Glazer: Chiefs Draft Pick Chris Conley Near Perfect

Chris Conley

The fanfare surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs 3rd round pick has been almost nonexistant…

Even though the Chiefs traded up to get Chris Conley, who was more than impressive at the NFL combine with a 4.35 40 yard dash, the 3rd fastest of all wide outs. Add to that a vertical leap that beat everyone and a broad jump of 11 feet 7 inches, again the best of the bunch.

He’s 6 feet 2, weighs 213 pounds and was a leading receiver at Georgia with 20 touchdowns and just shy of 2,000 yards receiving.

That’s all very nice, but whats the big deal you ask?

Well, for starters I happened to catch Conley’s interview on Metro Sports Chiefs Uncut show this weekend. And my lord, he spoke like a seasoned college professor. He broke down his new job, the things he needs to do as a top wide receiver in the NFL and how he will approach the game. I got more useful information from this man in five minutes than most NFL coaches and players can give in 20 interviews.

The guy is nearly genius in his speaking and thinking.

I’ve never heard a smoother, more intelligent athlete speak. Wow.

I get the feeling this guy will be a star in this league on a team that hasn’t had a wide receiver that mattered since Otis Taylor 50 years ago. If he can play anywhere near as well as how he presents himself…LOOK OUT.

Jeremy Maclin

Jeremy Maclin

With Conley on one side and Jeremy Maclin on the other, they could be a dynamic duo. That is if Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith can get them the ball deep.

Conley – if he does well – will surely become THE team spokesperson.

And thank God.

This guy is the ideal example of a pro athlete we can respect and admire just by his presence, look and speaking ability. The guy even did a student film on Star Wars that got 500,000 hits on social media. He’s the real deal.

If more NFL players had this guy’s smarts and ability to communicate, there’d be far less issues with behavior and respect from fans.

I know what I’m telling you isn’t particularly sexy but it’s real.

Go out of your way to follow Chris Conley as a person and player and you’ll see what I mean. He might just be the perfect storm for this team.

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22 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Draft Pick Chris Conley Near Perfect

  1. Phaedrus says:

    Yeah, but is he handsome?

  2. admin says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way, Phaedrus but…

    He looks pretty good to me.

  3. hahhararley says:

    UNFORTUNATELY…..glaze never watched an sec game. Was too busy to
    see conley.
    We hope he does better in the pros than in college….a one year wonder.
    Although his qb usually went away from him…he could be a big
    contributor to the chiefs.
    But again glaze is fooled.
    For conley to be better than glaze expects…he has to
    1. drop fewer passes….big hands but dropped some huge pass opportunites.
    2. he’s fast…but he’s got to bring tat onto the field. If he does…and maybe
    my man maclin can show him how to slow down and catch the ball he could
    be the #3 receiver.
    3. as good as glaze says he is…Missouri and others learned if you jammed this guy
    at the line he was useless. He has to learn how to get around pro cornerbacks
    who handle him from the line on. If he canadapt…he could be really really good.
    4. chiefs are still looking for that super #2 receiver. They miht already have
    him and thnk of conley as #3 or #4. Summer will tell.
    But he’s got some serious adjustments to make to be a receiver that can make
    a difference for the chiefs.
    Speed is only good on the field if you know how to use it to your advantage.
    Getting crammed at the line can kill the fastest receivers unless they know
    how to move around that cb with experience in taking a 4.3 receiver andmaking
    him look like a amateur….but as always I am an optimist…and predict a
    great year for chiefs..provided they get a tp notch receiver…conley ain’t it…
    and Harley is awlays right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • CG says:

      Oh wise one. Nobody said he was a sure thing. He is just a damn good speaker and has some talent, hope he works out for Chiefs. A good role model. That’s all.

      • hahhararley says:

        glaze….I met guys from the hunting channel that’s doing
        your show….good guys. Met them in ‘bama!

        • CG says:

          Sure you did. I love the ‘hunting shows’ you can come over and watch them with me.

          • hahhararley says:

            pursuit channel…thy do/did bucket list…..
            I tried out…but got cut because I eat only kosher.
            hopefully they won’t expect a buch of
            rednecks at your place.

            And glaze…haven t you learned never to doubt
            Harley…..Good friend of mines brother was
            one of their hosts……show died and he wnt
            back to l.a. to be a host of “cities of the underground”…which also got cut….(thnk that
            was the name….maybe on bravo?
            get you more info….

          • hahhararley says:

            srry..”.cities of the underworld” on history channel…..

          • hahhararley says:

            only if jr. is there!!!!! And chocolate mary!!!!
            good luck!

    • admin says:

      Interesting takes, Harley

      • hahhararley says:

        admin….those came direct from my connections to the
        nfl. Thanks for the complimnts.
        I do hope the guy is great…but as Len Dawson says..
        :all the talk is cheap til they play in the game”

  4. miket says:

    Royals are in first place, took 2 of 3 from the yankees, and stl coming this weekend.

    wake me when training camp opens. otherwise, the Royals have all the drama and what-ifs I need.

    • admin says:

      Well said, mike…

      Don’t tell Brandon, but even I have been sneaking a peek on TV of late.

  5. Kerouac says:

    “He’s the real deal.”

    – wasn’t Greg Hill the ‘real deal’ too, according the equally overhyped Head Coach his, Marty ‘I Never Won A Football Game That Mattered In My life’ Schottenheimer?

    Careful… place no extra pressure on CC, CG… Conley has big football busts follow in the footsteps of KC receiver-dom (for every Otis Taylor a Jonathan Baldwin, every Stephone Paige an Anthony Hancock, etc.) On the other, Henry Marshall was a #3 pick too, so dreamers take heart.


    Analogy, 2014 Georgia rookie Chris Conley and 2007 LSU rookie same Dwyane Bowe, against the backdrop & impact the greatest WR in Chiefs history, Otis Taylor:

    Of similar size and speed – as I recall Bowe ran a 4.38 40 the year he was drafted #23 overall from the SEC almost a decade ago.) Conley was a #3 pick while Bowe was a #1, which was certainly better than having to go through one’s career referred to as ‘a #2’ (in hindsight… well, add your own punchline). Bowe had higher expectations placed on him as a higher pick as such. Similarly too, Bowe had Tony Gonzalez as an veteran star teammate presence while Conley will have Jeremy Maclin same.

    For the record, Otis Taylor was a 4th round pick of the Chiefs in 1965, and played 130 games for the Chiefs, 410 catches, 7,306 yards & 57 tds… Bowe played 118 games, 532 catches, 7,155 yards & 75 tds – more evidence stats alone do not tell the definitive tale: Kerouac’s opine, Bowe couldn’t carry Otis shoes on the field, despite stats that seem to indicate he was better, on their face. Differences in eras and rules in effect each period, offensive philosophy, level of talent one’s own team, # of games played yearly as well # of teams/players (watered down level competition) all factors to consider final results.

    Et tu, Mssr. Conley? Lower expectations & pressure for him than there was for Bowe, perhaps more than on Otis Taylor, subjectively. Time will tell how this new ‘black Bill Shakespeare’ the interview venue talks with his hands (and feats) upon the gridiron.

    That said, another football ‘presence’ who spoke better off the field than played upon it (some would say the former LB was as “civilized” on the field as he was off it) ‘The Boz’ – Brian Bosworth – the “uncivilized” former Sooner & Seahawk turned 50 years of age this year.

    Remember him? Yeah, you ‘member – the highlights his NFL and acting career same, numbering two in not so grand total:


    As for what impact Conley, Maclin and the rest may have football field 2015, offensive line is no better & perhaps worse as it stands than it was end 2014 (they kinda matter when it comes to throwing/running the football.) Grubbs was an upgrade but Hudson’s loss is a downgrade; too, Grubbs is aging and also has not been the player that he was previous seasons, while Hudson is young and ascending player – and now a Raider. A new LG, C and RG and RT too potentially spells it’s gonna take time, if ever they jell.

    Maclin in but Bowe out is a wash my opine – the two had eerily similar stats over the last few seasons, in total. Too, considering KC’s offensive philosophy compared Eagles where Maclin came from, and the fact ‘Popgun Arm’ Smith returns too, leaves much doubt as to the offense suddenly improving by leaps and bounds. Put Bowe in Philly’s offense, and Dwayne would likely put up great numbers too, the system as much the reason as any that Maclin finally had a big season, later in his career.


    • CG says:

      K I can count on you for the ‘real deal’… you know I have not been on the Chiefs bus as of late. I will decide after the preseason..lots of holes, lots of maybe’s usually means not much of a postseason team…but I’ll give them a look before I decide…I do think the Royals heat will be a plus for the Chiefs…Royals should win the division, how deep in playoffs will be decided by their pitching mainly got a ways to go there.

      • hahhararley says:

        here’s what glaze actually just said in “real speak”

        I agree but disagree with the disagreeable statements but the
        chiefs might be good or they might be bad or thy might just
        fall in the middle if they win some gaems they will be good
        but losin games makes them bad…but in my opinion …they
        night be good but theres a chance they could be bad so I’ll
        just say something like….they may be bad…or they could
        be good and I won’t make any predictions til after their
        2015 seasonis over because I rally can’t say whether they’ll
        be good because f they lose games I could look bad because
        I’m usually wrong about sports.
        As for the royals…they could be good in wining te division
        but they might not win the division if the pitching is good.
        and hosmer isn’t the star hearne said he wa s after just 20 games. See I’m a jinx il after theres a bandwagon I jump on
        nd tell myself and my dog jr. that I was right from the start.
        I’ll write an article after the 7th game of the world series
        that says the royals win..and one that say s the royals lose.
        That way te publicsher gets to pick which story he runs..and
        if he follows suit as he did with pac/may fight he’ll screw it
        up and publish my huge story amonth aftr the game is
        And I’ll makeup some fuzzy math about sucker bets invegas
        called teases and if I win just one of the two I’ll tell everyone
        I won both and become the hottest sports guy on
        the radio (except on rock and lazlows shows since I can’t
        go into their building anymore.
        Wow…that’s a lot to sy but to make it short….I know nothing
        abot sports but when it comes to hot babes and hot chocolate
        you know I’m the champ forever.

        luv ya glaze…but you’re a funny funny guy (like Joe Pesci!)

    • Hot Carl says:

      “Bowe played 118 games, 532 catches, 7,155 yards & 75 tds”

      75 TDs? Kerouac, you’re higher than Bowe at a Sonic. He scored 44 TDs.

  6. Kerouac says:

    75 is the length Bowe’s longest career reception, found right next career tds his statistical resume. Saw his mis-type immediately aft typing it, but due ‘technology’ (or lack thereof, as in no way to edit said, this blog), decided against making separate corrective post. The gist stands: stats are misleading, even sans typos; good to know Kerouac, the Lays Potato Chip of blogdom, remains a ‘must-read’ KCC.


  7. hahhararley says:

    .K….you’re fantasy stories with all those phony stats make glaze look like
    albert Einstein.
    Please no more stats to compare players from dfferent eras.
    Otis played aganst small/ slow/fall back cb’s.
    Maclin/conley/and the rest of todays receivers play against beasts who
    are faste than the running backs ad stronger than the linemen. No comparison.
    Please stop…you make the amatuers on here look like geniuses.

  8. Kerouac says:

    “Please no more stats to compare players from dfferent eras.”

    – Kerouac loves it when they beg…

    “Otis played aganst small/ slow/fall back cb’s.”

    – stupid and uninformed is no way to go through life… the ‘bump and run’ was allowed then – all over the field & all day long – unlike the 5 yard limit followed cease & desist thereafter en vogue since the 1980’s, more than a decade after Taylor/others retired. As a result, modern WR’s and QB’s have padded their stats by virtue the easy pickins’ today compared yester.

    CB’s who Otis/others played against that era (all tall at 6’0 or more 200+ lbs. and with speed to burn) include Willie Brown 6’1 200-210, Butch Byrd 6’0 210-215, Jim Tolbert 6’4 200, Fred Williamson 6’3 210-215, Johnny Sample 6’0 205, Goldie Sellers 6’2 200, Herb Adderly 6-1 210, Mel Blount 6’3 205 – no less than 3 Hall of Famers and Kerouac can list several more where those same came from.

    “Maclin/conley/and the rest of todays receivers”

    – are frauds, comparison…

    “play against beasts who are faste than the running backs ad stronger than the linemen.”

    – can bend steel in their bare hands, leap tall buildings in a single bound…

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