Glazer: ‘King of Sting’ Preps for Liftoff

I’m baaaack….

King of Sting director David Jung put some hard work into a killer trailer for the movie project of. my book.

Jung and I wrote a new script for the movie and this is his take on how the it should be promoted via a one minute sizzle of what its about and how it will look.

It’s a fairly new concept in taking a picture to its final level before filming and hiring actors.

Jung has put his agency APA and the film company Mayhem with its partners on board to package the film with top actors to play the lead roles of be and my former partner Don Woodbeck as well as our love interests.

The trailer will be given to actors and their managers and agents so they can quickly see what the picture’s about and how exciting the story and movie will be when filmed.

Mayhem specializes in true stories, including movies like ‘Invincible’ ‘Game Plan’ and ‘Secretariat.’

All of which did well.We signed with Mayhem two years ago and I flew to LA a year ago to work with him on the script and complete the project. The last thing to do is hire the stars.

There are many actors who could play the two young leads but much of exactly who is hired will depend on their value, not only in the United States market but overseas.

Today most films are financed to a great extent by monies that come from markets in Europe where theater audiences are often much larger than here in America.

Getting a film made today takes a story, a script, a director, a production company and finally adding the stars that matter.

It’s a long process and don’t forget the politics of getting a picture completed.

You get tons of yeses along the way  but one big no for any reason often stops a picture from being made and you have to start over or quit. It’s been a long road, however I think when you look at this trailer you’ll see why it’s an exciting project and should be made.

During the process the movie company or studio pays the director, the writers, the author – in this case me – and others to create the needed pieces to get a green light to film the picture.

It’s taken decades and hopefully this is the group that gets it made.
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29 Responses to Glazer: ‘King of Sting’ Preps for Liftoff

  1. GLAZEER….sorry…money in hollywood is slim. Your best chance is MAYBE a tv movie on some obscure channel in the 7000 channels i get on tv right now.
    Nice try. But at some point it’s best to move on.
    Watch Shark Tank…..people like you are told by REAL BUSINESS PEOPLE that their idea is worthless. But you can dream on. But your clock is ticking and eventually the clock strikes zero.
    As a successful businessman I say focus on your comedy store. It has potential if you can find the right combination but brick and mortar is starting to dye.
    I love dreamers. I’m one. It’s just that if you laser beamed your talents (andyou have many talents…especially p.r.) you can dowhatever you want. Hollywood is not y our
    piece of cake. But good luck.

  2. CG says:

    You can always count on a hater like Harley/Jojo/now he calls himself boom boom…to be a hater. I’m proud of the book, the fact a major motion picture company has purchased the rights, hired a director, had a script written and now hiring actors…the trailer speaks for itself and on and on…not many get all this attention, I lived a life of note and that’s that. Harley people like you don’t accomplish much usually, maybe that matters not, but to sit back and hate on others who do, well that’s who you are. A good start for you would be use your real name.

  3. chuck says:

    I like the Trailer, break a leg.


  4. Richard Cranium says:


  5. Brian says:


    Congratulations and keep grinding. With music, film and most everything in life, success comes most often to those who refuse to give up. And try to ignore the inane comments from those people such as Boom Boom — and I’m sure many more similar comments will follow — who get their jollies by rooting for people to fail to boost their own insecurities.

  6. Stomper says:

    I hope for your success in getting this project into the end zone.

  7. Shawnster says:

    Congrats Craig, I hope it gets made. Ignore the life-failures like Harley who have nothing better to do. I almost feel sorry for him, but then I remember how he welshed on his debts, lies about everything he posts, and changes his identity all the time, and that goes away.

  8. CG says:

    Thank you Chuck, Brian even Richard wow, this time…when something is good or happens that is good, not as many comments…our society feeds off hate and negative…way it is…way is will be for years to come. Glad you guys like the trailer.

  9. Goose13 says:

    Loved the trailer. Best of Luck. I look forward to getting it released.

  10. Paul says:

    Outstanding! I can see this getting some attention from the right people. Good luck, Craig.

  11. paulwilsonkc says:

    Craig, it’s an easy life for Boom Boom. Sit back in anonymity and brag about how successful you are from the shadows. It’s easy to criticize others when you have no facts.
    It’s easy when you can claim anything with no need to prove what you said.
    Doesn’t matter if anyone agrees with your path or not, it’s your path. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but you’ve never quit.
    I have to admire that if I disagreed with everything else.
    So while he thinks I’m hanging out resumes and you’re “twisting in the wind,” he’s the fraud. He’s the nameless coward.
    Keep kicking the can down the road. We’re in clear view for what we’ve accomplished. The esteemed editor knows what my earnings are. I’m not to worried about Harley’s point of view. He blew his big election bet…but has excuses for it…. idiot.

  12. a big dud! I am very successful and I did it with focus. Obviously you don’t focus.
    How many different places has your comedy shop been in….6/7..
    You have talent and maybe your book can become a movie…but it’s old…outdated..
    the story line needs serious work…and with money tight in hollywood you’re going to
    have to give up 80-90% to even find an investor.
    A trailer…we’ve seen those and if you talk with someone who knows that business
    like my uncle…you know a trailer means nothing if noone sees it.
    At your age this is your final shot. Eastwood is booked for the next 10 years….
    take it to a small maker and maybe shoot a 2-3 million dollar prototype in kc
    and see if someone likes it.
    I am very successful (and very employed unlike wislon) and it gets down to focus
    and putting your mind into one project.
    Your life of note…is really nothing….sorry dude…hookers/prison/failed ventures
    with investors and family in the wake/those videos of you and your dog which are
    I wished you luck. You have talent but instead of using that talent in a smart way
    to move up…your b.s. got in the way and while you looked in the mirror and thought
    you saw a successful man all that was there was a guy who picked all the wrong
    numbers at the roulette table.
    I do wish you luck. But don’t end up like wislon dixie. There’s still time left. Boom boom is still the king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. CG says:

    Thanks guys appreciate the nice thoughts…

  14. Bob says:

    “It’s a fairly new concept in taking a picture to its final level before filming and hiring actors.”


  15. CG says:

    Well regarding Harley/JOJO/Boom boom/ clearly a person who just hates…its no use answering his stupid comments…example the picture/project is purchased as explained by Mayhem, they make big budget films mostly for Disney…as mentioned so we aren’t looking for investors…they make the movie they pay everyone including me….as for its being timely…a true story always is timely when done well…the trailer speaks for itself…

    Harley why can’t you grow up. I don’t know you…nobody knows a fake name person…my life is clearly of note, like it or not…its pretty damn interesting…as for the comedy club we are second oldest owned venue in THE WORLD in comedy only the Comedy Store in LA is older same owners, the Shores…end of story..

    • CG says:

      And to all the haters and trolls I am a Kansas City guy, I love my city, and have done many good things for our town…many…including for 4 decades bringing some of the worlds best comedy, talent, film and tv stars to a nice small venue where people could meet them and speak to them as well….to have a book and now a film about ones life or the attempt of several huge film makers from Clint and Eisner to Batman’s Chuck Roven and more is a tribute..its one in 10 million..and much of the story is about the guy from KC and issues in KC…so hate all you want….

      As for Chuck, Paul,Goose and all the others with kind words again thank you and I’ll keep you posted.

      • please…you do it to make money. Sorry but this isn’t no
        chaarity drive.
        And you’re definitly not the charity type. It’s all a out you.
        Hey thats the way you are…you’ll never change at your age and
        that’s that.
        And youthink you’re the onlyguy who does anything….what have you done for anyone but yourself or your own self promotion
        and profits
        I like you glaze…but you still don’t get it. Time is running out.
        The world is changing way to fast. You’re pushing your hardbook and paperback and the world is going digital reading.
        You push comedy and the world is bringing them on at least
        13 comedy channels for nothing. That’s jut the world.
        This is kc…
        small town cowpoke town known for bar b q. Mention comedy
        and people think la/vegas/new york/chicago…. not kc.
        As i always say…good luck…but if you focused you might reach
        better results. No film/no big name stars/no premiere….
        Hope things work out for you.

        • CG says:

          Lets see I’ve nothing for charity huh, I was on board of directors of Kansas Cities drug and alcohol programs for ten years, giving speeches, raising money with events I put together with my board members and running the events raising thousands for families with nowhere to live but what we provided….just to name one.

  16. your pic and book are in the old and worn out bin atthe stores…..focus on your
    biz you have.
    the rest of this crap you wrote is b.s.

  17. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    I really hope this movie gets made, and is as good as the trailer. Good luck, Craig! Sounds like alot of work!

  18. CG says:

    Oh boy Harley is back at it…after we all told him to cool it, be a decent guy, stop hating on the writers…no effect, same old guy. What can you do…he is who he is..

  19. Rainbow Man says:

    Persistence pays off and it is a good story. I know a few people who made it big and they all had one thing in common.. They had the nads to try, and keep trying. Hollywood is for the very thick skinned.

    • CG says:

      Thank you Rainbow Man, nice to hear something good from you. You are so right its a tough and too often long road, like life itself. I never thought when I originally sold this story to CBS films in 1982 I would be on such along road with so many people involved and studios. I got to meet some of the Hollywood greats because of it and work on several other movies, but of course this is the one that matters most to me, as it should. I do all I can then its out of my hands and into others, like David Jung the current director and the heads of Mayhem and Silver Reels today. As you can see its a story well worth telling on screen, I have always believed it will be completed.

      Life gives us many memories and events we cherish or hold in our hearts and minds against so many ugly and bad ones. In the end when we leave life thats really all we have.

  20. Nick says:

    Good luck.

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