New Jack City: KC Drive-Ins (‘Passion Pits’) Exceed Expectations

When I mentioned to someone that I/d emceed a “Celebration of Dedication” at a local Drive-In theater last Saturday I got a blank stare.

“Drive-Ins? I remember them,” he mused.

“They were a lot of fun back in the day. My father would pack the station wagon and the whole family went.”

Then when I told him that they were still very much alive and doing well he seemed skeptical.

Well, it’s true!

Kansas City is one of the premier Drive-In movie markets around.

We still have three complexes with a total of seven screens at the I-70, TWIN and BOULEVARD Drive-Ins.

That’s MORE outdoor screens than Wichita, St. Louis and Omaha COMBINED!

And our screens are technically up to date. They’re all equipped with digital projection. And when it comes to the sound you can opt for a Drive-In speaker to hang on your window or choose to receive the movie soundtrack on your in-car radio via FM transmitters. (Not to worry car radios pull very little electricity off your battery.)

And that’s not all!

Our Drive-Ins show all ‘First-Run’ motion pictures. Like this weekend when the outdoor playbills include THE BOSS BABY, KONG: SKULL ISLAND, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, GHOST IN THE SHELL, LOGAN and POWER RANGERS among others.

Whats more, all programs have double-feature presentations.

And just as in past years, kids 11 and under are STILL admitted free.

(So no need to hide them in the trunk.)

All of that said our three Drive-Ins are still a solid entertainment alternative that movie fans have re-discovered in a big way.

Oh, and about the Celebration of Dedication?

That was held at the BOULEVARD Drive-In to honor its long-time owner Wes Neal who begins his 65th season at this classic Driver-In theater.

And if that’s not incredible enough, Wes turns 90 later this year.

Spring is here. Your Drive-Ins are back—showing the hits under the stars.

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2 Responses to New Jack City: KC Drive-Ins (‘Passion Pits’) Exceed Expectations

  1. Nick says:

    Sad there’s only 3 left in the metro area. Can remember when there were 10 to choose from…

    • jack p. says:

      ….and THEN some.
      A lot of them were still doing good business but the land on which they sat on the edge of the cities became too valuable and the Drive-In owners cashed in.
      During my many years at Commonwealth Theatres, Inc. we ran almost 100 ‘ozoners’ (as they were called in the trade.)
      And many stayed open right on through the Christmas holidays
      Electric heaters were provided for those hearty souls.

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