Hearne: Dream On, Plaza Will Never Be the Same

bosy-slam-carsWe all like to kid ourselves at times…

Craig Glazer spends the night with a 23 year-old girl he met last weekend who’s mom’s only 40 and suddenly he’s Ponce de Leon. I get a new Fiat and I think I’m Vin Diesel. Paul Wilson builds a huge front porch and landscapes in an above ground pool at his new home in Olathe home and like Harley’s never gonna bag on him anymore.

Some people think the only reason the Country Club Plaza is crawling with mischievous black teenagers when the weather is warm is because Cinemark’s Palace on the Plaza dropped its ticket prices to accommodate them.

They’re kidding themselves.

They’re also kidding themselves to think that black teens will stay out of Westport if Kansas City can lure them to neighborhood weekend dances during the summer months.

Fact is, Kansas city has changed, the world has changed.

And kids from the poor side of town wanna hang at upscale shopping centers just as much as white kids in the suburbs do. 

It’s safer, funner and it gives them a chance for a little “in your face” with the upscale, mostly white shoppers and Plaza people they know don’t want them there.

All the more reason to go.

Where else are they gonna go, The Landing?

Black-kids-raid-PlazaThe Plaza and Westport are the closest halfway hip hangs available, so that’s exactly where they’re gonna go. And while the movie theater may be a draw, it’s far from the only draw.

A handful of years ago the Plaza ran off its upscale McDonald’s because it was an African American youth magnet.

Didn’t work, did it?

Kids are going to be kids and bad kids are going to be bad kids.

We had bad kids when I was a youth at Bryant and Pembroke.

It’s just that not that many parent age people were scared of them because they were white, hispanic or Asian. They felt safer around them.

The average Plaza tenant has been conditioned by society (including television and movies) to expect the worst in black kids – pretty much all black kids.

So when four or six of them do something dumb like flop around on people’s car hoods it reinforces that stereotype.

avoidhettoThe other reason the Plaza will never be the same is neither will the suburbs.

Johnson County and North of the River on the Missouri side are chock full of fun, upscale options that no longer require visits to the Plaza. More options than the Plaza has to offer in many cases.

So people in the burbs don’t go as often, or at all. Especially after news reports like the ones from this past weekend about black teens on the Plaza.

Look, the Plaza can line its streets with rental cops, off duty KC police, horses – you name it – and weather permitting, the kids are still gonna come. Even if they run off Cinemark.

Who wouldn’t?

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  1. Greedo says:

    Yes Hearne, this was a big story on Sunday. Old news now. Try to keep up please.

  2. the dude says:

    Notice these scholars would never flop on an nice car in their neighborhood because they know what would happen if they pulled that crap there. They’d get their asses capped.

  3. valerian root erowid says:

    Plus , with the massive growth of “Sugar Dating” sites .. White geezers no longer have to cruise the bars on the Plaza or Westport trying to pick-up 23 yr old chicks.

  4. 'rhahhararley says:

    Thank you hearne.
    Go back to the start of your blog and see Harleys first message.
    The message was and has alwaysbeen is that the world is changing
    so fast we can’t even figure out what happened.
    I told you and the rest of yor readers…that either WE change…or change the
    culture orwe will be seeing things go wrong.
    The world is growing more biracial…more religions….bt don’t blame
    everything on the blacks.
    The plaza ran their core of customers away with that new marketing plan
    to bring in franchises…instead of unique one of a kind stores.
    THE Plaza brouth in the same stores as the suburbs so we said …”why go down
    there…we’re 10 minutes from the place out south”…
    they didn’t clamp down on that theatre….tell me they couldn’t close it down
    or do something on the lease….legally get them out of there…pay them off..
    but they didn’t and now see what’s there.
    But its happening all over the city. The sm school district redrew lines to
    protect their cherished wealthy schooland divided the rest of the student
    bodies among the other schools.
    Redlining (which is illegal) was allowed to keep black from moving up.
    Now entire neighborhoods in joco at 151st have indian/black/biracial couples
    in every house….(go to lambie)…..
    yes the world is changing…I pointed it out hearne…not just the plaza….
    but the entire world.
    Moslems will control Europe…
    blacks and Hispanics will control America….
    the world is changing!
    China along with other big countries meet in may to control the worlds
    economic situation…its not America anymore! Why….because America can’t
    get anything done anymore…too much partisanship and hatred.
    White kids riot and burn and loot in kentrucky after a bball game…theres no news
    there….lots of damage…and injuries……so tell me about media bias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hearne we all yearn for the old days. We yearn for our youth and our energy and
    the great events of the 70/80/90 period….but that’s ancient history.
    WE were screwedin 2008 and we’re about to face a bigger tsunami of 1.7 trillion
    in unpaid student loans the government guaranteed…..
    we’re about to fight another war in the Mideast only this time there won’t be
    a credit card to fund it…the credit card is maxed out.
    Our kids face a job dilemma unlike any we’ve seen…
    So the answer is simple…change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We must fight the revolution because 2 trillion dollars left America untaxed
    by the pols and their cronies!!!!
    More is being moved.
    They closed down our manufacturing base…sent it to china and now
    Vietnam…and those jobs are gone.
    soon…no cars will be made here….we’ll ship them from areas where the
    pay and benefits are aboutb 1/10th …
    who will be the victims of this new change in America? 99% of us.
    the rest will have gated communities and the government will control veything
    and the kochs and the jewwill have every politician in their back pocket.
    We made our own bed…we’ll sleep in them…as we watch the effect.
    STar headline blamed the boomers. and ya kow they are right.
    We took over the greatest nation in America 20 years ago…and with both
    parties have seen the gradual end of the American dream….
    the American dram….yea its American..but it’s one big dream.
    Again…Harley said it first and who cares about the whore and people leaving
    the plaza…we have a world that is changing and as someone once said
    “STOP THE TRAIN…I WANT TO GET OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Did you miss the fact that companies like VW and Subaru are building their cars in this country now?

      • 'rhahhararley says:

        did you miss the fact that soon gm and ford will be opening
        their biggest factories overseas.
        VW is almost dead….subuaru is having a resurgence but
        if you knew anything about the auto business….fame is
        fleeting for all these manufacturers. Lookat kia…once hot…
        now nothing like they were.
        The Japanese only build here so they can beat the quota
        system anyway.
        And besides…I know you’ve never been to a auto factory
        in your life…everything will be robotic IN A FEW YEARS…
        the jobs are going elsewhere…
        If not for the foreign market gm/ford/chryselr out of
        Next time stay with what yo know best.
        And there was another jewelry heist story…how could your
        boy Wilson miss that one?

  5. 'rhahhararley says:

    THE VETS WHO GAVE LIFE AND LIMB ARE ASKING “is this what we fought
    God bless America…hopefully we can rise us and get back on track.
    If not…the plaza will not be the biggest worry youhave on your plate.
    The change must begin nowQQQQQQQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jimmy Cliff says:

    Pretending that blacks on the Plaza, are just like those pesky Pem brooke kids really makes sense.

    What BS

    Blacks, in spite of everything you continue to say Herne, kill, destroy, everything they touch. Cities, neighborhoods entire countires. South Africa, Rhodesian.

    The natives there, all want Aparthid back.

    you can say anything and print anything. It doesnt make it true. Blacks and Blacks alone are killing th Plaza.

    • rww says:

      Good one Chuck er I mean Jimmy Cliff.

    • admin says:

      Hey, the Pembroke baddies were wussies by today’s standards, that’s true.

      In terms of rioting, anyway.

      However, they did their fair share of minor vandalism, just like what many of these Plaza kids have done.

      One difference being that police and storeowners didn’t react like they do to the mere presence of blacks on the Plaza…or anywhere else suburban white folks live or gather.

      In broad terms, these kids are guilty before they lift a finger. Guilty by perception.

      Then when two or three or however many cross the line – almost any line – the entire group gets tagged in the worst way imaginable.

      I’m really not being naive here, guys.

      I’ve covered many of these youth gatherings – the Plaza, crown Center, Cinemark Merriam and Ward Parkway – so I’m well aware of how things can spiral out of control. CJ at The Pitch laughed at me once after I wrote about being pelted by some black kids outside Crown Center.

      The main point I’m making here though as this is a problem that is unlikely to go away.

  7. Jack Springer says:

    KCMO needs to hire buses and take the ‘kids’ to Johnson County.

    • admin says:

      Last time KCMO hired busses to haul off the black kids, they took them from Crown Center back east into their own neighborhoods.

      Not sure Kansas would welcome the influx

  8. chuck says:

    I am not Jimmy Cliff, nor did I write that.

    That said, Hearne’s preposterous comparison of 60’s and 70’s High School Hi Jinx at Pembroke Country Day School, to the violence on the Plaza over the last several years falls on the deaf ears of those hundreds, if not thousands assaulted, beaten and raped in our city, which, should include the Mayor, who, 3 years ago, dived into the bushes in front of The Cheesecake Factory, to avoid the gunfire, from “teens’, or “skolars” who wounded two in random gunfire, caught on live fu*kin TV.

    While our city fathers, contemplate a new Air Port and the extension of 40’s technology in the way of a Street Car, the Plaza, formally a huge generator of cash for business and local government, languishes in a Politically Correct Purgatory, where bad behavior, intimidation and violence, has “Trickled Down” from the top. “Trickled Down” from not the private sector, but the Federal Government in the person of Obama, Holder and the legion of Liberal bureaucrats and government unions and a litany of Progressive, excuse makers, who, in conjunction with the Main Stream Media, have given de facto permission for violence in malls, shopping centers and neighborhoods all over the US (See Jack Cashill and Colin Flaherty for starters.).

    I can post the URLs, if you want. There is no denying the video.

    In fact, in my opinion, Ferguson is a modern day “Beer Hall Putsch” and the Plaza is a continuation of that same violence, from Brown Shirt Thugs, who operate at the whim, caprice and largesse of our Attorney General and President. The throngs of “youths” on the Plaza, emulate in every way, the violence, the murders, the rapes, the mayhem and entropy that now engulfs dozens of dozens of cities, where the police, are a secondary emasculated force that must look over their shoulders at politicians, citizen’s committees, media, as they walk on Progressive Eggshells in hopes of not offending the Liberal Effendi.

    Hearne would have you believe, that those crazy kids are just out having a good time.

    A cursory inspection of You Tube with the right search words, will reveal, on video (This is good, you can’t be, at this point, a racist for LOOKING at black people beating white people in knock out games, or riots, or any of the hundreds and hundreds of examples of Hate Crimes that , even though, they are on video, will NOT be prosecuted by the Attorney General.) an incessant, formidable, organized violence against the Police and when there is numerical superiority, whites.

    Hey Hearne, why don’t we car pool up to the Iowa and Wisconsin State fairs this year. If we can just get some of those bad azzes from Pem Day, we will be ok. My favorite part of those Fairs, in the past, has been the “Beat Whitey Nights”. A good time to be had for all.

    The “Brown Shirts” may look different now, but they are in support of the same ideology.

    • Come on Man says:

      No unfortunately we can no longer trust our Boys in Blue. I remember when an officer’s word was as good as a AAA rating. But not anymore. Corruption abounds within the walls of our departments. The folks in Ferguson are wrong to think its a black or white thing. Cops aren’t racist, they are elitist. They believe they don’t follow the laws. And this is not just “a few bad apples” we are talking whole precincts. Kansas City is not immune to this. Trusting an officer is like trusting an urban youth on the plaza. Do so at your own peril. Black kids, and Police Officers have a lot in common.

      • chuck says:

        Total BS.

        While finding corrupt or bad cops is possible, the comparison you make is as specious as Hearne’s.

        The stats refute your statement in light years.

        African American criminality and mob violence is an incessant threat used overtly and covertly on and off of the political stage to bend the will of Americans to the Narrative on the left.

        It is the de facto enforcement arm of the new demographic that will now determine America’s future.

        • lloyd russell says:

          Please cite your stats. I don’t know of any comprehensive reporting by police agencies. Even though the government requires all types of arduous reporting requirements for industry, none exist for law enforcement.

          However, in the last 2 weeks we have had 3 high profile cases of police coverups.

          One, was the man who was beaten by police officers. After the beating the officers were witnessed on camera planting crack on the victim. The officer had previously been caught falsifying evidence.

          Two, we have Bryce Masters, the local boy assaulted by an Independence Police Officer. In this case his fellow officers found that the officer falsified police reports.

          Three, we have the SC Officer who shot and killed an unarmed man. The officer shot the man multiple times in the back, execution style. The officer and his fellow colleagues worked hard to cover up the crime. And the District Attorney came out and supported the officer, saying the shooting was justified. This week a good Samaritan came forward with video of the incident showing the officer planting a weapon on the victim.

          But we know that urban youth don’t always kill or violently injure people. Sometimes they commit stupid, senseless crimes like the hood jumping. In these cases no one is “hurt” but they are certainly violated. Well just like the urban youth the spying technologies used by law enforcement agencies are even more invasive.

          One, we have Keith Alexander, the Director of the NSA flagrantly lie to Congress on multiple occasions. These include lying about terror plots foiled by these techniques, and most outrageous the instance where he lied 9 times in a matter of 2 minutes.


          In case you say this is all for national security. Let me remind you these technologies are used by local LEO’s including KCMO.

          This week in Erie County NY, it was found out the Sheriffs Department was illegally using the StingRay technology. This technology mimics a cellphone tower and collects ALL INFOMATION that passes through it. This includes the contents of phone conversations and text messages, not just metadata. Of the 47 times used in a short period, the department only received a warrant for ONE use.


          I won’t deny that urban youth are a problem for the country, but police are urban youth with badges and guns. Sereptitiously, collecting my phone calls is far more invasive than damaging my car. But please feel free to cite your data, I’m open to new perspectives.

          • admin says:

            I do agree that a serious case can be – and is being – made that police operate above and outside of the law.

        • lloyd russell says:

          So, Chuck, how again is my comparison of urban youth to police specious?

          • chuck says:

            You can’t be serious.

            That is 4 instances of criminality by the police.

            The DOJ says that blacks are 21 times more likely to be shot by other blacks than the police. In fact, as we should all be aware, 7 to 10,000 blacks are killed by other blacks every year.

          • chuck says:

            Charges of racism against police are difficult but not impossible to quantify. Instead of focusing on the intentions of white police officers in justifiable homicides toward blacks, let’s turn the table and look at black police behavior in justifiable homicides on blacks. Only after an equal comparison of racism charges by both white and black police officers can we answer the noise with clarity.

            According to a report written in March 2001 by The U.S. Department of Justice titled “Policing and Homicide,” Jodi M. Brown and Patrick A. Langan, Ph.D. studied justifiable homicide by police using valid statistical analysis on 21 years of data. According to the study:

            The black-officer-kills-black-felon rate is 32 per 100,000 black officers in 1998, which is higher than the white-officer-kills-black-felon rate of 14 per 100,000 white officers.

            The white-officer-kills-white-felon rate is 28 per 100,000 white officers in 1998, which is higher than the black-officer-kills-white-felon rate of 11 per 100,000 black officers.

            In short, black police officers kill blacks at more than twice the rate white police kill blacks, and white police kill whites at more than twice the rate than black police kill whites. To cry racism under these truths, one would have to believe that black cops are more “racist” toward blacks than white cops and white cops are more “racist” to whites than black cops.

            Even if we flip the outrage and look at police officers being murdered by criminals, the same white racism argument is unfounded.

            When a white police officer is murdered, the offender is usually a white (60%); and when a black police officer is murdered, the offender is usually a black (76%).

            If white police officers are murdered by blacks 40% of the time, while black police officers are murdered by whites only 24% of the time; then a claim of white racism, even among the criminal element, is dispelled.

            Other statistics from the study show that the vast majority of police officers do their job without the lens of color tainting their behaviors.

            White officers (42 justifiable homicides per 100,000 white officers in 1998) and black officers (44 justifiable homicides per 100,000 black officers) commit justifiable homicides at about the same rate.

            White officers make up 87% of the Nation’s 641,208 police and account for 82% of justifiable homicides by police. Black officers make up 11% of the Nation’s police and account for 17% of all justifiable homicides.

          • chuck says:

            Now lets look at black on white homicide in 2014.

            You may not agree with the categories and dispute the number of “Hate Crimes” listed, there are local links to these homicides and you can form your own opinion, based on the local coverage of these murders.


          • chuck says:

            Let me again, post this link, from Jack Cashill, which will in turn, if you wish, take you to other stories, linked, which by the thousands, elucidate the black mob violence, that in fact, dwarfs the occasional renegade cop who kills or breaks the law.


          • chuck says:

            Here is Pat Buchanan.

            After researching the FBI numbers for “Suicide of a Superpower,” this writer concluded: “An analysis of ‘single offender victimization figures’ from the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.”

            Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse.

            If interracial crime is the ugliest manifestation of racism, what does this tell us about where racism really resides — in America?

            And if the FBI stats for 2007 represent an average year since the Tawana Brawley rape-hoax of 1987, over one-third of a million white women have been sexually assaulted by black males since 1987 — with no visible protest from the civil rights leadership.

            Here is the URL


            Look, it’s still America.

            If you don’t want to acknowledge the low level civil war, the black on white intifada because it makes you unpopular with your friends and co workers, cool.

            But don’t pretend that it doesn’t exist.

            America, is only interested in the killers. It is all so romantic. “Why did he rape and murder her? Why do they destroy, maim and kill? Why this…, why that…, what can we do as a society to stop them and make them better citizens?

            Fu*k that sh*t. I am more concerned with the victims and the victim’s families.

            Hang the fu*kin killers in trees where they fu*kin belong.

          • lloyd russell says:

            Awesome stats, Chuck. But I think you may need to adjust your bi-focals. Either your entire post was irrelevant or you misread my posts.

            I never said police were racist. In fact I said just the opposite. See below…

            ” The folks in Ferguson are wrong to think its a black or white thing. Cops aren’t racist, they are elitist. They believe they don’t follow the laws. “

            In fact other than that statement, I never mentioned race or the color of any victim. I simply stated that I believe there is not much difference between the Police and urban (i.e. BLACK) youth, or for that matter urban (i.e. BLACK) adults.

            I asked that you provide the stats you said would “refute [my] statement in light years.” I asked this because I would love to see them. Unfortunately, no such stats exist because of what can only be characterized as an intentional attempt to avoid collection. After all very detailed stats are required from a variety of industries.

            So in response to your claim that “stats refute [my] statement in light years.” I listed examples of recent cases in which officers were acting like urban youth, or for that matter urban adults.

            Seeing as how you provided no stats that were relevant, I think we can agree its because no such stats exist. If they did we could settle our dispute, but the government has seen fit not to collect the data.

            Fact is, urban youth or cop, breaking into my home is breaking into my home. Doesn’t matter if you are using a crowbar or some high tech gizmo. Same with other crimes urban youth and cops commit. One thing we can agree on is that, by and large, suburban-white-guys-and-gals are commiting neither types of crime. But the police and urban youth are.

            BTW, the homicide rate (homicide includes justified as well as murder) in the USA in 1998 was 6.3 per 100,000 so your officers were on quite the spree to get up to the 40’s per 100,000 as you reported.

        • paulwilsonkck says:

          As with your disclaimer, I’m not “paulwilson” or “Paul Wilson.” I don’t know who’s having fun with that one, but it’s as inventive as paying for a vanity plate and all you can come up with is “14LEXUS.” Nice job.

          Along other lines, here’s 8 shots in the back then evidence planting. I hope this dude gets it in prison!


    • admin says:

      Easy Chuck…

      I’m not saying the Pembroke (and don’t forget Bryant) kids were exactly the same.

      Just saying that many of the incidents reported – and that I’ve witnessed firsthand – are minor vandalism. And white kids in the 1970s were definitely quite adept at that as well.

      It’s just that they fit in (i.e. didn’t stand out) like the black kids today do…on the Plaza anyway.

      And I think it’s fair to say that most of these kids do not engage in the more infamous activities that have been reported. Although in many people’s minds they’re equally guilty.

      Again, my main point in this column was to say, this is a problem that is not going to go away, short of the Plaza becoming a police state.

  9. Harry Balczak says:

    Is this the annual “Scare our old white readership into staying in the suburbs so they patronize our writer’s establishment” column??

    • chuck says:

      Harry Balczak can tell that to Harry Stone.

    • admin says:

      I hope not, Harry…

      For one thing though, lily-livered suburban whites who are afraid to go to the Plaza or downtown have already mostly made their minds up about what’s safe and what’s not.

      My take is people who want to shop on the Plaza are mainly going to do it during daylight hours and need have no fear.

      As for the evening hours, who wants to hang on the Plaza to begin with?

      No particularly hip clubs or bars. No restaurants to die for, with dozens if not hundreds of equal or better options elsewhere.

      It is what it is.

      • the dude says:

        Young scholars flopping on car hoods, playing the knockout game on crackers, shootings. These things are still happening on the plaza and you blame rational minded people for not wanting to go to that crappy chain restaurant on the Plaza they can go to in Joco? Lily-livered? Please hearny.

  10. Harry Balczak says:

    Oh, and another thing, what’s with the map of Youngstown Ohio? Are you trying to illustrate that perhaps the crappiest city in the entire country is mostly ghetto? Well of course it is, It is the crappiest city in the US bar none. KC is a long way from being Youngstown Ohio.

  11. CG says:

    Like it or not Hearne’s predictions of change and gloom are correct. The nice areas of this city are being worn down. Its the times. Everyone is mad at everyone. People see what they can’t have on tv or in films or online and they get pissed, blacks, whites, browns everyone is pissed. It’s the old have’v vs. have nots. So we blame each other. You see the anger in peoples faces everywhere you go, in a hurry, must ‘pay my many bills’ and we all think its just us. The answer is there really isn’t one. I hate seeing all the standards of the 60’s-90’s fade. Young people aren’t taught history anymore so they don’t know what happened and understand whats happening now.

    • chuck says:

      “Its the times.”

      No, it is not, “the times”. It is the inexorable, death grinding, blood simple stupidity of the African American sub culture, that glorifies violence, rape, murder, misogyny, that in turn, is excused by the Liberal Main Stream Media, who second parties the blame for that violence in the name of acquiring the monolithic black vote which assures sinecure for politicians and those financially associated with a Progressive Agenda.

      This city is no different than the multitude of other cities under siege from black mob violence and the result will, depressingly turn out, no different than it has in those other cities. On the Plaza and in all sections of this city and others, those with the financial wherewithal, will anticipate the coming demographical change and flee the violence and entropy that accompanies the undertow and destruction of the rule of law.

      Hearn’s rhetorical interrogative, “Where else they go, THE LANDING?” is asked and answered. No, “they” are not gonna go to THE LANDING. “They” have already destroyed that.

      • paulwilsonkck says:

        You made a good point earlier; these young scholars aren’t “puttin it in da coffin” down on Prospect or Hardesty. There are plenty of hoopties down there! Tricked out 300’s on 22’s. Lots of good looking pimp mobiles to jump on. Why don’t they? Hood justice would solve that problem with ZERO cries of racism. If Highwood and the KCMO cops would act as swiftly and deliberately enforcing the law…..the problem on the Plaza would die down.
        They know what they can and can’t do and why. On the Plaza, they can. Troost and 15th? No effing way. Is there maybe a hint at what the solution is, burried in the obvious non-riddle?

  12. chuck says:

    Here from Jack Cashill, a friend of Hearn’s and a guy I admire, is today’s article on Black Mob Violence which includes the video from Colin Flaherty.

    The film, does not lie.


    • 'rhahhararley says:

      CHUCK… youqoute a guy who’s a conspiracy theorist about every
      tragedy….what his next book abouot? airplane in the alps. This guy
      has as much credibility as fox news…NONE.
      then you bring in pat repbertson…who’s predited the last 10 depressions..
      the last 10 world wars…the last 6 political elections completely wrong…
      get someone beside the world daily news for your writings and links.
      You’re nothing but a bigot and the language you use is vile and disgusting.
      Take off your hat. That balld head need to let out some steam.
      And you’re writings are that off the westboro church.
      Bring up racism and chuckles the sad lonely clown will be right there
      with his great links to someof the dumbest m-fers in the world.

  13. CFPCowboy says:

    Hearne, you left off the education in one of your formative years at Sunset, but that’s another story. It is not really a case of race, but a case of crime. If you are raised not respecting your own life and property, you will likely not respect the life and property of others, white, black, red or yellow. And to the Justice Department, collecting racial facts on the culprits, perhaps more time needs to be spent in prosecution, incarceration, and enforcement than on collecting data about those who commit crimes if you can’t use the data for fear of profiling. One hundred years ago, kids had chores and responsibilities as a part of growing up. Sure, we all found mischief in our free hours, hopefully not terrible. I watched two members of a notorious wrestling team trash a car, doing the same things the kids on the plaza did. The difference was that the car belonged to one of the “perps” and they had no idea they were trashing it in the moment of wresting on it. It was not someone else’s property. We have forgotten several things. We are so intent on rehabilitating the juvenile delinquent and the criminal offender, that we have forgotten that one of the reasons we have incarceration is to protect the public. When we turn second and third offenders back out on the street, we ignore the protection of the public. For those on the Plaza, trashing cars, it may not have been the first offense, but I would be willing to bet it won’t be their last. The Plaza is not the same. Hartzfeld’s, Jack Henry’s, and the Plaza Bowl are gone. The Plaza Drugstore is gone, along with the Madlibs we used to buy to take up our time, never realizing they were a teaching tool. What we have are our perceptions of the Plaza, not the reality of what it was or what it would become. Whether it is better or worse is merely a subjective value. Boy, how I miss those Madlibs after bowling with a classmate, long lost.

  14. 'rhahhararley says:

    cowboys right….the plaze changed their marketing plan and killed themselves.
    and no cowboy incarceration ain’t gonna work.
    In 10 years blacks and Hispanics will be running this place and the
    law will be changed.
    get ready cowboy….saddle up….guys like you ruined this country and continue
    to try the same old unproven methods to solve problems (hey no steak for welfare
    recipients and no more fortune telling for them either. I mean that’s cruel.
    A guy like you knows a good palm “reading” costs at least 30 bucks! Ask
    glaze…he’s the expert on that!

  15. admin says:

    And let’s not get lost quoting stats on black-on-black crime…

    While the most current figure is that 90 percent of blacks were indeed killed by other blacks, 83 percent of whites killed were killed by other whites.

    It’s how the game is played

    • 'rhahhararley says:

      thanks hearne…appreciate those facts…with chuck’les the sad clowns
      incessant incorrect stats and his praying to the worst and most
      evil people in the world…his mouth is now shut.
      83 5 of white were killed by other whites…that makes all the b.s.
      chuckles as spewed from his ditch pure b.s.
      chuck..explain how every time you write you say the majoritie of
      whites are killed by blacks.
      The truth shall set you free.
      thanks hearne for cleaning this up. chuckles the sad clown is
      officially been renamed…CHUCKLES THE LYING SAD CLOWN.
      I never looked up the stats but now I know chuckles word is pure
      unadultered lies.
      I’ll take hearnes word onthis….chuckels….you are the fool! And
      don’t blame me….the man who ownsthis blog just outed you and
      vile stats and disgusting language.
      good luck…you’ll need itQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ

      • 'rhahhararley says:

        wherer are you chuckles…hiding?
        come on bro….bring us some more hate.
        Hearne just blew your whole vile set of comments out of
        We’re waiting for further info….from pat Robertson and
        that theorist of all happening.
        What has that guy written about today…the theif story..
        did he write a book?
        great people to look up to….all losers!

        • chuck says:

          Harley, you can make all the deals with the Devil you want, in the hopes that he kills you last. I am not hiding, you know where to find me. You gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?

          Here is a video that went viral today, thought you might recognize some of your friends.


          • Dumbchuck says:

            2800 views is now considered “viral?”

          • chuck says:

            Here, you will probably enjoy this one more.


          • 'rhahhararley says:

            chuckles…sorry…your long winded lies have
            been outed. Not by me or wislon or glaze but
            by our leader hearne.
            The conspiracy fruitcake has been proven wrong
            more times than glazes football picks.
            His stoies are filled with b.s. and you fall for it.
            Your stats were proven wrong by hearne who
            finally shut you up for good. No more ‘this many blacks killed this many white…no more
            black crimes were 800,000″…you’ve been
            putting upi nothing but b.s…NOW ADMIT IT!
            all to elongate your hatred and vile writings
            against an entire class of people.
            How unchristian can you be? Again…another
            CINO…Christian in name only!
            Go read the good book sir between digging
            holes and see what real Christians do to live
            their life.
            No hate…try to end poverty….help the needy..
            but not chuck!!!!!!
            Then you find some video named “conservativesblind to racism”,,,of
            course chuckles…they’re blind to everything..
            the poor seniors…the poorchildren…the
            needy…the sick…
            ON THIS SITE.
            Phonies I call you. I don’t need to bite you…
            you need to be shown the lite.
            Writing at 6:25 am …waking up with hate
            in your heart…pain in your mind….using other
            fools videos to prove your point.
            MAN OF GOD.
            A messenger for hate and anger.
            May god save you and may you repent.
            You’ve lived90% of your life. Take off your
            hat…walk to “your” god …and tell him…
            I have walked the wrong path…I am here for
            you to save me in the time I have left”
            love and peace to you.
            your friend and guiding light

  16. Hot Carl says:

    Chuck has won this entire comment thread.

  17. 'rhahhararley says:

    and cold carl has lost it!

  18. Snappietom says:

    After a nice dinner at il Centro Osteria with a few couples, we live north (I-29 Barry) area, we had to stop for gas. Closest place was QT on Main. 10:30 at night. Let me set the scene: KCPD officer behind the counter, two officers in cars on the side street, 20-25 black kids within the store and a estimated 40 kids (10-17 years of age)outside hanging around the store. The parents of these kids most likely did not know where their kids were. Parents get off your lazy asses and watch, be protective of your children before they go down that wrong road.

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