Glazer: Cross Your Fingers, Buckle Up, Here Comes This Year’s Chiefs

tuckTalk is that the Kansas City Chiefs will win the division title this season…

That makes sense after finally winning a playoff game last year. Especially after head coach Andy Reid‘s team started out 1-5 and reeled off 10 straight wins to make it to the dance.

Nobody saw that one coming.

Plus the Chiefs did it without Justin Houston and star running back Jamaal Charles – both were injured. However ESPN placed them as the 16th best team going into this season with Denver – that lost its star quarterback – winning the division again and perhaps the AFC.

Fans are hopeful but as always not confident.

Everyone is on a wait and see basis.

The core stars on this team are seeing the window for a Super Bowl starting to close.

VozQB Alex Smith and Charles may be in their last couple of years on offense with the Chiefs. In fact, Andy has placed Nick Foles, one of his favorite guys at backup quarterback behind Alex…just in case.

The Chiefs had a nice running attack without Charles last season headed up by Spencer Ware and Charcandrick West.

The Chiefs defense may also be seeing that same window closing with the aging of Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali and question marks surrounding the future of Eric Berry.

They do have the young guys stepping in like Marcus Peters on defense and Travis Kielce on offense. And I have my eye on wide out Jeremy Maclin and Chris Conley. There are plenty of others on their way up as well.

However, it seems the burden of Get r done rests both on Alex Smith and his offense, as well as seeing if the Kansas City defense can match up with teams like Denver and Pittsburgh in the AFC.

Smith has been a decent quarterback, but now he needs to be even better if Kansas City is going to go to a Super Bowl or even an AFC title game.

The talent seems to be there.

KC is returning almost everyone from last year except Sean Smith and a banged up linebacking group without Houston to start the season. We all know for a defense to be a stopper you have to put pressure on the other teams quarterback. Can we?

Las Vegas has KC winning 9-10 games, a borderline playoff team.

There is fear that Oakland might be on the rise as well.

The Chargers should have a down year, but you just never know.

Too early to make any predictions.

I do think KC might have the best overall team we’ve seen in a couple decades. We haven’t been to an AFC title game since the 1993 season with Joe Montana. Wow. And no Super Bowl since the 1969 season with Len Dawson.

We’re definitely due!
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38 Responses to Glazer: Cross Your Fingers, Buckle Up, Here Comes This Year’s Chiefs

  1. Jeez glaze how stupid can one man be.
    Seriously…I have been waiting for another horrible accessment of the chiefs
    just like always.
    we have smith (if he produces) for as long as we want him….and qb’s will
    be plentiful in the next 2 drafts…our receiving corps is young and very
    very good……jmac/conley/kelce…and your comment is that they are
    seeing a window closing.
    How stupid.
    Defense….we have some huge stars….cornerbacks are young….berry will
    still be an all star/all pro (he got the franchise tag you fool) and he’s
    readyproviced he can stay cancer free and healthy. Both side corners
    are ready to be all pro….where the hell did you get this crap from?
    Did you see our linebacking corp…even without Johnson we have some
    incredible linebackers…
    of course the best kicker in the nfl….one of the best punters….
    Again…just as you did with the royals…with dumpster…you’ve gone over the
    cliff on this one. Maybe do some research……hali and Johnson are playing
    less as the new studs move in.
    As usual I expect a complete turn around many times this season.
    Just like last…when after going 1-5 you said “LETS BOYCOTT THE CHIEFS
    AND ARROWHEAD”……………another major faceplant and totally out of
    bounds comment.
    THE WINDOW IS NOT CLOSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the only window that closed was when you were getting your b*lls licked by
    jr and his sidekick and the window closed on your head leaving you with
    this article to write.
    What a mess……………
    WIN GOING FOR YOU NOW? Would love to hear about your and southern
    mans take on that.
    Nothing personal glaze…just that you continue to dig another hole for yourself
    to dig out of with the chiefs.
    Harley remains the top commentator while chucklets gets excited because the
    Nazi lovers and white supremacists have taken over dumpsters campaign.
    Wow….I thought maybe I had taught you how to analyze and make intelligent
    comments when writing on kcc.
    Well…I can only help you so much. After that…you sink on your own.
    take care….hope things are going good.
    Your friend and mentor:

    • miket says:

      window is closing on you too harles. one day, you’ll be wailing away in some dark forbidding corner of your imagination when all of sudden BOOOM!!! daylight crashes in, someone unleashes a torrent of cold water from a firehose on you and wraps you up for a nice ride to a nice quiet, uh, “home” somewhere very far away from other people.

      or, you could just blink hard, keel over, and die right then and there. But don’t worry, k-rac will be there to clean up the mess.

      • Harley Exposed says:

        MikeT, we know who he is. Just wait, it’s going to be good.

      • mIKE T: WONT HAPPEN.
        Harley is in excellent shape. come work out with me dude.
        Harley is in great emotional shape…biz is good…family
        is great….he sees the future as it is….and he mentally
        prepared to rock the world.
        I have a huge family….great friends….a great life and as you
        read my comments you can see that I am the most intelligent
        person here on kcc.
        I’ve show wislon/chuckles/whiney/smartman/glaze/hearne.
        kerowacky/ and the rest of the clown on kcc that Harley
        is ALWAYS right. Read my comments from July 2015where
        I talked of a landslide for Hillary long before anyone..and
        I mean anyone even thought that would happen.
        Read my articlesfrom 2012…read my take on the royals..
        the chiefs…
        In my comment on this story I outlined the current state of
        the chiefs which was completely backed by statsand
        numbers (which don’t lie). Glaze wrote an absolutely
        horrible analysis of this team. Ipointed out by position
        the good and bad….and we have much that is good…
        LOOKS LIKE.
        Not ready to “go” yet…much left to do in this great life.
        As you can see and as you have said in the past on kcc…
        Harley is on the spot nails down the best here.
        Few people can analyze or decipher stats and information
        like Harley can. And I’ve proven it time and time again.
        Again…youhave no facts to proveme wrong. Get some facts..
        get some ideas that prove my comment incorrect.
        Lets see if you are headed to adark room.
        It’snothing personal….but Harley is well connected and
        well in being able to know how things work and what the
        final situation will look like.
        Just look over my comments…they are spot on and I get
        dozens of emails where readers/disciples and followers
        agree with me point by point.
        Good luck Miket. I wish you luck in whatever you do.
        I know you’re a lot older than me and you’re not as
        opinionated….but I do wish you and your family success in
        Just as I do glaze…good fun guy…a barrel of laughs probably..
        fun to hang with ….but Harley isn’t another glazxe.
        I live my life today…not in the 80’s or 90’s.
        again…prove me wrong…I’d enjoy seeing someone at least
        “try to prove me wrong”….its never happened on kcc.
        thanks for being a reader and follower
        Your friend

        • miket. says:

          oh harley, i’m not out to prove you wrong, nor anyone else. that game is for lawyers, egotists and people with anger issues.

          you simply missed my point, maybe because you overlooked the joke i was trying to make at your expense. everyone runs out of time, the clock ticks for us all. everything ends eventually whether a job, an errand or a life – wonderful or horrible, real or imagined.

          i thank you for the well wishes.

          but i still think you’re a nut job… no proof required.

          • sorry mike t…read your personal story months
            Harley looks much better than glaze…in better
            physical shape…with no gut….can get classier/
            better quality/intelligent highly rated women
            while he and the rest of kcc clan live in the 60’s/70’s
            80’s an 90’s.
            I’m not a nut job…just got so much going on right
            now that life is great…don’t think of final
            days…too much to do before I go…and live
            each day with a smile.

  2. CG says:

    Gee I’m so sorry for my not knowing all you know…how dumb can I be…window closing? You are right we have Alex for years and years…gee how did I not see that..DJ for years and years…all those guys forever…gee, am I dumb or what!!! OH and the draft of course our window is open plenty of future picks.

    • nothing personal glaze again…the window isn’t closing…we’re just
      getting the team the way reed wants it…that’s all.
      chiefs should have a very good team…don’t knowthe odds but
      the schedule looks average.
      What do you think of kapernick?
      crazy….but I feel for the veterans ( chuck included) who fought
      and died for this nation and this fool can’t have the decency to
      stand for the anthem.
      As always…I may disagree on everything with chuck…but I thank him for his service!
      I’ve read comments from vets and
      Many said it was insignificant and that vets had bigger problems to overcome.
      that instead of wasting energy on this ridiculous act we need to figure out
      how to improve the services they get after they leave the service.
      God bless all veterans. they deserve the best!
      God bless America/

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    Your boy Sanchez is on his last leg. Still sorry they got Alex instead?

    Peter Kings writes The Chiefs have had a good summer in terms of getting healthy—and, presumably, that means Eric Berry playing opening day against San Diego after his summer holdout—and the defense will be good enough. But everyone who’s been through Chiefs camp says Alex Smith, in his fourth season with Andy Reid, has had a boffo off-season. If Smith is efficient and can stay healthy and focused on making three or four more downfield throws a game, Kansas City will be a January factor.

    • it has been aweird pre season…2 one point loses…a jump ball ending…
      but I’ve been to camp and smith now has the recievers…jmac/conley/
      kelce and the others who make the team….
      no more excuses for smith…if they don’t make the playoffs it will be
      a huge idsappoiintment….but it won’t be because of smith.
      He’s got the guys who can create space on their routes and the speed
      and size is incredible.
      Saw conley ….he’s a monster…and a smart smart guy with top quality
      work ethic. Got hurt last year and that hurt. But look for him to join
      jmac and kelse as big time receivers……running backs like reaves can
      give Charles much needed breaks in games….defense: gotta go with
      2 all pro corners and eric berry…..and looking over their non conference
      schedule it’s not to difficlut to see them have a great season.
      But whoever concocted this arrowhead parking plan of $30/$40 and prepay/
      and map your route etc. should be fired or get atrolley from royals stadium
      parking to arrowhead….this is the craziest thing ive ever seen since
      the days the A’s played at Muni stadium on Brooklyn where you’d park
      your car on some guys front yard.
      go chiefs.

      • admin says:

        Harley the Magnificent?

        • yes hearne….no tricks but lots of correct information
          that astounds my readers/followers and disciples.
          I mean the title is really appropriate and if you
          read my other blog writings you would see that
          it goes way beyond politics and sports.
          It includes local events that I’ve spoken about and
          my story on colin and his not standing for the pledge
          of allegiance.
          A quick synopsis of my story is that every sunday millions of Americans will “Stand for the playing of
          the pledge of allegiance”. From sporting events to
          Olympic medal ceremonies….millions of people every
          week stand for the playing of our anthem. Even Mr.
          Bolt showed his respect when during an interview
          cut short his comments to show his respect for our
          nation and our anthem.
          So how can one idiot, mr. Colon (notice the name
          change) get everyone so riled up. Just as many of
          our own pro players his life will not change. He’s one
          of 50 million who won’t stand for the song. He’ll collect his million dollar weekly paycheck from an organization
          that’s part of an organization where blacks make up
          probably 70% of the members. He’ll drive home in his
          200K automobile and probably be stopped 3-4 times
          cause the police think he stole the car….go to his home
          worth 6 million dollars in a gated community which
          almost all the residents are white.
          I say why even pay attention to this colon fool. He will not be rememberd for anything but what passes he
          threw on the field and how well he played qb.
          One guy wants to try to be an idiot. And then you
          have a young black girl who didn’t put her hand on her
          heart during the national anthem at the Olympics
          and she gets more hate mail than some white guy
          who spray paints his hair and pisses in a bathroom
          in rio after a drunken party.
          Folks…we have too much else to worry about.
          Many vets I talked with about colon said they could
          really care less. They were more concerned with the
          happenings at the VA….privatization/lack of doctors/
          slow times (which were made worse because of the
          Iraq war….where we added another 250,000 wounded
          to the already swelling numbers of vets using the VA
          and who were living 20 years longer than the government anticipated 30 years ago and which the
          republicans had continuously cut funding to the va
          and slapping guys like McCain and Bob Dole in the
          face for being war heros.
          So forget colon. He’s baked his cake. Let him eat
          cake as the French say. Hopefully he chokes on it and
          we can get to solving the real problems we have.
          But no matter what…I wouldn’t live anywhere else.
          America is still the most exceptional nation ever created and will continue to be no matter what chuck/or dumpster/or glaze or kerowacky or whiney or wislon
          or southern man might believe or say.
          God Bless America!

        • LanceTheIntern says:

          “Mizzou” education.

          • YES…Missouri proud…..and when I get
            hundreds of apps from ku grads looking for
            jobs I wonder…how far has ku fallen…they
            have no money…brownie took care of that….
            so MU rolls….slight off year…but mu has so
            much money from the sec change its only

          • LanceTheIntern says:

            What other blog writings? Can you provide a link?

  4. Kerouac says:

    Of open windows and the usual overhype KC: the fensetra has been accessible nigh 47 years now without being traversed, while Fata Morgana a local media creates annually same remains the best comedy venue this side of Stanford and Sons.

    Reality be, the ‘World Champion’ Broncos and Oakland Raiders have 3x the number of Superbowl wins as the swiss – even the Chargers have been Super more recently (sans ticket purchase) than the the swiss, the latter (along with the Jets & Lions) continue to be the longest suffering NFL organizations with no relief imminent, appears (even the MLB Cubs look poised to succeed before the swiss ever will.)

    1 Broncos
    2 Raiders
    3 Chargers
    4 Chiefs

    Denver still head and shoulders better than the rest, Raiders lacking but experience to match up, while the Lightning Bolts and Swiss once again battle to stay out of the cellar (latter looks like an .500 team at best, 7 to 9 wins their apex, with apologies the annual overhype proponents local media/fandumb.)

    Speaking of the latter’s propensity to make into Hall of Famer’s training camp fodder, this season’s wunderkind and ‘Jessie Haynes Over-hype Award’ goes to Ty’weak’ Hill – goes more so those who create such nonsense annually and ad nauseam. In preseason, #81 has done nothing, save for last game when he pushed off (pass interference), then allowed the ball to hit the ground (incomplete pass), fortunate beneficiary not one but two non-calls; yeah, he’s the Real Deal too (like Haynes, Greg Hill, etc. etc. etc.)

    Elsewhere, last year’s over-hype Toast Peters is still getting beaten like a drum; as his football forefather Willie Mitchell back in the 1960’s, #22 is still getting thrown at more than any other DB in KC, an occasional blind squirrel moment his offset by long gains & td passes surrendered. Defense otherwise appears a sieve too, but with the return of ‘I Can’t Cover Yo Grandma’ Dinkle-Berry, a creaky-kneed Tamba ‘Running In Molasses’ Hali & Justin ‘I Never Made an Gamechanging Sack In My Life’ Houston, Chiefs have a problem on D… it’s not getting better anytime soon.

    While a plethora of pretenders have fiddled in KC the last half century or so, the ‘World Champion’ Broncos & Raiders have each won 3x as many Superbowl’s while appearing in even more – even the Chargers were more recently Super contestants than our Red & Mustard Yellow outfits, Swiss Chiefs being the only AFC West team not ‘matriculate their way down the field’ to an date with destiny, since. Kerouac suspects the Swiss will make it to a Superbowl on the same day Andy Reid learns to manage a game clock and fork, knife and spoon better. Upshot: ‘Wait till next year, Part 2017, Verse 48’


    • miket. says:

      “Of open windows and the usual overhype KC: the fensetra has been accessible nigh 47 years now without being traversed…”

      damn near poetic, k-rac. you write funny, but now and then a lick of prose proud of Yoda would be, hmmm?

  5. CG says:

    Yes K is an awesome writer. He of course is not a fan of KC pro teams, Chiefs or Royals. Until the Royals won the series last year, one could see his points. The Chiefs have been a poor franchise for nearly 50 years, one of the NFL’s worst…so he has grounds…the Royals with a post season coming this year it appears, are no longer a doormat. So K give one of the teams some credit. We are all amazed at the ‘comeback’ this season. Clearly KC is the American Leagues best again, at this point. Their pitching is baseball’s best right now…hitting is also coming back. With a weak final month of opposition, things look very good for the Royals, in fact a division title is beginning to look more than likely… you just can’t piss on the Royals anymore…at least not this team..

    K the Chiefs have been just another NFL team for years, if the D shows up this season, this could be their year….of course an injury or two could change that as we know…but as of seasons start, they look like perhaps the AFC’s best…lets see how it goes K….again both franchises have been beyond horrid for decades so the attacks are warranted…no doubt…but things change…there are few New Englands in the NFL or St. Louis Cards in the MLB…

  6. Kerouac says:

    “Yes K is an awesome writer.”

    – or, put another: in a postulate field sports scribes made up intellectual diminutives, even the steady pen must be judged effulgence…

    “He of course is not a fan of KC pro teams, Chiefs or Royals.”

    – He is embraced by shame (eh, not so much). Reality: no one loved KC sports teams yore Chiefs and A’s more than Kerouac – no one. Modern versions however cannot in good conscience be referred as ‘pro’ teams, any corner one searches a $ellout $porting world venue 2016/since 1969 same – give me the integrity that once was, or, give me old grainy video yesteryear every season…

    “Until the Royals won the series last year, one could see his points.”

    – nod Yogi-ism, ‘it’s deja vue all over again’. Different team, same helping hand: until the fraud-Chiefs snuck into the one-year only wild card format door post season ’69* (precursor the since and to date modern fraud sports $y$tem), truth remains: et tu swiss, the 47 years since?

    “The Chiefs have been a poor franchise for nearly 50 years, one of the NFL’s worst”

    – already covered that; let’s turn our attention toward KC’s other frauds, the Royals…

    “the Royals with a post season coming this year it appears”

    – way to hedge that bet, CG…’it was light it was dark, it was light it was dark’…

    “are no longer a doormat.”

    – just a fraud, no different the sporting rest ’69 to date and hereaft…

    “So K give one of the teams some credit.”

    – rotten fish or Limburger cheese: awash in the glory six of one half a dozen the other…

    “We are all amazed at the ‘comeback’ this season.”

    – “You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.” – Charles Manson

    “Clearly KC is the American Leagues best again, at this point.”

    – filed the category ‘Facts, we don’t need no stinking facts’: for Pete’s (and integrity’s) sake – 3rd in their own division, 5 1/2 games behind and tied for but 7th AL in an post season field only allows a gracious overabundance 5 entrants; very impressive indeed.

    “Their pitching is baseball’s best right now…hitting is also coming back. With a weak final month of opposition, things look very good for the Royals, in fact a division title is beginning to look more than likely”

    – the Aflac duck shakes his head incredulity: ‘ah HAH?!?


    – quite…

    “so you just can’t piss on the Royals anymore…at least not this team.”

    – so affirmed by Joe Namath 1968 and the Chiefs ’69, ditto Bob Beamon, Leon Spinks, Buster Douglass and a long list others same. Encores? Take a number, have a seat and settle in.


    – yes CG, what is it now?

    “the Chiefs have been just another NFL team for years, if the D shows up this season, this could be their year….of course an injury or two could change that as we know…but as of seasons start, they look like perhaps the AFC’s best”

    – that’s one ‘if’, two variations a ‘could’ and ‘could be’, a ‘but’ and a ‘perhaps’… somehow, Kerouac is just not feelin’ it.

    “…lets see how it goes K….again both franchises have been beyond horrid for decades so the attacks are warranted”

    – I knew you’d see things my way, CG…

    “no doubt”

    – good man…

    “but things change…there are few New Englands in the NFL or St. Louis Cards in the MLB.”

    – and alas no 1960s’ Packers, Canadians, Celtics or any the other legit teams/players once proliferated in the greatest sports era ever, 20th century. Re: the modern farce, nod an old song: ‘you can have em’ I don’t want em’ they’re too (fraud) fat for me’…


    • CG says:

      OK K have it your way…I report whats going on now…Royals did suck, now they are on fire…sure that could change again…we’ll see…I think they have a soft road to the finish for post season and them playing a few games over .500 the rest of the way seems likely and thus post season….hey injuries, bad luck, a cold spell sure it could all change…but I don’t see that right now. Never know.

    • even though you’re wrong 90% of the time on your predictions
      (royals in world series/dumpster etc.)
      you did a nice job of using facts/stats/etc. to prove your point.
      It would be great if others did the same.
      Nice job….although I disagree….interesting fun read.
      and that’s cool!
      good luck….

  7. Kerouac says:

    “OK K have it your way”

    – tut tut tut, CG – this isn’t Burger King, rather, be a reality check. Each of us to our own device/opines, but my point (steadfast since day one) is all $port$ since 1969 is fraudulent, revenue driven. Kerouac prefers base his reality filtered, with a healthy dose integrity in lieu that standard compromise, ‘well, that’s just the way things are done today’ too many folks embrace… well, not on my watch.

    “…I report whats going on now”

    – me too… put another: you report we decide, nod Fox. This is what a discussion forum provides for, be it to dissent or affirm (no lesser than Mr. Spock himself used to consult Kerouac whenever the former was having difficulty his own understanding of logic)…

    “…Royals did suck, now they are on fire”

    – no different than a team with momentum early fourth quarter football or basketball, 3rd period in hockey or top of the 9th in baseball that proceeds to do what it does best based on its history – fall short (which is to say, they are most often a dumpster fire.)

    “sure that could change again”

    – for better… or worse (worse usually, case the fraud-royals spaketh history, the odds and the baseball God’s.)

    “we’ll see…”

    – good, we end with consensus…


  8. CG says:

    Ah the prediction game, if anyone was great at it, they’d be rich from Vegas bets…hey there are a few ‘groups’ and individuals who do just that. However in the media not so much, we often go for the pride pick, the home team pick, the winner we want to see not who ends up with the ring. Fans are just that, fans. Sticking to ‘your’ team is common in KC. Of course…it’s OUR TEAM. Look at this years Royals. Two time world series team back to back, some great defense, outstanding pitching talent, solid hitters, yet they fell apart early in the regular season and were quickly snubbed by ESPN and other national media. Our own media wrote them off a month ago or less. Even 610 broadcasted the ‘we give up’ on this year. Now they are back in it big time. So all the ‘fans’ are saying see told you so! Sports change is so often and intense. Injuries to a star player or two can destroy a great club. The Cowboys in football seem to always be loaded with talent, but their quarterback Tony Romo is just an injury bug and now his career is likely coming to an end. He never got there though he is a tremendous talent. The list is long on almosts.

    Our Chiefs have just not had the overall talent, the quarterback or the coaching to get there since Hank Stram and perhaps Marty, so they haven’t gone far. This year the team looks to have an abundance of talent on offense. Alex Smith should be ready to step up, he seems to understand his game and what Andy Reid is selling. To me the defense is the big question. Can this team get to the quarterback. WHO will lead that charge. Tamba is just simply aging and injured, Houston is now in year two of being down for weeks and we don’t know if he will ever be what he was or we hoped he would be…so a new face has to show up. Dee Ford hasn’t looked to be that guy, but hey Eric Fisher was a bust, now he is considered a very good tackle and a key part of this offense working.

    Denver will try and make a run with no experienced quarterback running the show to this point…or a winning quarterback. Oakland may be still too young even with a talented quarterback, their defense is in question as well. San Diego is now aging and not looking to be a contender. So the Chiefs are the likely pick to win their division.

    New England is the best coached team in the NFL and Tom Brady will be back soon enough. The Steelers are well coached and have Big Ben and some offensive weapons, their D is in question. Indy fell on their face last year, will they come back? Bengals find ways to fall apart at seasons end every year. So KC is in the early mix as an AFC champ for sure. It may just come down to who stays healthy at seasons end and will Alex Smith finally be the guy. Simple as that.

    • Shawnster says:

      The problem in my estimation, is the defense. Too old, to weak in the secondary, and a lack of a pass rush will conspire to doom our season before it starts. I’m not on the bandwagon this time or any more. The Chiefs always do the wrong thing. They get a decent QB in Smith, fail to give him a line or WR’s for a few years. Give a huge contract to Houston, fail to work out a deal for Berry. Give complete control of the organization to a clueless, ego-maniac from New England. Fail to start a future MVP at QB in the playoffs with Gannon, over a broken-down reject in Grbac, who cost us our best shot at the Superbowl. Low-ball and cut Lowrey over a few lousy dollars and then sign Elliot. How did that work? It’s always the same thing with them. They never learn.

      • miket. says:

        “they”… odd how they is a string of different coaches and gms and presidents over a period of years, decades even. there is only one thing unchanged in all that time – ownership. not counting the first names.

        so it either begins and ends there… or the team, or the hunts, are cursed.

        • CG says:

          Good point Mike…I think Lamar just got married to Carl and let him do anything he wanted and that led to problems everywhere….Carl had some great people around him, but he was clearly a dictator who made some bad decisions over the years, Rich Gannon, Nick Lowery on and on…So Lamar hit a point where he ‘let the team go’ to another person, Peterson. We saw this again with the New England ‘Guru’ that wasn’t…

          Clark wants the Chiefs to be what they were back in the days of Hank Stram…getting Andy Reid was a first big step, going after the best available veteran qb in Smith was another…so far it has brought the Chiefs some stability but no Super Bowl…again it seems this year or next is the Chiefs best shot in years at the big prize…hey its always a long shot..unless you are New England…

          • no glaze….carl made lamar A BAGFUL OF BIG
            HE THOUGHT HE COUL GET…..
            LOVED HIM FOR THAT.
            $40 A CAR! and they’ll get it….

  9. Goose13 says:

    We won 11 straight last year. NO one. NO one predicted that. Anything can happen. Everyone thought they were dead in the beginning of the year last year. Not so. Let it play out. Does the phrase “Any given Sunday” ring a bell?

  10. CG says:

    Now about those Royals!!! Welp two loses in a row for the first time in a month…two extra inning games and our offense is just a bit soft…I mean a man on third on outs in the 13th and its your fastest guy..don’t score to even tie it! Not good, not Royals baseball…maybe the sports media is right the hill is just too big…long winning streaks or winning 2 of 3 in each series over and over runs out of gas…the Royals are still sure in it. However those were major setbacks and emotional ones…I fear if we lose two of three to the Tigers and the amount of games gets less and less, it may fall apart…again who knows…you can’t win them all.

    • 6 games with Cleveland…6 games with Minnesota….wait til sept.
      16 to give me your take.
      Hosmer needs to listen to the coaches…trying to hit too hard. You can
      tell when he’satbat.
      If he wants his 175 million he better pick it up. Time does not stop in baseball.
      Saw alex Gordon having lunch today…no one recognized hm or said anything
      to him ……he needs to pick things up!

    • miket. says:

      fescoe is saying they can only lose 9 more and (maybe) have a lock on a wildcard spot. i agree, but hard to do.

      losing 2 of out of 3 to a surging yankee team, also in the hunt, in xtra innings no less, no shame and you’re still in it.

      day off… back at it against a division opp, at home… i think they’ll get a second wind. pitchers… they gotta be drivin’ the bus.

  11. Kerouac says:



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