Glazer: Scribe Drops ‘I told You So’ on Comments Crowd

A few years back Tom Izzo’s Michigan State beat Bill Self‘s  Jayhawks in the Sweet Sixteen…

Yesterday Self got his revenge.

KU defeated Michigan State 90-70. However the score doesn’t show how close this game was until the final minutes.  Kansas had a comfortable 11 point lead heading towards the end of the first half but Michigan State came back to close it to 5.

It didn’t feel good.

In the second half Kansas led the entire way but in the final minutes KU blew another big lead down to just a one point margin. Yikes.

Then Kansas led by Josh Jackson, Frank Mason, Devonte Graham and surprise defense of bench guy Dwight Colby went on a tear…a 14 point run and destroyed Michigan State in the final minutes ending the hard fought game with a 20 point winning margin.

Josh had 23 points against his former pals – he’s from Michigan, Mason had 20 and Devonte 18. Before he had to leave with 4 fouls, Landon Lucas scored 10 and was outstanding in his defense as well. It was a total team win.

” The game was moving so fast, hell they wouldn’t listen to me, the game was going too fast” said Self after the win.

As we know KU scored over 100 points in their first NCAA Tournament win and now has a big win over Isso and crew. Nice.

I wrote about this team and its fearlessness before the tourney.

I felt this was Self’s best KU team ever.

He has three NBA type starters in Mason, Jackson (who may be the nation’s best) and Graham.

Then people in the comments section said KU”s bench was too soft and weak.

Doesn’t look that way so far, huh?

KU can’t hit free throws – 93 percent against Michigan State.

Landon Lucas is a poor’ defender, they said. He sure isn’t now.

KU has improved everywhere – they needed to – and today they’re likely the best team in the nation.

They may not win it all – it takes some luck – and best team doesn’t always win.

Remember Houston’s three failures to win the Final Four?

With KU playing a tough Purdue team Thursday, it won’t be easy to get to the Elite Eight but they should get there. I like Kansas chances for a Final Four, especially playing at home at Sprint.

Westport and Power and Light are excited for another big weekend with college hoops at Sprint.

I knowWestport wanted Iowa State, but KU didn’t.

Hah, I like KU’s chances to go all the way.

This is an exciting team that can fly, shoot, and wear your ass out.

Michigan State got hammered in the end cause their legs were tired, Kansas was not…so much for that needed bench, huh?

It will be exciting for sure.
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11 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Drops ‘I told You So’ on Comments Crowd

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    CG, the ‘Hawks beat a 16 seed and a 9 seed. They were favored in both. They were SUPPOSED to win those games. From what I recall, most of the comments about KU not being good enough pertained to them winning the National Championship. It wasn’t about them winning the first two games against teams they were clearly better than. Having said that, they are playing their best basketball of the year. Their bench has stepped up and their free-throw percentage is off the charts in the tournament. This wasn’t the case ALL year long and we only have a two game stat chart for what they are doing NOW.

    Hey, as a huge KU fan, I’m thrilled! But, making it to the Sweet 16 was expected. Now they run into the regular season Big 10 Champion and a chance to possibly play the Big 10 Conference tournament champion in Michigan.

    They get through those two games with a win and make it to the Final 4, I’ll listen to your argument about them being Self’s best team. Until then, the 2008 National Champions have braggin’ rights.


  2. The Word says:

    Off topic but congratulations to the SEC. Three teams, Kentucky, Florida and South Carolina made it to the Sweet 16. While another Arkansas was screwed by a few ref calls in the last minutes.

    Not bad for a football conference.

  3. Goose13 says:

    Colby will be the key. If he provides minutes like he did, they will be champions.

  4. miket... says:

    (I know I know better…)… it’s Izzo, Craig. Not Isso.

    but KU has looked like a Final Four team, with some exceptions here and there. as a long-time KU fan and alum, I know they’re only one misstep or sluggish start away from a loss.

    Purdue will be tough and it’s a tough match-up for KU who will need to figure out how to score against them. but then…Self loves Big 10 basketball, it’s Allen Fieldhouse East, and the ‘hawks are on a roll.

    predict a grinding game, lower score and a KU win late.

  5. Kerouac says:

    (ku) “today they’re likely the best team in the nation.”

    – but will you love them, tomorrow – specifically April 1st, a day made for the fools on the hill commence walking down it to their NCAA Waterloo, opine mine…

    “They may not win it all – it takes some luck – and best team doesn’t always win.”

    – agreed (see 1969 swiss, 2014 & ’16 cheatriots, 1985 & ’15 fraudroyals, among other.) Kerouac sees the Lawrence over-hypes ‘not’ doing the same, rather, losing their final game the season.

    Hey, speaking of loo-hoo-ser-hers, alrighty then: 2017 swiss begin their interminable march a 48th consecutive season gridiron woe ~ pre-season begins in just 5 months!


  6. CG says:

    This really isn’t an I told you so story…its that KU looks to be as good as we talked about before the tournament began. Look beating Purdue and perhaps Michigan is a tall order, but at home, with the way they are running I expect them to be a final four team. Yet ‘anything can happen’ right.

  7. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    CG…Bill Self’s best team ever (in your estimation) just took a giant shit and got smacked around by double digits. Season over. Another Elite 8 faceplant for Burrito Bill. What say you?

  8. Kerouac says:

    OREGON 74
    @ pu 60


    That makes 5 defeats in 7 appearances elite 8 bill selfish… a level of ‘great overhype’ same magnitude an schottenheimer and reid pro football; can’t get it done in crunch time.

    Sound the annual battle cry sports teams pro and college KC area: ‘Wait till next year!’


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