Sutherland: Dirty Tricks Johnson County Style


I ran into my state representative, Melissa Rooker of Fairway, last spring at the Johnson County Republican presidential caucus at Shawnee Mission East,.. 

I told her I was the author of a widely circulated (in Topeka!) kcconfidential post showing her as one of the three “weird sisters” from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, along with her fellow GOP mod-squaders, legislators Barbara Bollier and Stephanie Clayton.

(The photo used to illustrate the post was of a stage production of the play, depicting three witches, with a caption which read, “Melissa Rooker, R-Fairway; Barbara Bollier, R- Mission Hills; and Stephanie Clayton, R- Overland Park; address the Mainstream Coalition on school finance.”)

What I got in response was a snarled; “Yeah, I know who you are! Unlike you, we moderates try to be polite and respectful to our opponents!”

I laughed to myself and thought of all the times that Rooker’s overlords at “Moderate, Inc.”—the political old guard which ran local and state politics for so long*—sought to destroy me politically and professionally.

*Consider that Ed Eilert, Chairman of the Johnson County Commission and former mayor of Overland Park, has held office for 40 years, which means he will soon surpass the record of another machine boss, Mayor-For-Life of Albany, New York, the late Erastus Corning, 2nd, who was in office from 1942 to 1982.

This punishment was meted out by members of the mod squad, through its auxiliary units like the KC Star and the Mainstream Coalition.

My high crime was expressing my beliefs through press releases, letters to the editor, and running political ads at election time. Specifically, the late William Nelson, president of Boatmens’ Bank, and various senior editors of the Star, called the managing partners of law firms where I worked and threatened to pull their businesses’ legal work unless I was silenced with the threat of firing.


I thought of this recently when I came across the following quote from an essay in the Claremont Review of Books:

“Progressive regimes demand that persons who express themselves in public (or even in private) affirm any and all things that pertain to the regime’s identity lest they lose access to jobs or privileges and be exposed to the shunning or ire of regime supporters- if not treated as criminals.” The Rise of Political Correctness, Angelo M. Codevilla, C.R.B., vol. XVI, Number 4, Fall 2016.

How frightening this can be in reality only becomes clear when I remembered the case of my friend “Bob”(not his real name), a real estate agent and appraiser.

Ten years ago Bob and I ran a spoof of the high-tech hate group formerly known as the Mainstream Coalition. (They’d let their corporate name registration lapse with the Secretary of State). As a result, we were subjected to a campaign of harassment by the Mainstream, including  the usual complaints to our employers, as well as hundreds of anonymous phone calls to our homes and businesses, some even from the oleaginous founder of Mainstream, the blow dried Elmer Gantry, “Dr.” Bob Meneilly. (“Shirley and I just wanted to . . . . . . . .)

The calls stopped within 15 minutes of my filing criminal charges against Meneilly and the Mainstream executive director with the Prairie Village Police Department.

The voices of moderation – the self-described” Vital Center” – were not done with us yet, however.

“Persons unknown” (as we say in the law) then wrote the Kansas State Real Estate Commission, purporting to be the local office manager of the real-estate brokerage which employed Bob. They reported that Bob had died and that his real estate license should be canceled.

They then drafted forged letters in my name and my wife’s name, and in the name of another friend and political ally of Bob’s. They sent these forged letters to Bob’s employer, alleging that he was selling real estate without holding a license.

At the same time, they forged yet another letter, supposedly from the chairman of the Kansas State Real Estate Commission. This letter, stating that Bob was under investigation for various illegal acts, was sent to the C.E.O. of Bob’s corporate employer, requesting that he immediately be suspended from his job.

Each of those forged documents was carefully drafted to sound like the supposed authors, using language appropriate to business correspondence, consumer complaints, and government regulatory enforcement. The letter to Bob’s employer’s C.E.O. even had the state seal on its letterhead to make it look official. The drafters were also careful not to sign the purported author’s names, in the mistaken belief that this kept the four letters from being forgeries.

However, a forgery is defined as: “the false making or material altering of any writing which, if genuine, might apparently be of legal efficacy or the foundation of a legal liability” in Black’s Law Dictionary. In other words, a letter can be a forgery without a forged signature.

Whoever went after my friend had committed at least four criminal acts of forgery, each of which is a felony under Kansas law. Moreover, by impersonating a state government official, they committed an additional criminal act. The aim, of course, was to fraudulently get Bob’s real estate license cancelled and to get him fired from his job, with the ultimate aim of taking away his ability to earn a living, as well as subjecting him to liability for various regulatory violations.

In conclusion, one has to ask why anyone would go to such extreme lengths to punish someone for merely expressing political beliefs different than theirs. I think the answer can be found in this statement from Codevilla:

“America’s progressive rulers, like France’s, act less as politicians gathering support than as conquerors who enjoy punishing captives without worry that the tables may turn.” Ibid.

That there is no risk to you as a moderate Republican or progressive Democrat for breaking the law in connection with politics is abundantly clear.

You can leak people’s records from the KU Medical Center (Larry Winn III), let private attorneys working for the City of Overland Park be used to dig up dirt on an opponent (Ed Eilert), use municipal funds and other resources to send out endorsements of your political allies (Mission Hills Mayor Rick Boeshaar on behalf of Barbara Bollier, Sue Wolf and Melissa Rooker) with absolute impunity.

The legal and political Establishments of the state are wholly owned subsidiaries of Moderate, Inc. and those crooked politicians know they will never be held accountable. My friend Bob’s situation is a perfect example. Even though it took weeks of phone calls, letters and face-to-face meetings to get his real estate license reinstated and his job saved, the Commission refused to do any investigation of who had perpetrated this sadistic hoax.

Not surprisingly his employer to this day – 10 years after the incident I’ve described – continues to be contacted by people trying to get him fired because of his politics.

“No harm, no foul” is an easy attitude to take if you’re not the victim of five criminal acts, as well as an elaborate scheme of civil fraud and tortious interference with contract.

On the other hand, as the essayist Codevilla notes; “Insulting people who are not permanently disempowered is fun-but of the expensive, dangerous kind, because it engenders at least as much sullenness and revolt as submission.” He concludes; “By pushing P.C., defined as inflicting indignities, the progressives destroyed the legitimacy of any and all authority, foremost their own.”

Codevilla maintains, “The point is not Trump.”

No, the point is Trump, and Brownback and Kobach.

The moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Establishment leaves voters precious little choice between those who defend a corrupt and repressive status quo and those who would disrupt it. (No matter how distasteful the latter are!)

Yale computer science Professor David Gelernter-now on Trump’s short list as his Science Advisor-said on October 14, 2016, that he was tempted to throw a gin bottle through the window i.e. vote for Trump as a  disruption and repudiation of political correctness. The “moderates” and “progressives” have only themselves to blame for this unfortunate situation.
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  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Excellent read, Dwight. Hypocrisy is the currency of politics. Period. It has been known to pay a tab or two within religion, as well. There must be some rule within both parties that requires a “Do as I say, not as I do” attitude about everything. Rules only apply to us peasants.

  2. Bob "Bupkus" Williams says:

    Charlotte “Rutler” O’Hara would be proud Dwight. Maybe her and her ex husband Ron could get together with you and help Brownback some more. They sure didn’t help any homeowners they built houses for in the 80’s. I hear Ron writes children’s books now. Haha….what a joke. I bet he has a hard time reading them! We hope ALL of you TRUMP suckers go away soon.

    • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

      You cretin,you missed my whole point. An election where the choice was between Ed Eilert and Charlotte O’Hara was like trying to pick who you wanted to win in the Iran-Iraq war. To quote Henry Kissinger ,”It’s too bad they both can’t lose!”That’s the dilemma in Kansas politics- do you want a lunatic or a criminal? At least with the mentally ill,they burn out after a term or two,but with the thieves that pass for “moderates” you’re stuck for decades with an apostolic succession of grifters.,i.e. Dick Bond begat Ed Eilert,who begat Larry Winn The Turd,who begat John the Vratilsnake,etc.

      • admin says:

        I love that Dwight called this dude a cretin and followed that with such a magnificent kill shot.

        No gossip columnist here!

  3. Lady Gray says:

    This might be the most petty and stupid thing ever published by this blog.

    And THAT is saying a lot.

    • Bob "Bupkus" Williams says:

      Ooops! I guess “someone” was offended. Its ok you guys…..we miss you so much Ms. O’Hara and Ron….please come back. Lady “Gray” is just an old woman who thinks she know politics. Oooops> Who could that be? I’m also certain dear that “published” does not include a comment on a webpage. Wait a minute, Trump says it does. What a pack of Kansas LOSERS!!!!!

      • Dwight Sutherland says:

        That’s not fair! Maybe she was offended by my post rather than your reply. “Maybe her and her husband ….could get together,etc.” What a way you have with words! We need a replacement for our former resident troll,”Harley”. You haven’t yet reached his level of frenzied,quasi-literate rage but you show a lot of promise. Can we count on you? A good rookie performance!

    • admin says:

      Geez Lady Gray…

      You apparently never read the Scribe!

  4. Bob "Bupkus" Williams says:

    Ok Dwight I guess the reason you won’t name names is because they will take whatever money you have left and take you down hard. That’s why you actually write for a gossip column. Go way old man. no one believes your crap

    • admin says:

      Bupkus, eh?

      Funny you would choose a nickname that literally means “nothing.”

      Dwight writes for a gossip column?

      Do you even know the difference between column and a site?

  5. Bob "Bupkus" Williams says:

    Dwight, are you calling Charlotte “Rutler” O’Hara a criminal?

    • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

      No,the moderates are the ones who routinely break the laws because they can.I’ve given five examples in this post alone,plus numerous others in prior posts.

  6. Phaedrus says:

    The problem with politics/government is that typically the person that wants to run for office has the personality-type that makes the worst leader.

    And those who would make good leaders typically want nothing to do with politics.

    In my (limited) experience knowing representatives, I have to say that they are some of the dumbest people I know.

  7. Bob "Bupkus" Williams says:

    great post and SO true!

  8. Bob "Bupkus" Williams says:

    Dwight….so Gutless to name your “friend” Bob without giving his real name. The reason you won’t is because you are defaming folks without having to name names. Gutless is what we call that in western Kansas. You are so old I can’t imagine you are worried about being sued but clearly you are. Its all BS anyway Dwight.

    • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

      How can I be defaming” folks” if I don’t name them? Defamation is making false statements of fact that damages someone’s reputation. Whose reputation is being damaged by my account of Bob’s troubles holding onto his job and real estate license? Obviously I don’t know who these people are or I would have gone after them. You are transparently trying to get me to speculate or guess who they are in print so I could be sued.

  9. Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

    I don’t know who tried to destroy my friend’s career. If I knew,I would see that they were prosecuted.Unlike you and your comments under an assumed name, I write under my real name so I’m obviously not hiding my identity because of fear of being sued.

  10. Bob "Bupkus" Williams says:

    come on Dwight….All of this “forgery” that you are talking about and no investigations were started or followed up on? Really, I always though law enforcement took forgery seriously. No names from what you call “Moderate, Inc”. You get away with your slander…why? You spoke of numerous criminal acts…forged letters, letters and calls to employers? So you can tell a tall tell without incriminating anyone. Where did you got to law school? Its crap and you hide not behind your name but behind your fake tall tails and by the way friend your narrative reads as if you “know who exactly those people are”.

    • Dwight Sutherland says:

      I ‘ve seen the letters and know them to be forgeries,e.g. the letter in my name and my wife’s we did not write. The essence of the crime is concealment of who wrote the forged writing. My friend has suffered enough because of this whole nightmare,which continues to this day. Why should I subject him to more retribution.? Why won’t you give your real name,by the way,if you are such a profile in courage?

      • Bob "Bupkus" Williams says:

        Again you won’t answer why you , as an officer of the court, didn’t follow up with the authorities on the “forgery” and the “anonymous phone calls”. I understand that telephone harassment is the highest misdemeanor possible in Kansas……but no investigation? I’m calling BS pal. When you need to score a political point why don’t you tell the truth. No truth to see here pal.

  11. Bob "Bupkus" Williams says:

    No one ever calls you “storytellers” out on the facts Dwight. That’s why you print your name but won’t name names. About as ethical as Comey at the FBI

  12. Bob "Bupkus" Williams says:

    “Hundreds” of anonymous calls? Really? …..”Hundreds” of calls but no one EVER called the authorities. Around most folks home the police would have been called after 4 or 5 such calls. But you don’t speak of any such investigation. But “hundred of calls” and no investigation? I’m calling BS pal.

    • Dwight Sutherland says:

      The calls started at 8:30 p.m. on a Sunday night and continued unti 7:00 a.m. Monday morning at my home. The callers started then calling my law office in Olathe and blocked the switchboard with the sheer volume of calls. This continued throughout the day,with none of our clients being able to reach the lawyers in the office. Our receptionist was in tears because of the angry and threatening nature of the calls. I eventually went to the Prairie Village Police department and made out complaints against the Mainstream Coalition officers who had initiated the campaign. The calls stopped withinn fifteen minutes of their being contacted by the police. A few stray calls continued for another week. What was interesting was that many of those calling admitted that they never heard the offending message but were only responding to Mainstream’s e-mail directing the campaign of harassment.( I later got the e-mail through a lawsuit.)No one has ever denied that the harassment occured until now,they just insisted that it was justified because it is immoral to make fun of the Mainstream ! I kept some of the voice-mails for laughs,especially from those whose voices I recognized,which I later teased them about when I saw them in public.(“You never write anymore! You never call! What have I done to be abandoned like this?”)

      • Bob "Bupkus" Williams says:

        Ok….so you knew who they were and never sued or anything…..hahhaha. Why don’t you go ahead and show the guts to name all the people “who directed the campaign of harassment” and explain why they weren’t sued or prosecuted? Come on name the names of the Mainstream coalition officers. The truth never needs a defense Dwight. Try to keep up or go back to school. I have called you out and you can’t tell us who has done these terrible things to you. Only vague monikers like “officers”. I’ll bet the offenders “admitted” nothing to you. I’m done. You are irrelevant.

        • Dwight Sutherland says:

          I knew who fabricated the forged letters but never filed charges? Why not? I certainly wasn’t shy about going after Meneilly for the telephone harassment. (The Mainstream e-mails obtained later were just the final confirmation.) Back to the real estate commission forgery,if I knew who did it and named them,how could they sue me since truth is an absolute defense? I still have the letters. I guess if I printed them I would be accused of forging a forgery?

  13. admin says:

    You know, everyone loves a playground fight, can’t help but stare at grisly accidents but there are limits. I don’t know about Bupkus

  14. Goose13 says:

    As someone who had worked in Johnson County Government for over 16 years, Mr. Southerland, your post is right on target. Mr. Eilert lied when he said he would keep the election civil with Annabeth Surbaugh and then did a smear campaign in the last week of the election. He said he didn’t do it. Right. Granted it was one of those elections that you wanted both to lose. JOCO is still the good ole boy network. I’m surprised no one has found any dirt on these people.

    • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

      There’s plenty of dirt. What’s lacking is the will to do anything about it. The political and legal Establishments charged with enforcing the laws are the same people breaking them.Look at most of the courts and the prosecutors here in Johnson County. They are the products of Moderate,Inc.(e.g. Dennis Moore,Paul Morrison,etc.)so why would we expect them to enforce the laws against the people who put them in office?

  15. paulwilsonkc says:

    Bupkus = Harley

    • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

      “Go way old one believes your crap”The lack of punctuation and capitals and general sloppiness( Is “Go way” supposed to be “Go Away”? Is “Bupkus” supposed to be “Bupkis”?)are very reminiscent of the H-Man,I will concede.The down-in-the-weeds obsession with Charlotte O’Hara’s marital history and the “western” Kansas origins virtue-signaling are much more goyishe,however. A strong argument could be made either way. What does Chuck think?Stomper,what’s your read? Are these two really one and the same? We need some authorial forensics. Harley,where are you when we need you?

    • LanceTheIntern says:

      “Bupkus” can actually write in complete sentences, so there’s no way he’s Harley.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, not enough typos and certain word patterns missing in action

      • LanceTheIntern says:

        I think most people here could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and crap a better comment than Harley ever made.

  16. Orphan of the Road says:

    When one party has a district locked up so there is no chance of losing it brings out the worst of government.

    When a political party “owns” a district/city/county/state it always leads to fraud and unholy alliances.

    KC and JOCO are excellent examples of this happening.

    Of course KCMO uses the illusion of the elections being non-partisan.

  17. Terrance and Phillip McKenna says:

    I gotta get what you oldsters are smoking. You guys are paranoid as fuuuuuccck.

  18. Dwight Sutherland,jr. says:

    Dear Wayne and Garth(a.k.a.Terry and Phil):
    Once you move out of your parents’ basement and get jobs,you will not want to lose your jobs because of no fault of your own. Once you have families,you wii not want to have them hurt because you exercise your basic rights as an American.Once you have been on the receiving end of abuse of power by someone in goverment against whom you have no recourse, you will not so easily dismiss your older,wiser friend as paranoid.

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