Sutherland: History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, But It Does Rhyme!



Sam Brownback

The foregoing quote is attributed to Mark Twain

I’ve always understood it to mean that some events reoccur in history with spooky similarity, even though they are not exactly alike in all the particulars. See if you can tell me what politician I’m describing and when the events happened:

“The conservative Republican was elected on a platform of cutting taxes and spending, both proposed with the goal of getting the economy moving again. Although he was eventually able to get a number of legislators who shared his philosophy elected, taking control of the Senate for a surprise victory, he found that actually cutting government spending was a lot easier said than done.

“Moreover, when his major tax cuts went through, he had to accept a number of provisions, resulting in major revenue losses, that were not part of his original proposal, loading up his tax bill with a number of loopholes, exemptions, and tax breaks for special interests, in order to get the bill through a legislative branch that was still, at least in part, in hostile hands.

“When his tax cuts failed to lead to the dramatic growth in revenues he and his political allies had hoped for, he had to go back to the legislature and ask for new taxes to meet the mounting budget deficit. Even though he was ultimately successful in raising revenues, this move was greeted with a chorus of derision in the press and from his political opponents. His critics maintained that this step (which he described as a ‘course correction’) was actually proof that supply side economics was an abject failure and that his whole approach to government was discredited. Even though the resulting deficit was caused in no small part by his failure to limit government spending as promised, his political opponents lambasted him for ‘savage’ cuts in welfare and education spending. It didn’t matter that the ‘cuts’ usually turned out to be spending increases smaller than his opponents would have liked. Nor did it matter that he’d inherited a faltering economy from his predecessor- the widespread belief was that this Republican conservative had seriously damaged the government and the economy single-handedly.

“The mere mention of his name at a public gathering would bring on a chorus of boos and cat calls. Comments in the media were striking in their anger and negativity. Few observers doubted that he would go down as the worst chief executive up to that time, a mean spirited bigot who had destroyed the enlightened legacy of many in his own party, who were moderate conservatives and not right wing radicals like he was. If he was remembered at all, it would be for favoring the wealthy and corporations at the expense of the poor and middle class, as well as for his extremist positions on social issues like guns, abortion, and the separation of church and state.”

Are we talking Sam Brownback circa 2015?

220px-President_Reagan_during_a_meeting_with_members_of_Congress_1983Certainly each of these statements could be applied to his political standing in Kansas right now.

Actually, however, that entire description came from a book published in 1983 about the Ronald Reagan presidency called “Gambling with History-Reagan In The White House.” By Laurence L. Barrett, White House correspondent for Time Magazine, it offered a less than hopeful assessment on what Reagan’s legacy would ultimately be.

I anticipate cries of protest that Brownback lacks Reagan’s deft political touch.

Moreover, there’s no guaranty that the Kansas economy will rebound in Brownback’s second term like the national economy did in Reagan’s. True enough, but we’ve got three and a half years to go, don’t we?

And a lot can happen in the meantime.
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33 Responses to Sutherland: History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, But It Does Rhyme!

  1. harley says:

    HIGHEST TAXES IN NATION…CHECK (besides maybe new jersey)
    SCHOOLS DECIMATED (but they’re still not worse than the p.o.s schools
    in the red states like Arkansas/Alabama/Georgia/Mississippi where 5th graders
    are using textbooks blue valley uses with 2nd and 3rd graders)!
    HUGE DEBT ( where are all the anti big government and no tax repubs you
    love southy).
    Kansas is a joke. A huge joke. Maybe brownback and his buddies can
    run another state into the ground)
    thank god the nightmare is almost over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Harley, I thought I was off of the hook? This was going to “Blow over in 2 weeks”.

      I am not working now and I have been betting my rather substantial exit package cash, along with my rather substantial retirement cash on your sports picks. To use your favorite 3rd grade term, “Loser”. Thankfully, my many years as an operative for Progressive causes in service of the great institution of the IRS, has left me with PLENTY more taxpayer cash to burn on your picks this year in the NFL.

      Just loved that pithy, eviscerating polemic on that evil Brownback bastard. Nice going Harley, succinct and to the point, written with elan and verve.

      Am I going to jail?

      • Wow! What is with all the hate?

        Hey Harley, I am your biggest fan. Who wouldn’t love to hear that after getting caught red handed, illegally targeting conservative political organizations that the President didn’t like (Those 183 meetings at the white house were not to sharpen IRS Yahtzee skills.), I am going to get off with no hard time? Hell buddy, I love you. You are the only bright light in my firmament.

        I was going to testify, but thank God my lawyer talked me out of it. He said, ‘You dumb F*ck, you’re guilty, just lay back, do nothing and if Harley is right, this sh*t will all blow over in a couple of weeks. When Trey Gowdy found out you were advising my lawyer, he said something about candy and babies, but I am not pregnant.

        Even though you said this would blow over in two, count them 2 weeks and after 18 months, there are still 5 separate congressional investigations going on (Would that come under the heading of what you always say about “DO SOME RESEARCH!”), I still have faith in your advice and think you are a tribute to the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism.

        I am sitting right across from my newest lawyer (The other guy went back to cleaning the sneeze shield at Waldo Pizza.), and for some reason, he is in stitches.

        He says I should tell you to change your email to

        I don’t know what that means.

        You friend,
        Lois Lerner

  2. harley says:

    wow….another of hearne’s writers makes a fool of himself.

  3. harley says:

    thought you were an anti tax guy/no debt/no spending what you don’t have
    kind of republican.
    Well…we see the real colors!
    Not a pretty picture.

  4. the dude says:

    You mean the next crash from the last real estate bubble that carried over to now due to the fed and congress-critters being bought and sold like cattle? Don’t see it getting better anytime soon. The safe bet is to bet on shorts.

  5. Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

    You proved my point by your over the top rhetoric. The same hyperbole is being used about Chris Christie in New Jersey, Pat McCrory in North Carolina,Scott Walker in Wisconsin,Bobbi Jindal in Louisiana,Susana Martinez in New Mexico,and Bruce Rauner in Illinois. Every state that has a Republican governor who won’t give the public employee unions a blank check is in the same boat. Where I differ from these guys(and gals)is on the efficacy of tax cuts.Unless they are coupled with actual spending reductions-impossible in this day and age-you’re going to be looking at serious deficits,at least initially. Speaking of which, Sebelius cut state base aid to education by almost 20% in 2009. A 1% hike in sales taxes was passed at the same time.Last month Brownback pushes through a 1/2 % sales tax hike and restores state funding to back to where it was before it was slashed six years ago(admittedly by robbing Peter to pay Paul,i.e. dipping into reserve funds etc..)Why,then, is he a monster and she is exempt from criticism? By your own standards,St. Kathleen did far more harm than ‘Sam The Sham'(Rose’s witless taunt from a pop group of fifty years ago). Could it have to do with partisanship? You also ignored my point that all your criticisms of Brownback were made against Reagan thirty plus years ago.The verdict of history has been a lot kinder on RR since then !

  6. Karl Rove says:

    I just hope Sam doesn’t read Harley’s comment.

    He would probably resign. Just a devastating comment. His friends are probably reading it now and “unfriending” him. Just devastating.

  7. Lydia says:

    Mr. Sutherland, you have done the most outstanding job of making someone’s head explode that I have ever seen. Well done, Sir.
    Poor Harley is left with nothing but his hate showing and his vocabulary reduced to deranged obscenities.

    • miket. says:

      i think i saw a few strands of his hair floating around, too, and an ear lobe on the table.

      and this guy is an attorney?

    • Lydia says:

      Gee Harley, I had no idea that a proud, card-carrying “Progressive” such as yourself could turn out to be so hostile to and intolerant of your LGBT brethren, fellow woman and other identities. Where is your sincere commitment to inclusiveness and diversity? (Your Mom says have that blood pressure checked out. You are looking very purple in the face.)

  8. harley says:

    nice write newbaum….sams career is over! he’ll sneak out of Topeka
    in a one car parade.

  9. blearry says:

    America must enact legislation banning the display of the israel flag in our country-

    its a banner despised worldwide as an icon of hatred, intolerance, bigotry,oppression, racism and slaughter.

    far worse than any Confederate flag.

  10. John M. Keynes says:

    It sounds like the scenario that the author describes rhymes with what Herbert Hoover tried to stem the Great Depression…with similar results to Kansas’ economy. Hell, the Brookings Institute just said the Kansas tax cuts were a mistake. Statistics that show that Kansas’ economy is in the bottom 20 percent of all states since the tax cuts went into effect also confirm this error. Why stick with a guy that is so clearly wrong? Why do you want Kansas to suffer? Is it all a nefarious plan by KCMO boosters to make Missouri the more desirable area to live in the metro and get revenge for all of the job poaching that Kansas has done over the years?

    • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

      The problem is that fiscal and monetary policy is more an art than a science. Sometimes the traditional Keynesian approach(demand side) works,sometimes the supply side,Laffer/Gilder approach does the trick. Look at the Kennedy tax cuts,passed over Republican opposition,that were a textbook success in jump starting the economy. See Robert Caro’s Master of The Senate,the latest volume in his multi-volume bio of LBJ. Interestingly,at the time liberals like Hubert Humphrey embraced the cuts because the administration convinced them that those would lead to increased tax revenues to pay for social programs.They worked. As for the depression,the Hoover administration RAISED taxes because they were terrified of a deficit leading to Weimar Germany level inflation. This was exactly the wrong approach to take in a time of rampant DEFLATION. When coupled with the disastrous Smoot-Hawley tariff,which is a form of tax,the Hoover administration made a series of critical errors in economic policy,but CUTTING TAXES wasn’t one of them. As for Kansas versus Missouri,Kansas has a substantially lower unemployment rate than Missouri’s.You can say if the Kansas rate goes from 5.5 %to 4.5%,it has fallen at half the rate as Missouri’s,i.e. from 7.5% to 5.5 %. Which rate would you rather have,though? 4.5 % unemployment is not bad by anyone’s estimation and that’s where things stand right now in the Sunflower State.We can argue whether or not this is DESPITE Brownback’s policies,but it’s a long way from complete economic and social collapse,especially as compared with other states,including our neighbors.

      • Paul Volcker says:

        Wait. Whoa. hen has the Laffer appraoch ever worked. Seriously asking. Not trying to debate polemics. I have my opinions and I’m not saying that there is no room for conservative economic theory, but Laffer is a huckster whose theories have never enriched anyone but himself and the wealthy people who pay him to for his snake oil to pour down the throats of a credulous public. Please show me one instance where the Laffer Curve has ever proven to actually work.

        • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

          I gave it to you-the Kennedy tax cuts in the early ’60s. The economy took off and hit an all time high,resulting in a budget surplus in the late 60’s,despite the Vietnam War and Great Society spending.Under Reagan’s tax cuts,the economy took off as well,with 18 million new jobs and huge gains in productivity and the standard of living for all Americans.There is a reason Reagan carried 49 states in ’84,despite a first term that was largely an eerie replay of Brownback’s tenure in Topeka,which was the point of my article. Also, take a more recent look at North Carolina,where an approach similar to the one in Kansas has been successful. Contrast that with Illinois,which follows the high tax,high spending Blue State model which has led to disaster,with spiraling debt and a deficit 15 times as large as the one we’re faced with in Topeka.So much for “increased spending on government programs always pays for itself”(it”stimulates the economy”,it leads to a “better educated”-like in KCMO-work force which earns more and pays more in taxes,etc.the usual KCStar sophistry).

          • Paul Volcker says:

            Bullshit on so many levels.

            First, it’s a lovely myth the right likes to spin that Kennedy was some sort of supply sider, but the fact is that his tax cuts still left a marginal rate of 65% at the top level. Furthermore, Kennedy ABSOLUTELY believed in the stimulative power of deficits, which wholly undercuts your thesis. Hell, it does more than undercuts it, it destroys it. Per Robert Schlesinger, “Kennedy was the first to advocate planned deficits in a time of neither war nor economic emergency.” In using Kennedy’s tax cuts you aren’t comparing apples to apples. You’re comparing apples to Pop Warner football.

            As for the reason Reagan carried 49 states, yes, he won huge and there are a lot of reasons. Let’s not discount Democratic incompetence in running Walter fucking Mondale among them. I’m not saying that any Democrat would have won, but overweening happiness with Reagan wasn’t the only reason he won such a landslide; there was also lack of a viable alternative for whom to vote.

            But that’s a red herring and you know it and you’re just relying on people being too credulous to call you on it. You’re remembering Reagan’s glorious 1981 tax cuts but why are you forgetting than in 1983 he increased payroll taxes and in 1984 increased energy taxes? Funnily enough, his approval ratings had been, as you allude to, down but only after he made his agreement with Tip O’Neill to raise taxes did they actually go up.

            As for taking a look at North Carolina, well, per the Google machine, their current unemployment rate is 5.5% and Illinois’ is an even 6%. You sure would think that if those tax cuts were such an enormous success, they could buy themselves a lot more than a half a point of employment (and the satisfaction of all those millionaires).

            So, anyway, still waiting for that example of where Art Laffer has been proved to be correct. You want to try and sneak that high cheese by someone, try to do it when it can’t easily be fact checked.

          • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

            Dear Paul; I really appreciate your response because you actually chose to engage on the issues.That said, you are rather selective on your recall of the record.If all Kennedy wanted to do was stimulate the economy through deficit spending,why did’t he just do it? The fact is that he reduced taxes from a 90% to a 70%(50% on earned income) top marginal rate. Read Robert Caro(no Republican apologist) about his thinking in this regard.The cuts were sold as a way to fund expanded Federal programs under the New Frontier aegis.The GOP was largely opposed to the cuts,as were the conservative Southern Democrats,in a reversal of later political dogma.You also indulge in historic revisionism on Reagan. The 1983 payroll tax hike was part of a bi-partisan Grand Bargain to save Social Security. It did not effect the income tax cuts passed in 1981.The significant tax hikes in 1982(TEFRA) were meant to correct some of the more egregious goodies added to the the ’81 bill by lobbyists. These include safe harbor leasing,excise taxes,the sale of tax credits,etc.The income tax cuts stayed in place and have ever since.(If they were such a terrible idea,why didn’t Clinton and Obama repeal them the four years they had substantial Democratic majorities in Congress? Why not go back to 70 or 90% marginal rates if that was such a great idea?)
            When combined with fairly modest restraints on spending,this was enough to make a significant down payment on the deficit.That was in July of ’82. With the decline in interest rates(Thank you,Paul Volcker!),Wall Street took off in August and a seven year long expansion followed. That was why Reagan was reelected. If he was really the “amiable dunce” that Clark Clifford(Truman fixer and longtime D.C. bag man)said he was how did he beat such dazzling political masters like Mondale and Carter(former nuclear physicist and our most beloved ex-president!)? Yes,Reagan worked with Tip O’Neill in 1982 to reduce the deficit but like the Brownback sales tax hike in Kansas it left intact the income tax rate cuts.At the time it was treated as a surrender and an admission of defeat by the liberal press and hard line supply siders.I see it as a tactical retreat,which allowed Reagan’s supply side policies time to work.
            If you have any doubts about that recall all the liberal economists who said at the time that Japan,with its faith in government planning and “public-private partnership”,was the emerging world economic super power.Aren’t you glad that we didn’t take your advice and imitate the Japanese model? Finally,Illinois.The deficit was four billion last year,is set to rise to seven billion this year.Taxes there have risen every year-income,sales and property-and the deficit is worse than ever,as is the state debt.North Carolina has seen an increase in tax revenues of 6%,the deficit has disappeared,all done with tax cuts. It can work,just like Keynesian spending can work(World War II ended the Depression,not the New Deal).The problem is that there are so many variables that no single approach to economics will work every time. Why is this such a controversial proposition?

          • Paul Volcker says:


            One, still waiting for evidence of straight up supply side economics working. Even your lengthy one paragraph response ends with a tacit admission that no single approach will work all the time. Yet that’s really all you advocate. Straight up supply side all day and all night. A stead stream of Art Laffer poured down our credulous throats. Yet, despite me asking, multiple times now, you can’t show it happening.

            Next, you say Kennedy. I point out, correctly, that Kennedy still left marginal tax rates really high (at least in comparison with current rates) and that he did it in conjunction with high deficits (which, again, you tacitly admit is pretty much okay since no single approach works every time all the time).

            You ask why Clinton or Carter didn’t raise rates and I trust you’re actually a grown-up with a grown-up’s understanding of the world and of politic who isn’t seriously asking that question for real because if you are I have wasted way too much of my employer’s time trying to have a (relatively) grown up discussion with you.

            The fact is that straight up supply side hasn’t ever been proven to work. Will North Carolina prove Art Laffer to be the aconomic messiah the right has been hailing him as for decades? Maybe. I doubt it, but maybe. It’s still early in the game in the Tar Heel State. It isn’t working in Kansas and Reagan didn’t implement it as you’re describing it and as Laffer curved it (you may have a point that Kansas hasn’t implemented it either, I admit but whatever Brownback is doing, there’s no evidence of success).

        • Paul Volcker says:

          Oh, and I also appreciate the genuine discussion. Just because I’m using a fake name doesn’t mean I want to be lumped in with harley/jojo/whateverthef*ck he goes by today. Not all internet commenters are mental. Most of them are. Hell, I probably am too, just not here.

          • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

            The problem is that economics is too complex to respond to rote formulas. Brownback can reduce taxes all he wants but if defense cutbacks and airline consolidation hurt the aircraft industry,this is going to mean huge job losses in Wichita. He can change the school finance formula but if the oil and gas markets plunge and tax collections in the oil patch fall,schools in those areas are going to struggle. No state has a self-contained economy,nor is fiscal policy the sole determinant of prosperity.The problem is that if bad things happen on your watch,you’ll get the blame. If good things,happen you’ll get the credit. We can argue all we want about which approach is better but you’re kidding yourself if you think a president,let alone a governor,can single handedly deliver prosperity.

          • Paul Volcker says:

            Agreed. But that’s presumably why he has economists (real ones, not Art Laffer) to genuinely offer him advice and not just tell him to suck up to the Koch brothers. You’re absolutely right about what will happen if oil prices tank. So why then did he insist on proceeding as he did when the Saudis and OPEC made it clear they were going to cut oil prices and do so for the long term future? Despite my fake name, I’m no economist but it was easy to see that this would mean a downward spiral in domestic oil prices as well. But Brownback insisted on proceeding as if oil was still trading at $150/bbl when everyone in the world knew it wasn’t and wouldn’t be.

            Defense cutbacks and airline consolidation mean huge job losses in Wichita? That is a good reason to offer limited tax abatements and other incentives. To lure businesses, but there was no evidence that the massive income tax cuts would lure any businesses to come to Kansas and Brownback didn’t offer any beyond his bald assertions (that didn’t prove to be correct). Did he even bother to try and get any of the airline or defense industries interested in his plan? Dangle a “Hey, guys, if we cut our income tax for businesses to zero, would you guys stay?”? No. Nothing of the sort.

            You’re absolutely right that no governmental executive can singlehandedly deliver prosperity, but when he promises that he can, it’s fair to judge on whether he’s delivered on that promise and Brownback has not. Not in any fashion. It’s fitting that we are having this discussion as he’s about to go on vacation and have his Budget Director deliver the news that we’re cutting another $50M in budget cuts because we aren’t getting the revenue he promised.

            Prosperity? Never mind that. How about not drowning in red ink?

          • Paul Volcker says:

            OK. I’m done. Good talk.

          • harley says:

            mr. Volker…although we have never met…
            I wanted to congratulate on kicking these
            right wing asses from here to garden city.
            Obviously you know your stats and data and
            present an extremely convincing and outstanding presentation for those of us who
            have been talking about this disaster for the
            last few years.
            I don’t use my name because many people on kcc just can’t handle the truth. I almost always
            use stats/data/numbers to prove my point.
            And with the state Kansas is now in…its not
            hard for even a high schooler to understand
            that we’ve bee sold out.
            Thanks for the excellent comments. You did
            more than I ever could to show people like hearne and this story’s wrter that life is more
            than just money and 401k’s and tryingto
            starve hungry children because of the acts
            they had no part in.
            these people preach and probably attend
            church on sundays…but they never lived the
            “church’s life”. How many references are there
            to feed the hungry and help the poor in the
            bible/torah or even the Koran?
            yet their god is not the same ones we worship
            and work for….their god is nothing but money!
            That’s their lot in life.
            Just my opinion…but I would lve to read
            more of your comments.
            It’s hard being right as often as I am and having to fight right wing nuts and racist vile haters.
            I amalone here…but I never give up.
            For I know my facts and figures and study
            these subjects daily.
            MY opposition is the hate that engulfs the
            heart of people who are what peole refer to
            as the “me generation…me…me…me”.
            The hour glass is running out on them faster
            than they ever imagined.
            for them…time is precious and soon their
            ideas will be relegated to the trashbin on
            God bless you. god bless America!
            and again thanks for your fantastic comments.
            your friend

        • Dwight Sutherland says:

          “The paradoxical truth is that the tax rates are too high today and tax revenues are too low,and the soundest way to raise revenues in the long run is to cut rates now.” John F. Kennedy,1962. You now have three examples- the Kennedy tax cuts in the 60’s, the Reagan tax cuts in the 80’s, and the Coolidge tax cuts in the 20’s,if you are a student of economic history like Amity Schlaes.I’m not saying supply side always works,just that there are instances where it has been known to work. There are too many variables to say that only one fiscal or monetarist approach applies. Only an ideologue would argue to the contrary.

  11. chuck says:

    “…when the revolution starts they’ll probably be stopping off at your house first.”

    Harley, won’t you be marching at the front of this glorious rabble? We all thought, that with Kalashnikov in hand, searching for members of the second estate, you would cover yourself in glory, in combat.

    Let me extend an invitation to you.

    Come see me first.

    • harley says:

      the sad crying clown…you are quite the man.
      haven’t you taken enough ridicule from others on this site who see
      you for what you are…a racist vile disgusting individual who has
      a big mouth and bald scalp who has no idea how to find something
      positive in anything. Sad life you lead. filling holes on troost.

    • harley says:

      yes sad clown…your house will be the first stop after what you have
      said and written here.
      All our religious leaders have preached tolerance/love/helping the
      poor/feeding the hungry/helping those less fortunate.
      You have preached hate/anger/racism/starving young kids who have no
      voices/destroying what little safety net we have for those of lesser means and
      using such vile phrases as “burn the jews” while your writing were perfect
      for fanning the flames of hate.
      say what you will sad man….your hour glass is almost empty and with it
      goes the sad and vile comments you’ve become famous for on here and
      on kcc.
      may god save your soul. You have much work to do before your day
      I don’t needto come to your house. I own noguns and have never hada need for weapons.
      Your language and outlook onlife is horrid. You will need that gun
      you so proudly speak of because the gates of heaven will not open
      for you…youwill have to shoot them open like the villains who ambushed
      the forts/the theatres/the muslim hate carnivals and the
      military posts.
      seriously feel sorry for you. Hate is a terrible emotion to carry in your
      with peace and love that conquers all hate and anger.
      Your friend and leader

  12. Stomper says:

    Wow, Dwight. Just having you admit that the Keynesian supply side approach works, even with the “sometimes” qualifier, is game changing. Guess you deserve more credit than I have been giving you. The Kansas GOP may ask for your credentials to be returned. 🙂

    • harley says:

      stomper…people like southy have been brainwashed so much
      you can never get them to admit that even brownback is worthless.
      Forget southy. His ilk is on the way out. his sort of thinking is
      going away. His ideas and his attempt to cover up for the mistakes
      his buddies and him havemade is absurd but funny.
      From lying to take us to war to trying to keep hanging on a thread
      that brownback will end up being a hero these old thinking
      relic dinosaurs like him are becoming extinct. Simply dying off with
      their 1000 year old ideas that hav e never worked.
      they daydream of a better day…they dream of the good old days…
      while they live off corporate welfare and trust funds they never earned
      nor worked for.
      Be honest with yourself stomper…these people have lot all sense of
      reality. when even most of the republican party got screwed by brownie
      …they still hang on to the belief that maybe our once great state can
      recover. It will. But not with the type of leadership these fools believe in.
      the world belongs to a new generation. These are people who constantly
      quote pentagon stats and data and live by those things daily but when
      those same experts warn us against climate change their tone changes
      and they scream they’re liars.
      Proofs in the pudding boys. We’ve seen the nightmare that we allowed
      to take power and we saw the damage they’ve done. It will be a long
      hard cleanup but Obama did it with bush’s mess ….we Kansans will
      do it with the mess we’ve been left with.
      But their views and ideas are now ending. We’ve seen what their
      views and actions are and we’ve suffered the consequences.
      Just saw they want to raise property taxes 14 per cent? wow!!!!!!!
      the hour glass has a little sand left for these people’s ideas…soon
      their time will run out.
      the world has changed…and Harley has been the only one and the
      first one to point out with huge success what would happen.
      I wish I was wrong and our state wold not have to use unlicensed
      teachers ….raise taxes to the highest in the nation….cut off key education
      funding destroying our great universities ku and k state.
      It’s not worth arguing with these people stomper.
      The hour glass is emptying up top. soon these stale old ideas will
      be reserved for the history books and the greatest mistakes ever made.
      We can only hope the next generation can overcome the mess that
      our opponents have created. God bless the children. God bless
      your friend

      • Stomper says:

        Harley, as I’ve said before, I’m in almost total agreement with your politics. Our styles are just a tad different. I’ve known and respected Dwight for a long time. He and I disagree on the role of government but that doesn’t mean we should be less than civil in our discourse. Rich Steele’s right wing offerings push me way further over the edge than Dwight’s political pieces do.

        And it’s always fun to argue with “these people”. It’s why I hang out at KCC.

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