Glazer: Believe It or Don’t, .500 Chiefs Electrify KC

tempFF_EB_006--nfl_mezz_1280_1024They did it!  

So now the Chiefs are the best bet to land the final wild card in the AFC, according to ESPN’s Mike and Mike! And it could happen – based on their improved defense, easy remaining games and that they’re on a roll. Yep, four wins in a row and two back to back road wins against division rivals.

Shades of head coach Andy Reid‘s first year here when we played team after team that was injured or weak or using back up quarterbacks. However, we did just beat San Diego and Philip Rivers on the road. Nice. However they were 2-7 and now they’re done for the year with 8 loses.

So who’s left?

The Bills who play here following a Monday night game at New England. The Pats should win that one and Bills will be tired that Sunday. Then on the road KC plays a sudden struggling Oakland. However, they’re dangerous and will probably be favored. At home with Chargers, the Chiefs should win that one. At the Ravens – a pick’em game – the Ravens will be favored at home. The Browns here and Raiders here both should be wins if KC plays as well as they have lately.

So Chiefs finish 9-7 or maybe, just maybe 10-6. Either likely gets you a wild card. 

UnknownThis is a big comeback from the Chiefs 1-5 start.

Most pundits, including me, had them dead and gone. Looks like maybe not! In a year where most teams are around. .500 it’s great for the league because 4-6 teams are still in it. Hell, Dallas thinks they can win it all with their 3-7 record, just because Tony Romo is back (and yes he won yesterday).

Denver is not out of the woods either.

They benched Peyton Manning who says he will play next year with or without Broncos. I hate to see Manning go out that way – he needs to end it this year. He sure isn’t in need of money.

All the current crop of elite quarterbacks are nearing the end.

Only Tom Brady looks ready to go again for a couple more years. Maybe Drew Brees as well. However it’s down to the last year or two for all of them. Making way for the new heros, Cam Newton and company.

So what’s in store for this year’s KC Chiefs?

Hey, they are playing inspired ball – especially on defense. Tamba Hali is on fire, Justin Houston got a TD interception; DJ is playing well and shockingly Eric Berry is actually looking good. Our new number one corner, Marcus Peters is likely the defensive rookie of the year. Nice. QB Alex Smith is playing better but the offense still needs work.

However at a lowly 5-5 the Chiefs are the talk of the town.

So let’s see if this continues, it’s better than wait until next year…for now.

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20 Responses to Glazer: Believe It or Don’t, .500 Chiefs Electrify KC

  1. At the Ravens – a pick’em game – the Ravens will be favored at home.

    Doubtful. Given Flacco’s situation I think the Chiefs will be favored.

  2. Newbaumturk says:

    Let’s say they make the playoffs, they’ll just be one-and-do again. Their offense just isn’t good enough, more specifically, the QB isn’t good enough. Field goals and punts will get you beat in the playoffs. It would however be so chiefs like of them to lose to Buffalo and Oakland at h and miss the playoffs by a game. The also look at the Chiefs in the bigger picture. It’s beyond time for them to win the Super Bowl.

  3. Kerouac says:

    “Believe It or Don’t .500 Chiefs Electrify KC”

    – such a losers lament be city of the swiss…

    “In a year where most teams are around. .500 it’s great for the league because 4-6 teams are still in it.”

    – this is what the NFL wanted, and there it is… as Kerouac has stated many times, the day is drawing nigh wherein the entire regular season will be made moot, becoming an extended ant-climactic ‘pre-season’ in essence, all 32 teams qualifying for post season – mediocrity thy name.

    “Hell, Dallas thinks they can win it all with their 3-7 record”

    – that they could even consider said is an indictment the NFL’$ ‘product’, in total…

    “Only Tom Brady looks ready to go again for a couple more years. Maybe Drew Bledsoe as well.”

    – that would be Drew ‘Brees’ & not Bledsoe, right CG? Although, with the mediocrity that reigns rampant 2015, could see the (still only) 43 year old Bledsoe being signed by someone any day now… he’d probably throw 35 tds in the remaining 6 games.

    “Tamba Hali is on fire, Justin Houston got a TD interception; DJ is playing well”

    – so is Spencer Ware, Demetrius Harris & Jamell Fleming… nuff said. Can a comeback by Greg Hill, Eric Warfield and Brad Cottam et al be far removed?

    “and shockingly Eric Berry is actually looking good.”

    – the biggest overhype in franchise history has looked ‘better’ than he ever has… which makes him now thoroughly ‘mediocre’ in lieu his usual ‘hot garbage’.

    “Our new number one corner, Adrian Peterson is likely the defensive rookie of the year.”

    – you referring to Marcus ‘Toast’ Peters? He’s another thoroughly mediocre player (7 td passes allowed directly or had a hand therein – the most among all swiss DB’s 2015); he looks better than horrible due only the absolute rabble called ‘competition’ the NFL provides copious doses (refer back to the above Eric ‘I Can’t Even Cover Sexagenarian Kerouac’ Berry, for proof.)


    – you’re welcome, CG… try and catch narrative missteps, any.

    “QB Alex Smith is playing better”

    – better than who… or what? Better than Tyler Palko? Yes. On par Steve Bono? Umm, perhaps. Good as Trent Green? Not close. Even Joe Montana (best KC, since Dawson), couldn’t do it when it mattered most, post season… no, it’s the same ol’ routine as each & ever the last 45 seasons same… ‘wait till next year’- er, decade… do I hear century?


    – yes? [ nod ‘Pee Wee’s Big Adventure’ – “everybody has a big but” – drumroll ]

    “the offense still needs work.”

    – the heck you say; long as the self-celebratory santos (who missed an extra point Sunday) keeps making 8 of 10 field goals he tries, we’ve a regular David Akers out there the swiss; 16,751 days now since they were last relevant January 11, 1970…

    “However at a lowly 5-5 the Chiefs are the talk of the town.”

    – exchange a Big Apple ride for a Kansas City jalopy, and, isn’t there an old Jack Jones song hidden in there someplace, those words?

    “Elegance & grace, styling sets the pace, people stop and stare, Chrysler New Yorker’s there – what a beautiful New Yorker, it’s the talk of the town.”

    “So let’s see if this continues, it’s better than wait until next year,,,for now.”

    – aww, you had to go and ruin it/shatter the illusion with that, CG…


    • HARLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      kerowacky just keeps pulling against kc teamstill eventrually
      he gets one right.
      He pulled against the royals this year and when they won it all
      he came up with the dumbest excuses of why they should not have
      won it. But they will be sportsmen of the year and carry the
      series trophy to opening day when they get their rings.
      Now its the chiefs who geta little sunlight. They didn’t make the
      schedules they play…and again kerowacky and his stupid comments
      try to minimalize their play.
      Kerowacky is just an old worn out stat guy who wants everyone to
      think he’s smart. Stats don’t win games you blowhard. Glaze proved
      that and even he can’t hit the broad side of a barn with his picks.
      So kcc has 2 old guys with negative attitudes about their teams who
      are wrong weekly.
      go ahead kerowacky and continue your b.s. You’re making glaze
      look like he knows something about sports…and that’s sad.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Is there a writer on this site more mercurial than Glazer? Methinks not.

    • KCMonarch says:

      If you believe his explanation, it is because sometimes Hearne writes his stuff for him. (Only the mistakes, mind you.)

      • admin says:

        Well, here’s the deal KC Monarch:

        Craig’s been having severe computer problems and when he sent this story in it was loaded with first and/or last names of players only. Some of which were incorrect – Peterson instead of Peters – and I was having a busy travel day and had limited time to cross check them all.

        So there were a couple of missteps such as Bledsoe since I was editing on the fly.

        But you guys get Craig’s main points – even though I know some of you love to torture him – and I think his overall points were well stated and reasoned.

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      A Philadelphia Collar is recommended equipment for Glazer reading.

  5. Jess says:

    And the comments about the Drew Bledsoe mention was deleted…lol

    Way to censor the comments to cover up mistakes…

    • KCMonarch says:

      That was classic Glazier-putting Bledsoe back in the league and starting Adrian Peterson in the Chiefs backfield.

      The explanation will be that he made a couple of “typos.” And by making the corrections its clear Hearne doesn’t know his readership.

      Psst…his “writing” is only entertaining because of his lack of subject knowledge accompanied by a complete lack of self awareness. No more corrections please.

      • CG says:

        Hate to upset the haters and boy do they hate. Hearne as explained many times, writes headline, does photos and sometimes adds a thing or two to my story. He does edit and usually does a great job…however he is not a NFL guy. So he demands first and last names, when he saw the name just ‘Drew’ and just ‘Peters’ he googled and got Drew Bledsoe and Adrian Peterson instead..a mistake. I didn’t know it. I called him, he fixed it asap…nobody would think I thought Peterson was a Chief and a corner or Drew Bledsoe was still playing today..I’m sure nobody would believe I thought that…

        Hearne again edits and sometimes because I make errors he does..sometimes he makes an error..happens…again this isn’t the New York Times…so sorry about that, but please lets not get carried away.

        My biggest mistakes that did stand my fault on NFL were saying Joe Montana won the last playoff game for KC in 03 instead of 94…just a brain fart and a couple times in betting games had like ASU instead of Uof A etc…plus I have misspelled a few names in my day no question…again we are sorry, but an honest error…thanks.

        • Harper says:

          Gee, I just googled “Drew” and “Bledsoe” didn’t come up anywhere in the first 10 pages. In fact, the first NFL quarterback that came up was “Brees.”

          And you apparently wrote “Our new number one corner, Peters . . .” which apparently led Hearne on another Google search that yielded . . . Adrian Peterson?

          So he ran with that? You want us to believe Hearne is that stupid and lazy?

          Wouldn’t he simply pick up the phone, call you, and say, “Hey, Bud. You know the rules. I need first and last names on this ‘Drew’ guy and this ‘Peters’ guy”?

        • admin says:

          Actually, Craig did not write “Peters” he wrote “Peterson”

    • admin says:

      And way to focus and dwell on minutiae rather than the focus of the column, Jess.

      Some of you guys live to needle Craig…which seems like a hollow activity…but that’s just me.

      • Harper says:

        Repeatedly, constantly, over and over again, not even knowing the names of the people on the teams he is writing about is “minutiae”?

        The inability to get names right would flunk him in a high school journalism class.

        But there is always an excuse, isn’t there? This time, it’s rather cute — “computer problems.”

        Yep, the computer did it.

  6. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Chargers and Bronco VS Chiefs combined predictions: 6,299 to 5

    Reality: 16 to 62



  7. Libertarian says:

    If the Chefs [intentionally misspelled for comedic value] are tasting the Royals wave, they will win out the season.

    IF they win out the season, it wont be a “one & done” in the post season, either.

  8. CG says:

    As everyone following KC knows, the way to the wild card is all in KC’s favor now…nobody we play has a winning record…in fact the opposite for the most part…granted there are only a handful of winning teams in the AFC, Pats, Denver, Bengals and if they stay healthy Steelers…we play none of them….four at home two on the road..the Bills may have lost their qb to a collar bone injury from last nights loss to the they have less time to rest and heal before Sundays showdown with KC for what may be the final wild card spot…Chiefs could lose and still get it…same with Bills…they are the best of the rest…Chiefs could lose to Oakland in 9-7 or 10-6 looks likely both get you in the wild card game….

    • HARLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      glaze jumps on another bandwagon. When do youstop writing
      on kcc. Old stuff…stale and wrong 99 per cent of the time.

  9. Kerouac says:

    Kerouac searched far and wide, high and low to find anything at all good to say about the hapless part 2015 verse 45 swiss… and He found something.

    Here it is: chiefs (formerly ‘Chiefs’) have for two weeks now tried to recapture the days when they were actually upper-case and not lower-case swiss also-rans & riddled with roster holes – and low-lighted in lieu hi via their bad looking uni’s.

    They wore their all-white uniforms with red socks vs DEN & SD & looked better than the hideous usual tack theirs red pants/white socks, road. That they changed the look at all aft the close the ’68 exhibition season has always bothered Kerouac an aesthetic purview.

    That ‘look’ seen the previous two-weeks is as close to old school cool as will likely ever again be seen & what an improvement over that utter garbage red on red home duds they wore vs DEN earlier this season and a couple of times before, earlier years. Still, not entirely original authentic, but, better than their usual attire… now if they would dispense with all the advertising (NFL chest logos, manufacturer shoulder logos/ditto on shoes and everywhere/anywhere else, etc.), they might start looking/playing good as they used to play/look.

    Their 1963-1967 look was ‘classic’ and cool: all white jersey & white pants, no sleeve stripes, red socks, a larger helmet arrowhead, black shoes and vintage face masks… exchange the road white for a home red jersey when playing at home, and – viola! – ditto.




    USUAL ROAD×560.jpg



    Old school Chiefs 1963-1967


    New school swiss 2015


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