Hearne: The Move from Heck is O-V-E-R

FullSizeRenderSorry about that, gang…

However I just undertook a ridiculously difficult move – all of like four miles – to new digs here in Lawrence. And while that’s an infinitesimally small step for mankind, it was a gigantic pain in the you-know-what for me and an emotionally crippling trauma for Craig Glazer.

More on that in just a min…

One wouldn’t think moving across town would be that big a deal, but it was enough to grind KC Confidential to a halt for a long weekend.

And aside from moving into an elegant “gated community” – Hutton Farms West – it was an opportunity for me to sort through thousands of odd documents (in an effort to try to thin out my move), which I plan to share with you as the smoke clears from this mess.

As for the poor Scribe, turns out he submitted a column before the big fight Saturday ( I still don’t know who won), but apparently as always, the Glaze was dead on.

As such, he was desperate to lay down his big touchdown dance and put Harley in his place. 

220px-Dandy_coverSo if you’ll bear with me, I’ll publish Craig’s killer column in a few for all to wonder at.

Meanwhile back on Dandy Drive -yeah, that’s my new street address, Kinks fans – I’ll be gearing back up as the smoke starts to clear.

And of course, unleashing the KCC Fight Club post haste, including Matt Donnelly, just back from an ale guzzling tour of the Mother Country (Ireland).

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4 Responses to Hearne: The Move from Heck is O-V-E-R

  1. the dude says:

    Oh Lord, Dandy Drive. Hearne, you have soooo arrived.

  2. gene says:

    Gated community. Trying to keep the local Indian riff raff out?

  3. miket says:

    and… speaking of “‘gated’ we’ll be waiting with bbq bated breath on the behind-the-scenes machinations that had the American Royal BBQ saying thumbs down to Kemper and the bottoms, and HELLO tailgate capitol of the world – Arrowhead Stadium. just announced a while ago.

  4. Jack Springer says:

    Are you guys a couple now? Gay marriage is legal in KS.

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