Lefsetz: Will Bernie Sanders Turn Hillary Into Hubert Humphrey?

maxresdefaultIs it 1968 all over again?

Wherein Eugene McCarthy and Robert Kennedy put such a dent in Hubert Humphrey‘s campaign that despite garnering the nomination, the Minnesotan did not win.

Kinda like Al Gore in 2000. Humphrey was tainted by Johnson, and Gore was tainted by Bill Clinton. And despite both being reasonable, upright men – albeit politicians – they were defeated by their Republican competitors, the unelectable Richard Nixon (who’d been shunned by his home state of California) and doofus George Bush.

All the energy was with the antiwar protesters, the younger generation was sick of the establishment.

That’s why Lyndon Johnson declined to run. Vietnam was his Waterloo.

And while one can argue that President Obama‘s steered the ship with a steady hand, that ship has left so many out – college students are burdened by debt and the working class whites have been closed out.

Yes, we’re in an economic crisis, despite all the hogwash in the papers about GDP and the number of jobs. Truth is you may be able to make it in America today, but just barely.

Donald Trump is channeling this anger, rounding up all the nitwits and bozos who have anger but little knowledge. Whereas Bernie Sanders has rounded up the young, the educated…and these same damn people. That’s right, Bernie just killed it with working class whites in West Virginia.

All of which looks very bad for Hillary Clinton.

nixon-hillary_smallSo if you think attacking the Donald will win you the election, you’ve got no understanding of a populace scorned. Some people don’t care what you say about him, they’re sick and tired of being screwed. Carrying the water for the rich and established and getting little in return.

And if you don’t think the poor pay taxes, you know nothing about payroll taxes and sales taxes and so many other charges that eat at your income besides income taxes. The rich keep boasting they’re paying so much but the truth is we’re not buying that anymore.

We know that as much as they pay, the super-rich do a great job of avoiding paying so much more. And this fact has wreaked havoc on the Republican establishment. The party’s been ripped apart, because giving tax breaks and business benefits to the rich whilst fighting for the social issues dear to the poor just doesn’t work anymore.

What’s more, it turns out the social issues – gay marriage, abortion, religion – are not what’s important to the poor white voters. What they want are JOBS!

That’s what all this bitching about immigration has been about, the theoretical loss of jobs.

And one can say there’s net zero immigration from Mexico and that whites don’t want to do the work of browns, but the truth is perception is all that matters. I can’t make it and somebody’s at fault. And that somebody is not only the immigrants, but the Congress and the parties.

Hubert HumphreyWhat Trump supporters want is to elect somebody who will DO SOMETHING!

And a huge swath of the public believes Hillary will not.

The Democrats have traditionally been the party of the working class. But on their watch not only have unions been eviscerated, the term itself has a stink upon it. This is what happens when you allow the enemy to define the terms. And so far, the enemy – the Republican party – has defined Hillary as a duplicitous lifer who bends rules willy-nilly and is out for herself.

Is this the truth?

As we’ve established above, so many voters don’t care about the truth!

Get you own house in order, that’s what you do before you cast stones.

The Democrats are lining up decrying Trump, yet the truth is they’ve got so much work to do on their own side. Come on, a septuagenarian socialist is challenging an established player for the nomination? You know what happens when you play not to lose, you frequently do – just ask a golfer.

That’s right, Hillary is not playing to win. She’s not aggressive. People find no reason to believe in her. Sure, she’s a woman, but is that enough to elect her?

Do you really expect the Bernie supporters to line up behind her when she gets the nomination?

This same constituency abandoned Humphrey after their McCarthy hopes were dashed.

And Sanders has made much further inroads than Clean Gene.

But she’s winning it fair and square!

Everybody believes the game is rigged. Not only the nomination process, but the entire casino nation we inhabit. True or not, that’s the perception and that’s the only thing that matters.

And the pundits and the polls have been wrong all year. Trump had no chance of winning and women and Latinos will never vote for the Donald. But is this really true?

I’m not sure Bernie could survive scrutiny. I’m not sure all of his plans are practical. But he has plans for a new deal that will aid the up and coming and the dispossessed. And people believe the Bern is on their side.

It’s getting ugly out there and the Dems have the most to lose.

Trump’s got it sewn up on the other side and by time he gets to the convention it will be clear sailing, the wind will be at his back. Meanwhile, on the left Hillary will be limping into Philadelphia, paying lip service to the progressive wing all the while. And it’s not only the right that believes she lies.

What we learned is that when the public voted the people wanted Trump.

And what we’ve learned is the same people angry enough to vote for Trump are voting for Bernie. That’s right, the people the educated and entitled have shorn from the agenda on the left – the working class.

If Bernie is done, so many of these people move over to Trump or don’t vote. If the party line meant so much Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio would have gotten the nomination. If you expect the Bernie supporters to roll over and go Hillary…you’re probably living in the bubble.

And outside the sphere life is rough. It’s every man for himself. We’re looking for a leg up, a hand to help, and so far it’s not only the right that distrusts Hillary, but the left.

Be afraid, be very afraid.


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28 Responses to Lefsetz: Will Bernie Sanders Turn Hillary Into Hubert Humphrey?

  1. Harley the Great says:

    I am putting an end to this entire fantasy and b.s. from mr. lefty with one statement.


    as President Obama said “ignorance is not a virtue in life”….

    • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

      I believe that Mr. Lefsetz thinks of himself as a liberal Democrat,based on the articles he’s written. He’s also someone who is intellectually honest ,i.e.that the home team sometimes has problems going into the play-offs that people need to recognize,no matter how big fans they are. I’m reminded of taking my son to see pro wrestling at Memorial Hall in KCK years ago. (Hearne,you and Stomper know what I’m talking about!) I was always amused that the villain wrestler was always a Missouri Tiger,the local hero always a Kansas Jayhawk. This was in obvious deference to local loyalties. Harley,you have the sophistication of the typical WWF fan-my guy (or gal in this case)is going to win going away and any one who says different is a liar or a fool. You’re hysterical reaction in 2014 when the GOP managed to win one for a change proves my point. When people with as widely divergent perspectives as Lefsetz and I have noticed many of the same things about the social and economic changes the country is going through then maybe there’s something to it.

      • We could use the Reverend Slick from the Memorial Hall days (and later WWF) to run for president. That dude never did nothing but tell the t-r-u-t-h!

        • balbonis moleskine AKA White Slick says:

          I logged in to say I appreciated the Slick reference.

          One of my fondest memories as a little kid was seeing Slick so rile up the crowd at Soldiers & Sailors’ Memorial Hall that they had to eject people. I thought it was hilarous.

  2. Harley the Great says:

    you said “at the convention, the wind will be at Mr. Trumps back”.
    Wrong again.
    Money is starting to be spent on wedesday of this week in 5 key states
    with over 90 million dollars targeted before august in those state.
    The wind will be at mr. trumps back….as he’s blown away by the electorate
    that will have seen the real dumpster and his race baiting and lies come
    full blown to the voters in those key states.
    I will say it again mr. lefty…..stick with music. You seem to have much
    to add to the conversation in that genre. The rest of your writings are
    deaf and dumb! And with the continued anti trump movement in the
    republican party it will betough to fill the Cleveland arena unless he
    brings in the millions of people he has lied to about his positions over
    the last 9months. Self financed? a lie. Build a wall? a lie. Deport 11 million
    aliens? a lie. Lower minimum wage? a lie. Expel muslims and keep them
    from enterting the nation? a lie or as dumpster says “a suggestion”.
    He’s worn out his welcome. As glaze says in the music biz….IT WILL BE
    your breath…best is yet to come). And any father who fantasizes of having
    sex with his daughter is one sick sob!@

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Things I scroll past without looking at.

    1. Anything Harley posts.
    2. Repeat step 1

    • chuck says:

      The stench of effluence always accompanies Harley’s rhetorical colon blows.

      Try rubbing some Vicks VapoRub on your upper lip before viewing the the corpse. Or, as has been mentioned, just skip it.

      • Harley the Great says:

        yes there are job openings for you ditch digger.
        Call your buddy ….stores need tool renters. Pay is
        $13 per hour.
        But you have to have a clean record to get hired.
        And glad you enjoyed the wrestling matches . I never
        went. Knew they were fake. You thought they were real
        and let your kid think they were real. Wow.
        Do any of you people live in the real world?????
        seriously……the real world has passed you by and what
        do you do….go to fake wrestling matches.
        And dude….you must be real old. Weren’t those wrestling
        shows in the 50’s/60’s?
        Although I admit a friend pointed out that one of the
        old time phony wrestlers worked at the race track.
        Hope you got an autograph.

  4. Lydia says:

    You kind of lost me with Algore being reasonable and upright.

  5. chuck says:

    “And while one can argue that President Obama‘s steered the ship with a steady hand, that ship has left so many out – college students are burdened by debt and the working class whites have been closed out.

    Yes, we’re in an economic crisis, despite all the hogwash in the papers about GDP and the number of jobs. Truth is you may be able to make it in America today, but just barely.”

    Translation – Don’t look behind the curtain.

    Bob acknowledges that there are 93 million out of the work force and the numbers are lies, yet begins with the pretense that the “ship” has been steered by Obama’s steady hand. Joseph Hazelwood, Captain, Trencherman and Liar also steered his ship with the aid of spirits and little oversight just as well.

    “Donald Trump is channeling this anger, rounding up all the nitwits and bozos who have anger but little knowledge.”

    Leftysetz can throw all the shade he wants on those who “feel” disenfranchised by the Fed, the Media and the Zeitgeist, but here is the truth. We live a subjective reality and you don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to understand that you are out of a job, so are your neighbors, relatives and friends. Americans don’t need the obvious straight line reference from reduced salaries, restricted opportunities and less than sanguine prognostications from condescending pukes like Leftysetz to understand they have been replaced by H1b and illegal immigrants, if their companies even remain in the US. But thanks Leftysetz for that pearl amongst we swine. Next, perhaps, antoher statement of the obvious, a concession admitting that the Middle Class is “Hollowed Out”.

    Me, I am gonna go raise my “nitwit – bozo” flag. Call us all the names you want, but don’t get too close to the fire azzhole. Stay in Mexifornia or anonymous, like Harley. Your “Safe Space” is becoming more and more important.

    • Harley the Great says:

      chuckles the sad ditch digging clown. Wear your “mudders” today
      Its gonna get nasty in those holes.
      Of course blame Obama for student loans. He got the interest rates
      lowered….he got the government to provide more money.
      And blame Obama for this economy. He took over when we were in the
      great recession and saved some of the largest industries.
      Sorry…fact from the ditch digging loser are wrong.
      Almost 3 million unfilled jobs. But they require skills. And if you
      go around this town help wanted signs are out everywhere! Of course
      since you are only capable of digging ditches that pretty much leaves
      you out except for maybe a night janitor!
      in our nation.
      No problem ditch digger…Obama approval rating will bethe highest
      at the end of his term of any president in history.
      Then we get eight more years

      • chuck says:

        I think it is important that we acknowledge that even a blind pig, can find an acorn.

        Harley you are right!

        I worked my way through college as a janitor.

        Now get back to your anonymous “Safe Space”.

  6. CFPCowboy says:

    I don’t thiñk it is solely a matter of a President destroying a candidate’s chance as it is poor candidates. Humprey was so obscure that he was introduced at the Democrat Convention as Herbert Horacio Hornblower. Al Gore, using his stellar education in science at Harvard penned a book on climate, an instant success, but it did not go unnoticed that his education was neither in science, nor was his admission to Harvard on the basis of merit. Science, hopefully, is not determined by a peer vote. Sometimes, it is no more than snippets repeated, like Reagan not holding his opponent’s youth and inexperience against him, or Clinton promising to erradicate the profession of coal miner, without regard to the miner’s traditions, family, and homes. More than anything else, it’s getting the questions wrong, not the answers, but the questions.
    I used to hop in the company pickup every Monday morning, drive up to Helping Hand Instititute, to procure laborer to cut weeds in the West Bottoms. You could never count on more than four hours of work, especially if they were paid at noon, but they appear to have been equally qualified as the candidates we have now to be President, at least morally.
    We have morally bankrupt candidates, and that is what scares Democrats, not that Trump is a bad candidate. He isn’t. It’s just that unlike previous candidates, he not only doesn’t play by the Marcus of Queensbury rules, he has never even been introduced. Trump is a great candidate that, in all likelihood will make another bad President. Not that Clinton is any better. From her treatment of Bill’s playmates, volutary or not, to Behghazi, Candidate Trump is holding his fire, and the baptism that should have been in the Democrat primary was following the Marcus of Queensbury rules, despite the fact that the game was rigged. Clinton has no hòpe of coming back to Wall Street with a Mea Culpa. Holding your enemies close when their chosen weapon is a hand grenade is not a good choice.

  7. CFPCowboy says:

    About Obama steering the ship with a steady hand, you’re using the wrong bathroom. Perhaps he is a good father, a nice man, even a man with good intentions. In politics, it is very seldom that our politicians look at the secondary and terciary effects of their actions and votes. Maybe North Carolina was wrong to insist on birth certificate determinations of gender, but by killing flies with a 500 lb bomb, the collateral damage will be immense. This President’s true nature appears to be that of Nero, raising political cash after Benghazi, and sending arms to Libya, a footnote to the bathroom wars. From Clinton promising that the FBI would not rest until they caught John Doe Number Two from Okalahoma City, to Obama promising to round up all of the culprits that killed our Ambassador in Libya, the FBI must be very tired indeed.
    There was an old saying that my grandfather had, mainly about business, but it applies equally as well to almost anything from World War I to everyday life. When you have beaten an opponent, always reach down and give him a hand up. Perhaps, this is the reason for Trump. The Democrat scortched earth policies that led to the ACA and others are compounded with a Congress intent on dancing with Whizzo feet. You have to give the opposition a voice, or they will take it.
    In terms of the steady hand, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, North Korea, and China may have had a steady hand, but it has not done anything, and the steady hand of the ACA, the budget, IRS, Justicè, Fast and Furious, and a host of other fiascos where a steady hand was applied, have not brought either progress or profit. It is hard to remember that your main objective was to drain the swamp when you are waist deep in alligators, and refinition is useless. Redefining an alligator as a garter snake is near akin to telling the soul working at McDonalds that unemployment means he or she should be happy. It doesn’t change reality or the situation.
    Steady hand, in terms of Obama has only shown success on the putting green.

    • Harley the Great says:

      cowboy…maybe you should read the business pages…see the stock market
      (which 130 million people are invested in)….see the development
      going on around the nation…(especially in kc and joco)….
      yes we will have problems…but since 2008 we’ve seen tremendous
      advances and whether you see them from your vantage point…they
      happened and are still happening.
      the world is changing…can’t stop it. train left the station…the
      new discoveries in every industry from medicine to how we can now
      build a 10 story building in weeks…to new ways to live longer and
      better lives. World changes. I think that’s what irritates so many
      people. It changes not in days or weeks…but now in minutes and seconds.
      that’s life in today’s world. Problems occur as this change takes place.
      Robots replacing humans in every industry. We won’t drive our own cars in
      a few years. Cell phones/high speed information/The changes come at
      us so fast and furious it’s hard to catch up…and this never ending change
      puts stress on people….but that’s where we’re at.
      Get inspired by it…or let the world pass you by.
      This is an incredible time to be alive. Embrace it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro says:

      I guess Mittens racing to the microphone in the hours after Benghazi wasn’t opportunism along with the millions the neo-fascist party has raised off their screeching over it. Perhaps we could get to the bottom of Saudi involvement/enabling regarding 9/11 while we’re endlessly investigating an attack that left 4 diplomats who signed up for duty in a squallid dangerous hell hole dead. The budget deficit has been cut in half. The Regan-Bush debt has slowed. No criminal wrong doing was discovered in the IRS idiocy, just typical bureaucratic ineptitude which conservative philosophy strives to create in government. Fast and Furious was a Bush program. The ACA has reduced the uninsured rate to historic lows and has slowed the growth of health care costs while extending the life of Medicare…in other words it’s achieving it’s goals (we’re also still waiting for a viable alternative from the neo-fascists, will it take 7 more years?). The “bathroom wars” are the result of neo-fascist Pat McCrory having nothing to run on in an election year and, after suppressing the right to vote for Art Pope and the billionaire donor class, he is now counting on the Jesus Freaks to come out en masse. And we can thank the Bush-Cheney regime for the messes in the Middle East which anyone with rudimentary knowledge of the region predicted in 2003. It may not have been the steadiest of hands but it’s a hell of a lot more steady than the one we had guiding the ship 8 years ago.

      • Harley the Great says:

        excellent rundown.
        and the Obama clan will be out this sept/October to
        really put the kibosh on the dumpster plan.
        It’s family fued time.
        Chelsea and Ivanka trump were good friends…til now.
        of course old man trumpster is busy chasing his daughter
        around the hotel rroom trying to get some action. Sick@@@@
        Dumpster loveshis ladies….when he loses it will fun to
        see if he keeps that European botox balloon when he has
        so manymore choices.

  8. Harley the Great says:

    Harley now gets serious:
    1. I don’t care what bathroom you or anyone else uses. There are laws. Let the
    courts decide if they so believe it is their duty. WTF is wrong with those people
    in Washington and North Carolina. Maybe porta potties. Now we get the
    kids involved in this issue. How disgusting.
    2. After calculations involving data/mining election information I see Hillary
    getting 355 electoral votes in November. It has been a terrible month for
    Mr. Trump. These numbers will adjust but Hillary will win all the states
    Obama won in 2012. Add to that additional states in play (such as Georgia
    where in 2012 Romney won by almost 50%but seriously doubt she can win
    there although even republicans say it’s a “swing state”. Even Missouri
    is up for grabs but things could change in both states before November.
    3. Trump is now begging for campaign funds. No more self funding and I’m
    sure he’ll take money to “repay” himself for his primary run (40 million dollars)
    4. There’s another lady in trumps future who will spill his beans.
    5. Newt will fill in well as trumps vp. Are all republicans this way? Southy please
    tell me there are some real “family values” republicans left!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    6. The new anti trump ads starting tomorrow with 6 million dollars in media
    time blew the roof off of trump in focus groups. They are excellent and were
    put together by a former republican! Where is all of trump’s money?
    southy…can you call your friends and find out where trump is hiding
    his money. Is it in grenada/the Bahamas/or Switzerland because he really
    needs to get his campaign going.
    7. Anyone in business knows that technology and computers have reached
    astronomical abilities to produce data. Hillary is using them. Trump
    wants no part of them. Does trump think this is 1970?

  9. Harley the Great says:

    cowboys quote:

    Trump is a great candidate that, in all likelihood will make another bad President. Not that Clinton is any better. From her treatment of Bill’s playmates, volutary or not, to Behghazi, Candidate Trump is holding his fire, and the baptism that should have been in the Democrat primary was following the Marcus of Queensbury rules, despite the fact that the game was rigged. Clinton has no hòpe of coming back to Wall Street with a Mea Culpa. Holding your enemies close when their chosen weapon is a hand grenade is not a good choice.

    1. trump is not a great candidate. If not for 18 other candidates splitting votes
    he would not have won. He doesn’t even have the majority of republican voters…
    only got an average of 30% of primary votes…the rest hate him.
    2. You old folks holding out hope to make Benghazi a major issue is over.
    It was found that the repthug head of the committee on this redacted comments
    and that’s a no no. Even the head of the committee lawyer says there is nothing
    there. Try to make it an issue….it’s over.
    3. To millions of trump supporters the biggest thing they likd was that he
    self financed his campaign. Well we found he lied and that he’s now got a
    pac…taking millions from adelson (another gambler) and will soon head to
    wall street for campaign cash when he announced he wanted to roll back
    anti wall street legislation. So he’s not self financed and his backers will
    want favors and get them. That essentially ended his “independent” shtick.
    Now he’s just like the candidates he lied to and is now part of the establishment
    that his millions of followers loved in him. He’s changed his position on
    thewall/muslims (now a “suggestion”) so essentially all the time he played
    the low information fruits who supported him as puppets. And now that
    the genral starts he has no idea what to do. His talking points were lies.
    4. Loved it last night when one of the most successful republican consultants
    (Last name moore)…came out and said he would not vote for trump.
    5. Liar. Even read redstate.com. Southy and glaze are gonna take a whopping.
    An d Harley will be right again (as always). Dumpster lied to his followers and now
    they gotta feel that he’s the con artist Harley pointed out over a year ago.
    6. emails: read where colin powell said he had a private email server when
    sec of state….so did condi “war criminal” rice. So that story goes away.
    7. Simply put: If you want to see the real thing…come see Harley. I said this
    all would happen months and months ago.
    More to come:

    • Frank says:

      Trump’s going for the “get off my lawn” vote.

    • Frank says:

      7. Simply put: If you want to see the real thing…come see Harley. I said this
      all would happen months and months ago.

      When it comes to Trump, the only difference between you and 80% of America is that you SAID OVER AND OVER AND OVER again that this was gonna happen. The rest know it but just don’t have your athletic fingers to type it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that popularity for a GOP candidate means nothing in the general election. I mean John McCain, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan were more popular than the other John and Paul, George and Ringo to the “get off my lawn” base at one time and look where it got them.

  10. Harley the Great says:

    no frank….millions of peple (maybe 50 million) fell for his shctick.
    Including our resident intelligentsia:
    MR. WHINEY…he was so embarrassed after ’12 he modavia
    MR. “money money money” southyman
    they didn’t fall for dumsters shtick…….they fell for it. Now glaza…move over
    and hide. today another flip flop on abortion by your hero and it’s a dinger.
    Punishment for women getting abortions. OMG!!!!! Now he’s flipping.
    But the man with the intelligence of a chimpanzee eventuall runs out of
    issues to flip flop on….even before he gets the nomination.
    I thought this rambling wreck could not have done worse. I WAS WRONG~!

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