New Jack City: Weekend Staycation @ The Movies

Need an escape from the daily Trump tweets and subsequent media bashings?

Here are six cinematic big screen escapes—none of which are Trump related!

* “KONG: SKULL ISLAND” – (Iconic Kong re-imagined)

* “LOGAN” – (The Wolverine’s futuristic swan song)

* “GET OUT” – (Jordan Peele’s creepy, speculative thriller)

* “THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE” – (Those irreverent, funny bricks back in rare form)

* “HIDDEN FIGURES” – (Great story well told without preaching at us)

* “FIFTY SHADES DARKER” – (Hollywood’s perfect aphrodisiac for when those little blue pills fail you in the bedroom)

Now  try and steer clear of cable news this weekend and you can begin anew Monday……
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3 Responses to New Jack City: Weekend Staycation @ The Movies

  1. chuck says:

    Yeah, sure, let’s all go see another “Kill The White Evil People” people movie. “Get Out” makes Django Unchained look like Citizen Kane.

    Another politically correct racial hate movie from Hollywood.

    I still remember when Jamie Foxx went on Saturday Night Live and opened his monologue by saying he was thrilled to have just made a movie where “I get to kill all the white people”. Everyone in the crowd, clapped, screamed and whistled their approval.

    Shove that flick up Hollywood’s fu**ing azz.

  2. Shawnster says:

    I think its funny how the guy who spews so much racial hatred himself waxes on about a movie he perceives as spewing racial hatred.

    • chuck says:

      Facts don’t equal “racial hatred” except in the preconceived notions and identity of apologists for Progressive Thought Speak.

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