New Jack City: Whole Foods to Exit Metcalf Location

The rumors have been swirling for some time…

Unfortunately, now I have learned that they are true!

WHOLE FOODS MARKET will be closing its popular Overland Park store at 91st and Metcalf at the end of the year.

It’s something the folks at NATURAL GROCERS should be happy about since they attract similar shoppers and are almost next door to each other.

For you and me? Not to worry.

The other WHOLE FOODS MARKET on 119th street in Overland Park will remain a going concern.

Ditto the Olathe outlet.

So what is in the cards for associates of the old location?

A bright new expanded flagship store that will open on the Missouri side of the state line—specifically near the UMKC campus.

And according to several employees we spoke with, they will be given the opportunity to transfer to the new location when it opens for business in early 2018.

My personal take? I liked the old market, but the business probably had outgrown the space. And parking could be a real problem during busy times of the day and on weekends.

So bye, bye to the old and hello to the new—a WHOLE FOODS MARKET  crossing the border.

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5 Responses to New Jack City: Whole Foods to Exit Metcalf Location

  1. Stomper says:

    Jack; sorry to be off topic with this question but I figured you’d know the answer. Over the weekend the KC Film Fest had a preview of the film “Different Flowers”. Shot in KC with a number of other Kansas City connections. Currently looking for distribution, What do you know about the film?

    • jack p. says:

      Didn’t see it but heard about it.
      Sadly many films end up in distribution hell as the producers go into it without having a definite distribution plan UPFRONT!
      So I suppose “DIFFERENT FLOWERS” will go the way of festival screenings and eventually end up with some kind of a DVD and/or VOD deal.

      • Stomper says:

        Thanks. Jordan McNeile /Cinematographer and Morgan Dameron/Screenplay&Director are both from Kansas City. Opening of movie filmed at Country Club Christian Church on Ward Parkway.

  2. Rainbow Man says:

    Metcalf between 87th and 435 has really become a concrete wasteland. North OP is getting pretty hip. But that middle stretch is so dead its great to drive through there.. quick.

  3. jack p. says:

    Sorry, didn’t see it. Heard about it though.
    It’s tough to get mainstream distribution these days. Guess they’re working the various festivals with high hopes of landing a deal.
    And if everything fails they can always stream it on line or go PVOD

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