Glazer: Chiefs Front Runners in Tony Romo Sweepstakes

We’ll soon learn where Dallas quarterback Tony Romo will land…

Because it now appears Romo will be released by the Cowboys and not traded. The three teams believed to be in the hunt: Houston, Denver and Kansas City.

Dallas doesn’t want to pay Romo his $20 million this coming season and needs the cap space to sign other players. That’s why a release vs. a trade is likely.

And if Romo’s released signing him will be far cheaper and easier than a trade.

The Chiefs could be Romo’s top choice…why?

Kansas City is now considered one of the top three teams to go to the Super Bowl this coming season. New England clearly will be the favorite followed by the Steelers, if Big Ben doesn’t retire. Then KC.

Romo will evaluate the top teams and likely come up with the thought that KC gives him the best chance to go all the way this coming season.


On top of which, Romo will want to start no matter where he goes.

KC will likely want to have Alex Smith and Romo. It’s not likely they’ll negotiate who starts – it’ll be best man up. It makes a ton of sense to have both on your squad. If Smith starts, gets hurt, you have Tony.

There is the possibility of Romo getting the starting nod, depending on preseason, health and other issues. Boy, would Romo like to throw to Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce – even Maclin.

The Chiefs will have to dump a couple players to make cap room for Tony and others. Likely that will include Jamaal Charles, Derrick Johnson and Dontari Poe.

The Chiefs will look to resign Eric Berry or franchise tag him.

If Romo can stay healthy, you have to like the Chiefs taking him.

Denver is likely choice No. 2, but even their once great defense is in question.

Houston is close to Dallas – so it’s closer to home – but there are lots of issues there. Tony makes them a better playoff team, but can they get to a Super Bowl in a season or two? It’s likely Romo will want a three year deal.

The bottom line: is it Romo time in Kansas City? I just don’t see why not.
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19 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Front Runners in Tony Romo Sweepstakes

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Please tell me this is a spoof piece, CG!

  2. Shawnster says:

    At first I thought there was no way they would go after Romo, but I am starting to get the feeling the Chiefs are serious about acquiring him. It fits the Chiefs standard operating procedure-they would rather have another team’s veteran then draft their own. I think they have finally come to terms with Alex’s ceiling and are looking to change things up while this limited window is open. Nick Foles will be cut for cap space, so there is a spot open. The smart play in my opinion is to go after Deshaun Watson in the draft, but the Chiefs are incredibly gun-shy about drafting a QB. Romo is the best available option for a QB that can have an immediate impact this season.

  3. The Word says:

    Jerry Jones will likely hustle and con the Chiefs out of a 1 and a 2 this year. That’s also the Chiefs M.O.

  4. CG says:

    Look folks the last big excitement for KC was the surprise signing of Joe Montana! Joe brought limelight to KC for the first time EVER, we mattered. With Joe came Marcus and more…he was the draw..and he took us to our first AFC title game in decades…why not Tony Romo, a little Hollywood, a little limelight, a chance to be on the big stage again, why not! He might, just might be great! I assure you if healthy better than Nick Foles. Oh and you still have Alex Smith. So whats there to lose? Lots to gain.

  5. Kerouac says:

    “The bottom line: is it Romo time in Kansas City? I just don’t see why not.”

    – CG, don’t know if that was your closing line or HC added it. If it was ‘yours’, then you have already answered your own question re: “why not”:

    ‘If Romo can stay healthy, you have to like the Chiefs taking him.’

    Aye, there’s the rub… he can’t. Not in DALL behind pro football’s best line, not in KC behind the swiss chiefs sieve, nor anywhere else NFL. Believing that KC gives him an chance – moreso the best chance – tantamount ‘Lloyd Christmas’ in ‘Dumb & Dumber’ saying “so you’re saying there’s a chance.”

    Yeah, there’s a chance: a chance Romo taps cleats together thrice & likewise repeats ‘there’s no place like KC’ and only ends up on IR, in lieu in the ICU or the graveyard.
    Will be able add his name to those other immortal glass-consistency types the swiss chiefs lore: Sanders Commings, Brodie Croyle, Sylvester Morris, Percy Snow, Brian Jozwiak and others who lacked the best ability of all… availability.

    If the question is ‘would’ the swiss trade for him or sign him as a free agent? 47 years and counting wandering in the football wilderness makes anything possible. History however, suggests it is unlikely.

    Only once have the swiss rolled the dice in a big way: acquiring both Joe Montana and Marcus Allen. They came, they tried, they failed. Even were an younger/healthy Romo available, you would at best be getting a Trent Green-caliber talent in lieu a Champion. Green’s a nice guy… Tony probably is too; like the swiss, nice players/teams finish last.

    Whether drafting a QB in round #1 (have not in 34 years), participating an Superbowl (not in 47 years) or changing uniforms their still nigh on ‘original’ look from 1963 (54 years), here in Kansas City we most often spell taking chances N-O C-A-N D-O.

    Upshot: it ain’t gonna happen, Kerouac’s guess. Even were it to, never too soon to roll out tomorrow’s swiss chiefs news today:

    ‘Wait till next year!’

    Part 2018

    Verse 49


  6. Kerouac says:


    Tony Romo in his usual repose… he has missed 48 of 154 games since he became the starter in DAL 11 years ago, more than 4 games per season on average; he has played in just 5 games the last two years/32 Cowboys games.

    Think Joe Montana (without the success to go with it): Montana missed 7 games in his 2 brief years in KC and also missed most of the second half vs BUF AFC Championship Game… as Romo, Montana too was 37 years of age in 1993. The Cowboy QB started all 16 games just 4 of his 9 full seasons in DAL entering 2016; his ‘Breaking Bad’ Medical Dossier of injuries suffered since just 2008 when a now 37 year old (2017) was but 28:

    * A broken right pinkie finger, missed 3 games, came back and then [ drumroll ] . . .
    * Suffered rib injury (then collapsed in shower aft the game – rimshot/cymbal crash!
    * He suffered his FIRST broken left collarbone (and then missed 10 more games). . .
    * Ruptured a disk (pick a disc, any disc: are 23 total to choose from the human spine)
    * Not one but TWO transverse process fractures (hi old friend; misses another game)
    * Groundhog day: suffers SECOND broken left collarbone (aft injury & more missed games, comes back and gets injured again… misses 12 games total that 2015 season)
    * Injured again in pre-season 2016, this time a compression fracture the L1 vertebra (he did not start a single game for DALL last year)

    To be continued? . . . a quote from the 1988 movie ‘License To Drive’ comes to mind (be it a car or a QB for an NFL team, analogy seems apropos each case):

    “A $23,000 BMW for a kid who hasn’t had a job in his life… I think it’s a great idea!”

    ‘A QB hasn’t been able stay upright a full season since 2012? I think it’s a great idea!’

    Pass, swiss (and we don’t mean via Tony’s arm/musculoskeletal system system)



    See, this is what happens when you don’t brush your teeth, kids


    • CG says:

      There is no question Romo is a gamble K. However it may be worth the shot. If KC can land him from a release of Cowboys. There is the other side of Romo, a quarterback who when on it can go downfield as well as anyone and can engineer big drives at any time in a big game. Yes he gets hurt, we know, but what if he stays healthy? Its a risk no doubt, but it always is to some extent. He might be worth a shot.

      • Kerouac says:

        Say Romo comes to KC, and Smith stays. Smith prevails during open competition and then (per the usual) mediocre’s it up and gets replaced by Romo who plays for a part of one game, before (right on cue) crumbling yet another heap.

        Following the script (two bad actors/no waiting), Capt’n Brittle exits stage left as rescuing hero Capt’n Checkdown enters stage wrong. Then, Romo rights himself/recovers yet another injury, and… then what?

        The two QB system.

        Outside injury (Dawson/Livingston ’69 and Griese/Morrall ’72), or aberration Norm Van Brocklin/Bob Waterfield 1950’s NFL or Chris Leak/Tim Tebow Florida ended a National Championship decade ago, many more Tyler Russell’s & Chris Relf’s. ‘Member them? ‘No’, would be the point.

        From Jurgensen & Kilmer 1970’s to Grbac & Gannon 1990’s and Smith & Romo potentially century 21; the story ends badly. Nod Rocky’s reply Bullwinkle, ‘that trick never works’, or if so only as often as the Cubs win an World Series, every 100+ years.

        You pays your money, you takes your choice: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Alas, every Norman Vincent Peale and George Bernard Shaw (“You see things & you say, “why?” But I dream things that never were & say “why not?”), the football Apostle Doubting Thomas and plethora others side midnight stroke of clock, three crow caws and swiss dream season/best laid plans as every theirs interrupted, yet again, as always.

        You’re a betting man, CG: what are the odds success in KC with two QB’s, a single football? (Romo healthy that is.) No need to answer, just ponder said.

        Why would Romo come here to sit on our bench behind Smith (“he’s our starter in 2017” according to Hunt, Dorsey and Reid) instead o staying planted on the superior Cowboys pine, same?

        Unless you/Romo believe competition ‘would’ be open’, which case swiss management’s playing fast & loose with their public pronouncements re: ‘Smith’s our guy’. One more bad ending… flashback the swiss ‘selling out’ as Marty Schottenheimer et al did late 90’s when brought in Simmons, McGlockton & Rison among others, to no avail… shot their wad for naught, all they wanted was one silly Championship.

        The comedy 🙂

        and tragedy 🙁

        swiss football

        • Orphan of the Road says:

          K, what’s your over/under for Charger’s sellouts for the upcoming season?

          The erection which seems to be brought on by the thought of Tony Romo coming to the Paris of the Plains reminds us of all the “mistakes” the Chiefs have made in not drafting QBs.

          Nary a one coveted by CG is currently starting and only one or two are hanging on by a thread.

          There aren’t 32 QBs in the universe much less the NFL.

          I’d wager the Chiefs are more apt to sign Jeff Garcia than Romo.

          • Kerouac says:


            – yes, what is it now?

            ” what’s your over/under for Charger’s sellouts for the upcoming season?”

            – smallest stadium in the NFL. On the plus side, the best uniforms. Weighing merits & demerits, game 1 a sellout – by game 16, fans come to see why Will Rogers chose never meet Spanos.

            Speaking of the over & under, this probably addresses the question yours best:


            “The erection which seems to be brought on by the thought of Tony Romo coming to the Paris of the Plains reminds us of all the “mistakes” the Chiefs have made in not drafting QBs.”

            – yes… this manifestation you describe wood go limp aft Romo’s next prostrate horizon came to a head gridiron, to chagrin fandom’s voyeurism.

            “Nary a one coveted by CG is currently starting and only one or two are hanging on by a thread.”

            – such the desperation being ‘laughingstock’ the NFL, Chiefs along along Lions, Browns and Jets having replaced Cubs America’s whipping boys.

            “There aren’t 32 QBs in the universe much less the NFL. I’d wager the Chiefs are more apt to sign Jeff Garcia than Romo.”

            – the whine fandom has been ‘we need a QB with a big arm’ in KC, having never had one here.

            Thus, count Jay Cutler and Whitlock’s erstwhile throb, Jeff George, among those having as much chance land hands under center’s derriere, KC.

            Kerouac goes to embrace ablution/penance now… over, under and done.


  7. Rainbow Man says:

    Romo and Montana are from different planets.

  8. chuck says:

    I quit following the NFL. It is full of rapists like Jamous, or Jamious, or, Jammyvon Winston. (sp?)

    But, I do know this, Carrie Underwood has 85 million in the bank right now and will earn hundreds of millions more for the foreseeable future. It is worth noting, that she is pretty hot.

    Romo dumped her.

  9. Harry Balczak says:

    ANOTHER castoff QB? Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. C’mon man!

    • CG says:

      Not quite true, Joe Montana, Steve Deberg, Rich Ganon all very good, we blew it with Rich…so it can be done.

  10. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    John Dorsey pretty much doused the flames of Romo talk yesterday. Says he has his qb.

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