Paul Wilson: Bill O’Reilly – Caution, You’re About to Enter the NO SPEND Zone

Just when the smoking hot news readers thought it was safe to go back into the staff meeting, our favorite right wing pervanator strikes again…

Between 20 and 50 advertisers have reportedly pulled out of “The O’Reilly Factor” after the latest round of O’Reilly’s sexual harassment saga unfolded in the New York Times.

What a perfect time for Tracy Thomas to strike while the harassment’s HOT!

Let’s take a little walk down Sexual Harassment Lane and revisit why little Billy and his little willy are where they are today. If you’re keeping score at home, O’Reilly has paid $10 million and Fox News $3 million to settle five cases in the last 15 years.

In 2011, Rebecca Gomez Diamond, a former host, was fired after she complained about O’Reilly’s actions. But it wasn’t just her word against his; she kept tapes. She left after signing a confidentiality agreement and getting a settlement out of Bill’s own pocket.

Last year, former Fox anchor Laurie Dhue settled for more than $1 million after she made harassment claims against O’Reilly and former Fox head dude Roger Ailes.

In 2004, producer Andrea Mackris, claimed O’Reilly told her to buy a vibrator and shared his fantasies about having sex with her. She alleged he threatened her to keep her mouth shut. Settling her suit for $9 million made that easier to accomplish.

In September, Fox settled with Juliet Huddy for $1.6 million after she claimed O’Reilly pursued sex with her in 2011. After she allegedly refused, O’Reilly hit her over the head with a glass ceiling and blocked her career.

Andrea Tantaros, sued Fox and O’Reilly and has reportedly turned down a $1 million settlement offer.

Wendy Walsh, once a regular guest on The Factor, told the Times that “after she rebuffed O’Reilly’s advances he failed to get her a promised job as a network contributor.”

At least two other women reportedly have told similar stories but have not yet settled.

Sheesh, O’Reilly’s starting to make Bill Cosby look like an amateur.

Sans all the rapey stuff.

BMW, Bayer, Lexus and Allstate are among the biggest names to pull out.

In a statement, Bayer said, “Bayer supports a safe, respectful and non-abusive environment for women and we have reached out to Fox to voice our concerns regarding this matter. Based on the serious nature of these allegations, we have made the decision to suspend all advertising on the program in question.”

Allstate said, “We are concerned about the issues surrounding the program and we have suspended our advertising.”

Also, meeting in the unisex bathroom to wash the ick off their hands are:

Rachael Ray’s pet food brand, Nutrish

Gold Bond

Constant Contact




T. Rowe Price


Credit Karma

True Car


and the Society for Human Resources Management.

Bill O’Reilly gave a statement to the Times which suggested his fame and controversial viewpoints made him a target of opportunistic people. No, Bill, people who can’t keep it in their pants become targets.

“But most importantly, I’m a father who cares deeply for my children and who would do anything to avoid hurting them in any way. And so, I have put to rest any controversies to spare my children.”

Sure, you do, Bill.

Another way to spare your children is to spare these women…

If your well-coiffed scribe were to opine, Rupert Murdoch’s sons, James and Lachlan, are in charge of things now. They come from a different generation, they understand the severity of the sexual harassment allegations.

I expect we’ll see a change, sooner than later. And if we do, it couldn’t happen to a better guy who deserves it more.

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40 Responses to Paul Wilson: Bill O’Reilly – Caution, You’re About to Enter the NO SPEND Zone

  1. Veronica Hornsby says:

    Wow, what a fabulous, edgy piece that proverbially tells it like it really is. Great job! Bill Orielly deserves to be held accountable for his predatory ways.

    Now… I don’t usually have negative comments on Paul’s pieces… BUT… This IS great writing…

    “SANS” THE “DUDE” and “SHEESH” edits that erode the naturally spectacular writing voice of Paul Wilson of KS City. What is the point of watering down Paul’s immistakable style with an unnecessary editing job? What is the point of including a sexist picture of one of the professional women who are being supported in this piece? I’m SURE that was the ONLY picture the editor could find of Laurie Dhue to be found… RIIIIGHT.

    I follow Mr. Wilson’s writing, have met him personally and consulted with him in regards to business and professional writing. Please, allow his writing voice to stand on its own.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Two things, Veronica:

      First how do you know what was or wasn’t edited and if you had half a clue, you’d know that EVERY writer is edited.

      If you want to read something unedited from Paul, why don’t you write him direct?

      • admin says:

        And may I suggest, Veronica, that you read my comment at the end of the comments section. I added a second pic of Dhue that while you may call it sexist, was of her wearing what she chose to wear and appearing on Fox News as she chose to appear. My point being that Fox and the news hotties they hand picked were both complicit in playing the sex card to get ratings.
        Which does not mean that any of the women deserved or asked for the kind of treatment they got from O’Reilly and his boss.
        Merely shows that they were all playing with fire – and big surprise – they all got burned.
        Although they pretty much all came out of it with a ton of cash. Fox, O’Reilly and the women who knowingly played along and won the seven figure settlements.
        We’ll see now if this house of cards collapses and how ugly it gets.

  2. Chuck Fan says:

    Hasn’t O’Reilly’s rating gone up since this, “Controversy” started? #FakeNews.

    Maybe you should talk about CNN’s growing problem. More of a smoking gun there.

    CNN Faces Growing Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

    • Michelle Malkin says:

      My sources tell me that American Spectator is about to release transcripts showing the assault on Bill O’Reilly was orchestrated by Evelyn Farkas and Susan Rice, at the direction of Barack Obama.

      Believe me.

  3. Libertarian says:

    I had no idea Bill was such a doosh. (or did I?)

    Nice write as usual, Paul!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Thanks, Lib. For once, Bills the douche, not ME! What a relief.

      • Libertarian says:

        Your spelling denotes a feminine hygiene product.

        My spelling is for name-calling.

        [truth is, I just wanted to make sure you knew my misspelling was intentional]

        And for the record, I’m quite confident you can make it till the end without ever earning the “doosh” tag!

  4. Dodge Ram says:

    This oddball editorial is neither about Kansas City nor is it “confidential”

    This is two day old regurgitated opinion by somebody who doesn’t have any access or unique insight. I know you get this stuff for free Hearne but people would rather read your work than these oddballs and nobodies you keep trotting out who spend all day commenting on their own stories. It’s pathetic and beneath you.

    Paul is part of what killed this site. More people notice Craig’s, Tony’s, Edelman’s or even Sutherland’s writing much more. At least they are people who have done something in KC and have a profile of their own. The only claim to fame of Paul is that he’s an online troll and that’ he’s latched on to you and dragged your blog down with him.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Tony’s? You know how long it’s been since Tony wrote here?
      I’d say you’re Super Dave in disguise because you make as little sense as he does and he can’t go 5 minutes without lusting about Tony!
      I’m so hurt by this I’ll be leaving today for my safe space to recoup. There are two solutions to the problem you described. I can stop writing or you can stop reading.
      It’s likely easier, when you see one of my stories, to simply say to your self, while the other voices in your head aren’t talking, “…there’s another story by that a-hole, gasbag troll I hate so much. I think I’ll pass on reading it today.”
      But NOOOOO, like most comment trolls, you can’t help yourself and consume each and every word in disgust.
      That shows signs of a low self esteem, low self worth and personal self loathing. Stop reading me and that may improve almost instantly.
      And….if you don’t get help at Charter, please, get help somewhere.
      Jesus loves you, have a nice Thursday!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      A side not, Dodge. You mentioned Paul spending all day responding to comments. You really believe that? He has people for things like that. If you need him, he’s currently having coffee with Mayor Sly at The Filling Station in a effort to build street cred since you feel he’s irrelevant.
      Yeah, good luck insulting him, amateur.

  5. Therealworld says:

    Well let’s see…I count 7 out of 13 comments that have the paulwilsonkc tag so?……

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      And your point is? You don’t appreciate someone concerned enough about his readers to personally respond?

      • Therealworld says:

        Well in your previous comment you implied that you don’t spend all day responding to your own comments…and since your first comment was 10:43 Am and it’s now 1:55PM so?….

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          therealworld, I’d like to let you in on a little secret about the boring world of writing stories for our illustrious editor. This is hosted on a platform. When someone makes a comment, I get a text message alerting me a comment was made and who made it.
          As odd as it may seem, I think its a matter of respect to respond. If you cared enough to comment, I’m going to care enough to reply. Even if your comment has nothing to do with the story and is only meant to pick at the author. At least, within some bounds of reason until the commenter or proves themselves certifiable, like a Harley.
          If its some DOOOOSH like Lib, I wait until I know I have absolutely nothing else to do. At that point, if there is nothing else productive, including jabbing a fork in my eye, I’ll respond to him…
          Today, for example, started with coffee. I’ve been at two client locations, a meeting and stopped by the club for a cigar.
          When I get a text that someone has logged a comment, and if I’m on the road, I simply do a speech to text response from where ever I happen to be at the time. Hence, the occasional errant word choice from the speech conversion.
          All that to say, in case you thought otherwise, I’m not sitting in my mom’s basement, salivating, waiting on the next response that I can jump on. I’m actually quiet busy with other activities.
          I hope that makes more sense.

  6. Baby boom says:

    you have nothing better to do… you’re unemployed!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Oh, that hurt. Like I’ve kept that a secret?
      I would wager I do better in UNemployment than some do working, but that’s just a guess.
      Thanks for putting me in my place, Babyboom.

      • Baby boom says:

        Guess I hit a really bad nerve there and got you all worked up.
        But maybe your friend chuck has an opening on his digging
        crew. Or the comedy shop has some busboy openings.
        Look at There’s plenty of openings there for
        what you referred to as “box salesmen”! Put write it up as “corrugatted box sales supervisor”. Looks better at the h.r. departments.
        Good luck in your search.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          You actually hit NO nerve, hence my remark concerning the closure of the company I worked for was not exactly private. I’ve been very open about it.
          Sure, I am not happy about losing my job, but I feel far worse for the hundreds across the country in the company, those in far worse shape than me.
          Single moms, drivers with $100K truck payments…. Harley is who used the term “box salesman” because he was too stupid to know what I did. I was prepared for it. Others were not. I feel bad for them.
          So, not upset at all, Harley…. not at all.
          Good luck to you as well…
          Oh, I’m not exactly in a “job search” but thanks for your concern.

          • Baby boom says:

            Who is Harley? You keep mentioning me as Harley. You wrote several weeks ago about being called a “box salesman” and I picked that up. You also mentioned in your retorts about chuck doing ditch digging. I am not Harley (whoever that is)!

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Harley is a narcissistic, psychopathic azz who was banned from the site. He’s snuck in under an assumed name a time or two, but he can’t hide the syntax or ignorance.
            I think you know that….
            In his attempts to insult me, “box salesman” is the term he used for what I did, even though my W2 was multiples of his.
            “Filthy Ditch digger” is what he wrongfully called Chuck, with regard to Chuck’s profession. Chuck is a friend of mine, so any time I use that term, Chuck knows why.
            Honestly, we’re just all here to have a good time and to get people to talk. This isn’t worth the abuse one takes, other than the fact you do meet some great people. There are a couple here I see socially and consider them friends. Its all just in good fun.

          • Baby boom says:

            Stop smoking cigars. Stop using your wife to uphold this horrible piece of journalism which
            is essentially taken from another article.
            Stop taking credit for plagarism.
            Stop trying to act like you are some big man in
            town when you are really nothing but another mooch on the federal unemployment and food stamp dole.
            Please stop trying to use excuses why at 65 you are out of work. Sorry sir. Things happen. You lost that job because the scientists were not honest as you thought.
            You are a big man in your own mind.
            To the many people who commented on your writing this article you are now a big blow hard
            If you need help in finding a position, try to classifieds of the KC Star. They have plenty of
            job for people with your qualifications. Or you can attend the job fair coming to the casino to hire $10-$15 an hour employees.
            Great way to finish up your career!

  7. chuck says:

    “Andrea Tantaros, sued Fox and O’Reilly and has reportedly turned down a $1 million settlement offer.”

    I think it is the other way around. Tantaros turned down $1,000,000.00.

    There are a couple of reasons why I know this.

    First of all, full disclosure (Girls, gird yourselves for some very, very serious and inappropriate objectivization.).

    Reason number one. — Whenever I see Tantaros on the Telly, I immediately go into “mannequin” mode, complete with a 4 Tour, 1,000 yard stare. If surgery, such as amputations and heart transplants, can, sometime in the future, be accomplished in a laser fast time, then just the picture of Tantaros would distract red blooded males all across the Empire long enough to skip anesthesia.

    I read about O’Reilly’s prick-a-dildos and thought he was probably perving all over the entire Fox News Station. Then, I had to bow my head in shame.

    COME ON!!!

    Any guy who isn’t pining and perving for Andrea Tantaros should immediately turn in his “Man” card, hand in the keys to his mid-life-crisis-Corvette and catch the first bus outta town for the ELLA Festival.

    Not only is she the best looking women to ever grace a Cable News show, she is razor sharp. She will flay ya like a catfish if you don’t have your facts ready when opposing her premise.

    Reason number two – see reason number one.

    Nice article Paul, Bill is in the soup and even though his ratings are keeping him at the top, the blow back on stories that produce “OUTRAGE” have killed off many a star over the last few years.

    Speaking of OUTRAGED. I would like to register my OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not actually that OUTRAGED, but I did use a lot of exclamation points, that should count for something.

    There are 2 to 4 “Outraged” comments on here that relate only peripherally to the actual article.

    Not bad. Clicks count.


    • chuck says:

      I just realized you had that right, my ADD is in full swing today.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Chuck, never doubt my rightedness, my ability to never be wrong. I’m much like Harley in that way…rich, right and relevant.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Chuck, I am OUTRAGED!!! Your first point is correct, it was her who turned it down. When I reread how I had written it, you could take it either way. I apologize, but as others have pointed out above, I’m NOT Tony, Sutherland, Hearne… I’m just a no nothing hack. You’re the only person who will hang out with me, and since you’re only a ditch digger, I get it now.
      And how often have you seen personal attacks go off the chart here that have nothing to DO with the story line….?
      Thanks, my dude…

  8. admin says:

    I had to add a second pic of Dhue, in the interest of demonstrating to Ms. Hornsby that the pics chosen for this story were pretty benign. If I’d wanted to tart it up, trust me there were tons of others – like this last one I just added – that I could have chosen.
    The not so between the lines here is that Fox has a long history of hiring hotties and putting them on air with short skirts and tight tops.
    And the women, like Dhue appeared happy to oblige.
    Which is no excuse for O’Reilly and his former boss to harass them, but two plus two does appear to add up to just about four.

  9. Stomper says:

    Wow, Paul, You seem to be getting a lot of abuse that is unrelated to your topic. Then again, Hearne pays you a lot of money to post so I’m sure that makes it a little more tolerable.

    You don’t need me to defend you but I have always enjoyed your offerings. I’ve said before that I enjoy the civil discourse that this site can offer. I wish Dwight and Mark Edelman would respond to comments more often than they do. I think your comments tend to move the “ball downfield”.

    On top of that, every once in a while you’ll throw in some dessert like you did with your Bowman piece. We both know your editor can be difficult. Keep up the good work. Nice piece.

  10. Kerouac says:

    OK, one last try…

    Kerouac hunch: ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’… don’t know he’s guilty harassment, but, the prevalence of claims suggests FOX culture ‘might’ correlate, which is my take.
    Could one thing lead to another – workplace embrace ‘sleazy’ as twere be construed as having stimulated such? Not an excuse, but can it contribute to ‘harassment’?

    This is more about a culture than any particular man or woman… ‘professionalism’ main stream news media leaves a lot to be desired my opine; same applies all msm outlets, different reasons. Case a predominantly left-leaning (not enough internet paper list all) media = blatant political bias, case FOX unabashed/overt ‘titillation’, i.e., their on-air presentation suggests ‘news’ is secondary ‘views’ the female form.

    An old Bill Cosby (how apropos he works into this story) routine related to an man walking down a dark street “$10 bills hangin out his pocket.” That he should not be fair game (a fair world) an criminal’s advance understood; the fact that he ‘was’ fair game should surprise no one… you’re dealing with a robber, it’s what they do when opportunity presents.

    Ditto a female who dresses in a certain manner (hear me out, ladies): that she doesn’t deserve what too often may occur goes without saying… believing that one factor has no correlation another however, naivete. Whether in the street or there a tv network, they are predators too are opportunists who don’t care about your ‘feelings’; it’s what they do.

    Of note, some women at FOX dress ‘professionally’ moreso ‘conservatively’, so I’m not sure whether it’s a personal choice or the powers that be dictate, least some women. It is ‘convention’ as in ones ‘expectation’: one would not visit Hefner’s ‘Playboy Mansion’ and expect to find Ted Koppel embedded there reporting ‘live from the front lines’ for ABC News. Edward R. Murrow & Walter Cronkite delivering news in muscle shirt, or even shirtless or Barbara Walters & Diane Sawyer attired mini skirt / false eyelashes, same case of ‘what doesn’t belong here’?

    Sexualization was never requisite a 20th century America news Murrow/Cronkite, any more than it was for a Walters, Pauline Frederick or Marlene Sanders, pioneers among females the news business. It’s still not necessary my opine, yet, if FOX News is in fact #1 as claimed, perhaps ‘one thing’ – titillation – ‘does’ correlate another: ‘harassment of a sexual nature’.

    Apparently times do change… decorum too. Today, Elvira in her Mistress of the Night garb bidding us “hello darling, it’s a whole lotta me & a little bit of the news” from her divan would be a rating$ bonanza, as Schwarzenegger flexing his biceps as he heads to break with “I’LL BE BACK after this commercial message.”

    Appears entertainment supplanted news in terms of rating$, journalists replaced by attractive news readers, great extent. A bored society in need stimulation seemingly demands said, decisions made by network suits indication.

  11. Bad Hombre says:

    I think we should all be very proud of the Groper in Chief who quickly came to the defense of Mr. O’Reilly’s actions.

    It’s about damned time we had a president brave enough to stand by his principles no matter how unprincipled they may be.

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