Chuck: Is a Civil War Brewing?

We live in a time of war…

The Culture War –  called by many the “Cold Civil War” – is  a shooting war.  It really became a shooting war after President Obama feted Black Lives Matter representatives at the White House and paid homage to them during his eulogy at the funerals of the dead Dallas cops, who’d been killed by a black man inspired  by that very organization.

The complete bifurcation of America into Salvadore Dali‘s  “Soft Construction With Boiled Beans” began with Obama’s despicable commentary over the dead bodies of cops whose blood trail led directly to the steps of the White House.

Those with eyes that see, have viewed the many attacks from progressive thugs against Trump supporters, free speech and the right to assemble again and again.

Here are ONLY the most recent attacks. 230 arrests.

Here in Kansas City, a few days ago, one of our fellow citizens took umbrage with a man who had the temerity to display a Trump  Sticker on his car.  After some inspiring rhetoric, the aforesaid citizen left the idiot Trump supporter  (I gotta call a spade a spade.  Anyone in Kansas City, dumb enough to display a Trump sticker, is either meaner and bigger than Brock Lesner or crazier than Clay Chastain.).

Man With Rifle Livestreams Himself Threatening Stranger Over Trump Sticker | We Are Change


Man With Rifle Livestreams Himself Threatening Stranger Over Trump Sticker …

A selfie-style video of a man threatening to shoot a Donald Trump supporter at a gas station over a bumper stick…

Is it just me, or was that attack deplorable?

At a neighborhood bar in Olathe last week a drunken, brain dead white boy, who thought he was shooting Muslims, killed a couple of H 1b Visa holders from India,  who no doubt took some American jobs at Garmin. But they sure as hell didn’t deserve to be  executed for looking swarthy.

Welcome to Bloody Kansas.

This particular flat-liner white boy, reminded me of something, someone – oh yeah, all the idiots who for the last two years have beaten and intimidated folks who didn’t believe in THEIR politics.

So, here we are.

Or, are we?

Tomorrow we will drive down paved streets, observe traffic signals, go the the grocery store and find food on the shelves.  We’ll put gas in our cars and usher the urchins off to school Monday morning hoping the social C\contract and the center holds.

I know and have seen violence.

People think, think they understand violence from watching TV or engaging in a couple of high school fist fights.  But they don’t know the real sound of breaking bones or how far blood really flies in confrontations. Or the way that a knife ‘pops’ as it goes through that layer of skin into the body. How lives are changed and families ruined in just one, one second of rage that you, or your friends who believe that violence and superior firepower will bring us all together politically after “God Sorts It Out”.

We Americans had better step back from this abyss.

That white boy scared me.  Really. There has been very little blow back from bone heads on the right in the face of the violence from the left.  Who cares?  Throw the score card out.  It is time to compromise and find common ground.

Right here, in Missouri and Kansas, some 160 years ago, the seeds of the greatest loss of American life in the history of this country were sown.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t scare me.  George Soros doesn’t scare me.  Keith Ellison and Louis Farrakhan do not scare me.

What scares me, is, at some point, the groundswell of resentment from and the humiliation visited upon, a middle class that just barely effected a victory in the recent elections, will coalesce into a movement that parrots BLM and is equally interested in violence.

A movement no longer constrained, but in fact, is motivated by hate of the “other” in the same way they are by the “other” now.

The Liberal Media, in my opinion, stokes the fires of hatred, hysteria and hyperbole.  The PEW Report says that 74% of Americans, still get their news from those liberal, traditional sources.

There are those journalists on the right that are just as guilty, but the MSM is driving the message of illegitimacy, violence and a “Take No Prisoners” approach to politics.

I hear thunder.

Let’s find some common ground folks.

At some point, if this keeps up, there will be a Duke of Sarajevo moment, only this time, the lights will go out all over America.

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  1. Kerouac says:

    “The Liberal Media, in my opinion, stokes the fires of hatred, hysteria and hyperbole.”

    – they’re throwing everything but the kitchen sink at President Trump… they did before the election and continue, ramping things up even more after The Donald relegated Clinton’s political career obsolete.

    “The PEW Report says that 74% of Americans, still get their news from those liberal, traditional sources.”

    – post election, am confident the notion media didn’t report much as tried to sway, has become certainty, anyone not formerly convinced. Belief mine: right-thinking folks are tuning them out – hearing but not listening – watching, and seeing right through them.


    • chuck says:

      In a prescient piece, penned by a self proclaimed Democrat Reporter, Ken Silverstein on November 2nd, Mr. Silverstein said this;

      “But you don’t have to be crazy to vote for Trump. The best reason I’ve seen was recently offered by Camille Paglia, who said, “People want change and they’re sick of the establishment…[I]f Trump wins it will be an amazing moment of change because it would destroy the power structure of the Republican party, the power structure of the Democratic party and destroy the power of the media.”

      Silverstein takes the Liberal Media to task in this article.

      Included in the enumeration of ‘journalists’ who colluded with the Democrat Party to take down B. Sanders and elevate Clinton to her Dynastic Inheritance, is Glen Thrush. Thrush as you may remember, worked for Politico and submitted his stories on Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Campaign to John Podesta and the Democrats in advance so those same stories could meet with the approval of the DNC and the Clinton Machine before they were published.

      For these efforts, he was awarded, a new position, at the New York Times in January. Recently, he was portrayed as a pillar of journalistic objectivity and integrity by Bobby Moynihan in an SNL skit skewering the current administration.

      If there were an “Unintended Award For Irony”, in ANY Hollywood Awards Show…

      The article by Silverstein slices open the dead carcass of journalistic objectivity and administers an unnecessary autopsy. We already knew the cause of death.

  2. chuck says:

    The two great revolutions of the 20th Century, were Nazi and Bolshevik bloodbaths.
    Those revolutions replaced ruling elites in Government, Academia, Royalty and those born unto the lace.

    Angelo Codevilla, a deep thinker and a guy way the f&*k outta my pay grade, hears the same thunder I do. He says the Trump presidency will be a failure in the effort to replace the Ruling Elite under whose suzerainty we “Deplorables” now suffer. The job is just too big and the country too far gone.

    “Because it is difficult to imagine a Trump presidency even thinking about something so monumental as replacing an entire ruling elite, much less leading his constituency to accomplishing it, electing Trump is unlikely to result in a forceful turn away from the country’s current direction. Continuing pretty much on the current trajectory under the same class will further fuel revolutionary sentiments in the land all by itself. Inevitable disappointment with Trump is sure to add to them.”

    That druken, brain dead white boy in Olathe, might be that little dark spot on the American Body Politic which just changed shape and color.

    How sick are we?

  3. A new study by the Media Research Center (MRC) found that the evening newscasts on the “Big Three” TV networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, were overwhelmingly hostile to Trump.

    In its study, the MRC found that over the president’s first 30 days in office, the networks dedicated 16 hours of coverage to President Trump, 54 percent of its total news coverage. MRC found up to 674 negative statements aimed at Trump while only a tiny 88 statements were deemed positive.

    “Our measure of media tone excludes soundbites from identified partisans, focusing instead on tallying the evaluative statements made by reporters and the non-partisan talking heads (experts and average citizens) included in their stories,” MRC noted. “In their coverage of Trump’s first month, the networks crowded their stories with quotes from citizens angry about many of his policies, while providing relatively little airtime to Trump supporters.

    The MRC also noted that “anchors and reporters often injected their own anti-Trump editorial tone into the coverage.”

    The study also noted that the president’s call for a temporary moratorium on travel from seven terror-torn nations drew the most negative coverage. Other negative coverage centered on Trump’s border policies, his economic plans, the battle over his cabinet picks, as well as Trump’s “complicated relationship” with Russia.

    “Further highlighting the hostile tone of these newscasts, nearly an hour of coverage (56 minutes) was given over to anti-Trump protests on various topics, with nearly one-fifth (82 out of 442) of the Trump stories or briefs aired during these 30 days including at least some discussion of an anti-Trump protest,” the MRC concluded.

  4. CG says:

    Chuck the white house and the office of prez will never be the same. Trump has a daily tv show about him, his office, the country and he works 20 hour days. Trump flies daily all over the country to speak to groups and media, no other modern president has done all this ever.

    The stock market is on fire, jobless rate lowest in 40 years, all in 40 days of office. You may not like Trump, but he is the president and its in our best interest to work with him and get things done as positive as we can. The media is just using the situation to report news that is often not even real to get eyeballs, hey it works for them.

    • chuck says:

      With the notable exception of his “Russia” policy, I do like Trump (See Pat Buchanan).

      My concerns are for the antipathy, now leading to violence from both sides.

    • Big Bad Bob says:

      Glazer, are you for real? Trump is responsible for the lowest job rate in 40 years and all in 40 days! I always thought you were stupid but today you have certainly confirmed it. Stick to the comedy dunce.

      • Again Mr. Glazer shows us his lack of intelligence.
        Had he done his research he would have realized that the federal year goes to October.
        To even think that the incredible economy growth could be atrributed to Mr. Trump is a statement we would expect from the resident dunce of kcc.
        Sorry sir! Your comments are those of someone out of touch with the reality of the economic situation.
        From the depths of literally the collapse of our entire economic system in 2008/2009 to leading the nation out of the abyss with the saving of the auto industry, adding over 12 million private sector jobs, bringing the number of federal employees to it’s lowest number ever, seeing corporations making their biggest profits ever, a job market where even Mr. Wilson can find a position after being cut off by the scientists and not being paid
        his fair amount , where we were able to disengage from a war that “probably was a never ending nightmare”, to a health care program that added 20 million new insureds to the rolls, to a time when technology and innovation are on the verge of the greatest forward progress in human lives, it’s easy to see how President Obama left office with the highest approval rating of any president in modern times.
        The problem is not simple. The real problem is the old white male fading away Fox news listeners (which averages 68 years old) are afraid. As Mr. Bannon pointed out his favorite book’s
        subtitle is “the end of the white world.” This transition has been going on for decades. Had Mr. Glazer chosen a more “traditional” lifestyle instead of chasing the hookers and strippers he would have instead gotten married and added to the number of white americans. Instead we have become a huge nation of immigrants from all over the world and that’s what trump played to. The uncomfortable feeling that the world is becoming more diverse and there’s nothing that can be done siince that train has left the station.
        So while we watch the complete unraveling of trumps cronies within the next 90 days and once a special prosecutor is given subpoena power we will see the dark underside of trump and his money laundering and devious connection to russian oligarchs under the evil side of money and greed, Mr. Glazer will be shown to be the fool he has always been.
        Stay tuned comrades, the best is yet to come.

        • Old white guy who is NOT a Bigot says:

          Here! Here! Outstanding! The problems is that the neo-cons and the wingnuts on the fringe can’t accept facts. They cling to their “beliefs”. Actually, Obama was never more right when he said “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” Truer words were never spoken. He only forgot to mention their racism. Come on haters bring it!!!

    • Big Bad Bob says:

      Glazer, Please enlighten all of us how Trump lowered the jobless rate to “the lowest in 40 years and all in his first 40 days”. Please, please tell us how he did it. Is it that employers confidence is so high because of Trump that they somehow managed to hire people LAST YEAR? The statistics you are quoting are from the last quarter when Obama was President. I know one thing for sure….when Trump take a hard fall and he will take a hard fall it will be jerks like you who are the first to turn on him like a dog.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    Good to see you in print, my friend. Nicely done.
    I’ll be at Fidel’s in Westport at 11:00 this morning.
    I’ll buy you a cigar if you’re in the neighborhood.

    • chuck says:

      Rain Check buddy. I am out South today.


    • Mr. Wilson:
      Most people work at 11am in the morning. They’re not drinking at
      11 am in the morning.
      I did read you were unemployed from your previous profession. Are you like the other people who live off unemployment checks and food stamps.
      There are other people more needy of this assistance than you. Go to There are hundreds/thousands of job openings for people like
      you. Many people like you use the system to get free aid from the taxpayers.
      Hopefully President Trump will throw those who are fully able to work but use the system to get a free ride off the rolls. Please find a job.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Interesting, your name, which I take to mean you’re a lover, not a hater?
        In a loving way, let me inform you of some things.
        I am, indeed, unemployed. Glad you noticed that.
        My company closed, that wasn’t in my control.
        They owed me a little money, from past bonus and commissions that weren’t yet paid. Luckily, before they go completely off the rails, I managed to collect it. That last payment alone gave me a few months income escrow.
        I’m pretty sure my last W2 was multiples of yours. KCC’s illustrious editor can attest to that. Chuck, the author of this story, can defend that as well.
        Fidel’s is a cigar club, not a bar. So I won’t be drinking at 11:00. In fact, I won’t be drinking at any time.
        So, needless to say, I’m not on food stamps or govt assistance.
        We left town last weekend just to get away. We’re leaving town this weekend, just to get away. I’ll be doing that on my own dime as well.
        For a lover, you sure seem to be a hater to have come at ME as you did, while abscent anything that looks like, you know, facts and stuff.
        I hope you have an outstanding Friday. And if you’re around Westport at 11:00, come to Fidel’s and I’ll buy you a cigar. Any time you see a black Mercedes parked out front, with a personalized plate that references a beach, I’m in there! Don’t be afraid to come introduce your judgmental self to me!
        I’ll treat you like you never made that stupid, baseless comment, even as stupid and baseless as it was! Cause I AM a lover, NOT a hater!

        • Filo says:

          Geez, a little sensitive are we?

          • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

            That was a beautiful, slow burn, PW. I love it. Apparently, I have to hurl insults in order to get MY invitation to enjoy a stogie with you. Geeeze.

            So noted.

            Enjoy your get-a-way, buddy!

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Jim, AKA No Insult Needed – be there after 11:00. I’ll buy. That would be great!

          • CG says:

            Well after all the mean things she said, I don’t blame Paul for his response.

        • Libertarian says:

          Thats the most professional ass-whooping I’ve ever witnessed, Wilson.

          Well done.

          By the way, I appreciate your invite a while back, but the demands life puts on me have been relentless for almost 2 years, and escape will be impossible till summer.

      • Kerouac says:

        Nice touch, the (somewhat) separated paragraphs and too those little dots (periods) at the end each sentence. ‘h’arley recognized you sans the usual run-on and copious misspellings.

        Step two: throw in a comma (,) every now and again, a question mark too when apropos (“Are you like the other people who live off unemployment checks and food stamps.”)

        Much better sentence structure than usual on your part, but still needs a bit more work. Kudos nod your progress – you’re headed in the ‘right’ direction.

        (PS) You owe Kerouac $10k for his correct prediction of Trump winning the Presidency. The Donald did. Kerouac too. Ditto we the people. Not hildabeast. Nor bye bye obuma and biden. Sigh.


  6. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Good read. Trump’s election has reduced the MSM into a steaming pile of dung. CNN isn’t even PRETENDING to be unbiased anymore.

  7. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Who are we fooling here? Washington will ALWAYS be Washington. Trump and his own brigade of elites will have no lasting impact on the cesspool culture that permeates the nation’s capital. The optics appear to be different, but the reality of the politics is exactly the same. Every single issue that the right railed against when the Dems were in power is now being championed by that same group of people because “their” candidate is doing it. Imagine the absolute outrage Repubs would have had if Obama had said, “Nah, you ain’t seeing my tax returns. Go suck it!” Now that Trump is doing it, they are not only saying it’s no big deal but actually trying to enact legislation to make it a law that he never has to. I mean, come on.

    This is “change?”
    This is the destruction of the political system?

    I am not rooting for the pilot of my airplane to fail. That’s just idiocy. But, I’m not fooling myself into thinking that anything changed either.

    Rich white guy gets elected President and surrounds himself with more rich white guys. Hmmmm, I think I’ve seen this formula before. Now where was that?

    Civil War? Oh, please. Americans are too fat, lazy and unplugged from the whole thing they wouldn’t get off the couch unless it was for the latest i-phone. All I have to do is look at the fact that only 1/2 of registered voters even bothered to cast a vote in what might be considered the most contentious presidential election of all time.

    What does all that mean? It means that 24% of the people voted for Trump. 25% of the people voted for Clinton. The other 51% of the people said, “Meh, I don’t really give a crap one way or the other.”

    Wake me when something really epic and groundbreaking occurs in Washington. until then, I’ll be working, paying taxes and enjoying a nice vodka/tonic with friends.

    Life goes on…………as it ALWAYS has.


  8. The only war will be when the perp walk is on tv for all of trumps cohorts, his son, and eventually own downfall.
    I can see the people (mostly uneducated individuals) who have no college education
    getting upset and trying to overthrow the government.
    Truth is Trump lied to us. So did flynn and sessions and pence.
    Even his supporters are getting upset because of the promises made and those he
    will fail to fulfill.
    I remember a writer on here who had “chuck” nailed down as he put it “a ditch digger”.
    Trump (who I voted for) has dug himself a huge ditch/hole he may never get out
    of. Did you dig it?
    Good luck to all the old white male seniors.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Fuk off, Harley. You lost. You’re a loser.
      You got it wrong.
      You’re always wrong.

      • LanceTheIntern says:

        As I stated earlier — Most commenters here could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and crap a better comment than Harley ever made.

        I’m getting the same Harley vibe from “Lovernothater”.

  9. Shawnster says:

    Everybody knows that “Lovernothater” is really harley. You can change the name but not the syntax. Nice try harley. I agree with Jim 100%. There isn’t going to be any” civil war”. He’s right most American are too lazy to get off the couch..let alone fight. We all can cherry the pick the news for headlines that support our cause like Chuck does, but that doesn’t make it any more true. It’s complete B.S. to attribute the violence to Obama and the BLM movement. I guess Chuck never lived, or chooses to conveniently forget the Regan era when crack cocaine was introduced to the streets of Los Angeles and the bloodbath it ushered in the streets, or when the cocaine cowboys shot Miami to pieces. Alas those victims were mostly black & or Latino and don’t fit Chuck’s myopic world view of the conservative white victim.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      If it IS HIM, after him being so WrrrrrrrrrrONG about Hilary, he should never have the nerve to show his face.
      And when I wrote “Why Hilary Can’t Win” MONTHS prior to the election AND called all 50 states, to which a couple here can attest to, including Stomper….well, he’s the LOSER we all knew him to be!

    • chuck says:

      In my “myopic” view, it is blacks and Latinos doing the lion’s share of the wet work when it comes to those black and Latino “victims”.

      When 90% of the Main Stream Media is Progressive, “Cherry Picking” for objective truth is a tough row to hoe. The facts are facts. The only Fascists in the streets resorting to violence, with few exceptions, are Progressive sponsored mobs who employ violence. There are hundreds of videos, the most salient of those, is the hours long footage of Trump supporters in San Antonio being beaten, egged, assaulted and intimidated while the police stood down on the orders of the Police Chief, who, blamed the violence on Trump.

      Look, I said, throw away the score card and find common ground.

      Last night, I heard a talking head, commenting on Trump’s speech before Congress. He said, and it makes sense to me, that “Liberals just won’t take yes for an answer.”

      There is violence in the streets and as it warms up, I think the potential for serious, nation wide conflict is possible.


  10. Shawnster says:

    All I know is that since Trump was elected President, and appointed a Neo-Nazi to serve as his personal adviser, there has been a dramatic increase in anti-semetic crimes across the country. He ran a campaign that was embraced by the alt-right and endorsed by David Duke himself. It’s no wonder that when he won, those same backers would feel emboldened and begin knocking over graves in Jewish cemeteries across the country and calling in bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers. Is anyone really surprised by the hate crime in Olathe? I wasn’t. Sadly this won’t be the last one either. The right has become the party of hate in this country and the President is it’s poster child.

    • chuck says:

      Hey Shawn, thought you would be relieved to know, that, as usual, the Hoaxer arrested for bomb threats is a black, former journalist who is Ant-Trump.


      “A disgraced former reporter was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Friday for several bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers, Jewish schools and Jewish museums around the country.

      Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested in St. Louis by the FBI for making at least eight bomb threats and the cyberstalking of an ex-girlfriend. Thompson was a former reporter for The Intercept, and was fired after it was discovered that he made up sources and stories…”

      You can’t make this up. Again, a BLACK, JOURNALIST, who is ANTI-TRUMP is arrested for the crimes.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      So what’s your excuse for the shooting at the Jewish Community Center while Obama was in office? His spineless position on our relationship with Israel? Seriously, piss off with that crap.

    • Shawn, don’t worry, this story, because it doesn’t fit the Liberal Narrative, will go straight down the Rabbit Hole and no one will hear about it.

      Keep thinking that Trump, whose daughter married a Jewish Guy and has Jewish Grandchildren is out to stuff pizza ovens full of Jews.

      Don’t forget how scary the Russians are either.

      • Shawnster says:

        Trump’s daughter may have married a Jew and he may have Jewish grand children..that means nothing. Explain why Steve Bannon is his personal adviser?

  11. chuck says:

    Welcome back Harley.

    When old friends get together, after a long separation, it is always nice to reminisce and enjoy the ‘old days’, before the ‘new days’ begin. So, here, for us all to enjoy, are a few of Harley’s quotes on politics and the recent election, where he promised to pay so many of us, that 10K (I like to think of it, as kcconfidential’s equivalent of the Holy Grail) if Trump won the election.

    Here goes-

    ” the answers to our problems are real simple…but the pols and their
    masters won’t let the answers be initiated…hence we have these
    but the economy seems to be picking up steam. had the rethugs let
    the jobs bills go thru we would have had a booming economy…but
    they said from day one that Obama would get nothing even if it
    was positive for the econmu.
    17 million amereicans with insurance….ACA changes and improvedments
    were being suggested and presented by dems but repubs said no.
    Kasich was the best of these rethugs……7 years and they’ve present not one
    rational plan on the high cost of insurance……..out they go folks. They’ll
    really feel the “bern” when the milliiions Bernie brought into the system
    come out and vote democratic in November…
    bye bye southy and your gang of fools….you’ll deny trump the nomination
    then he’ll help you implode your party.
    rip rethugs!”


    Hillary is a solid winner in Colorado (thought to be
    a battleground state) and is moving ad dollars to
    other states.
    She will carry that state by 7 points which is huge.
    No I’m not nick…hahahaha….he writes pretty good and as you know if hearne knew it was me he would either
    censure or hold franks comments.
    I’m just sitting back and watch the old guys on kcc
    fight it out.
    Didn’t read your article…too much old stuff. Things that happened before the world changed.
    So Harley will make his few comments (time is important…I have bigger blogs with 10x the audience
    of kcc (all 10 of the readers) so I understand politics
    and understand that you/glaze/chuck/kerowacky will
    be voting for the loser in this campaign.
    After the incredible DNC convention and the speeches
    that were praised by many many republicans from the bush teams especially the speech by Mr. Kahn I will
    just plan on working on the dem campaign to get
    Hillary into the white house.
    Also,I’m starting to see mr. dump breaking down.
    He’s got 100 days of unscripted speeches to dig himself into a bigger ditch. And that should be enough to give
    Hillary her win.
    Read my preconventions predictions…all occurred.
    And donalds preoccupation with our adversary, although thank god theres no hot war, mr. putin could
    be the one who wins it for Hillary.
    Just sitting back…enjoying the fun election but knowing that again Hillary wins.
    As far as polling, Hillary is going to beat dump in the
    Midwest (mich/Wisconsin/ohio/penn/etc).
    And southy, as a campaign guy was that not a brilliant strategy by the dems at the convention how they unraveled trump in 4 days. Brilliant way to make his
    convention look sloppy and dark.
    nOW I WOULD PAY TO EVEN SEE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Add insult to injury…pence said cigarettes don’t
    cause cancer. Find me a doctor who agrees with that statement…Please!
    Looking good.
    Oh..Hillary pulled campaign money out of Colorado.
    They feel they have that state won and are moving’
    700K to other state.
    Notice Hillary is only 4 points down in Georgia…a state Romney won by 50 points in 2016.
    Portends really bad things for repubs.
    I’ll be checking in but it’s stupid to waste time on
    a bunch of hair pieced old men.
    I have better things to do old men”

    Harley, you really nailed it man! Dead on the money! Keen insights! Your predictions were uncannily spot on. What was that email address again where we can all get up to speed? I think you should charge for it at this point, but, if there is still time, I want in bad!!!

    There are literally hundreds more and I think we can all enjoy these oldies as time goes by.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      You LEFT OUT….there won’t be another Republucan president for the rest of you old white guys lives!!
      This proves his pathology; NO ONE NORMAL could show their face again after showing himself for the azz he is!
      He was WRONG. Big WRONG.
      And who was RIGHT?

      • Big Bad Bob says:

        You guys are pretty funny. When anyone disagrees with one of your points you insist that it must be Harley therefore minimizing the number of people who disagree with you. I’ll bet all of you turn tail and run when trump gets what’s coming to him. There is no way the misogynistic narcissist make it through 4 years. My thoughts regarding Trump doesn’t mean I like Hillary Clinton either.

        • Seriously, thanks Big Bad Bob for the disclaimer.

          I hate her too.

          • By the way, the commentary by the now revealed, thanks to that one tape, of Trump bullsh88ting about “pussy” is way, way, way worse than me, actually getting hummers from 21 year old female subordinates in the Oval Office.

            I won’t get any messages for a while, I am off on another “ditch the Secret Service” flight with my buddy Jeffrey Epstein to go pork some under age 3rd world chicks who will be grateful for the Tiger Woods type adoration I provide just after I blow my load onto their faces.

            It’s good to be King of the Elites with no worries of any investigations of my activities by the guardians of the throne.

            Gotta go now.

            My zipper is stuck and I need two hands, this 12 year old is tied up.

          • Donald Trump says:

            Can I grab my daughter by the p#ssy or should I just go ahead and screw her?

          • My daughter is too ugly and stupid to actually f&&uk.

            Now your daughter, on the other hand, is way hot.

            Lets make a DNC training movie in anticipation of the 2020 DNC convention.

            By then, just looking over the top of the stall in a Girl’s bathroom, where our grandchildren are squatting with their panties down will be, so, passe.

            Lets start to advocate, for those NAMBLA pederasts, who create the Harley-Like Catamites that inform, educate and are the tip of the spear in the ‘resistance’.

            Let us all tip our cups, to the New Years Eve Celebration in Cologne Germany last year.

            To my Arkansas mind, it is, a heaven on earth anticipation of an open borders world, where we all leave our doors unlocked, tear down walls and embrace the Bronze Age life once again.

            Again, I can’t respond, I am porking underage carri beanner (Me and Jeff think that is so funny. – carri beanner) chicks and living my life!!!

          • Big Bad Bob says:

            Get some help and get back on the Thorazine before its too late! Or just commit suicide….either one. But please no matter what don’t procreate. Gene pools already f@cked up enough.

          • OMG!!! Big Bad Bob said “Gene Pool”!!

            That makes me so horny!!!!!

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          BBB, when I was writing here with regularity, more people disagreed with me than not. Some of the most strident were people like Libertarian, Chuck at times, several regulars. Chuck I’ve met with, personally, more than once and consider him a friend. Lib, others, I’ve offered to by a cigar and hang out with. Stomper RARELY agrees with me. He and I have met for lunch more than once.
          I love when people disagree. If you agree with me all the time, you need your head examined.
          But there’s only ONE Harley. He threatens federal law suits, he’s attacked my vocation, caused issues with clients, photographed what he thought was my house threatening to publish it, and those are the less serious charges. He’s had his IP blocked by this site because he’s certifiably crazy.
          He reappears under new names but is too stupid to hide.
          So, no, we don’t call people “Harley” like calling someone “racist” or “Nazi” hoping that runs them off! We reserve that kind of feelings for him and him alone!

  12. Big Bad Bob says:

    forgive the misspell on misogynistic

  13. Orphan of the Road says:

    I find the term liberal media rather humorous. Since the five corporations which run 90%+ of the media are all conservative corporations.

    That they dish out political ideology should not be a surprise nor shock to citizens as that is how and why newspapers were established. And the electronic media was built on rip-and-read news.

    The Christian Science Monitor is one of the few newspapers which does a good job of reporting the news. And keeping news and opinion from becoming co-mingled.

    People don’t read anything which doesn’t conform to their opinions. Much as God always thinks the same as they do.

    I don’t care for Trump but don’t feel any worse with him than I would with Hillary.

    Trump and Sanders are not party standard bearers. For the Left, Trump is the only thing standing which can derail the RNC’s wettest dreams.

  14. Yeah, Big Bad Bob, you are right!

    Obama united us and sought ways to bring us together.

    I remember his eulogy at the funeral of the dead cops in Dallas.

    “President Obama spoke during the memorial service for the five police officers who were slain last week during a protest.

    As is his nature, Obama’s remarks quickly turned political. At one point he said: “None of us is entirely innocent” when it comes to prejudice, and “that includes our police departments.”

    He said this while standing in front of police officers — at a memorial for slain police officers.

    Obama also talked about slavery and racial discrimination, before starting in on gun control. The president claimed it was “easier for a teenager to get his hands on a Glock than a computer … or even a book!”

    Setting aside the obvious falseness of that statement, is the memorial service for murdered police officers really the place to be discussing politics? Imagine being the family of one of those slain officers, and hearing the president of the United States indicate there’s racism in police departments and talking about gun control.”

    What a great guy.

  15. Big Bad Bob, I would like to interview you if at all possible.

  16. chuck says:

    Ok, I waited to see, if anyone would notice.

    I noticed.

    On March 3rd, that whack job, live streamed his threats to the Trump supporter with a Trump sticker on his car.

    It made the National News.

    Now, days later, not one peep from the KCPD.

    The filthy low life puke, is still driving around town with his AR 15 in his trunk, ready to pull it out and administer some “Street Justice” to anyone who does not fall in line with the “Hate Trump” – “Hate Whitey” trope.

    No arrest, zilch, nada, NOTHING!

    Maybe Kansas City is becoming a “Sanctuary City” for Thugs too.

  17. CG says:


      • Richard Cranium says:

        What a piece of garbage. “LIKE MY OLD DAYS BROTHER”. I actually enjoyed this piece though disagreed with many of the talking points. Putting it here may finally allow some people to express thoughts without the self absorbed coke fiend blathering on about how good he is, how many people he knows, and how successful he is. Removal of all self-awareness really reeks havoc on the soul, and it will catch up with you multi-failed entrepreneur

    • Big Bad Bob says:

      You mean old days when the hookers and strippers didn’t mind the hummers so much because you were younger and not as stinky?

      • CG says:

        Hmmm they still love me and I look the same, never was stinky some of them were…maybe YOU ARE!

        • Big Bad Bob says:

          Maybe your right that they still love you. Whores are known to love money and getting paid And yes my friend you do stink and my sources are the waitresses at Dennys at 105th and Metcalf. Please don’t tell us how much free ass you have gotten over the years…everyone’s heard it all before and everyone knows you pay. One last thing dunce, you are on acid if you think you look the same. L M A O

  18. Laura B. says:

    Articles on the culture wars seem to bring out the typing skill of the entire fraternity here.

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