Glazer: Fake News as a Way of Life

This just in… fake news is the new drug of the day…

With Twitter going nuts over things like “The world is flat” (a comment by NBA star Kyrie Irving) and the daily headlines about Donald Trump and Russia being business partners, fixing the election and taking over the world – any big story today is fit to print.

Uh, true or not.

We listen and believe what we want to believe. And yes, the world’s changed and it’s all Donald Trumps fault, right?

The Trump presidency has shaken the world.

It’s changed politics perhaps forever.

The American Presidency has become a daily reality show filled with both fake and real news – you pick.

Will things ever get back to normal?

Now famous celebrities are all talking running for high office – even Kid Rock.

What’s next?

We can’t even keep up with the daily sports stories that are over the top and often based on nothing more than a comment from a star who’s either joking, misquoted or taken out of context. It’s endless.

In Kansas City we are going through one of the mildest winters of all-time.

It’s late February but I had my air conditioner on this weekend because it was in the 70’s.


Yet our TV weather wonks called for weekend snows and ice storms throughout December and January, yet nearly nothing happened. Yet people believed them and didn’t go out of the house.

We even moved an NFL playoff game due to dangerous weather that was coming for sure.

Never happened.

Schools were closed due to snow and ice storms before anything even hit.

Fake news?


It sure kept us watching the tube and listening to radio all day to make sure we didn’t get caught in those horrible storms that never came.

Most of us trust the things we hear and see on news programs.

We believe what they tell us for the most part.

However now things are not so clear.

Who are the bad guys? Who are the liar? Who is telling truth?

We now aren’t sure and don’t know. Who can keep up anymore?

It’s a race in the media to come up with the next big scandal and who’s behind it.

Where do we even turn for the truth anymore?

Remember the brighter, clearer days when we believed in people like Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw?

Where did it all go?
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20 Responses to Glazer: Fake News as a Way of Life

  1. E.H. says:

    The truth lies within

  2. rita says:

    you’re the biggest phony in the world!

  3. DPW says:

    The poster children for fake news within the media are Brian Williams and Dan Rather. Who can you believe in the media anymore?

  4. Shawnster says:

    The problem started with Facebook. It was all of the 50 and 60 year old drunk uncles who passed this garbage around to all of their like-mined “friends.” Facebook became an echo chamber for whatever side of the fence you were on. People tried to find, post, and pass on the latest lies to try and validate their own myopic views. It was a race to the bottom and sadly we are still there today. People have become so entrenched in their views that they leave no room for rational discussions. It’s always “I’m right…your wrong. I won…you lost.” People take it so personally. Sadly both parties prefer it stay this way forever. The people divided will always be defeated.

  5. Kerouac says:

    The liberal media (NYT,WASH POST, CNN, NBS, MSNBC, ABC & CBS among others) is taking a beating for their pre-election ‘fake news’ (specious poll numbers and other assorted fairy tales re: Trump/others, etc.) How Kerouac loves it! Observing the train wreck they’ve become both delicious & worth the price of admission: common sense.

    Hilarious to observe them in the troes desperation, result a failed campaign electorate gerrymandering theirs. Continuing to throw everything (short the kitchen sink) at our ‘PRESIDENT’ Trump, they have been outed – outed themselves, now totally irrelevant and possessing NO credibility whatsoever. What small portion might’ve once had now gone – an implosion poetic justice as they continue bleeding out despite already being dead.

    As the last excuse for a President and female version him/candidate same was given the boot, a media ran interference for them has been given the shoe too, the attempt foist & inoculate the masses with their propaganda a monumental November failure.

    Comes now a new year… back to their burden, toothless grindstone. As stated before, Trump is a temporary respite, be it four years or eight: the die has been cast America, future portends final descent down a toilet obama placed us, one the media continues to fill and stir their effluvium; and some dare wonder why Kerouac (as others) prefers yesteryear to the present.

    Weep, riot, moan and groan, liberal media and lock-stepping snowflakes… it’s time to ‘Make America (if ne’er the swiss & fraudroyals) Great Again!’


    • rita says:

      Please go back to shooting photos. You are incorrect as always.
      Do you remember your super bowl prediction and picking the Falcons?
      Do you remember saying the royals would not win the world series?
      Do you remember any of the things you missed out on with being
      incorrect again and again?
      You’re wrong again.

      • Kerouac says:


        – Kerouac loves it when they beg…


      • CG says:

        Fake Rita, K is one of the best writers on this site…he gets carried away at times, but thats o.k. So he entitled to his opinion and his outstanding talent allows him to be wrong now and then..who are you Rita the fake.

        • LanceTheIntern says:

          ” K is one of the best writers on this site…”

          Only if a fan of yoda -speak you are.

        • Kerouac says:

          CG (the phony), Kerouac (the photog) here. Congrats on your ‘worlds biggest’ honor, bestowed upon you by ‘rita’ (which in Mongolian translates to Рита, which is pretty close to ‘Puta’ in Spanish – which of course translates to (being kind) ‘female dog’ in English.)

          Of interest, puta- er, rita, expended six lines of invective on yours truly to only an single line on you. The upshot: as Avis you’re only number 2 CG; you have to try harder.


          Continuing the ‘fake’ news theme/outlets inability any longer influence anyone ‘not’ liberal:

          Continuing to learn they are ‘not’ in charge, the clinton news network – alternately known as the crybaby news network – was made to stand in the corner/banished to the cornfield today by ‘PRESIDENT’ Trump – OHHHH, the WAILING and gnashing of teeth/wringing of hands.

          The Donald is SMOKIN!!!

  6. miket. says:

    and it’s just the start. when “fake news” and “alternative facts” are given as much credibility as real news and actual facts, censorship of the press is both easier… and unnecessary.

    rue these days as we watch newspapers crumble, broadcast media besmirched, and other news media maginalized, for in that we can see seeds of anarchy.

    the revolution will be televised, but no one will be watching…

    ok…i think i’m officially off the deep end and treading into harley territory….

  7. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    If you don’t pay attention to the media, you’re uninformed. If you do, you’re misinformed. I used to be a loyal CNN reader/watcher. I’d say probably since 1998. I never paid much attention to FoxNews. Then the latest presidential race happened, and my eyes were opened to just how corrupt the mainstream media is. Their complicity in trying to tilt the election for Hildabeast as exposed by Wikileaks was disgusting, and erased all credibility. Then Trump hammers them every chance they get, and they whine and cry like a bunch of little girls who just fell off their rollerskates and skinned their knee. Snowflakes and far left regressive liberals (yes, there are sensible liberals who have a braincell…Dave Rubin, for example) wail and weep about the attacks as well. Which is pure comedy gold, because Obama with regularity made fun of FoxNews in speeches. FoxNews, while I consider them on the conservative side, is closer to the center from the right, than CNN or any of the other mainstream media outlets are from the left. I’m not even sure the employees at MSNBC are allowed to use their right hands during the workday. Personally, I’m a mashup between a Libertarian and a Conservative. I don’t root for Pres. Trump, personally. I root for his policies to be successful, even if I don’t like them. Because I fully realize that my positions on his policies might in fact be wrong. And that’s where I like to think I differ from most of the unwashed masses on both the left AND right. No one wants to admit that they could possibly be wrong, or that things don’t really exist in reality they way they think they do. Hollywood and it’s band of idiot monkeys is a perfect example of this.

  8. CG says:

    Some good comments here. It is a run away train today isn’t it.

  9. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    The news media is finally starting to push back on the absolute B.S. that comes from Trump and his mouthpieces. Not that his supporters give a rip about anything he says not being true. Take, for example, his statements about his electoral win being the largest since Reagan. After he was told that wasn’t true, he said he meant the largest Republican win. Ummmm, still not true. It was just an out and out lie. Did his minions care? Nope.

    Politics aren’t changed forever. They are changed for the next 4 years. (or however long the orange man actually makes it). After that, it will be back to business as usual.

    We’ve had fake news our entire lives. What has changed is the way it can be disseminated to the masses instantaneously through technology. The internet, Twitter and Facebook has changed the way people consume the news. 30 years ago, our sources of news were the evening news, monthly periodicals and newspapers. All these entities were part of a journalistic organization that actually cared about accuracy and fact. Everything now is just a shotgun approach to information. Throw it out there and see what sticks. No consequences for being wrong. Just try to be the first.

    If people would actually make an effort to weed through truth and fiction, we wouldn’t have this mass hysteria regarding “fake news.” I’ve waited in grocery store lines for over 50 years reading the tabloid’s headlines about Bat Boy, Chupacabra and recovered alien bodies. Because they print it doesn’t make it true.

    It’s funny, religious zealots have been preaching the second coming and the end of days for centuries and none of the bible thumpers have cried “fake news”. Why? Because people will ALWAYS believe what they want to believe. Period.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      His “minions” didn’t care because the subject matter itself was innocous. Who cares how big the margin was? But to your bigger point I think, when he says that kind of stuff that’s just obviously not true, it puts all the rest of the things he says that might very well be true, under a microscope when they don’t need to be. I think his staff fails him alot, but who knows? Maybe they prep him well but he gets in front of the camera and goes off the rails.

      Bottom line? Both the left and the right are wrong in their approach. The right cheers when Trump slaps the press, because the press has been pissing on Republican presidents for decades with no recourse. But they’ll totally ignore Trump’s obvious failings in factual content on some issues. They’ll ignore that because they like it when he punches the press in the balls. And he’s right to do so SOMETIMES. The left will rise up in righteous indignation when Trump spews things that just aren’t true, but totally ignore the press’ failings in getting things factually correct themselves. Jim, you eluded to this in your post. It’s a race to be first, no to be correct. Ben Shapiro (I love this guy, along with Dave Rubin..two of my favorites on opposite sides of the aisle traditionally) recently said, “It’s time for everyone to start calling balls and strikes.” Meaning, if everyone sticks to the cold hard facts, and leave partisan politics out of it, we’d all be better for it. Seems obvious, right?

      If you really want to see an encouraging debate between a traditional liberal and a conservative, watch this YouTube clip when you have time. It’s over and hour long, but it’s packed with great debate and conversation. These two extremely intelligent men find alot of common ground.

  10. Orphan of the Road says:

    Five corporations control over 90% of the media. And they all have agendas which are based on business rather than “serving the pubic interest” as was the guiding light of tv/radio news once-upon-a-time.

    It all began with Jerry Rivers faking shots for the news reports. Fake-name-guy Geraldo Rivers was the godfather of fake news.

    While the KC Star is Disco News. A newspaper without any news.

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