Glazer: Scribe Celebrates Patriot’s Day a la Super Sunday

Unthinkable as it was, in the early 3rd quarter people were leaving Super Bowl parties…

The reason; ATLANTA 28 PATRIOTS 3.

Game over, right?


New England QB Tom Brady was still on the field and playing like nobody else has ever played the position. The Falcons began to tire, run out of gas on the offense. The Patriots began to hit every pass and move the ball into the end zone..over and over and over.

With the tying touchdown the Super Bowl went into its first overtime ever.

The Patriots won the coin toss and marched down the field for the winning score.

Final Patriots 34 Atlanta 28.

I could fill this page with Brady’s best-ever stats. Here are but a few:


No other quarterback has done that before. BRADY won his first Super Bowl 15 years ago, making it the longest run in NFL history. Brady won his 4th MVP award breaking his tie with former Chief, Joe Montana who had three.

Biggest Super Bowl comeback in history – 466 yards passing, best ever in a Super Bowl – and most completions (42 ofd 63 passes also a record. It keeps going but you get the picture. 7 Super Bowls and five wins. A record that likely will never be broken by any quarterback again.

And there could be more, because Brady ain’t retiring!

Atlanta QB Matt Ryan played out of his mind in the first half – 17 of 23. However his offense was shut down most of the second half and were barely on the field.

And Patriot’s receiver Julian Edleman made maybe the best in Super Bowl history. The list goes on.

Was it the best Super Bowl ever?


In the end Brady became a sports legend nearly equal to the great Muhammad Ali.

I know a lot of people hate Brady and the Patriots because they’re just too good, too often.

Despite that Brady proved he is the all-time best. 

So it is that the NFL ended another great season capped off by perhaps the best Super Bowl of all-time.

Can’t wait til next year.
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12 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Celebrates Patriot’s Day a la Super Sunday

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    It was a fun one to watch, CG. Not really the outcome I was hoping for, but didn’t have a dog in the fight. Brady. Good grief. Has there ever been a guy more “dipped in it” than that dude? He really is something special. Agreed. The best ever.

    Bring on The Boys in Blue!

  2. Richard Cranium says:

    Humility isn’t a concept your aware of is it? You remind me of your blowhard idol Trump. It’s as though you’ve never failed (though it is pretty much constantly) and when you guess something right (that everyone else was saying anyway) you proclaim yourself a guru. You are a failed club owner with an addiction to limelight you’ve never had, and a light drug problem. Accept your lot in life and continue on, oh seer of all things right in front of the face.

    • admin says:

      Easy there, Richard…

      How about a little fact checking to go with your “fake news”?

      Not everybody was saying New England would win. I and any number of people though the Falcon’s were going to rock – just like they did the first three quarters – before they started playing not to lose and then lost.

      Second, Stanford’s Comedy Club is a local institution that has gone thru any number of ups and downs and is still the area’s leading comedy club.

      Third, Craig has had – and continues to get – PLENTY of limelight. From the Star to online sites and bloggers, the cover of The Pitch and all four television news stations. Plus national coverage and on and on.

      Get out much?

    • CG says:

      I see Hearne, ADMIN, defended me, that was nice DICK. Failed club owner…wow for like 42 years now…limelight, I think I have had more than my share…drug problem…like what? Soooooo….anything else DICK.

      • CG says:

        And DICK, cause I know you care…check out the ONE HOUR Comedy Central special on NOW, online A MAN AND HIS DOG about you guessed it….your pal…CG….funny stuff…

  3. miket... says:

    “In the end Brady became a sports legend nearly equal to the great Muhammad Ali.”

    Really? Brady isn’t anywhere close to Ali and saying “nearly equal too” still puts them neck and neck.

    Sure, he’s a FOOTBALL legend, has a lock on being a first ballot HOF’er, and, yes, he surpassed the number of titles Ali won… but those Heavyweight Champion of the World titles aren’t what made Ali “The Greatest” and did not define him.

    Football is what defines Brady… just a great QB.

  4. Rainbow Man says:

    Atlanta went Andy Reid in the second half. The NFL Illuminati, who controls Reid, told Reid Andrew Luck was the Man, Ben R was the Man…. and he followed orders.
    Last night it was Atlanta’s turn.

  5. SOCOM 91 says:

    CG, why do you even respond to people like Dick Head? I’ll admit you kind of irk me sometimes, but the only time this guy posts is to rail on you – nothing more. And you play right into it. Why bother bro?

    • CG says:

      91 point well taken and I do take a ton of this crap…. so at times I feel a need to respond…likely you are right, why bother. As in this story, its not about me, is it?

  6. CG says:

    POWER RANKINGS OUT FOR 2017….NEW ENGLAND, DALLAS,ATLANTA,STEELERS, CHIEFS ARE NUMBER 8…say same old Chiefs post season but not deep…shocker..hah.

    • Kerouac says:

      Sometimes, just one player makes the difference…

      1966: Chiefs draft rookie HB Mike Garrett round #20, elevate 2nd-year WR Otis Taylor to starter & QB Len Dawson has his best season ever. Result: KC reaches Superbowl 1 after 3 years of treading water in KC, only to lose to pro football’s finest team ever the GB Packers.

      1967: Raiders trade for backup QB Daryle Lamonica and reach Superbowl 2, where they fall to the last hurrah of football’s best team still, the dynastic GB Packers. Break up the Packers! Age finally did.

      1968: Jets QB Joe Namath, coming off the best season of his career ’67 with a pro record 4,000 + passing yards, posts his worst statistical season in ’68, yet leads NY to the Superbowl 3 World Championship.

      1969: Chiefs draft rookie CB Jim Marsalis #1 to plug the last hole in what is a Championship caliber defense. Result: KC wins Superbowl 4 aft two also-ran years ’67 & ’68.

      2017: Chiefs acquire (insert QB) via (insert method), who posts an fairy tale season and leads KC to the Superbowl 52 World Championship aft a 48 year hangover/slumber.

      Midnight February 5, 2018: The clock strikes 12, the wheels fall off the coach and the red & gold revert to pumpkin orange once more, fairy tale ended.

      Well, it was a nice dream while it lasted…


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