writer.

        • you’re basically washed up glazer.
          Bring in some more midget wrestlers and
          men’s groups.

          • CG says:

            Harley, as for midgets, we did that ‘once’ in Overland Park on a Wednesday night. Many comedy clubs try weekday events to bring out large crowds, its different. We never did it again. It was fun. As for male revues, they do great, ladies love them, again weekday nights. As for washed up, well I think I’m pretty active in KC on many fronts and in LA. Where ever I go in KC people come up and thank me for all that we have done for KC and entertainment for more than 40 years. All I can tell ya.

  4. Kerouac says:


    – sooooo, here we are again: in pursuit the promised land ‘part 2017 verse 48’ search our next Championship and Dawson, a solution the Chiefs own football version pi.

    “Mahomes will be hopefully be the Chiefs starter at some point, likely next season.”

    – sounds a definite maybe, ‘hopefully’, ‘will be’, ‘likely’ & ‘some point’ covering gamut.

    Based history Chiefs will take it from there and… drop the ball yet again? Oops – is Kerouac being Mencken again instead Peale, killjoy in lieu pie the sky? Hopes and dreams team as fandom creaks under the weight unmet expectations, theirs litany.

    Todd Blackledge, Steve Fuller & Pete Beathard, all #1 draft picks who arrived in KC with great fanfare. Came they from ‘big name’ schools alma maters Penn State, USC and Clemson, teeming accolades including College Football Championships won.

    1964: QB is Len Dawson, a former #1 draft choice as current Chiefs QB and former #1 draft choice same Alex Smith, saw a young gunslinger come to town challenge him for supremacy: Pete ‘Falconer’ Beathard. As Smuckers, ‘with an name like Falconer it has to be good’… alas, with a franchise named Chiefs/a QB history theirs, not so much.

    Of note, Pete is the brother Bobby and uncle to CJ (who the SF 49ers drafted round 3 this year while Chiefs took (were being took?) Mahomes. Same 49ers who took a guy round 3 same, Montana, 49ers having lost out their desired QB as the Chiefs selected Steve Fuller instead (latter who turned out more an Brush Man than NFL legend Joe. Re: CJ Beathard vs KC Mahomes 2017, deja vu?)

    Back to ’64 Dawson & Beathard: how could Hank Stram do that to Leonard Ray, long-time mentor the latter, both coming off an Championship, less than two years before? Answer: Size. Arm. College resume. Overhype (that the Detroit Lions also drafted Pete #1 in ’64, well… Chiefs and Lions do share a lot of football misses QB’s in common.)

    Beathard could throw a football through a car wash without getting it wet they said… after all the hoopla and flowery media/fandom hype gave way to results the gridiron, Pete’s accuracy proved on par Stevie Wonder’s knack solving Rubik’s Cube. So much for a a hyped big arm (Mahomes is Olive Oyl’s comparison Beathard’s his prime.)

    If a QB’s game is ‘lacking’ to include not just accuracy (Dawson is pro football’s most decorated QB in terms completion percentage titles won, history, while Alex Smith’s annually Captain Checkdown same), but prior experience translates to a pro offense, good luck.

    Bad luck too: Chiefs also drafted Roger Staubach same year as Beathard… an different world, could’ve been Staubach instead Mike Livingston came off the bench ’69 replace an injured Dawson not only that year but those beyond, when age began catch up with Len as KC’s demise began, one continues unabated as any QB’s of real note since, half century down the road.

    1979: Steve Fuller was the first QB KC drafted # 1 in 15 years since Beathard, meaning Steve was Mahomes before Patrick was Blackledge. Its been said that the 49ers settled for Joe Montana later round 3, though they preferred Fuller. Instead, Chiefs got Steve, 49ers Joe, and the rest is now pro football history; a bird in the tree sitting above a KC shirted guy the words ‘go ahead – everybody else does’, come to mind.

    1983: Todd Blackledge… there’s that dang bird again, which is to say ‘how about a nice Hawaiian punch’ part deux? Chiefs coulda had a V-8, Dan Marino, Roger & Joe too… imagine the Chiefs QB lineage might have been Dawson, Staubach, Montana, Marino.

    Yeah, daydreaming to be sure… segue to Mahomes. “Mahomes looks great on tape.”

    – don’t they all… with apologies Thomas Fuller, Samuel Lover and Khalil Gibran each’s claim ‘it’s always darkest before the dawn’, none them ever watched KC’s franchise try and be successful at football, winning World Championships or obtaining great QB’s.

    Upshot: whether bad luck case losing out Staubach, Montana and Marino same as not being prescient the case a Kurt Warner or Tom Brady since, no one gets it right all the time; case Kansas City Chiefs however, they never get it right, half a century affirming.

    Just as the Cubs wait ended aft 108 years & day games Wrigley gave way night/lights, this time, this year, this QB just has to be different for the Chiefs, right?


  5. CG says:

    Harley the story isn’t about who did well at MU in the NFL or Texas Tech…its Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes story…thats all. You like to go outside of anything written here to do your hate agenda.

  6. David Nelson says:

    I think even the most optimistic realize the chances of Mahomes being a Chief in 5 years with at least one playoff win and one Pro Bowl appearance is fairly slim. But…. it is fun to hope. And I believe even the most pessimistic like the risk the Chiefs have taken.

    • CG says:

      David I think it was a ‘good’ bet, but it is a bet and you never know…Chiefs had to replace Smith and soon, he’s near the end here, sooo, they took the best talent at that position they could in Patrick…my guess is he will be a good one..might take a minute.

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