Hearne: Bleacher Report Gives Chiefs QB Draft Pick Low Marks

We interrupt this local media hoopla day to bring a dose of stark skepticism…

While the Chiefs startling, aggressive move to spend a 1st round draft pick on Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes was certainly – let’s call it – refreshing,

Talk about God’s gift to local sportswriters and sports talk radio.

That said, Bleacher Report analyst Mike Tanier provided a more sobering overview.

Unlike Kansas City Star sports scribe Sam Mellinger who’s front page headline commentary was headlined “spectacular” and “smart,” Bleacher Report was far more critical.

“Mahomes is Brett Favre-like in the way the neighborhood teenager throwing rocks from the sidewalk and breaking windows of the old abandoned warehouse is Brett Favre-like: You love the arm but question the judgment,” Tanier writes.

“Just how highly you rate Mahomes depends upon whether you see him throw across his body to a triple-covered receiver in the middle of the field for a 30-yard gain and think: ‘Dang, this young man has magical playmaking sorcery,’ or ‘if he tries that 20 times in the NFL, he will throw 19 interceptions and the whole organization will get fired.’ “

Good thing the Chiefs aren’t planning on using Mahomes much if any this year.

“Make no mistake about it: If Mahomes were forced to start a full season as a rookie, he would not only throw 25 interceptions but would also endure 50 sacks with his Michael Vick-stuck-in-second-gear approach to pocket discipline,” Tanier adds.

“My issue is that the Chiefs have been in playoff also-ran mode for years. They could have traded up and upgraded their defense to get over the top in 2017. Reid’s Eagles tended to get stuck in 10- 11-win ruts. They could swap out quarterbacks and remain in the same rut, because they still have too many needs in other areas.”

Tanier’s bottom line:

Sounds like he thinks the Chiefs entire front office will take a bullet if Mahones goes the way of most NO. 1 pick NFL quarterbacks.

That’s a pretty huge roll of the dice…guess we’ll see.

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18 Responses to Hearne: Bleacher Report Gives Chiefs QB Draft Pick Low Marks

  1. CG says:

    He makes good points, however nobody knows on a first round pick for a qb in the NFL, nobody…there are no sure things….this kid has the tools to be a great one if he brings it in a bit but uses that strong arm and instinct…he could be a star….he could also be a bust….answer…..NOBODY KNOWS, not now, not yet…

  2. CG says:

    I also agree the Chiefs have great need for a top running back, at least two linebackers, we may not have ANY right now…..we need a number one wide out….Hill is a big play sometimes wide out….need an every down guy…they may still be out there…lets see.

  3. Kerouac says:

    Sacrilege! Narrative filth! How dare anyone not parrot the party line… Chiefs #1 draft choice QB Patrick Mahomes is ‘the next Brett Favre!’ Response aggrieved Magnificent Carnac’s everywhere: ‘May your KC BBQ be pre-chewed by a diseased, dissenting yak.’

    If so (the yak about Mahomes being Favre) and history is to repeat, Patrick’s first NFL pass regular season will be intercepted and returned for an td, and he’ll then be traded the following off-season to another team before going on to a Hall of Fame career. Aft his first and only season in ATL, Favre’s stats: 4 pass attempts, 0 completions, o tds, 2 ints and more attempted pass a drop back that resulted in an 11 yard loss.

    Kerouac has spent some time perusing the internet for reactions to the Chiefs #1 pick, and as usual opinions are all over the place. My own first take: boom or bust potential; beyond that, no one can say. This is the same brain trust which made Chris Jones their top pick in 2016… the same ones made KeiVarae Russell their second choice, and then released him aft just one game.

    Understandable that local Kaycee fandom wants something to cheer about so badly… half a century wandering the NFL wilderness will do that to a city and its team. Only, the higher the expectations, the greater thud when results do not match expectations.

    Recall another ballyhooed QB who threw the ball all over the place in college, and like Mahomes was drafted in round 1 even higher than Mahomes, #6 overall the 1992 NFL Draft: David Klingler, Houston Cougars, Division I same as Texas Tech Mahomes.

    Like pinball wizard numbers?

    The Run and Shoot vs The Air Raid:

    What is more impressive: Klinger passing for 716 yards in a Bowl Game on 41-70 with 7 td passes in a win vs Arizona State, or, Mahomes 734 yards passing on 52 of 88 with 5 td passes in a losing effort regular season vs Oklahoma? Maybe you’re partial to the season Klinger threw only 11 td passes – in a single game. Yeah… welcome to the NFL with all of that (we have a rude wake up call for you – did in the case Klingler, will the case Mahome same my opine, but… hopes and dreams.)

    Can still remember how many times young players in MLB were referred as ‘the next Willie Mays’; to date, half a century aft The Say Hey Kid retired, no one has managed do so. The next Ted Williams, next Cassius Clay/Ali, next Brett Favre… best of luck.

  4. Gavin says:

    “Make no mistake about it: If Mahomes were forced to start a full season as a rookie, he would not only throw 25 interceptions but would also endure 50 sacks with his Michael Vick-stuck-in-second-gear approach to pocket discipline. . .”

    This is very true. Can you imagine how much worse it would be if the Chiefs were forced to rely on a quarterback who had only started for his high school team? Or, hear me out on this, what if Mahomes had never played football at all and the Chiefs had to start him a full season at quarterback? What then? God, he’d probably never complete a single pass. What if every week Mahomes played against a defense entirely Mike Ditkas?

    What is the point of all the stupid hypotheticals? Only that Tanier is couching this in a hypothetical himself. Yes, if the Chiefs had to rely on him starting a full season as a rookie, it probably would be a disaster. But they clearly drafted him with the idea that he would NOT be starting his rookie year but would, rather, be learning under Alex Smith, maybe for even two seasons.

    None of this is to predict he will be the next Favre. But to predict he’s going to be a bust based on the absurd notion about what would happen in a situation that will in no way be allowed to happen (if Alex Smith shatters his femur on the first snap of the season, you will still not see Mahomes until week 14 at the earliest) is not merely not analysis. It’s lazy.

  5. texas tech slingers end up going bust. Clark could have known this if he read either kerowacky or baby boom boom.
    Quarterbacks need smart wide receivers with speed who know how to get separation.
    They need coordinators who know the right play to call.
    Watch new englands offensive coordinator and he has a guy with a computer sitting right next to him because they learned from theo epstein of boston and chicago fame
    that it’s all about the numbers.
    bad draft…but as long as clark can take back millions to his favorite organizations in dallas…who cares about kc. How many years did the hunts let this team linger in obscurity.
    As Len Dawson says “all this is bullshit. Til they get on the field NOBODY knows if they can play”!

    • “Clark could have known this if he read either kerowacky or baby boom boom.”

      Just like he would know that HRC was going to be President if he’d read you…right Harley?

      You F*ckin moron.

      • hold on bro….there’s plenty of action left on the 2016 election.
        Hold on. Indictments/subpoenas/rats jumping off the ship/
        flynn/manafort…we already know the election was rigged…hold
        on…much to come. And remember these 4 letters R I C O…
        Trump can’t do much and we may see him back in trump towers
        before the final scene is played out. But thanks for opening the kcc board to this subject. And no glazer and unemployed wislon…you didn’t pick the winner either. Lies get you nowhere!

  6. And what about ESPN laying off all those announcers last week. The high prices they pay to get broadcast rights are coming back to haunt them. Viewers are getting bored.
    It’s the same ole same. Baseball…who wants to sit thru 3-4 hours of waiting for some dufus to adjust his glove every pitch or a pitcher to wait so long between pitches. The worst is the replays….10 minutes waiting for a guy a thousand miles away to analyze a play. They better figure this out. They’ve got billions riding on this. Can someone say

  7. CG says:

    Now that the draft is over… like always we have to wait and see how these ‘new guys’ play before we know if it was a good draft or not…nobody knows….as for our quarterback pick…you have to like the real chance that this kid could be not only exciting but ‘the real deal’ he has all the tools and his attitude seems to be fantastic…he clearly was the Chiefs number one pick all along…at least of quarterbacks…I think they did the right thing…this guy gives our team a chance to be a super bowl contender in the near future, IF he is what he seems to be…if not…hey they took a shot…you have to take a shot at some point and they did…my guess is he will be the ‘it’ facture soon…

  8. Kerouac says:

    “he will be the ‘it’ facture soon…”

    – your initial Mahomes article aft he was drafted, two references him not being on a fast-track – “It will take time to calm him down a bit and get him NFL ready” & then again three sentences later – “so it will take time.” Now, will be “soon”?

    Remember: greater the hype, harder the thud, fall. At this rate Mahaomes will be a Hall of Famer by game 1 the 2017 season opener vs New England, swiss fandom its frenzy.

    Back to BUST potential (body parts Patrick’s, not Mansfield’s, Jayne) – presume you meant his ‘it factor’ and not ‘it fracture’? Mahomes intertarsal (‘it’) does not show up his laundry list of injuries, but he does have other reported injuries of note, recently:

    Knee injury [an sprained MCL vs TCU; it required a brace in 2015]
    Wrist injury [scaphoid bone vs Oklahoma; required surgery, 2016]
    Shoulder injury [an AC joint vs Kansas; left the game also in 2016]

    One pre-draft report lists ‘multiple shoulder injuries’ and ‘lacks ideal body armor and battled through several injuries the past two seasons’ – author Dane Brugler (1/17/17) with his sobering thoughts.

    swiss fandom has waited 47 years… let’s wait another couple of seasons to see if ‘hype’ results ‘stardom’… or a new name the ‘greatest busts in NFL history’ list.

  9. Paul Trembley says:

    You realize that anyone can write for Bleacher Report, right? They’re a joke. Their analysis should be taken with as much salt as, say, Craig’s.

    • admin says:

      That’s a whole lotta salt, Paul!


      Truth be known, anybody can write for anybody. Or be on the radio, television, cable.

      Giving sports opinions is not rocket science no matter who’s dishing it out.

      But while anybody in theory can do it, only a (halfway) gifted few do it consistently and well enough to halfway matter. And it does require certain intellectual and writing and/or speaking skills, so I take it back.

      Not just anybody can do it!

  10. CG says:

    There has been talk that the Chiefs did not face their immediate needs in the draft…linebacker is huge and they took one, might have looked for at least two…however there is the open market as well and undrafted players to look at…they did pick up a badly needed running back who ‘experts’ think is a very good one..we’ll see, one wide out…right now a number one wide out is in question on this team if they want to contend…Jeremy Maclin has many question marks, Tyreek Hill seems to be a big play guy but limited…not an every down type wide out…other than those two the rest are all big maybes with little to make us think they can get it done all season…sooo…its wait and see…always is….I still like Pat as a quarterback pick, he has the goods will he deliver…nobody knows.

  11. Kerouac says:

    Mitch Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson… while I’ve a hunch Watson may turn out to be the best the three QB’s referenced in a crystal ball named foresight, odds are better that none of the three will end up with their bust displayed in Canton, or that label same for failure the lore each team drafted them. Greater likelihood is all will end up fair to midlin’, no Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf or Johnny Manziel, and no Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers or John Elway either.

    As fandom each QB just cannot wait for the future to unfold their new toy, time to play that favorite game of media/fandom: ‘Pin a name on the QB’ (working title – ‘Skip step 1 and go directly to Hall of Fame induction’ ~ official title post release – ‘Do not pass go and do not collect Hall of Fame bust.’)

    My quick occular take: Trubisky reminds a bit of Trent Green/Heath Shuler, Watson a more polished version Andre Smith/Geno Smith & Mahomes suggests David Klingler/ Kyle Boller. Of all the QB’s who were available, Kerouac would’ve taken Trubisky first just as CHIC did, Watson 2nd and then Mahomes/the rest in a draft year where there were no ‘can’t miss’ QB prospects. It’s all guess work; for all anyone knows today, the next Kurt Warner went un-drafted & as we speak is stocking shelves/packing grocery bags at a Hy Vee near you.

    Think Tom Brady was a 6th round steal? Warner went undrafted and Bart Starr was a 17th round choice (which means he too would have been a free agent today) – Johnny Unitas was a 9th round choice; finding that diamond in the rough as needle haystack can/does happen.

    DEN, which already had two fine rookie QB prospects last season in Siemien & Lynch (the latter who KC wanted 2016), also drafted QB Chad Kelly this year: Mr. Irrelevant, NFL title for the last player drafted annually. Some talent evaluators have stated that Kelly, the nephew of former BUFF Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly, had the highest upside of ANY the QB’s available in 2017 before he was injured… so maybe he will be ‘the one to shine brightest’, hindsight.

    When does fraudroyals season end & swiss chiefs next begin? Is bunting to hang and Superbowl plans to make.


  12. Glazer…there’s been no talk…where and who?.
    The star’s reporters who haven’t picked a winner in 20 years?
    ESPN bunglers now on the unemployment line ( hey wislon…if you see dilfer with his resume in line with you and the other gubment mooches get his autograph!).
    Where are the scientists?
    oh yeah….loving see glazer whip in the wind with no one angle on any story and to see the former box man handling out resumes at the job fair at the legends.
    Life is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

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    pick up in their trucks each week. Would be perfect for a guy who knows how to fold up boxes and separate the beer cans from the sofa bottles!
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  14. CG says:

    HARLEY ever have anything good or nice to say about anything? My opinions on the Chiefs or Royals or sports are just my opinions some good some wrong…its that way with everyone who follows the games…nobody has the right answers all the time.

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