Jack Goes Confidential: Little Bricks Create Manic Laffs In ‘LEGO BATMAN MOVIE’

From the get go you just know this thing is gonna be off-kilter…

I’m talking, from the moment the Warner Brothers company logo first appears on the screen.

That and the films’ dramatic black screen opening, coupled with some very funny voice-overs, had me going before the first actual scene ever appeared.

We’re talking THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, director Chris McKay’s irreverent follow-up to 2014’s original THE LEGO MOVIE which took the box office by storm to the tune of $469 million+ in worldwide ticket sales.

Can the Lego franchise repeat itself?

Who knows? But this wildly-entertaining second adventure comes mighty close, complete with a rapid fire, mile-a-minute approach.

Yeap, there are big changes in Gotham City as we find Batman on a personal journey to find HIMSELF—and learn teamwork in the process.

A lot of the material thrown at you during this manic 104 minute long comedy/action outing will fly right past the kids— though they’ll eat it up.

But YOU’ll love it too as the targets in the film include everything from SUICIDE SQUAD to Donald Trump’s taxes.

And Will Arnett’s (voice) lead as the ego-in-overload Caped Crusader nails it in this PG-rated adventure, which operates on creative overload.

And what a cast!

Besides Arnett there is Zack Galifianakis voicing The Joker.

Ralph Fiennes is Alfred while Gotham City’s new commissioner is handled by Rosario Dawson.

Michael Cera provides the voice of Alfred’s adopted orphan Dick Grayson.

Think you’re recognizing some other familiar voices on the soundtrack?

You sure are! There is Conan O’Brien, Billy Dee Williams, Meriah Carey, Seth Green, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Adam Devine among others.

The computer-animated, superhero  ‘BRICK-Version’—better known as THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE bursting unto the screen with a fun: B score.

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