Sutherland: Dwight D. Administers a Little Corporal Punishment to You-Know-Who


Netanyahu & Obama in their youth

We’ve seen a masterful exposition of expertise on the Middle East in response to my post on George Packer‘s appearance at UMKC re ISIS and Mark Valentine‘s post on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress…

I’m speaking, of course, of our own favorite public intellectual, Harley of Olathe and his learned treatise on the conflict there, especially the root causes.

It’s all the fault of Bush/Cheney/Powell/Bibi, etc.

fdr-warI particularly like the insistence of the H-Bomb that Bibi wants the U.S. to fight Israel’s wars for them,just like we did in 1948,1956,1967,1973,1982,2007,2014.


Where were American troops in those conflicts?Never mind!

I also like Harley’s adamant position that only those who have actually served in the military have the moral standing to send our boys into harm’s way as commander-in-chief. You know, like Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Never mind!

That you, Harley?

That you, Harley?

It’s not really so much a rule, it’s more like a guideline.

Ask yourself which of these two individuals was better prepared to lead a nation in a dangerous world?

Napoleon said something to the effect that “show me what a man was doing at age 20 and I’ll tell you his outlook for life.”

Compare and contrast these two mens’ photo’s, both taken at age 20. SPOT THE CHICKENSHIT might be a nice caption!

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56 Responses to Sutherland: Dwight D. Administers a Little Corporal Punishment to You-Know-Who

  1. the dude says:

    Point to Sutherland. Your service, harlinator.

  2. Stomper says:

    C’mon Dwight, stick with your paradigm. You’re better than this !

    • hahhararley says:

      paradigm…no jr. sticks with what he reads in classical philosophy books.
      wish I could spend my time reading books.
      remember stomper….we forgive…we do not forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mark Valentine says:

    Dwight, I did not say a word about war or our policy towards Israel.

    I pointed out that those who did not attend the speech showed us that they were working for The White House rather than the districts that elected them as representatives.

    I said all the discussion was fair game after that.

    • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

      I never said you did ,Mark.Harley used your post, just like he did mine,as a spring board to attack Israel and our support for it. Much of it sounded likes the usual Gore Vidal/Noam Chomsky/Guardian Israeli “Fifth Column” agitprop.

    • hahhararley says:

      your article sucked.
      your artwork sucks.
      your ideas are wrong.
      Those who chose not to see bb were right. He only came here with
      lies and unproven facts…trying to lure us into a war with a country
      we are taling with and with whom we are fighting a common enemy.
      Remember…the only war in many many years iran has fought
      has not been with Israel…but with another arab state Iraq.
      Go back to your paint by numbers valentine. You know nothing
      about the world.
      And again..your art sucks…sorry…looks like someone painting
      while on crack.
      Sorry…not my style of painting!!!!!! Maybe jr. might like it !!!!!

      • Politicians are Scum says:

        Notice the liberal playbook. First start with personal attacks then follow it with discrediting content with no factual examples to backup the liberal argument.

        Rinse repeat. Rinse Repeat.

        Next Harley will offer you a pass on your ignorance because as the king of ignorance he has that power.

      • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

        H-Man, You say that “the only war in many many years iran has fought has not been with Israel….but with another arab state Iraq.’ First of all,Iran is not an Arab state. Moslem, yes;Arab,no-thus it’s not correct to refer to Iraq ‘as another Arab state’. Secondly, Iran’s instability dates back to 1979,with the overthrow of the Shah. The war with Iraq,the sponsorship of Hezbollah,etc. all came after that. THEIR PROBLEMS have nothing to do with the Israelis,so don’t blame the Israelis for the mullahs’ mad desire to risk a nuclear war to destroy them.It’s like when Saddam launched Scud missiles at Tel Aviv during the 1991 Gulf War. That war was about Saddam’s desire to grab Kuwait. It had nothing whatsoever to do with Israel and the Palestinians. All these lunatics keep trying to drag the Israelis in win support from other Moslem countries when they get themselves in a crack with the U.S. and other western countries.

    • Stomper says:

      Mark, If you think the Members of Congress who stayed away from Netanyahu’s speech were only working for the White House and not representing the districts that elected them, do you think it is consistent to say that the Senators that sent the letter to Iran warning them not to rely on any agreement made with Obama were only working against the White House and not representing the districts that elected them?

      • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

        To be consistent,you’d have to say those in attendance were only acting AGAINST the White House and FOR the districts they represent. I think it’s called the rule of parallel construction.

        • Stomper says:

          Thank you Dwight. I just wanted Mark to acknowledge that just about everything in Washington is partisan. The pendulum swings both ways, both parties. The Members of Congress that attended the speech will say they were representing the interests of their constituents and the Members that stayed away will say they were representing the interests of their constituents. Pretty safe statement to make that GOP members were elected from predominantly GOP districts and Dem. members came from predominantly Dem districts so they both have cover in saying that they are representing the interests of their own districts in their actions. It is also obvious to most the high level of acrimony between the Obama White House and the GOP Congress and behavior of both sides as a result. Unfortunately it is those of us outside the beltway that suffer. Pretty clear that those attending were anxious to make the White House look petty and those staying away were supporting Obama’s position. Same with the letter to Iran from the 47 GOP senators. To me, as a liberal, that was an act of sabotage that even the Senate leadership, Senator Bob Corker in his position as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would not support but I’m guessing that you, as a conservative felt that the 47 were merely insisting on their role of “advise and consent”. Vive la difference.

          I think you could help tutor Mark to offer a bit more factual background to support his political efforts here. While I disagree with just about every political position you take, you at least offer some personal interpretation of background to support your positions and don’t make shallow and simplistic statements that can easily be refuted. Sounds like his intent is just to post short, inflammatory opinions and asking for the liberals and conservatives here to fill in the blanks and insult each other. Don’t we already have Steele to cover that job description? I think we should try to encourage civil and reasoned discourse here and not just insult one another.

          Now, get back to your normally fine efforts in posting here and don’t be influenced by personal attacks.


          • Frank says:

            I have yet to hear from any “constituent” that said “I sure hope my congressman attends the Netanyahu speech”. I also haven’t heard from any that said “I sure hope my congressman stays away from the Netanyahu speech”. I will venture to guess that most constituents don’t give a sh*t either way about the speech or who attended. Most constituents probably aren’t that concerned about Israel either. Obviously, polls show that people care. The cable news networks show that people care. But I have never come across anyone at work, on the street or anywhere that cared enough about Israel or Netanyahu to bring it up. People have better things to worry about

  4. false choices II says:

    Jeez, as if I don’t get all the hateful pissed off white people on local radio, they’ve infiltrated one of the web sites I like to peruse.
    First off, “Barry” won twice with a bigger margin the second time than the first.
    Here’s a solution to the haters…find a candidate who can win. Run them.
    Democracy sucks when your side doesn’t win.
    You still have your guns, there’s no sharia law and he sucks at being a socialist.
    What happened recently with the Congress is cause for all of those Senators who signed the letter to be charged with treason, tried and convicted.
    Especially after the esteemed senator from Arkansas has lined his pockets with defense contractor money.
    Why do the Republicans want war?
    Please answer that Mr. Dwight.
    Bibi hasn’t raised one hand to stop ISIS but he’s comfortable with us doing his heavy lifting.
    But, I guess you’re OK with that because you have a picture of our twice elected President smoking a cigarette. SHOCK.
    10-1 has it you’ll get your ass handed to you in the next general election, too.

    • Stomper says:

      I’m on your side of the aisle, false choices, but I don’t believe that is a cigarette. I’s also bet that a majority of us were also smoking fatties when we were 20.

      • mike t. says:

        I preferred slim ones, no seeds or stems. I learned however that pipes were actually better. Less waste.

    • hahhararley says:

      right on falsh choices. We just saw the pig/low life/lying/
      pill poping criminal Rush explain how he’s out of touch with the
      real world. I’ just waiting to see the same words from the
      old men on kcc who must be seeing that life passed them years
      ago…and their thinking compares to a horse and buggy.

    • hahhararley says:

      you’re 100% right…let American kids lose legs and arms and
      come hope handicapped for life while bibi is in sharm el shek!!!!!!!
      Bibi wants war…
      hopefully they vote him out……………

    • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

      Since Richard Nixon,Ronald Reagan,and Geore W. Bush all were elected twice that must mean that they were right and their critics wrong? That is the childish reasoning in your post,which implies that no one can criticize Obama because he was elected twice. You missed my point that Israel has never asked our military to defend them. Not just in wartime but in peacetime as well-in 1976 at Entebbe when Bibi’s brother was killed leading the commandos that rescued El Al passengers held hostage by Idi Amin and Moammar Gaddafi
      or in 1981 when the Israeli Air Force took out Saddam’s reactor at Osirak,Israel defends itself. Nor are they asking us to go to war,just not to let ourselves get hood-winked in our thirst for an agreement with the mullahs. Bibi’s has been on the verge of a deal with the Palestinians on several occasions,only to have the rug pulled out from under him so he’s no stranger to their tricks. With the collapse of oil prices,coupled with sanctions beginning to take effect,we finally have a chance to get some concessions that will stick. Don’t give up that leverage just to cut a deal. It doesn’t help that Obama goes around apologizing for things like the Crusades,deliberately placing us on the same moral plane as Isis.

    • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

      The Obama administration had nothing better to do than put out the word through ” undisclosed sources”that they considered Netanyahu “a chickenshit”.Look at the two pictures,Bibi’s leading Israeli special forces killing terrorist hijackers,Obama’s leading the ‘Choom Gang’ dealing dope. Who is the real “chickenshit” here? Or Harley ,since you pretend to be Jewish when it suits you,who is the mensch and who is the fagela?

      • FlyinBrian says:

        Remember when you stormed that hill by yourself back in Nam?! You are a living war hero!

        • the dude says:

          I heard he killed 449 VC regulars with a toothpick and a roll of duct tape. Honest.

          • hahhararley says:

            threw some of those Southland hammers and took out an entire viet cong unit.
            Then returned home to build those
            little houses they sell in the parking lots.
            said” as long as I got my 401 K and my
            trust fund…we can put the rest of you
            in these little sheds…I mean houses and
            take your last penny.
            Walrus was all in til he got his butt stuck
            in one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

            Somebody (three somebodies,actually!) is not happy with the painful contrast between their beloved,God-like leader,and one of his most consistent critics so they decide to shoot me,the messenger,because I had Hearne run these pictures. Obama looks like a complete twit,Bibi like a hero in pictures taken when they were the same age. How and why does that make me a Brian Williams,falsely claiming martial glory?

          • Stomper says:

            With just the slighest amount of effort, it would be easy to find a picture of about every politician looking like a twit at the age of 20. I don’t think it’s wise to make broad generalizations about people based on a picture taken of them at the age of 20. Dwight, I’m guessing there might be a few pictures of you that you probably would not want shared widely. I know there are plenty of me , and although I’m clearly biased here, I think we both turned out ok.

          • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

            It’s the contrast that’s so embarrassing,Stomper. We all have pictures from our youth that make us look goofy,but its the smugness and preening quality of Obama’s that make them so offensive,as well(not to mention spoiled and self indulgent).It normally wouldn’t matter except that Bibi,his nemesis,looks so disciplined,purposeful,and,yes,heroic by comparison.

      • the dude says:

        As rambling and incoherent as this comment is I have to begrudgingly award a point to harlinator. Your service, Dwight.

        • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

          I don’t understand the logic,if any,that the H-man employs. Because the American Jewish community and the American government have generously supported Israel financially, we should expect the Israelis to accede to a regime sworn to their destruction getting nuclear weapons? Never again,bubala.

          • hahhararley says:

            no …if hearnev wouldn’t censor my writings….you might see thelight
            that is turned off because your bulbs are selling for $5.00!!!!!
            America needs to tell Israel…this is your fight…isis does not
            threaten America…we can be enrgy independent in about 60 days…
            we can take care of our own people with the money we give
            Israel in military and financial aid…..ISRAEL NEED S TO MAKE
            your take on history is wrong…BUT HEARNE HAS NO GUTS
            it’s excellent and I will see to it that its printed on sites with
            10 times the readership of kcc.
            give peace a chance!!!!!!!!!!!

          • the dude says:

            Oh, I would gladly lay my entire net worth on whatever you have is an AUTHENIC..PIECE harlinator.

          • the dude says:

            C’mon hearne, you’re killing me.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            For $10,000, Asshat will tell you all those sites where he’ll be published with 10 times KCC’s readership. Honesty comes with a PRICE in his demented reality.

          • Politicians are Scum says:

            That $5.00 light bulb is a result of a Democratic majority in both the House and Senate which was the case in 2007. So when 2/3rds of the government is controlled by the Democratic Party it is still the Republicans fault. Chapter 4 of the liberal play book. Ignore the premise of majority control because the stupidity of the American voter is better for the party than the truth.

          • Frank says:

            Do you have a facebook page? If so, your wish can be satisfied. I’m sure those that hate you as well as those that like you will go to your page to see your article.

        • the dude says:

          Well THAT looks pretty horrible without any context hearny.

    • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

      Of all the questionable things you said in this comment,perhaps the most risible is that the two pictures of Obama showed him smoking “cigarettes”. The second most ludicrous opinion was that Republicans who sent the letter to Iran should be charged with treason-This from people who scream at the slightest criticism;” How dare you question my patriotism!” The same people who entered into secret negotiations with the North Vietnamese,the North Koreans,the military government in Haiti,Milosevich of Serbia,and the Sandinistas, all to promote those governments’ interests at the expense of the U.S.

  5. hahhararley says:

    come on…hearne…let me write an article..
    I will blow this blog and city up with what I know…
    have some guts….Harley is ready!!!!!
    you want to double your visitors…let Harley show you how.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chuck says:

      I second the motion.

      Unexpurgated, raw, in your face, Harley, for those of us who just can’t quit fu*ing with that bad tooth.

      • the dude says:

        Yes, I want to be entertained by the unmitigated turd that would be a harlinator article. Make it happen hearny.

    • Politicians are Scum says:

      Let’s think for a minute how that would play out:
      1) Anybody that doesn’t agree sucks at everything.
      2) This is what you should believe with no explanation as to why.
      3) This is why Harley is right because he says so.
      4) Unsubstantiated claims on a grand scale of success, prosperity, charity, and accomplishment.
      5) No factual proof either statistical or literal to backup anything in 1-4.
      6) A grammatical, formatting, and spelling train wreck with the literary flow of a 2nd grade essay on “what I did over the summer”.

      So yea Hearne let him write it to reinforce the perception he is a legend in his own mind while proving to the readership he is, and always will be, an idiot.

  6. chuck says:

    Harley’s insistence that we all acknowledge (As he is wont to do, in the third person.) his superiority with concern to politics, local and national events, personalities, women’s issues, health, hell, the entire gamut of issues cussed and discussed on this board flies in the face of his consistent failure to predict outcomes correctly and accept responsibility for his failures when confronted with categorical facts that refute his positions and comments on said myriad subjects.

    In and of itself, that is no big deal. Harley personalizes his scatter gun attacks with knowledge of the writer’s and commenter’s backgrounds impugning not only said writer’s and commenter’s position, but with ad hominem insults.

    Harley’s anonymity, when engaging in these attacks, is categorical, prima facie evidence of a pusillanimous, spineless character that we have no other choice than to accept, in lieu of his actual identity. Incessant self aggrandizing claims of great wealth, important connections, accolades received, awards presented, charities enlarged and subjective anecdotal testimonies of daring deeds and do, demand a veracity that can only be delivered by way of his actual identity.

    This will never happen, because Harley, like our President, is a great, if not polished liar. He will remain in the shadows, lurking under our floors and in our walls, like a cockroach, avoiding the light.

    • rww says:

      What he said. Whatever it meant. Good job Chuck.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      He too can be outted and will be.
      What he doesnt know, the WORST writer on KCC is better than the best “anonymous” commenter. At least the writer has the nerve to step out and do it. Something he could never do in comments or in writing. He’s the worst form of a pussy.

      • Kevin says:

        I still can’t decide if he is serious and actually believes all the bulls**t he spews or he is just a major troll?
        What surprises me the most is that anyone takes him seriously and even wastes time acknowledging him….

      • Lance The Intern says:

        Paul — I think you’re letting Harley get under your skin….As I read him, I become more convinced he’s not a “real” person. I think he’s a character along the lines of Triumph, the insult comic dog.

        Because he has a hand up his @ss. I keed, I keed….

        • the dude says:

          If that is true Lance this has to be one of the longer troll plays of all time. And if it is he deserves all the citizen Kane GIFS forever.

  7. admin says:

    You get in plenty of licks, Harley…

    However, I’m not going to allow you to character assassinate whomever you want, whenever you want.

    Make your points, throw a few elbows, but try and keep it above the belt to some degree.

  8. CFPCowboy says:

    Damn boys, let’s go back to Latin. Poly meaning many. Ticks meaning blood suckers. Call it like it is. George Bush slept through a Congress, both parties, that spent like there was no tomorrow, and Obama is so high he has yet to show up for anything but campaign speaches. You have to admit our collections of Congress and the White House are anything but our best and brightest.

    • the dude says:

      Ain’t lost on me brother. They are all lying dirtbags in my gig book.
      Some lie more than others.

  9. Mysterious J says:

    Teabaggers gonna bag, amirite?

    • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

      Isn’t it funny how liberals,who purport to be all for gay people ,thinks it’s hilarious to accuse people they disagree with of the most disgusting gay sexual practice they can think of ? Tea bag is like tea party,get it ? Conservatives do things that gay people do,get it? Gosh,what a laff riot!

  10. Politicians are Scum says:

    Balance of Power in US Government since 1945. Seems to be a lot of Blue in this chart. Which begs the question which party is the most responsible for the condition of the country?

  11. chuck says:

    Two more cops shot by “Peaceful” protestors outside the Ferguson Police Department. The latest victims in the Progressive, Liberal Culture War on traditional Rule of Law America.

    The President and Attorney General should just High Five Black Panther leader King Samir Shabazz on MSNBC while initiating a Fiat, renaming Ferguson Louis Farrakhanville.

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