Lefsetz: Good Riddance Huffpo, Arianna Huffington

vLoi4VJhHe not busy being born is busy dying…

Or, if you prefer your musical references via the UK as opposed to the US, as Dave Edmunds once sang, “Crawling from the wreckage, crawling from the wreckage, INTO A BRAND NEW CAR!

In case you missed the memo – and I doubt you truly care – Arianna Huffington ankled the Huffington Post, to focus on her wellness company. Which is like A-Rod leaving the playing field to become a Yankee advisor. He was toast and no one ever wanted to listen to him anyway; his expertise was doing his own damn job, at best.

And what is Arianna’s job?

Being famous and getting rich.

The HuffPo was a good idea that followed its initially hyped vision ever so briefly.

The HuffPo was gonna take back the dialogue from the right, was gonna own the web if not talk radio. All the liberals ingesting about Bush would have their own platform, where they’d write…for free.

Think about that, it wouldn’t go over today.

That’s a dead paradigm. We’ll cough up cat videos, post pictures of weddings and anniversaries, but those who provide content for a living – those who are writers – are on to the scam. They’re not working for free.

Not that there aren’t people who will.

Welcome to the modern web, where everybody’s posting but the caliber of writing is so godawful that no one is reading. We don’t even know if your ideas are half-baked, we can’t get past the headline.

And the HuffPo was all about headlines.

It was about search engine optimization to generate clicks which sold advertising.

And the team that developed this paradigm wanted to cash out, and did. And the progenitor moved on to create BuzzFeed, and the HuffPo ended up a couple of years and a couple of changes behind it.

Now let’s give credit where credit is due… The HuffPo invented CLICKBAIT!

You know, all those saucy headlines that lead to non-stories. The HuffPo specialized in that. When it started we were still susceptible. But today, Facebook has mounted an assault against clickbait; it ruins the customer experience. But what kind of experience is it when the whole damn site is clickbait?

That’s today’s Huffington Post. A lot of headlines and images but no content. It’s the news equivalent of a Twinkie.

marissa_new4_400x400But Arianna became more famous and got more rich and the last laugh is on us.

That’s the game today. Marissa Mayer does bupkes at Yahoo but gets rich in the process. It’s about one and done. Having your payday. And then living the good life ever after.

This is not Steve Jobs on a mission to change the world, taking a dollar a year in pay. This is all about cashing out, and staying out.

So, you know that the HuffPo was sold to AOL. And you know that AOL was sold to Verizon. And now there’s no place for Arianna, she’s a cog in a machine that doesn’t want her. But the truth is Tim Armstrong and the AOL brass ultimately didn’t want her either.

But this is less about Arianna than the site, the HuffPo itself.

It was cutting edge once and didn’t keep up with the times and is now marginalized. A thrill when it launched, now the left wingers would much rather go to Nate Silver‘s 538. At least there’s data there, to go along with the analysis; it’s not all puff pieces, empty calories.

And it’s not only the HuffPo, it’s Perez Hilton too. They both kept expanding into new territories, the HuffPo even launching a divorce vertical and Perez/Mario getting into fashion and pets. But these expansions looked exactly like what they were, land grabs to sell more advertising, and we’re sick of ads, we want substance.

So, BuzzFeed does clickbait better than the HuffPo. It’s clickbait with a twist, they create the content, and source it out everywhere, as opposed to the HuffPo consolidating others’ stories.

Aggregation sites are history;we’re inundated with links.

We now live in an app economy, on our mobile devices. We choose who gets through the filter and if you don’t, you’re irrelevant.

And Facebook at least pays lip service to its users. The HuffPo was almost always above its target audience, holier-than-thou just like Arianna herself.

It’s a modern tech story, no different from Osborne Computer or Kaypro or WordPerfect or other titans that triumphed and faded away.

They stopped innovating; they didn’t keep up with the times. Then they were extinct.

Music is better, because if you’ve had hits you can trade on them forever.

People always want to relive the good times.

Then again, the who moved my cheese people can’t get over the death of rock and the rise of pop music and EDM. They refuse to embrace change, they want the past to return, and that’s never gonna happen.

And the new music stars know the game has changed. Only an oldster spends three years polishing an album, the new kids on the block, led by the rappers, personified by Drake, are constantly in the marketplace, even releasing mixtapes for free. Because they know if you’re not in the show, you’re soon to be forgotten. There’s a tsunami of info and if you don’t catch the wave, ride it to the beach and hold on for dear life, you’ll be plowed under, taken out to sea and never heard from again.

Still, the joke is on us. Because we buy this crap.

The concept that Arianna Huffington is a star with gravitas entitled to our attention. Not admitting she’s a creature of the media, she’s barely different from Kim Kardashian, but the latter is richer, and if not educated, even more street smart.

So, if you’re following Arianna into her wellness venture I’m laughing.

Why exactly should we be listening to her, because she wrote a book? If I want to know about sleep I’ll go to a doctor. I’ll go to an expert, someone who dedicated his life to the cause as opposed to a trendmeister out for a buck.

But bucks she has, from her divorce and the sale of the HuffPo. Arianna’s a winner. Because that’s the American game, making something out of nothing and getting rich in the process.

But when so many are struggling, when the real problems of this nation not only go unsolved, but unaddressed, it’s unseemly that we’ve got a coterie of people who’ve rigged the game to get rich and famous yet have contributed almost nothing to society.

You might hate the cops, but on a good day they keep the peace.

As for teachers, there are tons of bad ones, but they’re on the front lines of the future, educating our children. They’re where the rubber meets the road but we keep complaining about their unions. Come on, teachers haven’t been well off since Reagan. Many have other jobs, they can’t live on their pay.

And I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of either police or educators. All I’m saying is they’re underpaid people who are truly making a difference.

Does Mark Zuckerberg make a difference?

Well, he allows us to connect with everybody we ever knew. But is this the basis for a productive society? Where you roll up the world’s population to sell them ads and bogus information?

We’ve got it wrong folks, we need a reset.

Don’t confuse today’s tech titans with the progenitors. This is not Bill Gates contributing to productivity, putting a computer on every desktop. This is mostly wankers coming up with lame ideas that hoodwink us so they can get rich.

Of course there are exceptions, Uber is a breakthrough. Airbnb too, however disruptive.

But selling advertising in new ways? Utilizing subterfuge to get us to pay attention?

If that’s your goal, if that’s your achievement, you should be exposed.

And I’m exposing Arianna Huffington here.

Furthermore, she was a bad techie. Steve Jobs brought us the mouse, got rid of the floppy, kept killing the past to get on with the future. Arianna just stuck where she was, a one hit wonder with a pretty lame song to begin with.

Good riddance.

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10 Responses to Lefsetz: Good Riddance Huffpo, Arianna Huffington

  1. Tree says:

    I have enjoyed Arianna’s articles & interviews. Especially when teamed with Bill Maher.

  2. chuck says:

    “Welcome to the modern web, where everybody’s posting but the caliber of writing is so godawful that no one is reading.”

    I saw this and thought of Harley’s comment (Yeah, I read it. It’s like a sore tooth, I keep pressing my gum to see if it still hurts.). Here is a direct quote from Harley’s critique of Glazer’s column.

    ” I continuously
    find his writings to be those of a third grader with more mistakes than anyone
    on any blog you can find on the internet.”

    Yes, Rod Serling, that happened. Harley critiquing the syntax, spelling and context of Glazer’s article is akin to Anthony Weiner calling out Brett Favre for his dick picture being out of focus.

    By the way Harley, get back to doing what you do best, taking pictures of your dick with your cell phone and sending them to yourself.

    Nice article from Leftysays in my opinion. A solid “B”.

    • Harley says:

      chucky the sad clown bald prick:
      get back to digging ditches for a living. All your friends are dying.
      Maybe that’s what happens when you dig ditches…you get to start receiving
      those social security checks and then you keel over.
      Be careful…your toaster might electrocute you….your refrigerator
      might kill you….no matter what your time is limited.
      Glad you read my post……I do consider you one of my readers/disciples
      and followers….because you have no life.
      Just like dumpster….your life is circling the drain until its over.
      I expect a nice article from hearne about you and your unfulfilled life.
      Heere’s how it will read
      Lived a horrid life filled with hate and anger. He was buried in the
      paupers gravesite because no one really cared.

      By the way lefty…..Arriana made hundreds of millions of dollars
      on Huff post. Smart woman. She doesn’t need the money obviously and
      she was very prominent in left wing politics. Don’t you wish you could
      have done that.
      Horrible article. Why do you hate successful people? A solid F on this
      one. Your articles have lost their edge. Time to eject you and your
      phony b.s.

      • Shark Tank says:

        Amazing how a “Progressive” has no trouble executing the playbook when called out for their BS. Immediately attacking with name calling, insulting hardworking American’s like ditch diggers. The very likes of which gave you the highway you drive on the house you live in just to name a few. Measuring your success only in dollars and cents and judging others based only on their materials. Remember Jesus was a pauper merely a carpenter.

        • Harley says:

          shark tank…you obviously you haven’t read any
          of the ditch diggers anti semitic/racist/homophobic/
          vile digusting comments for the past 3 years.
          Calling him a ditch digger…after he said BURN THE
          JEWS is an insult to ditch diggers.

      • the dude says:

        I find it hilarious that you write to leftsez as though he would actually ever read your comments. Jesus you are stupid.

    • Harley says:

      it wasn’t his spelling or grammar…it was that every statement made
      was incorrect and not based on facts.
      I don’t care about spelling or grammar. No one on kcc does.
      Even the publisher can’t make complete sentences.

  3. CFPCowboy says:

    There are people in this world who see HUFFPO as news. It was editorial, and to some extent still is. So from the cute kitties and animals designed to attract you to a steady stream of liberal point of view, there are those who see it as unvarnished truth, despite the bias. It was and remains a liberal editorial page despite submitters now wanting to be paid like the editors at AOL. So much for a perfect match. It is still a source of liberal view, and if I didn’t peruse it myself, once in a while, I know I have liberal friends who will share it as their gospel. So be it.
    In my profession, there are a myriad of business and business models that just can’t quite survive, but the message is the same whether it is AOL buying Time Warner or AOL’s acquisition of Netscape (What was that?). The world has almost forgotten Ted Turner as the founder of TNN, TBS, CNN and others, and with Jane gone, Ted and his bison restaurants can be swallowed up in the history books, with nobody remembering his defense of the America’s Cup. I guess we still have the Atlanta Braves.
    Even the news in todays world is fraught with bias, as the shooting of an armed black man by an armed black cop in Milwaukee, a justified shoot, is far more important than a shooting of three kids in Kansas City and the death of two of them, all because a group, Black Lives Matter wants to punctuate something by burning down Milwaukee. We have lost our logical mind. Editor’s choice is the first level of bias. Actually, since it is a profit based news, (more advertising to sell) we publish sensationalism, something that HUFFPRO knows how to do. I guess I am just too logical to believe what I read and accepting it as the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It verifies the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal of News, that reporters can’t report without changing the news.
    It used to be, after AOL split twice in one year, that AOL couldn’t be stopped. Everybody should own it. However, growth is fickle, and when you have captured the market, do you hope for the Martian invasion for a new set of customers? That’s AOL, and AOL buying Time Warner? Well, maybe they bit off more than they could chew. At some point, Comcast is going to get tired of losing money with NBC and MSNBC, when they could be Fox. I know which one I’d advertise on if I advertised.
    It is a great article, but it’s nothing new. Bigger companies buy up smaller ones, and owners, like Ted Turner, Adrianna, and Al Gore get rich. Thanks, and please pay your taxes.

    • Harley says:

      cowboy….h post is to liberals what drudge is to conservatives.
      obviously drudge gets more hits…
      but I looked up arrianas net worth…..50 million….not bad for a
      conservative turned liberal…….
      Not bad for a small blog that sold out and made big bucks….
      as they say…..sell high….then get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tree says:

    CFP Cowboy, do you agree with Trump on his statements about media bias keeping him down in the polls (compared to Hillary)? I’m not setting a trap here or trying to be shitty in any way. I’m an independent, politically speaking (wish everyone was, it could nullify a LOT of b.s.). Just curious about your opinion….

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