Glazer: Time to Boycott Arrowhead & Chiefs Games

imagesThere are several really bad teams out there in the NFL today…

However, most are due to injury. However, until the Chiefs lost Jamaal Charles late today with what could be a season ending / career ending hit, they were very healthy. The Chicago Bears were 10 point dogs to one of the NFL’s worst teams, the Chiefs. Wow.

So the Bears clearly came here to lose and get Jay Cutler healed up.

But the Chiefs wouldn’t let them lose. It was a poor man’s repeat of the Denver game a few weeks back. However now, instead of two good teams fighting it out,  it was two very bad teams.

Chicago only led once and that was at games end and they won. 18-17.

The Chiefs had no offense at all save Charles. Alex Smith is DONE. Sorry he is scared of taking the hits now and can’t hit a four yard open receiver. Smith’s throws are almost all off. He mostly is just avoiding sacks, rendering him worthless now. He has very happy feet. Career over, at least here or as a starter.

Smith will now make a wonderful, wealthy backup QB somewhere.

But not here. Nice guy, but he failed. Time to end his Chiefs career. NOW. There is no future for Smith here, Clark. None. Bench him for the two younger guys and let’s see what they can do!!!!!

Start the rebuilding now.

Fans need to send the message to Clark Hunt.

Do not attend Chiefs games. Let Arrowhead stand empty. That way the owner will see that he needs to fire head coach Andy Reid, GM Dorsey and Smith at season’s end. This season is toast already. It ended when Denver beat us on that Thursday Night.

chiefsfanWe have nothing. This is the 80’s Chiefs. No backs, no passing game. Horrid defense. No stars. Nothing to see.

Justin Houston is a bust. Derrick Johnson is no longer above average. Tamba Hali is slower and showing his age – we have no pass defenders out there of merit and on and on.

At 1-4 we’re the worst team in the AFC. So let’s lose out and get a young quarterback, a new coach, a new beginning. This just didn’t work. Clark we’ve seen enough. Andy’s first two years were also B.S. Your head coach and GM couldn’t find ONE offensive lineman in three drafts. None.

Even Harley could do that.

P.S. I don’t flip flop, comment guys, the game changes weekly and so do the teams. I don’t stand behind one team like you guys do with the Chumps. I saw some hope in preseason but that’s long gone. I was wrong and they are awful. Hey, I can now go to Vegas and bet….against any Chiefs game where we play a good team and we will get jacked.

So stop going to games and send the word to Clark that we want to build a real team here.

This isn’t it. Thank you, Mister Hunt.
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24 Responses to Glazer: Time to Boycott Arrowhead & Chiefs Games

  1. Newbaumturk says:

    It amazes me how long this organization has ignored the most important position in sports. Instead of drafting and developing their own future hall of fame QB they always go get somebody else’ backup. The Chiefs have been futile for most of the last 46 years. Besides five of Marty’s years and a couple of Vermiel years they’ve been terrible. People laugh at the 90’s Bengals but the Chiefs doubled that futility in the 70s and 80s. To me the Chiefs have been in this position because of what they don’t do. They haven’t drafted a QB in the first round since 1983, far and away the longest such streak in the NFL. They could have drafted Dan Marino or Jim Kelly. They could have drafted Brett Favre. They could have drafted Aaron Rodgers. They could have signed Drew Brees or Peyton Manning as a free agent. But no, they never do what is necessary to win. When we did have a Super Bowl caliber QB on the team Carl Peterson and Marty wouldn’t let Rich Gannon play. Twice. Gannon sat behind steve Bono and Elvis Grbac, probably because of the contracts Bono and Grbac had. The first year Gannon left the Chiefs and went to Oakland the Raiders went to the Super Bowl. And yeah I know QB’S don’t have to be drafted in the first round to be good but most of the really good ones are. I’ll never forget Kevin Kietzman asking Lamar Hunt if he would rather win the Super Bowl and lose a dollar or los the Super Bowl and make a dollar. Lamar chose make the dollar. This from a guy who was near the end of his life and inherited his money from one of the richest men in America. Tells you a lot about the commitment to winning from that family. Clark Hunt was forced into firing Pioli by the fans revolting. He wanted to hold on to him like Jack Steadman was. Now is the time to start Aaron Murray. The season is lost, it’s way, way past time to see if they’ve actually drafted their QB of the future or not. But I know they won’t because of Alex Smiths contract. Remember when Seattle went with rookie Russell Wilson over high-priced free agent Matt Flynn because Russell beat him out in training camp? Look what that’s done for Seattle and will never happen here. Again, it’s the things the Chiefs don’t do.

  2. Kerouac says:

    Bears 18 @swiss 17

    Reid’s Chiefs have gone 12-18 since they started 9-0 three years ago. In the parlance, known as trending ‘down’. Norman Vincent Peale tack, we know they can’t win more than 12 games now, 2015; Aesop’s view, they might well lose 15.

    All show and no go, again, sole ownership AFC West cellar. 1-4 suggests sky pointing, liver-lippin’, shuck’ and jivin’ and other spastic machinations ‘the entertainers swiss’ aren’t serving ‘team’, only self… the ‘hey, look at me everybody’ contingent. It’s just entertainment they say, ‘we gots ta put on the show, bro’… if not win football games.

    How did the usual thespians i.e., suspects do today?

    * Santos goes 1-3 fg tries, self-celebratory as ever ‘sky points’; maybe he learned that from Colquitt, another resident thespian this second best punter in franchise history.

    * Justin ‘We Have A Problem’ Houston sack-less once more… no symbolic praying and no open sesame lifting up jersey for the crowd. Dominated the Bears own version Eric Fisher: a guy switched to right tackle from another position good enough to stifle $101 mill zero sacks JH.

    * WR Maclin was furiously beating his gums out there today… unfortunately, he didn’t beat the CB on his last try as ‘juggling’ Jeremy blew the catch could’ve resulted a more makeable fg try; he who gives lip last (Bears CB/scoreboard) lips best.

    * 2 more td passes given up by the great over-hype ‘Toast’ Peters… 5 in 5 games ‘best rookie in the NFL’ according local delusion. An pass interference penalty that led to the winning score Bears & a successful two-point conversion allowed (if ruled not.) Upshot: 12 the Bears 18 points coming vs ‘Toast’; comparison, rookie Jim Marsalis gave up 3 td passes all season 17 games 1969 including AFL Playoff, Championship and Superbowl; Jim ‘was not’ named rookie of the year… neither will be ‘Toast’.

    * Kelce: no ball-punching or masturbatory mimicking today for the crowd & camera… also no big plays – again. This guy is ‘all-world’, according local hype; Broncos LB Von Miller was right: #87 is ‘fake Gronk’ (he isn’t even as good Morris Stroud at this point.)

    * Charles (the 4th best yards per carry average NFL history, not first as announcers again mislead viewers about their broadcast) now a right ACL tear to match his left, 2011. All the air seemed to go out the swiss when he went down. Turning 30 in 2016 (if he even manages recover to play again), the second half without him was evidence of just how little offensive talent there actually is the swiss, their one real threat out.
    Even with Charles, the swiss offense could only score 1 td the entire game… other 3 points result short field due a poor kick by the Bears.

    * Now 22 sacks allowed by the swiss chiefs offensive line through 5 games, 2015… with Charles no longer a threat afield, a real chance to break the all-time single-season NFL record looms possibility. With 11 games remaining, the swiss are exactly on pace break the mark of 70 set by an expansion team, the 2002 Houston Texans.

    * Alex ‘the not so great’ Smith again was outplayed by an better QB, Jay Cutler today’s winner. Cutler has an arm reminiscent of Jeff George and a personality to match, so his being the Chiefs QB would not likely be a panacea.

    Watching Cutler throw darts one can imagine how having a QB that type arm/talent could elevate KC’s passing game (we look hopefully Tyler Bray’s way.) As there’s no great QB consensus next college draft, barring a trade looks like ‘our man Smith’ will again reign 2016. Daniel is too short/free agent & Murray is too small; neither more than a 2nd/3rd string caliber NFL QB.

    As for the man behind the curtain, Clark Hunt, though he has yet to get things right, not a matter his not trying. Unlike father Lamar, he changed the power structure of the Chiefs. Whereas Lamar erred in placing total authority in Stram 1972 (HC, GM, Vice President & a 10-year contract), then aft realizing that mistake & duplicating it with Steadman as lord of all 1975-1988, then undeterred decided thrice even better did so again with Peterson (President, GM & CEO) 1989-2008.

    Taking over the reigns, it took Hunt Jr. one similar error, Pioli 2009-2012, before he (reportedly) separated Dorsey and Reid, so that in theory at least no more autocratic rule exists; step two (nod Pioli) finding the right tandem, as it were.

    Chiefs appear really need good fortune now: much like the Steelers floundered decades until 37-year old Chuck Noll was hired in 1969 & turned the franchise fortunes around, a young Noll, or Walsh, or Stram or Lombardi (hey, we can dream) is out there waiting to be discovered; Hunt Jr.’s job: find him. Ditto a QB.

    Lombardi inherited Starr (HOF), Stram signed Dawson (HOF), Walsh chose Montana* (HOF) & Noll drafted Bradshaw same (HOF). Hope springs eternal: Unitas was a free agent, as was Warner (* Walsh actually wanted to draft Steve Fuller as his QB in 1979 instead of Montana, but the Chiefs Marv Levy beat the 49ers to Steve in round 1 . So, Walsh ‘settled’ for Montana in the 3rd round… just as Mackovic took QB Blackledge 1st in ’83, while the Bills settled for Kelly & the Dolphins for Marino, after… ay caramba.)

    Time’s yours, Clark/Chiefs.

  3. Furioso says:

    I think a lot of the problem is most players don’t want to come to KC. It’s a pretty depressing place, cold weather, dreary rain, lot’s of crime and ghetto’s, redneck racists. It starts from the top down, even the owner won’t live here. I personally LOVE Jackson County…1985 Jackson County that is. I just can’t imagine moving back, I’d have to live on the Kansas side but still I’d pine for the good old days when it was fun to go to the movies at Blue Ridge mall on Friday nights. Or Blue Springs Bowl on Saturdays. Bannister Mall was a unique treat. Independence Square wasn’t very lively but it still was fun to go there every once in awhile. Heck, a few months ago I visited and there was a meth head pimp and a nasty ho right across from Cool Crest. That just made me sad and sick at the same time.

    Anyway, the smart players don’t come to KC unless they’re here for a smash and grab like Joe Montana. We’re more used to getting Jovan Belcher(murderer), Bam Morris/Tamarick Vanover(drug traffickers), Derrick Thomas(more drugs), Andre Rison(loquacious crime wave), Todd Haley(no trick pony), Frank Ganz(pathological liar), Scott Pioli(clueless clothes donkey) and Marty Shottenheimer(impregnating the local waitresses).

    Still, even though they’re a train-wreck I just can’t quit the Chiefs. I just quit KC, I’m dumb but I ain’t stupid.

    • CG says:

      Wow. You mentioned almost all bad parts of KC. There are many nice one, Plaza,Mission Hills,Westwood,Fairway,Brookside, Waldo, Johnson County on and on…Westport is fun…but yeah its not LA or Chicago. Who both have plenty of crime and ghetto issues…I lived in LA. Most cities have their good and bad. Mostly we aren’t a national media town. Hence the Royals found out by being placed on channel 89999 for their playoff run with Houston and given on air guys hired by Fox 8998 yesterday. WTF was that, not even TBS? We are a small market and other than last years Cinderella play off run, KC in sports has been a zero as all above made clear and as I have made clear for four years here. We don’t know how to win.

      Some great comments up above mine. Yours included Fur, K of course and New man all good. But Fur its the lack of national media attention to young stars like Charles or Hosmer. Eric will move to say New York or LA or a bigger market. Money, attention,fame etc…some guys who are married with kids do like it here, we know why, it is a nice family town if you find the right area to live. There are many by the way. No we don’t have nice warm weather or water or well you get it.

      I think New Man really hit it with the Hunts attitude. Money first winning second, unlike Ewing Kauffman. The lack of drafting a quarterback and hanging onto big contract players like Grbac over Ganon is telling. I can see that happening now. It’s clear Alex needs to go, Andy and crew….our cupboard is now empty. We have no stars and nobody to lead this team. The Chiefs are offically one of the NFL’s worst teams…again. Winning a game or two is going to be tough.

      As I stated in the article show Clark Hunt you care and don’t attend games show the Chiefs owner its time to start over. I do think he tried…kinda. Hiring Alex Smith and going for a quarterback that was just ok, to be just ok, was telling…all bout the bucks….get those hicks to believe in a 9-7 team or a mid level contender, easier to keep going than a New England.

      This organization has been a horrid failure for decades, yet the Chiefs are worth over one billion dollars and soon several billion. Hunt live in Dallas. Way it goes.

      This weekend KU,KSU,MU,the Chiefs and Royals all lost. Hard to do.

  4. The Word says:

    Alex Smith is who he is.

    He’s Jeff George. He’s good enough not to be considered a bust in the NFL. But, he’s not anywhere near good enough to be considered a good QB.

    Just like Jeff George.

    • Libertarian says:

      Ughh. I just threw up in my mouth a little when I saw that name.

      I went bezerk back when King Carl made mention of possibly picking JG up.

      My brother even got real drunk and wrote Carl a long letter about how he would give up his life-long habit of being a Chiefs fan if he signed JG. I’m glad it worked!

    • CG says:

      Alex Smith may have been much better at his job with a solid line. To Smith’s defense, his O line at KC has been awful each year and gotten worse this season. So bad he has inherited the ‘happy feet’ illness. He sees ghost rushers on every pass play. Smith almost never tries to go downfield until the game is out of hand. We have seen Alex hit some nice deeper throws over the last three seasons. In his first year with no really top notch receivers he was very good down the line of the last few games. Including his best throwing in the playoff loss to Indy. Since then he has slowly gone downhill. Trying to just not turn over the ball, not get sacked 5-7 times a game and not get hurt. He of course hands off too much, runs to the sideline too much, throws short too much and fails to get us into the end zone too much. He has become a nearly worthless quarterback just playing out the games that the Chiefs will mostly lose.

      Kansas City had good reason to think he might be a solid quarterback coming from the San Fran team three years back. He had good numbers, and some felt was unfairly benched in the year the team went to the Super Bowl. Now his replacement is under fire for being even worse.

      This year the front office went out of its way to try and get him some weapons. Jeremy Maclin was an answer, Kelce looks good, drafting Conley was a nice move. For some odd reason a team with no O lineman drafted none that mattered or traded for any that could really play. Thus every pass play is a jail break and Smith is under fire, now leading the league in getting sacked.

      Can he be fixed. No not here. He’s too far gone. With a 1-4 record and losing to the lowly Bears at home, losing his top weapon Charles for the season, well he has to be at home just deeply depressed. He wants to win. He just can’t. He will leave KC with millions of dollars and a nice life. With his looks and brain likely a soon to be ESPN booth man. We should all be so unlucky.

      As my last two articles explained, the Chiefs are out of answers. It’s time to try the younger quicker guys at quarterback. The season is lost and so is Alex Smith’s future in KC. Hunt has to decide how far to take this. If he stays with the contract player, Smith next season, expect more of the same. They know it. Now it comes down to the money. Look at these failed big contracts…now add Jamaal’s contract, he is likely done, what 40 million, Smith’s 120 million, I believe Andy had a three year deal that ends after the season, Justin Houston is not looking 100 plus million either. He stays of course. Our GM and Defensive front office guys are a bust too. You can’t fire everyone.

      NFL teams can be fixed in a couple seasons, we’ve seen it before. Look at the Bengals. Our team has a long history of bad luck and bad moves. I spoke years ago on the Rich Gannon mistake, the Nick Lowery for Elliot mistake and many others. The problem is we never seen to make ‘the right’ moves. Is it just bad luck?

      In its wake the Chiefs are now and have been a non relevant NFL team. A doormat mostly. They have no big wins at all in what over two decades. Got to go back to that Houston Oilers win in 94 with Montana. Since then nothing. Even the great Tony G led us to nothing. As one commenter wrote, even Marty’s teams had major ‘party’ issues that helped keep them from a Super Bowl. Other than Marty’s teams we’ve had nothing.

      It looks like a return to the 80’s maybe years of musical coaches and a few name players who waste their careers on a bad team. It will be hard to take seeing Arrowhead half full in November and on even this year.

      Out city loves the Chiefs, but maybe the people in charge just don’t love us much. Who knows. Its all bout the money in the end not about the KC fans. They just provide the color and noise at times. Sad. There is no easy answer.

  5. CG says:

    I want to thank K for his brilliant insight and stats. He should work for KC Star sports in the newspaper. Course they wouldn’t much like his truthful insight to the Chiefs past and present. Sadly he is correct almost all the time.

    • Kerouac says:

      Aww, shuck’ & jive’- er shux – Kerouac is tempted chest thump and sky point while gyrating down the pages the KCC blog…


      Alas, as the hero my youth Len Dawson said: “there is a time & a place to fool (like the KCC blog), but the football field is neither the time nor the place.”

      #16 made it a point to celebrate ‘team’ rather than himself the ‘I’ndividual – we got the ball to him” a descript td pass his arm a receiver’s hands, an impression made upon the fertile mind mine long ago, one still resounds with me today.

      The important thing ‘now’ grand scheme Chiefs: how to build the ideal QB ours.

      If a laboratory, would combine the old school guile Unitas, class Starr, accuracy Dawson, scrambling Tarkenton, go for the throat resolve Lamonica & winning tack Graham. Modern era the precision Montana, arm Elway, competitiveness Favre and the storybook success Warner – a football Frankenstein, amalgam.

      What the Chiefs have is the cerebral Alex Smith; based the head his shoulders and stats his football resume, a latter day Frank Ryan, formerly CLEV Browns Ph.D. who also worked (while still playing) with a geometric-function theorist.
      The QB’s dissertation “Characterization of the Set Asymptotic Values Function Holomorphic in the Unit Disc”.

      Dr. Ryan also published fundamental papers on the set of asymptotic values of a function holomorphic in the unit disc, the Duke Mathematical Journal. Likely, being challenged or even attacked by the scientific community not as daunting as the likes Deacon Jones et al 1960’s, or JJ Watt et al today our man Smith.

      Despite having several Pro Bowlers (see Smith/Chiefs) including Hall of Fame teammates Jim Brown & Paul Warfield among other, Ryan was QB one World Championship team, 1964. Otherwise, he ranks 83rd the all-time NFL passer ratings (which is nebulous, as Johnny Unitas ranks but 77th while Alex Smith comes in at 34, go figure.) Ryan Tannehill, Chad Pennington & David Garrard among those who rank higher than any the aforementioned QB’s… hilarious.

      Not merely theoretically but in fact, Chiefs have their work cut out for them under center the gridiron.

      • KCMonarch says:

        My word. Since when did Glazier and K start practicing the Harley Method of Self-Editing?

        Remember boys…opinions are like a-holes Rarely is having a bigger one better.

  6. CFPCowboy says:

    Yesterday was a bad day, all around. The only solution for the Chiefs is for them to have to pay gift tax on the games they’ve given away. However, it is the Royals I am angry with, picking the end of the season to slump. There is something George Brett forgot to teach, and that is how to hit good pitching. KU is looking for that high school team they can beat. It kind of makes me think I want to go back to the wilderness and hunt griz. Now, there’s a sport. Maybe, I am a fair weather fan, but with the price of admission to any of the games, I am not one to tolerate losers. If I pay that much, you better win. Smith needs a blade on the front of his shoes to kick offensive linemen that with almost 1/3 of the season over, have failed to learn the basics. Let’s hear Iit for Sporting KC. Everyone loves a winner.

    • CG says:

      YEP KSU,KU,MU,CHIEFS AND ROYALS ALL LOST boy…hard to enjoy with all our teams out of the run this early…I know..we have to find other things to do to be entertained this fall. Royals are good, I wouldn’t count them out just yet..we all knew something was wrong…just not sure what…Houston is not as good a team, but that stadium is like a circus big advantage to Houston there…weird atmosphere…hard to get used to in a game or two…

      one issue is Eric Hosmer being cold..he is the straw of the offense. He has the one check swing big hit, but that’s it…pitching has been so so..not the reason we are down 2-1, hey lucky we didn’t lose game two here…down 4-1 late…Our other teams mentioned are just not very good save KSU who is good not great. Bad luck….

  7. SteelyDanMan says:

    Is it just me or do star players seem more likely to get injured whenever their team starts sucking? Just an observation I’ve noticed over the years, and no sports nut wants to discuss.

    • CG says:

      YES Steel you are right. I agree. Why? The obvious little dings become big ones when a millionaire doesn’t want to play and get really hurt for a bad team like ours. Look for Alex Smith to go down soon, ‘chest injury’ who knows…Jamaal’s was real and I think its likely his football career is over…sadly…wasted on a very bad team…tragic and soon forgotten…

  8. The chiefs are one of the most absolutely futile professional sports organizations in the world, not having gone to a Super Bowl in 45 years or winning a lousy playoff game in over 20 years. The question I am strug-ul-ing with is why (apart from obvious factors, such as incessantly bad players, coaching and front office management)? Here, I wonder if the franchise may be cursed because of that politically incorrect Warpaint mascot — or, alternatively, perhaps they are cursed because they have a broad riding the old plug around instead of a real Indian? Point being, the Clarks may have more issues to tackle here than just a tired old coaching staff and roster.

  9. Furioso says:

    If Clark Hunt really wanted the Chiefs to be in the top 5 or 10 then he’d become a real boss. To start, he’d live in KC from training camp thru the end of the season. He’d force the GM to live and die by his decisions(yes, I call it FEAR). The GM would constantly be on eggshells, which would filter down to all the players, coaches, everyone in the org. It’s amazing what a well run organization can achieve. Trouble is, both Lamar didn’t adapt and Clark doesn’t seem to adapt either.

    It ALL starts at the top and until this gets fixed the Chiefs are..well..the Chiefs.

  10. Rainbow Man says:

    Reid is pulling a Charlie Weis. One last hefty contract because I am about to be exposed. I used to never advocate boycotts but I have changed. I would take it one step further… don’t watch the games on TV and don’t buy the merchandise. NFL teams are cash cows. The Chiefs are a failed franchise. Call up the Chiefs and tell them you are interested in renting a suite…. the price will shock you. They charge huge prices. We have all spent huge money supporting them.

  11. CG says:

    wow no bad mouthing the author here. Great lengthy comments…I agree with almost all of them. We all agree. CHIEFS ARE A FAILED FRANCHISE. FIRE ANDY. FIRE ALEX, FIRE DORSEY START OVER…AND don’t go to games. I even like Rain man’s don’t watch them…never seen so much agreement….HEY ROYALS ARE SPECIAL…WHAT A COME BROM BEHIND WIN JUST WHEN OUR CITY NEEDED A LIFT…THANKS ROYALS.

    • Furioso says:

      A LOT of people were posting online for the KC fans to boycott Royals games for the EXACT SAME REASON. I know, I was one of them haha haahhhhhh.

      • Furioso says:

        EDIT: Just TWO YEARS ago A LOT of people were posting online for the KC fans to boycott Royals games for the EXACT SAME REASON. I know, I was one of them haha haahhhhhh.

  12. HARLEY says:

    I HAVE been your biggest fan. I have admonished negative comments
    about you when others ran you down. I’ve critiqued your picks which in
    reality are really just a minor thing in your life. I’ve said you had the
    forward thinking of someone who never gave up..or who when the
    chips were down…you never gave up.
    Yes…life is a roller coaster. You have ups and downs.
    We all go thru it. It’s a part of life and even the most successful
    and richest people go thru it.
    I am a chiefs fan. Been a fan since they moved here.Been a fan of lenny and hank and bobby and ed and jan since I was
    a young fan of the chiefs.
    Was in new orleans when they won the super bowl…and since then…yes…
    they’ve had their good years and bad years and their ups and down…but
    despite it all felt that they were my team and I supported them.
    I went to games when there were 6000 people in the rain at the
    last game of the season when it was downpouring and the only points
    scored were from nick lowery. Remember those?
    And I followed them down to new Orleans when they had Montana
    and marcus on the field in the superdome and there were 30,000
    chiefs fans filling up the French quarter.
    Life is about ups and downs…highs and lows…good times and bad
    times….winsand losses…but for me…it was about being loyal to who
    this team was and that they represented our city and our people. Loved the chiefs…good or bad…win or lose because that’s what I believed in.
    Apparently you forgot about loyalty. they may go 1-15 this year
    but for a fan like myself that’s part of what makes life intereresting.
    for the 30-40K fans who fill the stadium every week even with a losing record they are our team…win
    or lose even if theyare 1-15. Igo…I cheer … and even though they might lose
    mor than they win…they are my team..and my city’s team. Yes they may have
    problems… butwhat business doesn’t. You fight it every day…good days…
    bad days. You have good crowds…you have not so good crowds. Good comics..
    not so good comics.
    Of course we’d like to see them win. Who wouldn’t. But for those who
    tailgate and love the atmosphere and the atmosphere of the game day
    experience we love it. Cooking out…cheering on our team win or lose…
    beng part of the experience win or lose…or just being a part of the team
    and the football game. win…or lose…it’s what we love. Of course winning
    or losing is imporjtant…but even losing the chiefs draw 60k and 300K on
    tv which is incredible in terms of other nfl teams. They are our team…win..
    lose or draw.
    And now you say boycot the chiefs…don’t go to arrowheard….don’t
    show up….they’re horrible…they’re no good….give up on them…they will’never
    be winners …..
    But I know you’ve been down in your life. Been in prison…accused of
    crimes and bad deeds…even though you may have been
    innocent of those charges.
    life is about second chances and redemption and even though you don’t make the
    first down ….you play hard and hope that someone will believe in you.
    Hope that someone close will give you the benefit of the doubt..and believe that
    there is something good in you.
    I know that had benny and rita not believed in you who knows where you’d
    be today? Football is a game…life is reality….don’t confuse the two.
    It will all equal itself out. We are all sinners….but you got lucky to have
    had someone that believed in you. Don’t deny it. Life is short.
    LOve your life…enjoy it…and may god bless you . A football game is not
    life and death…its a game….be a great human being and god will do the
    May you fly like an eagle
    Your friend

    • CG says:

      Well Harley maybe in one way you are right. Some fans get a kick out of just having an NFL team. They love the atmosphere of Arrowhead win or lose. So yes that is something to consider. However I am just reporting on how the team is doing week to week. Wins and loses. I’d be lying to pretend all is well.

      For your sake and those fans who are die hard and just want to see football. OK its still a nice stadium, the Chiefs were cool uniforms and we do have a few name players to admire. You are right football is not living or dying for people in real life, its an escape. We’d all like the Chiefs to be a good football team, they aren’t. However if you have a family and the kids enjoy just being a part of the NFL experience you have a point.

      When I was a little kid I used to go with my great uncle Louie to the old ball park and watch the KC A’s. I’d love just to be there, have a hotdog and peanuts. I’d bring my glove hoping to catch a ball hit by Rocky or Jim or any A’s player. So in a way I see your point. As years rolled by and we always lost it got to me and like most adult fans it was tough to take over the years of losing.

      Life is hard, its ups and downs. So like a movie, sports can be an escape. It if for me on Sundays, I like to bet on games and feel good if I win bad if I don’t. I’ve sure dialed back on any big bets…too tough to call today.

      Yeah ‘the good old days’ as a kid when just meeting a player in a uniform or getting a baseball signed was huge. You’d put it in your room and wake up so happy to look at it, take to school, show and tell. I have to admit it was much more fun back then. When winning was second to just being part of it…another part of yesterday I miss too.

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