Sutherland: Living in the ‘Guilted Age’

ooh child mixtape coverI have been fortunate enough to hear Tom Wolfe speak in person about his writing several times over the last 40 years.  The first time was in 1970, when he gave the Carolyn Cockefair Benton Lecture at U.M.K.C.

Wolfe talked about the book he was then writing; “Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers.”

The first essay gave rise to a term that endures in political discourse to this day, “Radical Chic.”  This refers to the way it is fashionable to espouse left-wing beliefs among the educated and affluent as a badge of one’s intellect and sophistication.

The second essay was less celebrated, although its description of the way organized pressure groups intimidate bureaucrats into giving into their demands is still as topical as the latest headlines from colleges and universities all over the country.

I thought of Tom Wolfe’s phrase several months ago when I attended an event held at the downtown Kansas City Public Library.  It was a fund raising dinner for the Literacy Kansas City Project, a volunteer program to help adults to learn to read and write.  The Creative Writing Department at U.M.K.C. provides teachers to Literacy K.C. to encourage an interest in writing fiction by those participating in the program.

At the dinner held in the lobby of the old bank building where the library is now located, we were treated to a recitation by three recent graduates.  Two young African-American men and a young African-American woman took turns at the microphone set up on the stage for the occasion.  Each began their performance by singing the chorus from “O-o-h Child!”

“Oo-wee child, things gonna get easier, Oo-wee child, things’ll get brighter!”

One of the young men explained that the song was a lullaby sung by African slave mothers to their children in “the bowels of slave ships.”  It was further explained (in the form of rhyming doggerel, hip-hop style) that such songs were morally imperative to keep black people, then and now, from sinking into despair.  What else could you expect when their daily lives were lived to a backdrop  of “gun shots, “ “horse whips,” and “the clank of chains and foot shackles”?

The three performers continued in this vein for 20 minutes.  In rhyming (sort of) couplets, they described their own lives as living hells, denied by white racism access to sustenance, to education, to the fruits of their labor, concluding with “Access Denied, period!”

This cheerful litany was rounded out by a couple of swipes at American capitalism (“corporate greed”, “pocket-the-profit”) and militarism (“money spent on bombs, missiles, and drones, and not medicine”).  Interspersed throughout was the endlessly repeated mantra, “Change must come!” (Translation, “Give us your power and your money!”)

FiveStairstepsSideAblackNaturally, all the rich white liberals in the audience thought this was great.  After all what could be better than paying hundreds of dollars to have people you’re trying to help insult and excoriate you?

It was just like the scene in Wolfe’s Radical Chic, where Leonard Bernstein and his wife are shown fawning over members of the Black Panther Party in a 1970 fund raiser at their Park Avenue apartment.  Wallowing in guilt before an audience of like-minded rich white liberals, Bernstein reveals himself to be a near-masochist in his determination to grovel and apologize to the radical blacks who are his guests (and who ultimately have the decency to be embarrassed for him!).

Nothing has changed in the progressive mindset between Lenny’s Radical Chic evening and our own liberal guilt fest last November.

Nothing’s changed since 1964 when philosopher James Burnham wrote the following:

“Along one perspective, liberalism’s reformist, egalitarian, antidiscrimination, peace seeking principles are, or at any rate can be interpreted as, the verbally elaborated projections of the liberal sense of guilt.  I, who have enough to eat and a sufficiently comfortable life, feel guilty – even though I have no direct personal relationship with you – because you are hungry or deprived of civil rights or suffering political oppression.   More exactly, the sequence is the following:  I feel guilty, and I do not know why, you are hungry, etc:   I attach my guilt to your unhappy state, trying to explain my guilt to myself, to give it some sort of objective, motivating structure.  All this may be too obvious to need saying.  And it is obvious, but it is necessary to insist it is not self-evident and not an inevitable outcome for the guilt experience. “  Suicide of The West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism

One final note – the song “Oh-o-o child” was a rhythm and blues number recorded by a group called The Five Stairsteps in 1970.

The song writer was a Polish-American from Chicago, Stanley Chrochowski.  Any sentient person in the audience should have known the song was from the modern era.  (Why would an African mother on a slave ship be singing a lullaby to her baby in English?)

This was a deliberate falsehood, with a bogus evocation of slavery not heard since the adenoidal whining of Neil Young’s “Southern Man”.  It was playing the guilt card by passing off a mediocre pop song as a slave’s lament, when it wasn’t even written by a black person, let alone a slave.  The performers insulted our intelligence on top of everything else.

Literacy Kansas City has seen the last of me and my checkbook.

I’ve seen enough of gullible liberals’ imperviousness to the threats and insults of those on whom they are anxious to shower applause, praise, and money.

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37 Responses to Sutherland: Living in the ‘Guilted Age’

  1. chuck says:

    Great article.

    Dead on the money.

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    What a great read!! Call me, we’re past due to compare notes and catch up on our favorite topic.

  3. Phaedrus says:

    It’s a well known fact that Stanley Chrochowski’s great-great-great-great uncle (twice removed) worked on the slave ships as a cabin boy. He was an intelligent young lad, and easily learned to speak Swahili. He recorded an English translation of the lullabys in his diary, which Stanley was lucky enough to find buried deep in his uncle’s attic. The rest, as they say, is history.

    • Harley the Great says:

      so then you are saying that southy is wrong?

      • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

        No,you fool,he’s saying I’m right in a tongue-in-cheek way. Irony is lost on you.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Dwight for the score!

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Irony lost on Harley? How utterly ironic.

          • Harley the Great says:

            but again…you and southy can’t refute my
            Nothing has changed.
            the box salesman gets knocked out for the
            you come back to kcc and Harley makes you
            the fool again.
            What more can I say. But please watch out
            for those jewelry heists…those suv’s with the
            big alien antennas and most importantly don’t
            get you big a$$ caught in the suv like you
            wrote about before.
            hahahahahahahahahaha…..Harley reigns.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Oh, Harley, you’re such a treat. You’re wrong on the “jewelry heist” and you’ve been corrected 100 times. That was Hearne’s story. He called when I happened to be in PV and asked if I’d stop by and look to see if the mans office was open or closed. Plain and simple.
            Second place you’re wrong was on the Leawood stalker. I was in the courtroom when he was sentenced. Quite severely for the facts of the case. So you blew that too.
            And as for your GOING NATIONAL, that has as much merit as Alonzo. Until you can prove all the national writing you’re doing, it’s nothing more than Harley hot air. And please don’t reply with your non sequiturs; post the links to your pieces or drop the topic. They are lies until you prove otherwise. And STF up about your effing $10K wager; people don’t bet people simply to get the truth. But you already know that. It’s just another smoke screen you hide behind.
            I had lunch with Stan, your attorney, last week. He thinks you’re an A Hole of the first order. (You see what I did there….?)

        • Harley the Great says:

          well …another right winger gets taken down
          I utterly destroyed your paranoia and what turned out to be quite
          a “loser” article. aRE you afraid of liberals because the world is realizing
          we’re the best ones
          No money for that reading charity.
          Oh boy…big man.
          Way to get even with those poor nasty illiterate jerks.
          You showed them! Now they’ll have to cut back on snacks after the
          DONATION goes to dumpsyters campaign. I mean he’s really loved
          by blacks and Mexicans (he even ate a MEXICAN taco salad to prove it)
          LOSER NEGROES SINGING “old man river”
          tough guy. No money for those needy kids. I SHOWED THEM.
          Next time I walk into a library maybe I’ll get some respect instead of them
          coming on and telling me what’s going on.
          I’m the LUMBERJACK KING!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Harley reigns.
          How’s your boy THE DONALD doing these days? hahahahahahaha!

          • Dwight Sutherland says:

            If you knew anything about the political philosophy you purport to profess,you’d know you are guilty of racism because you’ve benefitted from white privilege all your life. Just ask your Mizzou buddy Melissa Click! According to Ta-Nehisi Coates,the progressive favorite, NO amount of penance or contrition can atone for your racist complicity.Your ancestors weren’t yet in the U.S. at the time of slavery? I don’t think your soul brothers in BLM are going to give you a pass. By the way, I have here two letters from an ancestor, dated 1862. He fought in the Union Army,was captured,and sent to Libby Prison,the Confederate POW camp that had a survival rate akin to Dachau. Fortunately,he escaped. Since at least part of the reason he fought was to free black people,why should I fell guilty? By the way,what on earth does Donald Trump,who I’ve harshly criticized,have to do with my post? You’re like the barnyard animals in Orwell’s Animal Farm,mindlessly chanting “Four legs good! Two legs bad!” In your case it’s “Hillary good! Republicans bad!” Why haven’t you addressed the Sanders challenge,by the way ? Could it be that there are some people out there who are anything but right-wing,racist,sexist Republicans who have their own doubts about She Who Must Be Obeyed?

          • Harley the Great says:

            congrats southywind /
            got no white privileedge. While you were counting daddys money…Harley was working
            But the point of the response of the article
            was to say how chicken it was on your part
            to take your basket of money away from what
            was a great charity because of 3 young black
            kids saying the truth about medicine and
            bombs and probably making a mistake on
            some of their statements.
            But they’re kids…and I’m sure you made some
            mistakes as a child like getting a fully paid ride to some high falutting school on daddys
            I was there long before Melissa click and we
            had no racial problems to speak of.
            And now…my family came here in 1907 long
            after your conservative southern boys got their
            ass whipped and came the end of slavery.
            But when we came…who helped the blacks
            get civil rights….fight for them in court…even
            die for their rights…the jews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            So you have 2 ancestors who were in the
            union army….that was years ago…and now
            you support a racist/vile/anti semitic/horrid
            lying conman for president so you didn;t
            learn from your great gandpappy.
            But look at the left…every major piece of
            social legislation has been heralded by the
            left…from socialsecurity to medicare to
            other great programs that kepp millions of
            americans out of poverty in their later years.
            And I’m sure as yournational duty you’re turning down those gobmint checks and free
            medicare now that you’re a senior. If not prove
            it that you and your family is paying cash for
            their medical care.
            As far as trump…he’s another silver spoon
            baby. Daddy set him up with the 1 mllion
            then his inheritance (see the daughters report)…
            and now he won’t let out his taxes because he
            just ain’t got the cash to run a campaign without
            taking specialinterest money so the tenth lie
            he’s spoken becomes another lie.
            And as far as Hillary I base my predictions on
            facts/stata/the campaigns themselves (which I
            will address soon)/the lies/the scandals about
            to be reported/the stats that say what the
            black/Hispanic/minority vote will lead to
            a democratic landslide in November against
            that nasty filthy 4 times bankrupt (w0uld have
            been even more if the Saudis hadn’t bailed out but after he screwed the Saudis they’ll make sure he doesn’t win this race as they send
            probably 500 million to the dem campaigns).
            Lets face facts. Youo grewup in a different
            world than glaza/wislon and I. You got al the
            free stuff of inheritance. The rest of us had to
            work and struggle. Our daddy’s didn’t write
            unlimited checks and we had to work our
            asses off……that’s the difference.
            And of course beating up on kcc on 3 young
            black kids causes you such paid that you
            huff and puff and walk out without writing a
            check to great charity.
            After November…we’recomingafter you and
            your buddies…..get ready….
            And yes, I’ll help you pack your bags to
            Guatemala where they love rich guys.
            I can see you moving soon….
            I’m sure you got your bags packed…
            bye bye dude…we won’t miss ya…..

    • the dude says:

      White devils always stealing from the black man!
      Kill whitey!

  4. JP says:

    “One final note – the song “Oh-o-o child” was a rhythm and blues number recorded by a group called The Four Stairsteps in 1970.”

    FIVE stairsteps – I think you missed a stair.

  5. Stomper says:

    As usual, Dwight, a pretty solid piece and not sure I have much to quibble with but I do want to make a few clarifying points. You and I have spoken enough, both online and in person that I think we have a pretty good feel for where we both stand. With some of your previous efforts I have accused you of painting with too broad of a brush and after rereading this piece, I do think you have made an effort here to be more precise but some of your readers may not as precise in their definitions.

    I think we are on the same page here but the distinctions I want to make ( and maybe I’m being a bit too simplistic) is that all liberals are democrats but not all democrats are liberals. Similarly, in my mind, all conservatives are republicans but not all republicans are conservatives. Liberals and Left-wingers occupy the radical edge of the democrats as Conservatives and Right-wingers occupy the radical edge of the republicans. When one adds in the terms “social conservatives” and Libertarians, it can further muddy the water.

    The term “liberalism” is a broader one in my opinion and while YOU did not use the word “liberalism” , you quoted James Burnham to support your view and he did use that word. I know I’m splitting hairs here but I’m anal. To me, all democrats follow the ideology of liberalism, a stronger role for government, even though they may not all be classified as liberals. Likewise, all republicans follow the ideology of conservatism even though they may not fit the more narrow definition of being a conservative.

    So, if your piece was merely an attack on the more radical black perspective on slavery and it’s position on the more liberal edge of the democrat party , (which is how I read it) then no real issue with me. While I do feel a responsibility to defend “liberalism”, I feel much less responsible to defend the view of more radical liberals. Does that make sense?

    Good effort here, Dwight. Hearne is lucky to have you as a contributor. Can’t wait for your political opinions as the election nears.

  6. Harley the Great says:

    WTF STOMPER….whats this miscombogulation (sp?) of words you write:

    I think we are on the same page here but the distinctions I want to make ( and maybe I’m being a bit too simplistic) is that all liberals are democrats but not all democrats are liberals. Similarly, in my mind, all conservatives are republicans but not all republicans are conservatives. Liberals and Left-wingers occupy the radical edge of the democrats as Conservatives and Right-wingers occupy the radical edge of the republicans. When one adds in the terms “social conservatives” and Libertarians, it can further muddy the water.

    seriously….this is like saying “the sky is blue. The trees are green. I love puppies:

    This guy gets all wrangled because some young black kids tell him the truth (except for the song…but who cares). What is this deal “NAME THAT TUNE”?

    Then he says this:
    ” This refers to the way it is fashionable to espouse left-wing beliefs among the educated and affluent as a badge of one’s intellect and sophistication”

    that quote froma guy who supports Dumpster a man who had a bastard child/belittles everywoman he talks with/4 bankruptcies (now there’s some real intellect…4 bk’s)..
    has a phony tax plan that’s changed 5 times in 3 days/4 marriages including a mstress/screwed more people out of money than Madoff/constantly lies about
    everything out of his mouth/is hated by 60% of his own party/has really bad
    hair/and probably once the real campaign starts we’ll see he’s the worst
    candidate that ever ran/can’t read a map/ knows nothing about the world
    and hates everyone in America except the swastika wearing zealots. Right now
    it is fashionable and sophisticated to be liberal when the rethugs nominate
    an utter idiot to TRY to run the free world. I’m sure dumpster gets it.

    As far as waiting for his “political opinions as the election nears” I can’t
    wait either. Because his opinions will wrong just like glaza/kerowackjob/
    chuckles/hearnes/and even your attempt to copy Harley.
    Do you feel that tingle on your leg waiting for this guys predictions. Im’ not.
    I’ve already picked the winner a year ago. And glaza (oh my god)…he’s got
    more wrong picks than anyone alive.
    I can’t wait. Get me some popcorn. Cause Harley is right again!

    • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

      H- man,seeing your deathless prose style,to the extent it’s a product of your time in Columbia,is a powerful argument for reassessing the Missouri J-School’s academic ranking,as well as its standing as an accredited institution.

  7. Tim Wolfe says:

    Hey Harley, you must not have done any “Research” on problems at MU.

    They are screwed and your BLM butt buddies are to blame.

    MU should hire me back. My first act as President of MU, would be (A tip of the hat to our Fascist “Progressive” President.) to issue an executive order rescinding your “J” School Diploma. We will use some “Muscle” if we have to.

  8. CFPCowboy says:

    On the money, about the money. You hit the nail on the head, and not only is your article appropriate, but it exposes the liberal lie,all the way to tje guilded hilt. You’re analytics were faultless. Sometimes it is better to listen and hold you fire, in a world full of hypocrits, one needs the ability to evaluate.

  9. streamfortyseven says:

    The reason the people running these fundraisers do this kind of nonsense is that it works. It brings in the bucks from the people who have the cash to spare, they can give a couple thou and go back to Mission Hills, feeling that they’ve done their part to help out the poor blacks who live East Of Troost . If ever, God forbid, you ever give a single dollar to the Campus Crusade for Christ, expect to be deluged for the next ten years with sappy, tearing-at-the-heartstrings appeals; and if you join the National Wildlife Federation for a single year, you’ll be provided with all the Christmas cards, envelopes, wrapping paper, and calendars that you would ever desire, for life. It’s all fundraising, and the charities doing it do what they find most successful. Kansas City Literacy uses the “white guilt” method, that’s all.

    If you’re going to give to a charity, do it on the basis of what you personally see them doing. That means go down and observe, and ask questions, at the least. If you want, get involved more directly. *Then* give your money if you’re so inclined, and skip the fundraiser, the rubber steaks, the sappy appeal, and the mau-mauing. As an aside, it looks like Literacy Kansas City actually goes out and does good work: – so I think they’d be worthy of support. But forget about the dinner and all the nonsense.

  10. Dwight. Sutherland says:

    The performance raises several issues. What right do those running a charity and philanthropy or any other not-for-profit have to use events held for those who support their organization as a captive audience to hear political propaganda?Schools,colleges,and,yes,churches are the worst offenders. Aside from storming out,the only recourse is witholding financial support in the future,with a clear message to those who have offended you the reason why you are withdrawing your support. Why do those who are political activists feel that such tactics are effective? It’s the ‘Strange Fruit’ phenomenum. Billie Holliday in the 30s recorded a lugubrious dirge about “black bodies hanging from Southern trees”,hence the grotesque lynching metaphor that is the song’s title. With a famous African-American singing it,it predictably had a big impact.It only came out later that the song was written by a white American communist,which calls it into question,i.e.sincere outrage or skillful agitprop? Finally,why is it that true believers like Harley think the standards they lay down for others don’t apply to them? He’s quick to blame me of racism and greed because of my family background but he gets a free pass on the white privilege charge because his forebears didn’t come to America until after 1865? That can be easily flipped around to ask what he and his family have actually done to help poor black people(other than mouth all the usual liberal platitudes and vent their ethnic and class resentments of people like me).

    • Frank says:

      “What right do those running a charity and philanthropy or any other not-for-profit have to use events held for those who support their organization as a captive audience to hear political propaganda?Schools,colleges,and,yes,churches are the worst offenders. Aside from storming out,the only recourse is witholding financial support in the future,with a clear message to those who have offended you the reason why you are withdrawing your support.”

      Sounds like you’ve shown that you have all the recourse you NEED, which leaves out just the one recourse you WANT, which is to tell all groups you don’t agree with, “shut the hell up, Dwight Sutherland is in charge”

      • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

        You miss the point entirely. Of course,every one has the right to express their own political beliefs.They just don’t have the right to lecture me on them,after obtaining my money under false pretenses,i.e. thinking I was attending an event to promote reading when it was just a scam to play the white liberal guilt card.

        • Frank says:

          No, I think I understood the point. I think I understand it better now. Tell me if I’m right. They have the right to express their political beliefs as long as it is in a form acceptable to you. It’s not enough that you can withhold support to them in the future (hence the whining about the only recourse that you have), you need to be assured of the form that will be used in the expression of their speech. If it is going to be a lecture that you might find insulting, they don’t have the right to do that. They do, they did, you’re insulted, you withdraw your support and move on

          • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

            Let’s bring it down the abstraction ladder,to use a phrase of my high school debate coach. They can express their beliefs in any form they want-in a public speech or performance,on the internet,in a newspaper or magazine,on television,in mailings,etc. Just don’t ask me to pay money for the privilege of hearing them do it! It would be like me inviting you to an event for a left wing group like The Mainstream Coalition,charging you for it,and then pitching you on “Trump University”! If you got mad,I’d accuse you of taking away my right of free expression and “whining”because you dared to be offended. You would be putting limits on the form I chose to exercise my right of free speech! You’d be just an embittered old liberal,yelling at me to” get off your front yard” ! (What old TV show does that lame phrase come from? That is the obvious source of your cultural references.)

          • chuck says:

            “Sounds like you’ve shown that you have all the recourse you NEED, which leaves out just the one recourse you WANT, which is to tell all groups you don’t agree with, “shut the hell up, Dwight Sutherland is in charge.”

            Frank, your unctuous rationalizations with respect to this group, which in turn, devolves into a Red Herring ad hominem attack on the person of Sutherland, is boilerplate Liberal maneuvering to shift attention from the Fraud perpetrated by that same group.

            This was your garden variety, low grade Race Hoax, perpetrated by the usual parasitical race hoax rouges and mountebanks that people our nation by the tens of millions. The standard black jeremiad-perma-victim claptrap shoved down our collective throats 24/7 by the MSM and Lefty apparatchik politicians in search of more power, money and position. Funded by way of changing demographics (Illegal Immigration = Slow Motion Voter Fraud) and taxes euchred out of middle class stiffs, the occasional protests from those with the scales removed from their eyes (As opposed to the scales that are shed yearly by reptilian Progressive Politicians.), in this case Sutherland, must ignored (FACEBOOK) or the author must be attacked.

            I would much rather labor under the innate power of a Sutherland led Imperium than live on my knees in the new Fascist America.

            If you see the Mockingbird, kill him.

  11. Jim Bullabrew says:

    Where you continue to be wrong is when you hoist up the conservitive battle flag to make war with the liberal elite. That fight is over. Both sides are now the same. 1984ish…and truly, it is just tired nostalgia to think that this phantom fight matters.

    • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

      You may be surprised to hear that I’m largely in agreement. I had dinner with Tom Frank(What’s The Matter With Kansas?),when he was here in March,and asked him as a progressive,if it didn’t seem that both philosophies seem to have reached a dead end. I know very few people who are excited at the prospect of Trump versus Hillary. If the former is proof positive of the bankruptcy of conservatism,the latter is not exactly a testament to the freshness and vitality of contemporary liberal policy. However,I don’t think we just abdicate our duty to speak out if false and harmful ideas are being promoted in the public square. For the last three years,I’ve attempted to do just that,sparing no one,least of those who call themselves Republicans or conservatives.I’m working on a post, based on Frank’s new book. that raises the same point you are making. Stay tuned.

    • chuck says:

      I think your point is well taken, in that, both Republicans and Democrats favor immigration (Republicans for money, Democrats for Power) and agree on other issues in their ivory towers.

      The difference is bodies stacked like firewood in urban abattoirs exsanguinating into the gutter by way of the Liberal Narrative which exculpates criminality, apotheosizes criminals (Michael Brown, Freddy Grey etc.etc.) and provides categorical de facto permission to shed the blood of those who disagree with that same Liberal Narrative. We have seen the media demonize the right and Trump when Soros funded leftists violently seek to suspend free speech and the right to assemble. We see Liberal politicians give Obama/Brown/Shirt/Thugs, “room to destroy” while ordering the police to “Stand Down.”

      This conversation, this low level civil war in the streets will be hotly followed in Cleveland where the violence on the left, is given carte blanche while the rhetoric on the left, will be the usual character assassination, dissembling and 2nd party blame for those who are injured or killed.

      This violence and blood will sit on the steps of the Progressive Media Machine which has devolved into an extreme state of “Agenda Journalism” disguised as objectivity. The fix has been, is now and will be in Cleveland, “IN”. The protesters will be presented as intrepid, anti-racist insurgents, fighting the brave fight against a Hitler-KKK-Evil-White power structure that wants a return to the antebellum South.

      In the streets, we all live with the decisions of political wallahs from both sides of the aisle. The galactic blunder of the Iraq invasion to the hubris and ignorance of Obama Care.

      The pundits make fun of Obama for playing golf so much, but in truth, Eisenhower played golf over 800 times while in the White House.

      We just might be better off if all these bums went out and worked on their short game, because the political long game has been a disaster.

      • Harley the Great says:

        get your shovel and get back to work.
        got lots of potholes to fill.
        start on paseo.

  12. Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

    Harley,what have you ever done AS AN INDIVIDAL to help the less fortunate in our community ? Or are you like other liberals- Kerry,Biden,Gore-who feel that personal virtue consists of having the right beliefs and taking the right political positions? ( This is why those three tribunes of the downtrodden for years gave next to nothing to charity.)I also suspect this is the reason you continue to defame people behind a pseudonym, that no one will be able to see if your supposed concern for the poor and oppressed is anything more than posturing. By the way,for a hyper-partisan booster of The Party of The People,your contempt for some one like Chuck who has actually done physical labor is a little hard to take.

    • Harley the Great says:

      would love to explain my charitable work but hearne probably won’t publish
      it because he knows Harley is right all the time and that irks him and
      his buddies to no end.
      I’ll start with college where I help raise close to 40,000 dollars for American
      Cancer society.
      Continued to working extensively after college to working with the
      Big Brothers/Big Sisters program not ot mention my work during my younger
      years for Head Start.
      Since 1998 have raised funds and provided quality transportation
      for almost 400 needy families across the nationand has been featured
      via media in probably over 30 major markets.
      Worked voluntarily for many political individuals…from the farthest
      right wing republicans in kansas to the farthest left democrats nationally
      dating back to 1992.
      From 2004 to 2008 developed on my own a special program paying
      honor to those service men and women lost in Iraq and Afghanistan
      of which my story appeard on the front page of USA today/I also
      appeared on Good Morning America/CBS this morning/Inside edition/
      and received thousands of letters from across the nation.
      In 2012 thru 2015 worked with returning vets with PTSD and a program
      developed by an internationally known doctor to work to improve their
      conditions…and continue to do volunteer work for the Veterans Administration.
      Have worked on at least 15 fundraising events for everyone from
      Truman Hospital to childrens mercy hospital to habitat for humanity.
      continue to work with a local charity to raise funds for tbi’s via a
      locally run charity that puts on a walk/run every year in the name
      of a local survivor.
      Now working on a psa campaign for drinking/texting and driving
      that lasts thru the summer.
      Unlike you southy I do not pick and choose if the people I help are
      liberal or conservative/republican or democrat. I don’t walk away
      when I disagree with the acts of some young kids from a strong
      charity. It makes no difference to me their political leanings…it’s
      about helping people in need.
      I don’t use my checkbook (all the work I do is at no charge or paid
      out of my own pocket) as a weapon to bribe. I don’t deny my services
      or my ideas/work based on anything other than helping people.
      Your family affords you financial resources I don’t have. You walked
      out on a great program that as you admitted did great work. You said
      no more checks…only money to those people I agree with politically.
      That’s what makes you and I different. I really could care less about
      politics in the work I do. If I believe in the organization and it’s
      work…then their political leanings mean nothing.
      Now lets hear from glaze or hearne or chuckles what they’ve done.
      I know they’re all about one thing…..themselves and their own world.
      You don’t have to worry about bills or payroll or costs because those
      were afforded to you via your family. I do and I take my charitable
      work very seriously.
      Those items I mentioned were just a few of what I’ve done.
      Now I am starting a new program to advance work against cancer.
      Lost my mom to cancer along with many close friends. I counsel
      existing cancer patients in a personal manner and will be expanding
      that to go nationwide.
      As far as chuckles…his vile anger is atrocious. I help the needy/those
      less fortunate and my work to further these charitable causes will
      never end.
      I don’t have your money. I don’t just write a check. I put hundreds of
      hours into my work. That’s just the way Harley is.
      I hope you reconsider your donation. I don’t always agree with the
      organizations I do work for but feel in my heart that it’s the right thing
      to do. My personal grievances (and I have none with any of the
      organization I do work for) and evenif I did it wouldn’t matter.
      It’s what the good books say…help the needy/the poor/those less
      As the Talmud reads when you save one…you save the world.
      good luck
      your friend Harley

      • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

        If your record of public service and philanthropy is as laudable as it sounds,why do you hide behind a fake name? It could easily be verified and would give you instant credibility. You don’t seem to understand that my law partner and I bought a table at the Literacy Kansas City event I describe. The tickets we didn’t use we gave to those who otherwise couldn’t have afforded it a chance to attend. That doesn’t seem to me to be the actions of the mean spirited bigot you keep portraying me as. The recent flap about Will Farrell’s next movie reminded me of a similar incident from twenty years ago when my daughter was a student at the Shawnee Mission School District’s Center for International Studies. Our family went to an event at the Center. The featured speaker was a member of the K.U. faculty who thought it was funny to ridicule President Reagan for being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,the premise of the script Farrell backed off of recently because of the outage the proposal stirred in Reagan’s family. I was offended by this and quietly got up and left,which you tell me I have no right to do.You people on the left won’t even let people like Madeleine Albright and Condoleeza Rice speak yet you expect us conservatives to quietly accept our beliefs being mocked to our faces and to pay money for the privilege of doing so.Finally,how is anything Chuck Lowe ever said half as cruel as your taunts about his job or your chortling that you hoped I would die soon?

        • Harley the Great says:

          chucks comments: ‘LET THE JEWS BURN”///////his
          constant words of racism/hate/vile language taken
          from known anti semitic authors and purveyors of
          hate and lies against minorities.
          And I do agree that to ridicule a president fror
          alzheimers is out of order. I too would have gotten
          upi and left5….out of order and having an aunt and
          an uncle suffer thru decades of alzheimers I find that
          tasteless and would have probably gone on the stage and
          made it known. But did you give to the event? I’m hopeful they didn’t know in advance of the persons
          comments..if so …..because millions suffer from
          alzheimers…they should be fired from their posts.
          as far as medeline Albright I don’t understand…as far
          as rice I can understand since she was part of the
          lies that took 5000 American kids lives and 250,00
          kids with life long injuries.
          Why not give my name. I’ve been physically threatened/wislon attempt to track me down all the
          way to las vegas/My home address (which was wrong)
          was published here and I felt threated by some nut
          (like chuckles and smartman) who made violent
          references. threats against at least 4 people by glaze.
          Hearne publishing my IP address in public. As you know I have serious legal arguments to press charges
          against those who did this….including wislon paying for
          my address in a post on kcc. There are plenty of
          nuts out there asyou know and I have legal representation that outlined the recourse I had…
          including Doxing which carries heavy penalties.
          My articles are merely refutations of what glaze
          and other wrongfully rights. They have every opportunity to address my remoarks…but as a lawyer… facts matter and putting your name as a byline and
          public figure give others rights to prove their writings
          I understand your stand…personal attacks such as those against Reagan should be dealt with accordingly.
          Look at the source. 3 kids spreading the word of the
          good books is hardly a crime. Saying things you
          disagree with still gives you the right to give or not.
          It’s your free will and it’s your money.
          But to use this forum as my detractors have to
          break the law and threaten me will not stop me.
          Much is humor as seen this weekend.
          But Harley reserves the right to remain anonymous.
          Tell hearne to change his policy. His readership is
          already down…and that change will put the death
          knoll to this blog.
          Unprvoked attacks by chuck will not go unreturned.
          We have seen his type…seen his codewords and
          references and we will never allow them to go
          thanks for your reply.

          • chuck says:


            Not so much that I am anti-Semitic (If Harley misprints it, it must be right.) but that the Jews I know and have known for my entire life, have never mentioned it.

            I’ve never threatened you with violence Harley.

            You are a liar.

            In fact, you made reference ‘s with violent intent some time ago and I remember exactly what I said.

            I said I would try and take my beating like a man.

            Until that time…

  13. Harley the Great says:

    you and wislon and hearne passed around info onmy personal numbers.
    Don’t lie chuckles the lonely old man.
    Harley is always right.

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