Glazer: So Many Questions, So Few Answers

Not much national media noise on this year’s Kansas City Royals team…

The big question: Are they even a contender?

Answer: Nobody has a clue.

Las Vegas says no, with fewer than 80 wins. But Vegas has been wrong many times before. The other big question: Is this the last year for players like Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain,  Moose and Alcides Escobar?

If the season doesn’t go well early on there’s a good chance the Royals will unload the team’s top core players like Hosmer in order to get something in return, rather than just watch him leave next season when his contract is over.

Royals GM Dayton Moore picked up some interesting players in the off season.

Sluggers like Brandon Moss. A new starter and trying out some minor league guys. The team will go with Raul Mondesi at second base this season. Pablo Orlando will see more action and the DH slot is up for grabs.

Can this team hit?

Will this team have any power? Is the defense good enough? All those questions will be answered in the coming weeks and months.

The most talked about Royal is left hander Danny Duffey.

Some observers feel he is a candidate for a Cy Young this year.

Again there are lots of ifs.

Hey, we heard all this in 2014 and everything worked out well with a World Series appearance.

Will the Royals rally around the passing of Ace Ventura?

Will the team come together with perhaps the last full season with core stars like Hosmer? All are questions with no answers today.

This team is truly a wait and see. Hey, it’s always that way.

Yes, Cleveland is tops in our division with talent everywhere, but with an injury here and there and some hot Royal bats and arms, you never know.

The hope is perhaps  we get a wild card season.

Moose showed power in the spring with five homers and our bullpen looked sharp as always.

It’s a long season, and the Royals are a least for now.

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15 Responses to Glazer: So Many Questions, So Few Answers

  1. No Thanks says:

    I think we will take the division. Hopefully this group of core players that have grown up together realize this is the last time they will play as a team and that drives them to win the divison. Not to mention they are incentivized by it being a contract year for most of the core.

    I am very optimistic about this season.

  2. Libertarian says:

    We seem to kick-ass when Vegas has us at ‘suck’.

    Lets play ball!

  3. Kerouac says:

    Limited time and internet paper prevents a longer synopsis, so, following must suffice:

    fraudroyals 2017 – same as fraudroyals 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 . . .


  4. CG says:

    Ugly start, no hitting, poor relief pitching….all against maybe baseballs worst team, the Twins, who KC has owned…NOT TODAY 7-1 TWINS…ouch…

    • Kerouac says:

      Ugly start redux… MIN 9 kc 1; fraudroyals are now 0-2 and have been outscored 16-2 by, as you said, the worst team in MLB possibly, if not just the AL, Twins…


  5. DPW says:

    Pablo Orlando really???

  6. CG says:

    Hey its just two games but man, no hitting, relief pitching hammered….yikes…I’m not seeing an offensive leader on the team…if Hosmer isn’t who is? Without that timely hitting from core players, no power, and speed, big issues….lets see if they get going…

  7. CG says:

    0-3 now first time this team, who has stunk other than 14/15, hasn’t been 0-3 for ten years…so yeah its a concern…again no hitting, leadership, etc….they look to be a team who will battle to be .500…not good…even HOME OPENER NOT SOLD OUT

    • Kerouac says:

      Hey – fraudroyals finally won a game (how’d that happen?) 🙂

      The old adage is: you’ll win 1/3 of your games (54) and lose 1/3 of your games (another 54); it’s what you do in the remaining 1/3 (54 games) will determine your fate.

      That said/understood: ‘World Series’ here they come!


      • CG says:

        Hah K, I know you think this team is not so great…I can’t argue that one…just no offense, save Moose and Perez, the team is batting .200…I know it will improve but not a good start and relief pitching isn’t so hot, thus far….

        I think this is an average team with a couple good hitters and pitchers..looks like a .500 ball club…its early.

  8. CG says:

    ROYALS continue to stink, no hitting, boring with no offense and now 2-5, wow that large crowd at Royals stadium for opening day was ASLEEP. Yes they are in trouble, no offense, none, team hitting below .200 so far…they just don’t have the hitters…

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