Glazer: Scribe Waxes Poetic

As I’ve gotten older I’ve lost a number of my closest friends…

In just the last few weeks I’ve lost my uncle Morton Glazer, a friend I grew up with that was a manager at Stanford’s, Joel Weinberg and another best friends wife.

Which means I have fewer stops to make on holidays to visit relatives because they’ve checked out. Thus my world seems to be growing smaller.

Which makes me wonder what those last thoughts are when we go.

Do those magic moments in life come back in our final memories or is it just the pain of seeing it all end?

My guess is it’s different for each of us.

Yet rich or poor – well known or not – we all face the end of days at some point.

It’s part of life – the end part.

My Uncle, who I loved very much, was an older man, 83. He dropped from a heart attack. He’d been ill the last few years and was lucky to have a great wife at his side to see him to his final days.

Joel Weinberg was in his early 60’s and also had a loving wife to help care for him in his final days.

Most of us work so hard in our daily lives from childhood dreams to sorting out adult issues – trying to make it all matter and count for something.

We all have ‘those magic moments.

Having that Eagle Scott badge planted on our chest or winning a trophy for our team as kids. Those special women we met and dated thinking, “This is as good as it gets.”

Until it wore off and ended in a sad, painful split.

Doing well in business or in our careers – getting that big promotion – or opening that smash hit store. But often those things disappear in time.

As most of you know I had an unusual life.

Yet as it ends, in time it’s just a life.

One of many millions during my time here on the planet.  We all like to think we leave some type of legacy or history that will be remembered. However as we age we can see that the younger folks move on, even in our own families.And all of us are for the most part forgotten.

So maybe all there is in the end are those magic moments.

The ones in our memories, in our hearts and our souls.

As we see even the richest and most famous people we know come to an end, the world’s memories of them fade in time.

As for me, I’ve always wanted to be a part of history.

My book, a movie about my life, and that those moments would last forever.

But they don’t.

Hell, most young folks don’t even know who John Wayne was or most presidents that they never heard of.

I think back to the Roman era and all those rulers and so many powerful men and women who thought their legacy would last for centuries, they didn’t. Not for many people, anyway.

I guess in the end it’s just living our lives day to day and trying to do the best we can. Finding time to enjoy just being alive once in a great while. To find as many magic moments’ as we can.

Because in the end, that’s about all we can take with us.
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17 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Waxes Poetic

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    “Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”
    ― Joseph Campbell

    Each of us only gets one shot at it, CG. Make it count, my friend.

  2. Bad Hombre says:

    What I hope you might someday realize is the greatest measure of a man isn’t how many women he slept with or who he knew or what car he drove…but rather what he did for others during his limited time on this mortal coil.

    I am sorry for the loss of your friends.

  3. Bad hombre very right. Bought a car from Mort for a friend with no car.
    Still has that car.
    But you missed it glazer….while thinking that life was hookers/drugs/phony movies
    in the paper/a book on the dust bin/a family that sued each other/your pic in an
    alternative paper/life in prison/writing a book/running a comedy shop and
    flailing/y ou missed all the mysteries of life.
    You wrote some stories…but when you’re popping up daisies noone will care…
    still not too late….you gota few years left.
    Try Maybe you’ll find a nice rich jewish broad and won’t have to
    work. Life is fleeting.

  4. plus you’re a know nothing glazer.
    Harley/boom boom now is being used as source for media.
    Harley boom boom was right back in september/august……noone listened…
    soon there will be a knock on trumps door.
    DING DONG….you’re a liar..
    you know nothing beside the number of the local hookers.
    good luck in lowball town.
    You should have listened. Boom boom wins again.
    Cheating gets you one place…kicked out the door into obscurity!
    Boom Boom….stings like a bee.
    Never doubt me. The computer knows all.

    • admin says:

      Boom Boom got his you-know-what sawed clean off last November and it took him five months to change his name, conceal (lamely) his identity and crawl back into the light of day…welcome home!

      • I’m headed to vacation and you’re headed to topeka to sell
        cars admin.
        I think you’re the loser.
        Last november was a scam. Read the paper you dufus.
        Watch the news ever.
        Read something besides porn.
        My name means nothing….why you’re beating the asphalt
        to sell usedcars….glazer is losing and boom boom my stock
        reached 195 yeasterday…wislon went to lawrence to fix
        his old tie shoes cause he ain’t got the cash for a new
        pair now that he’s unemployed…and boomboomis on a
        The three stooges are on a path straight down….boom boom
        is hitting thejackpots.
        good luck….and if i wrote the truth admin wouldn’t print it.
        Isn’t life funny…all three of you are down and out at the same
        time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As glazer
        would say…”WHO KNEW!”
        mort was acool guy…

        • admin says:

          Easy Boomy,
          Boy, that skin of yours is getting thinner and thinner.
          Oh, the election last fall you totally made a fool of yourself on was merely a scam?
          Funny, you and Hillary are the only ones hinting at that and even most democrat leaders say it was Hillary’s fault, not the Russians or Comey. But I’ll continue to bone up on everything and you continue to “read the paper” as you like to say.
          By the way, Wilson got his shoes fixed in Lawrence like two years ago BEFORE his recent layoff. Way to keep current with your facts!
          Have fun on your vacation!

          • wrong again two timer. The truth is coming out.
            It was not a fair election…but that doesn’t mean
            a thingr to you or glazer. Both have shown you
            are nothing but losers.
            But hey that’s life.
            You were born with a silver spoon
            He was born with silver handcuffs.
            The election in november is starting to become a huge issue (please read to the star/wash. post/
            new york times_….maybe listen to heads of the government who are now turning on trump.
            I’ll be sure to keep you informed while you
            beat the asphalt selling used jalopies.
            Yes…we will have a great time. First stop
            is dallas for the byron nelson then on to mexico and then to belize.
            Have fun suckers!

          • admin says:

            And you were born with a silver what – butt plug? Speaking of which, isn’t it about time you had somebody look at that thing for you? Don’t think it’s working.

    • CG says:

      Thanks for the helpful advice Harley. You are a good man and always right as we all know. We all hope to be much like you.

  5. Kerouac says:


    “Hello, dry cleaning?”

    E. M. Cioran, who Kerouac read with much exuberance, died a victim of Alzheimer’s. Fearing such an ending, he had planned to commit suicide with his longtime partner Simone Boué, but the disease was faster and the plan failed.

    Cioran’s younger days, offered “Paradise was unendurable, otherwise the first man would have adapted to it. This world is no less so, since here we regret paradise, or anticipate another one. What to do? Where to go? Do nothing & go nowhere, easy enough.”

    Close to the end his life, Cioran managed to retain a sense of humor (or was it regret?), even if his failed plan proved him not an disciple of his own previous narrative (below)

    One day near the end, someone asked him “Are you Cioran by chance?” His answer “I used to be.” If there be a moral, no matter how immoral, perhaps is ‘do not tarry’. The other hand that flies in the face an earlier Cioran: “It is not worth the bother of killing yourself since you always kill yourself too late”; affirmed, the final analysis (imminent demise makes even the resolute less vigorous, appears, as Sinatra sang ‘That’s Life.’)

  6. CG says:

    Hah, K we can count on you for ‘the words’ great comment….as for dry cleaning, maybe, that was during the taping of me on Entertainment Tonight years ago…one of those ‘magic moments’… we all had them one way or another.

    • Kerouac says:

      This is what happens when:

      a) you carry a pen in your pocket

      b) you embrace bleeding heart liberals

      c) you work at a chicken slaughter plant

      Good luck with the ‘King of Sting’ movie project, CG.


  7. E.H. says:

    I agree CG, you’ve had an interesting life. I’ll give you credit, you went out to Hollywood and gave it a shot. Heck, you actually survived Hollywood, maybe by the skin of your teeth, but still you survived. I’m sort of surprised you didn’t end up in Vegas but I guess all your friends/family were back here and that made the choice easy for you.

    Still, I wouldn’t give up on the movie script entirely. Yeah, it needs a rewrite or two but once you get it fixed write another script, maybe on Tommy Morrison’s life, end it with his kid in the boxing ring. Since Hollywood is run by banks now the only people who will take your scripts are probably HBO and Netflix. HBO hasn’t had a decent original movie or series in years, even with Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro. Maybe get Paul Schrader involved, he’s still around although his brother is not. Get Schrader because HBO might not listen to you.

    You gotta work on those scripts hard CG. I mean super-hard, you gotta lock yourself in a room for 2-3 weeks straight, be hungry, make it hurt because that’s the only way it’s going to work. You’ll get some rejections at first, always send them a thank you card afterwards and keep on pushing. Eventually, once they’ve tortured you with endless no’s you’ll get a yes..because you worked so f__king damn hard for it.

  8. CG says:

    Well some good advice. E.H. I more than survived Hollywood, I produced 5 films, 4 Champions Forever films that did well, landed at Universal for 3 years with Dan York a VP there as writer/producers…and more…as for King of Sting, we have a great script I co wrote with David Jung, the director on this movie. His agency, APA and William Morris have put together a packaging deal with our company,Mayhem, a Disney to now get the last piece of the puzzle, actors that matter for the leads, me, Don and the female lead…so with all the hard work, hoping to land them soon and set a shoot date. I’ve been here before.

    I did write four scripts that were optioned by studios, including one by Disney, two for Universal…you are right the script is the main thing to get a deal, unless you bring in a big name star and director up front.

    As for Vegas, yeah I like it there and Palm Desert, I would like to end my days perhaps back west. I often think I might have made a second or third career in Vegas playing poker and betting football, its tough. Maybe now with my movie King of Sting and a new one I have at Warners about to be set up, and the money I’d be paid, I could give Vegas or Palm Springs(they have casinos) a shot. Just have to be conservative with you dough so you can make money and blow it all. Its a ton of pacing and limited bets in the football parlor…nobody wins every day. Plus I have some pals out there and of course in LA where I may also return with a victory or two, helps…

    I do love KC. I get frustrated as we all do about our being so ‘family’ and a bit behind on things, but we have great food, people and I am a Chiefs fan. I used to go to the games in LA when the Raiders were there and San Diego during the Montana era when I lived in LA. Fun times, never saw KC lose a live game there. LA has good and bad things, the traffic is just horrid, its a bit sketchy at night, people aren’t as friendly and everyone is in a hurry, heck our city now has some of that as well.

    • e.h. says:

      Hey CG, that’s great you had some success in Hollywood. It’s also nice to know you love KC and the Chiefs. I lived in Henderson, NV 2013-2015, it was fairly cheap living and all the fun I had was away from the strip, which is very common for locals. I trekked it to Tampa after that, much happier now. Anyway, I grew up in KC area and although I miss it I was gone for too long to ever go back. I still follow the Chiefs and Royals though.

      It sounds like you’ve carved a nice niche there for yourself in KC so I understand how hard it would be to venture out west again. GL on whatever you decide to do.

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