Hearne: Where’d You Guys Go?

7fe4c542477d079f4ada0cddbbccbd84Ever catch something you couldn’t quite shake?

Well, that’s kinda what happened to KC Confidential a few days ago. Oh I could have dropped everything and had it sorted out in a day or so probably. However, as many of you know, I’m a double agent now and I have a few other fish to fry in a manner of speaking.

Plus, being a nice at internet bugs and things of that sort, I took an investigative approach to sorting things out. So things dragged on a little longer than need be, truth be told.

Not that KCC’s absence escaped notice.

top-10-sightings-intro-324x205Some dude named Nick made – by his count -a dozen attempts to put me on the spot.

I offered to speak with him but he opted out, insisting that it be a one way conversation with him asking all the questions and me doing all the on-record tap dancing.

Ah, the future of journalism…

In any case, allow me to make two things clear.

First, if I were a little smarter, this might not have happened. And second, we may not be all of the way out of the woods yet.

Full disclosure, Nick.

However for now, let’s move forward and see how far we get!

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11 Responses to Hearne: Where’d You Guys Go?

  1. Libertarian says:

    That’s one way to get rid of Harley.

    Welcome back, Hearne.

  2. Jack Springer says:

    Must be the Russians.

  3. CFP Cowboy says:

    Perhaps we all took a holiday, and we’re better for it, me because I received my laptop back from HP with a new hard drive (Thank goodness for Carbonite, but it is still a hassle). We took a holiday during the political civil war, and what is likely to follow. I am in enough trouble with a friend for our continued argument about what is about to happen. We agree that there is no way either candidate can govern, should they win, and I will end with that.
    More than most, I understand that some people have one tool in their arsenal and no logic to adapt. Even my illustrious opposition thinks, so maybe it is the simple situation that I have filled my schedule a little beyond capacity, and I have been a little less than tolerant. Welcome back.

  4. ??? says:

    So pretty weak explanation. Not going to lie, I will still visit this site, but only from a live usb operating system that runs completely in the RAM with no access to ROM. Google flat out said your site may have been hacked. A whois search indicated many markers of a site that has been compromised.

    “And second, we may not be all of the way out of the woods yet.” Is not very reassuring to visitors of your site.”

    Because if someone like Harley, who has an axe to grind with you, and obviously others who visit this site, was able to get his “team of geeks” to hack your site, then it might not be safe for anyone. Corrupted websites don’t just attack paulwilson or CG, they attack indiscriminately against anyone who visits.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      If they want to attack me they need to get in line…

    • Nick says:

      +1 on the USB OS concept: WordPress can be securely configured, but it is obvious Hearne has no concept about even basic SSL/TLS concepts, much less advanced FW and malware subsystems.

      The fact the Bluehost suspended this site speaks volumes, Hearne’s protestations to the contrary.

  5. Stomper says:

    ??? +1

    When he wrote on Hearne’s piece about him, “my computer boys can make it happen” I assumed that Harley was the one that hacked the site and shut it down.

  6. Kerouac says:

    The length’s lyin’ (and soon to be indicted) ‘h’ildabeast goes to try & silence critics & shut down dissent & websites… too little, too late.

    ‘Making America Great Again’ 2016 and aft begins in just 4 days – TRUMP 2016!


  7. sneaker says:

    Perhaps you have a crappy web host? Or this hackers playground of a platform your using called WordPress.

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