Jack Goes Confidential: ‘GIFTED’—Emotionally Spirited Comedic-Drama


It’s gotta be tough always being the pretty boy…

After all he IS Captain America!

So it’s nice seeing Chris Evans in a small film for a change—in a role that has him a little more grounded.

In GIFTED he plays Frank, a single boat repairman just doing his thing in a small Florida coastal village.

But there’s more—much more–to Frank’s current lifestyle.

He is raising his spirited young seven year-old niece Mary whose mother committed suicide when the child was just six months old.

And there’s also something else about Mary……

Turns out she is a child math genius. And while her grade school wants her now to expand her mathematical skills at a special privileged school complete with a full scholarship, Frank wants the little genius to experience a normal education at her regular public school.

That’s where Mary’s grandma enters the picture and soon it all turns into a major custody battle for the good of our child prodigy.

Hats off here to young McKenna Grace’s superb performance as Mary. She steals practically every scene in which she appears and should have a winning acting career ahead of her.

Also giving her usual best is Octavia Spencer as Frank’s opinionated and protective neighbor as well as Jenny Slate as spunky Mary’s teacher and Lindsay Duncan, the wealthy grandma pulling out all the stops to win custody of the gifted girl.

It’s not every day that a screening audience loudly applauds a film as the final scene fades to black.

They sure did for GIFTED!

The comedic-drama opens here this week in limited release with additional engagements planned for April 21st.

My grade: B+

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