Glazer: Scribe Rolls On With Self, KU

What did I tell you guys?

With another 90 plus point win – 3 in a row during NCAA Tournament – KU looks unstoppable. Who can beat them? Who can compete with their three headed hydra; Frank Mason, Devonte Graham and Josh Jackson.

Looks to me like maybe nobody.

Purdue was suppose to give KU all they could handle and perhaps end their run. Caleb Swanigan was too big and powerful to stop. He was the answer to Mason and Kansas too small defense.


Kansas stopped Caleb and Purdue cold, 98-66.

Yes Purdue looked great for 15 minutes in the first half, then they got waxed.

After leading Kansas for 15 minutes, the Jayhawks took a seven point lead into halftime and then wore out the Boilermakers in the second half and simply destroyed them.

Mason and Graham had 26 points each. Kansas rained threes all night and outran and out defended Purdue as well.

Seems like nobody can stay with Kansas an entire game.

A team once accused of having no bench, KU now has all they need.

Landen Lucas and Dwight Colby battled hard under the basket and Josh Jackson was all over the big guys all game long. In the end it was a mismatch with Kansas winning by better than 30 points.

Purdue wilted, was confused and seemed to quit in the second half.

Kansas will face a tired Oregon Saturday.

KU will be a huge favorite and barring injuries or some odd event, the Ducks have little chance of beating the Jayhawks. Oregon pulled out a last minute one point win over Michigan and they were spent.

Whereas Kansas at game’s end looked like they were ready to play a second game.

Kansas is even better than anyone (uh, besides me, maybe) thought they were or could be. It’s their tournament to lose now.

And as of today, all eyes on Kansas, the favorite to win it all.
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10 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Rolls On With Self, KU

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    I had KU into the Elite 8. I know you’ve been really high on them in the tournament and they have played up to your expectations. Without a doubt, the hottest team in the field. They haven’t just won. They have destroyed their opponents. The last being a Big10 Champion.

    I think Mason III has cemented himself as the leading candidate for the national POTY. It’s close with Ball of UCLA, but his tournament performance has been off the chart. He deserves it. First KU player to win it. If they get to the Final 4, it’s a lock.

    Keep pimpin’ them, CG! So far, so good.

    • CG says:

      Thanks Jim, glad you see that. Thanks…I am not always right, nobody is, ok. However think back to the NFL season, all the crap I took on saying TOM BRADY IS THE BEST EVER and will win the Super Bowl…he is and they did…I said the Royals after a few weeks were just o.k. not a post season team, they weren’t…more than any media guy in KC I said BEST KU TEAM UNDER SELF EVER…I think it is….if he gets number two title, no more argument he is a ‘GREAT COACH’ and best franchise coach in KC area history…

      Hey could they lose a game? Sure, will they? No.

  2. Kerouac says:


    – 5 Championships tammy in 17 years pales comparison 5 Championships in 7 years Starr… ‘the best ever’. Stats? tammy trails many QB’s. Cheating/Lying? He and his role models Pinocchio and Jon ‘Tommy Flanagan’ Lovitz vie for top bragging rights.
    Upshot: as his team, tammy/cheatriots do not compare with Starr/Packers.

    Had the clock not run out on Green Bay their only Championship game loss, a 3 point deficit wherein the Packers were just 10 yards shy the end zone, Green Bay’s record is 6-0 with 3 consecutive Championships won not once – already an all-time NFL record – but 3 consecutive Championships won for a second time too – as in 6 Championships won in just an 8 year period. That the Packers came up short at all due an then second year coach Lombardi, in his first title game, uncharacteristically going for first downs several times earlier in the game deep in opposition territory… even God needed extra time/6 days to build His masterpiece. Upshot: GB Packers 13 Championships are best ever, followed Chicago Bears 9, NY Giants and Cleveland Browns 8 and the Pittsburgh Steelers 6.

    cheatriots? Nowhere to be found top of the rankings, as tammy brady same compared Starr, Unitas, Graham, Baugh, Dawson & Jurgensen the legit era, Montana, Manning, Favre, Elway and a number of others the bogus era since post merger 1970.

    “he is and they did”

    – no he ain’t/no they didn’t… neither too will pu- er, ku, same difference… goin’ down!


    • CG says:

      K so if Kansas wins it all, thats fake too huh? Brady’s 5 super bowl wins fake?

      • Kerouac says:

        OREGON 74
        @ pu 60


        Kerouac nails a other! The Ducks whup those great overhypes deux the pu jaycucks and bill selfish – heh heh heh heh heh!

        Told you so, CG, and all ya alls.


  3. Kerouac says:

    Everything in sports since 1969 is fake, CG…


  4. Kerouac says:

    ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssound of all the air coming out the pu balloon…


    • CG says:

      K you are right. I was wrong. We have no culture of winning in KC…just getting close, other than Royals 2015….that’s over…KU was disgusting…horrid…a no show…I was wrong…

  5. Patrick OMalley says:

    And Oregon’s best player was lost for the season. Injured in pac12 tourney.

    • CG says:

      KU was never in the game..they didn’t come to win or play something was wrong…maybe a late night in their rooms, who knows. Whole team was just ‘SUCK’ only Mason showed up…kinda.

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