Jack Goes Confidential: ‘FURIOUS 8’—Hell-Bent Popcorn Flick


THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS is obviously not intended for critical analysis by reviewers…

But what the heck, I’ll give you an overview of this eighth installment in the blockbuster franchise anyway—the first one without its late co-star Paul Walker.

First off, let’s just say there’s no fear of leaking spoilers here. The plot of F8 is….well…almost secondary.

And as you watch the proceedings up on the big screen you come to realize just HOW razor-thin the story line actually is.

So acting and plot aside, what you get instead is a two hour (plus) long cinematic demolition derby that makes anything TRANSFORMERS has served up in the past tame by comparison.

Live-action Roadrunner cartoon, anyone?

F8 doesn’t really take itself that seriously as it adds sexy Charlize Theron to the franchise.

She plays an evil super hacker who seduces Vin Diesel back into a world of crime leaving THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS hanging in the balance—while all the while globetrotting to include a fascinating stop in Havana.

In fact, it’s the first to have received permission to shoot in Cuba!

Ok, there I go again starting to leak the plot which I promised I wouldn’t do.

However I must share my favorite line in the film, when Charlize Theron proclaims:

“I am a crocodile at the watering hole.”

(And yes folks, there are many more memorable lines like that throughout the picture.)

But when it comes to action, this film delivers BIG!

Over and over you keep asking yourself just how they pulled off some of those fantastic stunts?

All that PLUS, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges, Scott Eastwood, Kurt Russell and Jason Statham.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Helen Mirren! She’s in it too playing Statham’s spunky mother.

As for dialogue, acting and plot, you best check your brain at the door.

But for non-stop action, F8 kicks ass and will more than satisfy its not-so critical audience.

Because of those two clashing elements I am unable to award a fair grade to THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS—new this holiday weekend everywhere!

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