Hearne: Tyreek Hill Story The Star Didn’t Bother to Report, Chiefs Would Rather You Not Know

Crystal Espinal & Tyreek Hill’s son Zev

They say the devil’s in the details…

That said, if you’re relying on local sports media or the NFL to report the sordid details of rookie Chiefs star Tyreek Hill’s dastardly treatment of the mother of his young son, you best not hold your breath.

The Kansas City Star’s Sam Mellinger and other local media gave lip service to Hill’s shameful behavior last year -but glossed over the specifics of his reprehensible abuse of the mother of his toddler son Zev.

Hill’s official statement: “I was in a fight with my girlfriend that turned physical between us and I wrongfully put her in a headlock, putting external pressure on her neck that compressed her airway causing bodily injury.”

That’s how Mellinger watered the story down.

“I — I did something that — I did something that I shouldn’t have done that night, which was I just let my feelings take — take control of me,” was Hill’s 2015 courtroom testimony. “I wasn’t thinking. I just — I just reacted and hit her, choked her. I’m real sorry for that.”

Sam the Man’s take: “The Chiefs are also betting that the initial anger won’t last more than one local news cycle.”

Fellow Star sports scribe Vahe Gregorian put it this way:

“If he continues at his current pace, Hill surely will become a candidate for NFL rookie of the year — which would provide yet more to process about his visibility even as he pays his debt to society during his suspended sentence.”

Debt to society?

Hill got off with a wrist slap for a heinous crime that could  and probably should have resulted in a felony conviction punishable by one to three years in prison and/or a $3,000 fine.

Hill with clean-cut OK State haircut

Turns out Mellinger’s prediction that Hill’s crime would soon be forgotten was spot on, but not just by the Chiefs.

“Tyreek Hill has reached Bo Jackson Tecmo greatness,” reads a recent headline on NFL.com.

“He is a video-game player sprung to life,” the story continues. “Perhaps when Kia mercifully puts their Bo Jackson Tecmo Bowl as to rest – please, I’m begging you – a follow-up can star Hill laying waste to his opposition with a waterfall of home-run chunk plays.”

Jock sniffers tend to be quick to forgive and forget.

But let’s balance those scales by reporting the specifics of Hill’s actions that the Tulsa World laid bare after he was dismissed from the Oklahoma State football team for his assault on former girlfriend Crystal Espinal:

“Espinal told police in December that she and Hill had been dating since June. According to information given to Stillwater police, her age was 20 at the time of the incident and she now would be in her fifth month of pregnancy. She testified on Monday that she and Hill had sex during the evening of Dec. 11, and then ‘were planning on going to the movies’ when he became angered by messages he saw on her phone.

“Hill ‘threw my laptop (and) my phone into the hallway’ before ordering her to leave his apartment, Espinal testified. She said she was in the hallway outside of Hill’s room, but did not leave because she wearing only a T-shirt and underwear. After she reentered the apartment, ‘domestic violence occurred,’ she said…

“In response to questions from Payne County Assistant District Attorney Lynn Hermanson, Espinal said that Hill ‘punched my face. … When I tried to get up, I was put into a chokehold (for) longer than a minute.’

“Espinal, who at the time of the alleged attack told police investigators that she was pregnant with Hill’s child, said Hill punched her stomach “on the left side,’ and after that ‘grabbed my neck … and started choking me again. … He was pounding my head against the wall. He eventually stopped.’

“When asked why she believes Hill stopped with his alleged attack, Espinal replied, ‘I think he had a realization moment.’

“In the original Stillwater police report, Espinal was said to have told an investigating officer that Hill ‘threw her around like a ragdoll. … She explained Tyreek has a volatile temper and that he thought it was OK to punch and choke her.’ ”

Funny how Chiefs media homers opted to run with Hill’s watered down account of the crime rather than Espinal’s.

Equally low brow is that nowhere on Espinal’s recent Facebook or Twitter accounts or in Google searches does Hill appear to have taken any sort of active role as a father to young Zev.

That despite Gregorian’s quoting him as saying, “I’m really dedicated and I’m going to stick to it, so I can be a better man and a better citizen for this community and a better father to my son.”

So yeah, as Chiefs fans continue to embrace the “new, reformed” Hill, they may want to reserve judgement as to his PR constructed character and morals based on a little more than his on field football stats.

Just saying…


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53 Responses to Hearne: Tyreek Hill Story The Star Didn’t Bother to Report, Chiefs Would Rather You Not Know

  1. Greedo says:

    The New York Times covered this LAST YEAR.


    You really need to expand your reading there, WILDMAN!

    • admin says:

      And you need to expand your ability to read and read between the lines, dear Greedo.

      Obviously this was reported, since I attributed many of the quotes to the Tulsa World.

      However not many locals subscribe and or read the Tulsa newspaper or NYT.

      They do however read the Star, KCC and other local media.

      In addition, I’ve added that while Hill gave the Star lip service about becoming a good dad, there’s zero evidence that he’s had any contact whatsoever with his young son.

      This also serves as a reminder that as a jock, Hill got off with a wrist slap compared to the severity of his crimes which he totally downplayed in his admission of guilt statement.

      HappyNew Year Greedo, good to see you’re out there flailing about still!

      • Merv the Perv says:

        The last line of the NYT article “Indeed, Hill has done nothing off the field to make the Chiefs regret the decision” left out the word “yet”.

      • Goose13 says:

        Just because it’s not on her social media, doesn’t mean he hasn’t been involved. Have you contacted her to find out if he has?

        • admin says:

          Yes, Goose…

          But I’m going to give her another day or so and follow up with did not elect to comment.

          I think he clearly is involved in paying child support, but if there was any contact whatsoever, you know there would;d be SOMETHING out there.

          • Goose13 says:

            I also read that he called the police on her a month before he assaulted her. Sounds like it was a pretty toxic relationship. Hopefully, and I pray that it is, the one good thing out of this is that little boy has a good life.

      • Frank says:

        Not many locals read the NYT? Are you an idiot? You do understand how the Internet works, right? You do understand that one doesn’t need to have a physical NYT in their hand and that they don’t even need to seek out the NYT on the internet to read the NYT on the internet, right? Everyone who uses the internet for news reads newspapers from all over the world, many on a daily basis, WITHOUT even seeking out those sources. Their search for a topic brings up the source. And many people in KC seek out news on the Internet. But go ahead and insult the intelligence of your readers Hearne. It suits you well.

        • admin says:

          I totally understand the Internet, Frank…

          And undoubtedly a number of people either subscribe or pick up a Google search, etc.

          As for those who were following Tyreek, that’s undoubtedly an even smaller number …less so now perhaps. But most Chiefs fans are looking at the cup half full – as in his on field exploits – and little more.

          Hey, even OK State had the you-know-what to kick a star player off its team based upon his actions.

          So a year goes by and now it’s OK to forgive and forget? The Chiefs would undoubtedly have blown him out if it had gone down while he was a member of the team.

          Question: What’s the statute of limitations on heinous behavior?

    • admin says:

      By the way, Mr. Greedo,

      The New York Times also left out the details of Hill’s attack on the mother of his child.

      Look, there was no elevator video of someone getting knocked out but the grizzly details were there for all to see…if they opened their eyes.

      Failure to do so makes it easier for the average Chiefs fan to dismiss the incident.

      That’s far from the case once you read what actually happened.

  2. CG says:

    Hearne, I follow this more than most, I think Hill is an unusually great player as I wrote much before anyone months ago after I saw him in action just a couple times…however he did a terrible thing to her….610 sports spent entire day on this issue and did report her side of the story…they also were very down on him and reported he was being a ‘dad’ to what extent I don’t know…the violence she said he did was reported in the media and on 610…with his skill set and now being ALL PRO and named THE BEST AT HIS POSITION, he has little attention, interviews…even after games its rare they talk to him..why, WHAT YOU JUST WROTE…the media backs away from him…he is mentioned on ESPN, HIS PLAYES ARE REPLAYED but he is never on air…why…his crime…

    I take into account his youth, what did he read on her email or text? Likely he felt she was cheating on him…NO EXCUSE TO HIT HER…but he didn’t he threw her out…she came back in for clothes…we don’t know what she said or did…I’m sure it was explosive on both ends…again no excuse for what he did…had he just thrown her out maybe pushed her out and given her back her things…than this maybe would not have been so terrible…both age 20ish at the time…the punching and choking made it very bad….

    He had no priors…so he was entitled to some consideration…..sadly these incidents happen all too much….and also remember if a women complains even without any evidence…the man is arrested…her words outweigh his in most cases again with no witness or any eveidence..this case had evidence, her injury and his comments….so there you have it…

    The Chiefs keep a tight eye on him and I agree he must be involved with his child and financially take care of the baby…if he turns a new leaf…than he deserves another chance…The baby is fine, she is fine…I don’t know if they are together or not…my guess is no…but I don’t know do you?

    Again what he did was terrible, but the result of violence did not end with her injuries causing an issue with her or child later…that was lucky…lets see how he does now…we have NFL murders going to the hall of fame…he is not that or even close…he was young and dumb…again lets see what happens…so far when he speaks he sounds very humble and sad about all of it…again time will tell.

  3. Standing on third says:

    I picture Hearne in his basement apartment waking every morning with a grumble of The-Star-gonna-get-what-it-deserves-blah-blah-blah.

    Well good for you. You done showed them! Again! I suspect they will just close up now.

    Just saying…

    • admin says:

      Nice one, Standing on Third!

      Vivid imagination, too.

      Tony’s the one with the basement apartment though, I’m the dude with the house in the suburbs in a gated community.

      As for the Star getting what it does or doesn’t deserve, the free markets taking care of that.For my part, I’m a supporter/subscriber.

      Just saying…

  4. CG says:

    It’s become normal for trolls and haters to attack the writer and ‘who’ he thinks the writer is, usually knowing its a lie. Hearne lives in a very nice home, always has, he writes with opinion based on facts or information he finds…as in this story…what he wrote is pretty much true from what I know….yes most sports fans know of Hills crime or mistake…and I am one that wants to give him a chance…so do others…that’s an opinion…but for comment people to constantly put down the writer who is not even talking about himself or bragging is just the way the internet is and shouldn’t be….

    Hearne knows Hill is popular and important to the Chiefs and just tells the story…thats all…sadly a common story today even in the life of large income players in the NFL and NBA…and college sports…way it is today and worse…again I hope Hill continues to be a good guy from now on…and plays as he has…

    • Laura B. says:

      I’m wondering what “Hearne lives in a very nice home” has to do with the rest of your comment. I understand you’re giving a positive review of Hearne’s writing and that a negative story about Hill takes a bit of defending. The house sentence kind of confused me. Does it matter Hearne lives in a nice home, LOL?

      • Jess says:

        Well, just reading between the lines… having read a lot of Glazer’s stuff I think that he equates Money, nice home, etc. with being a made person. So, I read that as “He just writes with what information he has, on topics that get page views. Oh, btw he is not a broke jerkoff or anything… peasants.”

      • admin says:

        Hey Laura,

        My home has nothing to do with this story…that I can see anyway.

        I think Craig got a little carried away making sure people didn’t think I was holed up in somebody’s basement somewhere.

        And for the record, my house doesn’t even have a basement!

    • Frank says:

      “and ‘who’ he thinks the writer is”
      Oh, SLAM!! CG. Somehow it’s your readers’ faults that you and Hearne have a poor setup in your columns that make it completely impossible to discern who’s saying what. I mean, I think “completely impossible” is an accurate description considering how many times you have to say “even though it was my article, that wasn’t me that said that” when someone comments on an article of yours where “someone else” actually made the perceived less than intelligent statement. Again, though, SLAM!!!! Boy’ we’s readers sur is dumb.

  5. chuck says:

    Spot on Hearne.

  6. E.H. says:

    I don’t know. If Tyreek Hill doesn’t have any before’s and after’s you gotta open the possibility he was in a toxic relationship, which is so common with young people. Some couples spit on each other, you ever see that? Can you imagine?

    Anyway, I can’t hold judgement on Tyreek Hill on one incident. You show me a history of violence then yes, I will be very leery about him and would like to see him incarcerated and in treatment.

    One thing I’ve noticed about coming back to this country after being away for over 20 years; it’s insanely PC and there’s A LOT of hate and the middle class has been destroyed. It’s like 90% of the country is ghetto, and it turns once semi-normal middle class people into animals.

    It’s time to move back overseas. YMMV.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Bye Felicia.

    • admin says:

      I dunno, E.H….

      Did you read the level of intense physical abuse Tyreek inflicted on the pregnant mother of his child?

      This is far from a PC crime

    • Oh Brother says:

      Don’t let the gate hit you on the back side, E.H.

      Can’t hold judgment after one incident?? Exactly how many times does he have to beat the shit out of her before you render an opinion? Maybe after he kills her?

  7. David Nelson says:

    I felt 610 and 810 provided excellent coverage on this story and certainly did not sugarcoat it. Whether the Star did or didn’t? Meh….

    • admin says:

      Did they follow up on what he is or isn’t doing with his son?

      I dunno, radio is so fleeting and sports talk radio appeals to a very small slice of the overall population and marketplace.

      So yeah, if you’re a sports radio junkie who happened to catch one of their shows, that’s great. However print – including online – is more far reaching and permanent.

      • David Nelson says:

        I’ll leave the debate between radio and print/online media for another time…. Trying to determine how much he is involved in his son’s life beyond child support is a slippery ethical slope. Does your ex-wife (of your kids) include you on her FB posts w them? Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. If she doesn’t, does that make you uninvolved? Obviously not. Both parents choose not to comment (I assume you also reached out to him) and they are entitled to some privacy on how they raise their child.

  8. chuck says:

    Glaze makes a good point.

    “Again what he did was terrible, but the result of violence did not end with her injuries causing an issue with her or child later…that was lucky…lets see how he does now…we have NFL murders going to the hall of fame…he is not that or even close…”

    I listened to the interviews years ago, of the girls that Ben Roethlisberger raped. It sickened me when he got away with it. He should be in jail next to Derren Sharper. The final straw for me, was when Jameis Winston was drafted. He is a rapist who should be in prison.

    Watch “The Hunting Ground”. Jameis Winston raped Erica Kinsman. P.E.R.I.O.D.

    Rapes on campus, by college athletes is an on going problem, that is obfuscated and excused by College Administrations and local law enforcement, by way of economic necessity. Colleges that depend on financial income from Football, look with a jaundiced and biased eye towards those female victims of rape, in order to preserve the cash flow from those same programs. It is corruption and conspiracy on a “Spotlight” level, that is every bit as disgusting.

    “The Hunting Ground”.

    “Beyond the statistics and myriad talking heads, ranging from former campus police guards to clinical psychologists, the heart of the movie is rooted in the personal stories, whether it’s a father describing the rape of his daughter who committed suicide, or the assault victims themselves, some of whom are men.”

    This, as Glaze mentions, does not address the Murderers like Ray Lewis, who are still at large by way of employing their riches and fame to escape justice.

    Maybe Erica’s dad, is going to wait and wait and wait, then put Jameis Winston in the dirt.

    The NFL and Big Time College Football is as corrupt and immoral in it’s betrayal of their charges, as was the Catholic Church.

  9. Laura B. says:

    I agree with Coach Reid on this subject. Hill made a terrible mistake, he was judged guilty in a court of law, he’s making amends and doing everything he needs to rehabilitate himself. As long as Hill continues to rehabilitate himself and work toward becoming a better person, he’s doing all he can do. Apparently, that’s not enough for some people.

    • admin says:

      Well said, Laura B…

      But getting off the hook with ultra light punishment and taking some PC classes seems pretty modest punishment.

      And assuming he’s doing everything he can to rehabilitate himself and work toward becoming a better person is a leap of faith on your part.

      Taking an active role in his son’s well being would be one sign that he’s trying to be a better person, yet there’s zero evidence of that.

      And other than showing up for court mandated classes, what’s he doing?

      Is he out there speaking publicly, recanting his sins and trying to champion others not committing his crimes and mistakes? I don’t think so.

  10. CG says:

    Chuck does make a good point and I was referring to Ray Lewis as he mentioned. I watched that case and Ray was in custody,prison for nearly a year with no bond…he did stab a guy or two in a fight at a bar with his ‘boys’…was a gang fight over nothing of course, oh respect, I’m sorry..but Ray was older than Hill and it was a murder…likely second degree maybe even self defense don’t know…but he shouldn’t have engaged at that time or place. Now if he was jumped or being robbed, different story, but not the case…we all know about several other cases like OJ…I don’t put Hill in that group at all, he was young and dumb, again lets see what he becomes before we judge him.

    But yes talented players do get big breaks…look they were gonna let the Baltimore running back just get a two game suspension, by Roger the dodger….same guy who benched Brady for four games for his asst. letting air out of a ball that mattered not…later after video showed Ray Rice just knock his girl with a solid man swing to the face, a punch…which Roger had scene, the guy was kicked out of the league…he did marry that girl..huh.

  11. Mysterious J says:

    Congrats for your first byline on your own website in nearly a month!

  12. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    And in other news. Bob Stoops has offered full ride scholarships to the two guys who kidnapped and tortured that special needs kid in Chicago.

    Too soon?

    • admin says:

      Definitely, Guy…

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Sorry. My loathing for Bob Stoops knows no bounds. His treatment of the Joe Mixon situation is a prime example. And don’t forget, Stoops is the same coach who put Dorial Green-Beckham on scholarship immediately after he was booted from the Mizzou team for repeated arrests, one of which being domestic violence. Not only that, but Stoops had the audacity to actually petition the NCAA to waive the requirement that Green-Beckham sit out a year due to transfer rules. Why he (Stoops) doesn’t get raked over the coals is beyond me.

  13. CG says:

    J Hearne of course has written many stories in the last month…not much on sports, not his thing….and less than he used too due to his moving, new home, holidays etc…thats all.

  14. Truth says:

    I going to guess your not an advid sports fan. Similarly to how your hell bent that Hill is a bad father and in general waiting to expose himself as a fraud. I believe in second chances, because we are all not perfect. I also believe that you never hit a women . But, since your not a sports fanatic than maybe you’d realize that this happens and will continue probably forever. Athletes, stars, anyone of significance tends to somehow or way get away with lesser punishments. I know that part of the point your making , but there are/is many before Hill with crimes or negative acts that we tend to sweep under the rug. Like the passion but your late to the party.

    • admin says:

      Actually, I’ve been at the party practically from the get go…

      At various time, I’ve been a ridiculously avid sports fan.

      I’m no Paul Wilson!

      Let’s just say I’m a recovering sports junkie. I’ll watch the big playoff games and the odd event here or there…but i don’t throw anything at the TV and there’s no dejection or sulking, whatever the result!

      Of course I recognize that jocks often get off easy – like Hill here – but once I read through the heinous details of his actions, it was clear he got off waaaay too easy.

      Not every crime warrants a mulligan is my take.

      How about a second chance for Charles Manson?

      But from the looks of things, he’s getting too good a pass for his actions and appears to be blowing smoke up the local media’s you-know-what and nobody’s calling him on it.

      Writing a check – one that may be court mandated – for child support is one thing. Being a father, quite another.

      • Truth says:

        Perhaps you are right and he is said wolf in sheeps clothing just giving the public the correct lip service. But all you or I have is information that is accessible to us. (I’ve done zero research) the information you write a also watered down from information that a writer wrote about and so on. Sounds like you social media investigated, but you are also stating your bias opinion rather than fact, of his lack of fatherhood responsibility. Also nowhere did I see any actual court transcript cited, which generally open to public. My point being they (attorneys) came to agreement that may reflect why he got off easier than you like. His omission of guilt was for what they agree to plea guilty to and may not be every horrible detail in your column. Maybe some points to story are inaccurate, maybe unwinnable, or maybe she settled out of court. So if you been to party from the beginning I’d think you’d have better intel rather than more personal opinion. Just like you past judgement on Mr. hill I feel like your not a sports guy your a yeah I saw it kind of guy. You animal!!! Jokes aside keep doing you sir.

        • admin says:

          Actually, the information about what Hill did was from courtroom testimony that resulted in his conviction and expulsion from the Oklahoma State football program…on the heels of him having turned in a critical performance resulting in OK State defeating rival Oklahoma.

          My social media “investigation” was actually somewhat telling…I’ll explain more in a short followup.

          You are correct in that I’m weighing in with an opinion based on known facts and a limited amount of direct investigation.

          As for being a sports guy – eh – I am and I’m not. I’m not a sports groupie, jock sniffer and fantasy kinda guy. But I do have an interest and follow sports.

          Thanks for weighing in!

  15. Kerouac says:

    “Hill ‘threw her around like a ragdoll.”

    – payback is a…well, you know, right tyweak? Form the PITT Steelers, the karma that came to call ‘weak’s persona non grata performance the football field on Sunday, and made him kiss the turf, often. Perhaps, as the swiss (wait till next year), so we should do the same re: ‘weak’ and his on ‘and’ off field travails as the swiss same former case. If Kerouac were a betting man, would wager this story won’t end well… either case.


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