Glazer: Don’t Expect Much From KU in the NCAA Tourney

1e49bf15c8e0b69bb968ebb3c0534761c59ceb1c69ec9b3e0ad03450ef8109b8It’s the big dance and Kansas is a No. 2 seed…

Can KU make it to the Final Four? In a word, no. Not likely. KU had a nice little season, no question. Winning its 11th straight Big 12 Championship was impressive.

And many thought this might be the year they would fall short of that because Bill Self really didn’t have a dominant player or a one and done guy headed for the NBA. Perry Ellis would be the star, the go-to guy this season. Ellis is a solid college player but has no real shot at the NBA, thus he’s just a four year player at Kansas. Self did a nice job of keeping this team on track after devastating early – very un-Kansas like losses –  to Kentucky and Temple by a ton of points.

The Big 12 sends seven teams to the NCAA Tournament which is nice. However none of them is even being talked about for going to the Final Four – none.

The separation between the top six teams in the tournament and the rest is huge. Kansas would be a big underdog against Wisconsin, Arizona and Virginia, and certainly Kentucky. I don’t see KU getting out of round three. They’ll likely play Notre Dame a three seed but a stronger team than KU. Hey, getting out of round two will be tough with either Wichita State or Indiana as KU’s opponent.

We all knew this was a rebuilding type season for Kansas.

We all knew that the cupboard was a bit bare. Yet they scored another championship in their own league. However, many feel Iowa State is overall a better club than KU right now. They beat Kansas for the tournament title in Kansas City and are a three seed.

jQRLH.AuSt.79Kentucky is a monster. Undefeated.

Vegas has them at even money to win it all.

BTW, I think that’s a great bet.

I don’t see anyone giving Kentucky a close game even!

Kentucky will be the first undefeated team in nearly 40 years. Bobby Knight did it in 1976 with his Indiana team.This Kentucky team is even better and with five first round NBA picks they look unstoppable.

The good news for Kansas is that everyone is back next year.

If Self can find that one big time scorer and a big man inside, KU could be dangerous.

And although it has been an off year for the only franchise sports team that has mattered in this area for years, KU is still solid and likely will win its 12th Big 12 Title next season.

Kansas proved it’s an elite national program by staying in the Top 10 almost all season with one of its poorer showings and being picked as a 2 seed in the big dance.

That’s what you call respect.

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24 Responses to Glazer: Don’t Expect Much From KU in the NCAA Tourney

  1. Hot Carl says:

    New Mexico St is no pushover. Getting bounced in round 1 is a possibility.

    • hahhararley says:

      glaze and hot carl….hold on.
      KU has a reallygood team …although they and the little 11 plus 1
      are very overrated.
      KU could surprise some people. Beat Wichita state (if they win their game)
      beat nm state ..and they have achance to get to play Kentucky again.
      But that’s as far as it goes.
      Kentucky has 10 nba first round draft choices…if they don’t falter
      mentally…they win it all (how boring).
      but don’t count bill self out YET~~~~~~~

  2. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    This ‘Hawks team is capable of anything. If they can’t beat NM State and then Wichita State, they aren’t going anywhere anyways. So, you might as well get tested right out of the gate.

  3. PD says:

    Oubre is going to the league and Alexander will likely try although I doubt he’ll make it. KU has the kid from Ohio coming next year who should be tough and they should be much better next season even without Oubre.

    Hopefully KU makes the Elite 8 as they can beat Notre Dame. Irish are prime to be upset before next weekend. KU would be 11 point underdogs is my best guess vs. Kentucky and probably lose by 20.

  4. Shawnster says:

    Love, love, love that the NCAA put the chicken hawks in the same bracket with WSU. Hill Billy refuses to schedule them during the season, same with Mizzou, and the NCAA sees fit to put them together every year. They will be the first 2 seed to exit this year. So congrats to them, they are the best of a dead conference in a dying sport. The state of Kansas can turn their attention back to being the laughing stock of the nation again. It’s all Obama’s fault!

    • CG says:

      Now that was a big reach. And Obama’s fault. What?

      • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

        That’s why CBS and Turner Broadcasting paid $11 billion to carry the games until 2024. That’s billion with a “B”. Yeah, it’s clearly a dying sport. If you are going to troll, at least be accurate with your ridiculous drivel.

        • Shawnster says:

          FYI….check out the link below for proof of the decline of college basketball. Get a clue, The billions CBS & Turner paid to carry the game is for one thing and one thing only and that is the tournament. We all know the real reason the tournament exists don’t we?…I BET you can guess.

          • CG says:

            College basketball is only behind the NFL,college football and maybe the NBA, its likely tied or close with Major League baseball…which may be the dying sport. Hoops is bigger than ever…why..people pull for their school and betting…much bigger in hoops than baseball.

          • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

            Ummmmmmmm, to crown a national champion?

          • Shawnster says:

            Ummmmmm wrong again. If it’s sole purpose was to crown a champion. why not keep the 8 team format originally used, or the 16, team or the 32, team, or the 64 team format why expand to the current 68 team used today? I’ll let you ponder that one. I’ll LAY ODDS you’ll figure it out.

          • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

            Hmmmmm, because it’s fun and helps promote the sport? Gosh, I’m just not getting it.

    • CG says:

      WOW THE NUMBERS in that article surprised me…guess they know.

      • the dude says:

        Kickboxing is the sport of the future.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        HAHAHAHA! College basketball firmly ensconced behind….the friggin’ NHL. Now THAT is funny.

        College hoops is clearly a niche sport.

        • hahhararley says:

          go check the ratings boys…
          when pro football is at its peak nothing compares to it.
          As far as money…you add the ncaa football money
          and nothing omes close.
          Basketball gets the few pittance because ech team plays
          what 34 gaems a season.
          Nothing like college football fr total revenues behind
          the nfl.
          except the ku jayhawks and their never ending search
          for a football team…because basketball is not
          cutting it.
          the actually stats show althelticdeparmtnetof
          ku nets about 2.5 million a year…while MU with
          600 million in cash in the bank is going bonkers@@@@@
          It would take ku athletic almost 200 years to equal
          what ku has in cash!!!!!
          When we told the ku and ksu fans that the moe to
          the sec was huge…they never imagined what
          it would mean to mu.
          And now…brownie (you’re doing a good job) has
          cut the educational dollars even further at ku and k state.
          When the dude is done cutting…ku will look like
          Johnson county junion collage….and self will be
          saying hello from ok state or maybe duke or north
          Sorry boys…wetold you mu was going to grow
          dramatically…and self cried like a baby when he
          lost his main rival MU.
          But that’s life….maybe ku can end up in mac
          or swc or maybe playing emporia state and pitt
          Go read the numbers…the real numbers…
          MIZ ZOU…..SEC….theres nothing like an sec
          football game. …til you’ve xperienced you’ve been
          trapped in the little leagues.
          I invite all my kcc friends to a mu game….you’ll
          never go back to ku/kstate or the chiefs tinking
          they’re so great.
          Go tigers……you have show what college football
          is all about.
          college basketball is b o r I n g!!!!!!!!And those
          who think ku is going to be great this year…come
          let me show ou what 600 million can buy.
          Its penne ante boys….its like Wilson compared to
          don trump…….
          thanks for reading my post agin…you can sedmy
          writings on red state/huff post/and eventual i’ll write
          a book…the KING OF THE RING….a sequel to
          king of sting…but about a good guy who does well
          despite all the odds.
          coming soon to a theatre near you! hahahahahaha!
          so long.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            So far, that 600 million has purchased 9 wins in basketball this year. The real question is, what impact is Mack Rhoades going to have in fundraising, and who will his next basketball hire be?

    • The Word says:

      Also as of 4/4/2014 the top ten most Google searched teams in North America three are baseball teams. The Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs. Six are NFL teams and one NBA team.

      Baseball is doing fine.

  5. CG says:

    I read both articles and it does seem hoops are down both in college and NBA…

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Want to talk about a sport that’s going to die a slow death? Football. Participation levels in high schools across the nation have dropped dramatically, as parents gaurd against their kids getting concussions. You ask any high school football coach in the KC metro and you’ll hear about it. And if you haven’t noticed, the NFL has had a flurry of YOUNG players retire this year, in order specifically avoid traumatic brain injuries. Make no mistake, NFL execs are pissing their pants.

      • The Word says:

        Agree, football is King…NOW. Talk to me in twenty years.

        I can see football being like boxing. A niche sport that the poor use to get out of the ghetto’s.

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