Hearne: Investigative Reporter Karen Dillon Shoots Down KU’s $8.1 Million Jet

Bill-Self-Big-12-Coach-Of-The-YearOnce upon a time, this story would have been a front pager in the Sunday Kansas City Star

And frankly, that’s still where it still should have appeared. Instead the newspaper of record in Kansas City laid off its top  investigative reporter in a combination of retaliation for Dillon speaking to the news media about its controversial Hunger Games layoff strategy and saving a few bucks.

So instead, Dillon’s riveting  insightful report about the hypocrisy and folly of the University of Kansas buying a $8,1 million jet for basketball deity Bill Self and it’s sports staffers to impress top athletes to play at KU, appeared in the lowly Lawrence Journal World where a comparative thimble full of reader learned that taxpayers – not KU’s deep pocketed athletics department – are picking up the millions of dollars to operate the pricy plane.

Go figure.

“The Journal World contacted 16 colleges, including the 10 Big 12 schools, the University of Missouri and the University of North Carolina. Only three schools besides KU said they owned planes, and only KU owned a jet.”

More to the point, of the $3.5 million taxpayers spent operating the jet over the past five years, “about two thirds” of that money went for KU coaches and athletics department administrators, Dillon reports.

About $1.5 million went for “medical outreach,” but does KU really need to own a luxury jet to crisscross the state when in many, if not most instances car trips, commercial flights, or even charters would more than suffice?

KU officials called the flights a “good investment,” claiming that taxpayers would not be served by having its highly paid officials waiting in line for their baggage or riding around in cars. Seriously?

That of course ignores that said officials could easily work and conduct business on their cellphones and computers en route like most business people (and private citizens) do.

Former KU athletics director Lew Perkins It makes perfect sense

Former KU athletics director Lew Perkins
It makes perfect sense

KU’s athletics department refused to defend specific flights.

Not a big surprise, given that when former athletics director Lew Perkins appeared to many to be forced to retire a few years back, the Star detailed, “Perkins’ expensive taste in travel” and reported that he “frequently took costly flights to games and meetings when he could traveled more frugally.”

Jay Kiedrowski, a senior fellow in the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota had another take on KU’s use of expensive jet travel with taxpayers are picking up the tab:

“The cost can never be justified,” he said. “It falls into the area of a prestige/perk.”

Ditto, added Lawrence McQuillan, a senior fellow and director of entrepreneurial innovation at the Independent Institute, a nonpartisan think tank.

Business Class is good enough for Mizzou

Business Class is good enough for Mizzou

The amount KU is spending to fly on private planes is  excessive, McQuillan said.

“This is the taxpayers’ and student dollars that are going to this, and that money needs to be spent wisely,” he said. “They are paying excess costs that doesn’t advance the education mission for the University of Kansas at all…Anyone with common sense would see it as imprudent and wasteful expenditures.”

The flip side of KU’s jet coin; at Mizzou, it’s prez usually flies commercial in the lowly business class.

 And nto surprisingly, the biggest user of KU’s jets is Bill Self.

As for how KU paid for the plane, the $8.1 million was provided by a not-for-profit called KU Endowment.

By the way, one KU Endowment’s  committee members, Kurt D. Watson owns the company that sold KU a time share interest in another jet that was paid for by a $290,000 “gift” from KU Endowment.

The good old boy action never quits at KU in good, old Lawrence Kansas.

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55 Responses to Hearne: Investigative Reporter Karen Dillon Shoots Down KU’s $8.1 Million Jet

  1. mike t. says:

    well, I don’t like the idea that we taxpayers are funding the operations one bit. but I also don’t give a whiff who uses or how often. if KU sees fit to have one, let’em. but let the taxpayers off the hook for paying for it. that’s ridiculous.

    btw… if you’ve never flown in a private business jet, it’s the only way to go.

  2. hahhararley says:

    I’ve been warning you and everyone else at kcc about the condition at ku.
    I started back when bill self complained that thefootball program was not
    paying its share of athletics cost…because their team resembled a
    mixed up high school team.
    So I must take credit for warning everyone that this was going to happen.
    Problem is that jr’s. and whinery’s good buddy has plundered the state..
    made it the laughing stock of the nation…used us as a petri dish for his
    economic experiment along with the koke heads…..and I think today is
    the first day of eduction cuts in Kansas…
    So I take credit for saying this was an accident waiting to happen after the
    tax cuts and subsidies jr’s. buddy gave away at the expense of education
    and other needed services in our state.
    this problem belongs right in the lap of people who continued to vote for
    this guy.
    But ku has a problem. Self wanted high end dorms for his players….similar to
    what other high profile bball college programs. At first they turned him
    down…then theycut the womens athletic money and gave approval for his
    castles for self’s one and dones.
    But self probably said I want a great plane. I travel to get the best talent…
    why fly in a plane similar to harrisons fords. He said…I deserve better and complained because calipariand the other top coaches (coach K) travel in
    style accustomerd to their positions. So they buy self his 8 million dollar
    plane while education cuts strangle the state. And he gets what he wants…
    because if he doesn’t there are probably 4 or 5 big time schools that will give
    him anything he wants to comecoach there (including the nba)…so he
    gets his jet and everyone passes the buck as to what the real costs are
    and what this jet is really about.
    Its about ku and their chance of losing self (best coach in America) to
    maybe some school in texas or in the east who will buy him all the toys
    he wants.
    Again..I’ve been talking about this for 2 years…and just now they pretend
    they broke this story when Harley really started this conversation almost
    2 years ago.
    Good part is self gets what he wants when he wants it. Without Bball (and I
    said this 2 years ago) ku is just another dry spot on therroad west.
    Now go back several weeks with kim Anderson and his plane crashing. It
    was not a jet…nothing even close….thank god he survived but mu could
    easily pay 8 million for a jet from the 600 million they have sitting in
    cash for athletics but they didn’t.
    Another faceplant/mistake on the part of all the media.
    Had they read kcc they would have seen Harley giving the facts years before
    now about this waste of money.
    I have talked with many ku alumni….few knew of this jet purchase.
    Even the family of the man who the building was named for were
    not aware of this. Of course ku athletic department kicked the allens
    out of their seats years ago…..and even now when you broke the
    jewel theif story you forgot to ask Harley what he knew about this
    hhuge circle that was goingon.
    To be exact…Heaarne…if you need info read my posts. I had this
    figured out long ago.
    Now…..remember the 2stories I wrote that youwouod not print?
    Read those again…and maybe you can have a real story on your
    needs info theres one place they can get before it hits the newsstands
    or tv newscasts.
    I was the first to bring this up….there were no screams about the
    costs when even you wrote the initial story on the juet purchase.
    Email me sometime if you need info…we have more info that
    the star//ljw/the networks ….and there’s still more to this
    story and to all the other stories you let go flat.
    Again ….Harley is king.

    p.s…..theres more to this story than even the ljw knows….for firther
    details feel free to contact me at law4life@yahoo.com
    I didn’t spend two years at the best j school in the world for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and please tell your writer to avoid bending over in cars…might hurt the
    back! hahahahahahah!

    • hahhararley says:

      sorry…short on time…its law4life1000@yahoo.com.
      Harley is the man…who knows the plan……

      • Hey Harley, I got your name from Lois Lerner, she said you predicted that the IRS Scandal would die in a week and I was a shoo in for President. I love a guy with a plan, the last guy I knew with a plan was Vince Foster, but, that’s another story.

        email me as soon as possible. I don’t want my email address public, so just contact the Chinese Embassy, they have it. I left your name at the front desk.

        If you can really predict the future as well as Lois says, then Bubba and I can use you on the team! Secrecy is of paramount importance, so you will need a code name. Ummm……, let’s see……., ok, I got it!! You will be “Devil in the Blue Dress!”

        Contact me at your earliest convenience, I already have a staff of really smart guys just like you, so come on in, the water is fine!!

        • hahhararley says:

          shoedog….you’bebeen wrong every time you’ve
          tried to take on Harley.
          One of the emails said “that guy is no longer
          a factor at kcc or anywhere. They ran the guy
          off of tonyskc.com and now he’s hardly seen
          at kcc. You put this guy in his place by challenging
          him on everything he said. The greatest was the
          story he wrote about finding a shoe repair shop!
          I’m still laughing when I think about that!”
          Remember you’ve never been right…and harlet
          still believes it will be Hillary by a landslide…as
          does every other poll.
          As always the Clintons seem to get themselves
          into problems that are stupid. But when the
          final bell rings THE CLINTONS ARE ALWAYS
          THE WINNERS”.
          i’LL ECTEND MY BET FOR $10,000 CASH TO
          THE 2016 ELECTION….
          remember your predictgion 2 weeks before the
          election…you and whinery picked Romney…when
          it came out that HARLEY DID BETTER THAN ANY
          so go back to selling boxes…this time of year
          yyou should be busy. And I hope you make at
          least a couple thousand each month in commission.
          Sorry dude…I just proved another kcc commentator
          as a complete rube or idiot…
          rww…so whn you want to know about life..get a
          real job…contact me.
          I can’t wait for your other criminal stories. The
          jewel theif story was great and continues to
          make me laugh!!!! theshoe story was great and gave
          all my fans and readers tons of material for a
          comedy skit at glaze’s place.
          I continue to be the king of kcc…you my man are
          just a memory to the laughter your stories gave
          everyone on here.
          And if business is still slow…ask glaze if you can
          do amateur night at his place. I think you’d come in
          2 or 3rd out of 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          get your moneytogether big shot…….get your
          pennies under the sofa….I’m still the big winner
          …and you will never forget it!!!!!
          And its funny how I never mention you…and you
          have to come up with something to say about me.
          like I said before I OWN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            You’re wrong TWICE in one story Assnugget. I’m not Hillary or Lois. Ask Hearne, he’s got the IP. You’re a sad little man.

    • rww says:

      Where is your facts and proof that Bill Self said he deserved better than Calipari and coach K.Give us some proof or links where he said that. You are so f#!ked up!!! Please wear a name tag at Lifetime , if you even go there, so I will know who you are. I’ve been trying to figure that out.

      • hahhararley says:

        here ya go goober!!!!!!!!
        read the last quote by billy self justa out the dorms…
        See if you learned to read you might have a chance in life….
        in fact you might have a chance to get a real job.
        why does a mu grad have to educate you KU losers on what
        your own coach wants.
        he wanted a jet…got it…and now all you are complaining.
        he wanted high end dorms (which I have said at least
        10 times in comments) and theygave them to him.
        google some articles and see his comments about the
        bball program and the lack of revenues from football and
        why they went eventualy to a points system…and from
        hearing from the family who’s name is on the bball
        building..they’re kicking students out of seats and trying
        to get more money again.
        asfar as lifetime…you can see me…..I’m the one
        working out 2 hours (at least) 4-5 times a week.
        No one my age can keep up with me…whetrher its
        kickboxing /endurance/jogging thru the lifetime area/
        anytie rww just look for the guy who’s putting all the
        other guys to shame. Kickboxing I do at another center
        and have worked out with kids half my age.
        I also belong to prairie life/24 hour fitness….and do
        I d like the see shoedog/hearne/even glaze keep up with
        me…they can’t…because Harley is in excellent shape….

        rOY may be leaving…theres that scandal there…wo better
        than self to replace him at nc….
        or maybe boone lays 7 million on the table to get him to
        osu. If ku doesn’t toake care of him…he’s gone…
        All this b.s. while MU sitson 600 million in cash sitting for the
        athletic department and KU is on the way to being
        a dusty little university on the highway.
        I’ve done to you what I’ve done to others…
        shoedog has again tried to outdo me again…but he’s now
        just a memory on kcc because of Harley.
        I just ripped your question about self apart…if you have
        any more comments or need Harleys expert advice in
        life….you know where to find me…….
        or just watch me work out at lifetime whle you huff and puff
        thru the warm ups…..
        you stupid idiot…don’t you know by now…don’t take on
        Harley…..you are a rube!!!!!!!

        survey conducted by Galain Solutions, 179 college football players were polled on a series of factors that contributed to their college choice. Campus living facilities ranked as the sixth most important indicator – and universities have taken notice.

        A majority of Ohio State’s freshmen and sophomore football and basketball players, who have elected not to live off campus, live in the Worthington Building or the Residence on 10th. Both structures are appealing to the eye from inside and outside, built in the past decade, and located near the Younkin Success Center and Marketplace. The Worthington Building is a five-story dorm that consists of four-person apartment style rooms that include two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a common area.

        The Residence on 10th, completed last year, is $37 million, 186,000-square foot building of lavishness. It could be converted into a Four Seasons with minimal renovations. The six-story building has six-person suites with three bedrooms, a living room and individual bathrooms.

        Not bad living arrangements for an 18-year-old.

        One Ohio State student-athlete described it as living in an upscale apartment. At Kentucky, accommodations are even more impressive.

        John Calipari, the maestro of recruiting, spearheaded a basketball player residence hall on the campus of the University of Kentucky. The end result was the $7 million Wildcat Coal Lodge. It features flat-screen TVs, a chef and leather recliners galore – a high-end Costco if you will.

        Calipari refers to the palatial living quarters as the gold standard of athlete housing.

        “All of the needs of our players are met,” he said.

        These types of facilities are the beginning of college sports’ latest arms race. Joining in on the craze is Kansas, which announced in January it would build a $17.5 million privately funded apartment complex that will be the latest benchmark. Housed in the complex will be the Jayhawks’ men’s and women’s basketball players, as well as 34 general population students.

        The impetus for the building was none other than recruiting. Kansas head coach Bill Self was aware other programs were using their posh player digs as a recruiting tool, so he thought, “Why not us?”

        Of course, there is criticism of what’s going on, as there tends to be in the overspending world of intercollegiate athletics. Some critics believe it’s ridiculous that buildings are being built simply to house athletes, while others argue that athletes should be assimilated into the general population near the heart of campus.

        The NCAA outlawed athletic dorms in 1996. But like anything, there are loopholes around it if more than half the residents are non-athletes.

        If you build it, they will come. And they sprinted to Auburn’s Donahue Hall when it was completed last year. The $51 million suite-style residence hall contains 209 rooms. Nearly the entire football team lives in the building. But it conveniently houses more non-athletes.

        Donahue Hall is located near Auburn’s athletic building, weight room, football practice fields, athletic academic building and wellness center.

        “The team bonding is very important,” said Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn, whose team played for a national championship last season. “I told our team that’s what we were doing the very first week I was here. Some of them weren’t happy about it, but now they’re excited about it. They understand why we’re doing it. It’s to help our team.”

        Most coaches around the country are in favor of isolating their teams to one living location. It limits the chances of getting in trouble and makes it easier to supervise. The NCAA’s stance on the matter is mixed. They’ve stated athletes should be part of the student population. In an era when most people believe special privileges run rampant, having athletes interact with their classmates – and deal with cold showers and modest living conditions – is not frowned upon.

        But changes could be coming. The NCAA has opened up dialogue about re-opening athletic dorms on campuses. Until decisions are made, schools will continue opening extravagant buildings meant to house athletes with some other students sprinkled in.

        Oklahoma’s $75 million Headington Hall is steps away from Memorial Stadium and includes suites for more than 500 students. Over 100 of them happen to be football players, who can enjoy the game room, 75-seat movie theater and the Sam Bradford Training Table. The former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback and running back Adrian Peterson each donated $500,000 for the project. The building is named after Tim Headington, a former Oklahoma tennis athlete, who donated $10 million.

        Headington Hall occupies a full city block.

        Athletic director Joe Castiglione told the Kansas City Star the project was not about “largesse” but about needs.

        “We wanted to improve our situation, and I don’t think you wouldn’t do it in a first-class way if you had the chance,” he said.

        Some see a shift away from academic spending for athletes, resulting in a win-at-all-costs mentality. But that’s nothing new in college sports, where winning is akin to penicillin. With spare money lying around, though, thanks to colossal TV deals, record revenue from football programs and a high return on merchandise, ADs and coaches believe it must be spent somewhere to stay one step ahead of the competition.

        “In order for us to maintain and even exceed what we’ve been doing, there are certain things that have to be done,” Self said. “Bells and whistles are very, very important.”

        College Basketball Recruiting,
        College Football Recruiting

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        • hahhararley says:

          hearne…print my abovecomment. It proves
          again that Harley is the king!!!!!!!!!

        • rww says:

          WOW!!! You are certainly a legend!!!!
          In your own little mind.

          • hahhararley says:

            you are nothing in everybody’s mind.
            You got shot down again with evidence
            of self’s quotes and the situation among
            top bball teams.
            now stfu and go back to digging holes.

    • Phaedrus says:

      Shouldn’t the best coach in america have more than 1 national championship (and 2(?) final fours) on his resume?

      Self’s a bit too egotistical for my tastes. Fits in good with the KU crowd though.

      • rww says:

        Who said he was the best coach in America? But 11 Big 12 championships should speak for itself to anyone but a Misery fan.

        • rww says:

          I meant a Mizzoury fan!!

        • hahhararley says:

          KU IS GOING BROKE.
          AS POSSIBLE.
          without self…ku would just be a worthless
          university stuck in a small time town.
          And you ku fans and hearne are crying about
          the mony. Self has made you millions and made
          you a major college team…and typical joco
          fashion …the fans want to complain about him
          needng to travel and live in high fashion.
          remember…basketball is not a big time money maker
          like football. Mu realized that.
          When ku has a sparse 30k at a game to see
          3 consecutive fat guys remain on the payroll
          thats your problem.
          Plus you better bow down to self…give him whatever
          he wants…..he doesn’t need the joco attitude as
          head coach at ku…he can name his own price
          and ticket with one phone call.
          I truly like self…he’s a cool guy. Spoke with him for
          about an hour at sullivans several years ago.
          He’s the top coach…but like the typical joco
          and Lawrence thing…they’ll shoot their mouth off
          and lose the guy to another team.
          When will ku and Kansas learn.
          Oh and i’ll have some more info about another
          50 million dollatr research donation going to

          rww…you’re a rube. You want me to wear a
          nametag…that’s like what they do in 2nd grades.
          How childish are you……you are now replacing
          the other old guy as the dumbest guy on kcc!!!!!!!

        • Phaedrus says:

          I guess you didn’t read Harley’s comment…

          The only reason people care about Self’s conference titles is because his NCAA tournament record is so poor (relatively speaking). How many conference titles have Coach K or Bob Knight won? Does anyone know (or care)?

          Sorry, but I’m not a mizzou fan either.

          • Not a KU, KSU or MU fan. says:

            Phaedrus has a point. UCONN didn’t win their conference last year either. Neither then Kentucky.

            I bet both didn’t care when they were in the finals.

          • rww says:

            Coach K has been at Duke for 34 years and, as you would put it , has only won 4 championships, and 25 conference championships. Bill Self has been at KU for only 12 seasons and won 1 championship and almost half as many conference titles. Jealous much?

          • Phaedrus says:

            Coach K actually only has 12 regular season conference titles. ACC and Big 12 are apples and oranges. The Big 12 doesn’t have another perennial top 10 team like UNC. Not having another elite program akes it MUCH easier to win conference titles, regardless of how deep the conference is.

            Coach K also has 11 final fours. Like I said earlier, nobody cares about conference titles (the fact that you got Coach K’s number wrong pretty much proves my point).

            No, I’m not jealous. Believe it or not, some people don’t live and die with college basketball teams. I actually think it’s pathetic that some people care so much about sports.

        • hahhararley says:

          stfu rww….you just got proven wrong on the dorm
          who cares who lois and Hillary are on kcc.
          They’re fools who know nothing.
          Next time don’t doubt Harley.
          You looked like a fool being wrong again.
          and pleasekeep the foul language to a minimum.
          shows you’re from the sewers!

  3. Lydia says:

    The most interesting thing about this entire situation is that is has nothing whatsoever to do with education, which, according to the KU Endowment website, is the purpose of the endowment’s existence. There is not a word in KU Endowmentland about $8 million jets.

    • hahhararley says:

      Lydia…basketball is all ku has. they don’t care about education there.
      Niether do the people who allocated the education funds.
      KU has just been a place for the Kansas high school kids to go
      who needed a place to get a higher eduction.
      Look at the out of state students. KU has almost none. MUis
      about 40 per cent higher in out of state studdnts because
      MU is becoming a “national” university.
      Hey RWW….need some more rear kicking info….I got more
      for just for you.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Actually, Harley, you’re wrong. KU is right there with MU, 1% off. That makes you wrong. Check CollegeXpress. They own the college stat business.

        • hahhararley says:

          sell some boxes..its movning season…
          I believe that Harley 2 dug this up and it possibly
          included the entire university sytem for both schools.
          we’ll check on in.
          in the meantime stop worrying aout and fantasizing about
          Harley….you go out and sell some moving boxes and
          make some money.
          we will be on this…..
          but don[t fear walrus….we will be correct…may
          have been system wide which was where we got
          the info…..
          again…please stop thinking about me..
          you are scaring Harley 1/2/3….thanks

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Youre WRONG…. twice in one story, dickwad. Suck it up, admit it.

          • hahhararley says:

            I can only imagine the injuries you suffered
            when extricated your headfrom your
            a$$ is what’s causing you to stalk me again.
            I am waiting for the results and will prove
            the guy has a record in the past that
            would make mostpeople hide in
            embarrassment but we’re not talking about
            awinner…we’re talking about a loser.
            How did that business deal go that you were
            involved in….lets talk about real life.
            am waiting for info…but I feel sorry for
            “THE WALRUS”.
            good luck….

    • Chip Kelly has traded a 2nd rounder for the Star printing press says:

      You will be happy to know that the endowment has doubled in the last 20 years, which co-incides with their top-flight run.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If Memphis hadn’t missed so many free throws down the stretch in the championship game, I really think Self would be in hot water in Lawrence. He’s sorely underachieved with the talent he’s had in the NCAA tourney.

  5. Gavin says:

    Okay, hang on a sec. I admit up front that I could be wrong about how KU Endowment is run, but I’m pretty sure that KU Endowment is not only a non-profit, but it is also not supported by taxpayers. It is supported solely by donations. Now, I’m not saying that the jet was not bought by taxpayers, but it seems to me that if it was bought by KU Endowment then it was bought by donors, not taxpayers.

    So, how about this: Can you please clarify the reporting? Did KU Endowment purchase the plane? If so, is it owned by KU Endowment or is it owned by the University? Is KU Endowment supported by taxpayer dollars or by donations? Because even the story itself describes KU Endowment as a non-profit and I have a hard time (not an impossible time, just a difficult one) believing that the State of Kansas supports a private, not-for-profit corporation.

    I just did some quick Googling and found the KU Endowment annual report. I’m the first to admit that I am not a finance guy and I don’t know much about how to read financial forms, but my cursory review doesn’t show that KU Endowment is supported by anything other than donations. If you can prove me wrong, Hearne, I will absolutely accept your findings.

    But if I am not wrong, then the entire premise of this post is messed up and shows a lack of understanding about how universities work and how they interact with their private endowments.

    So, let’s review. From your post, I gather that the jet was purchased by KU Endowment. KU Endowment is supported privately, by donations. Not by taxpayers, which the post incorrectly says.

    Now, you reference how much money “taxpayers” have spent over the last several years in maintaining the jet, but, given that you don’t even understand who purchased it, how can we be sure you are right about who pays to keep it up?

    We could have a very lively discussion about whether KU SHOULD own a jet, about whether it’s wasteful, etc. but what were talking about is KU Endowment spending money it raised from donors, not money it got from the State of Kansas. That’s an entirely different talk and one I’d be happy to have once you clarify who actually paid for the jet and what funds were used to do so. However, KU Endowment and the University of Kansas are two separate entities and you are trying to conflate the two.

    Maybe the Star didn’t splash this all over the front page because they understand this and you don’t?

    • mrbrown says:


      Jet was paid for by the Endowment…No taxpayer funds. However, the university pays for all expenses related to it’s use. (i..e. the athletic department, the Chancellors office, medical outreach)..That’s the figure that’s causing the consternation.
      The original article (http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2015/mar/01/taxpayers-footing-bill-hundreds-flights-ku-defends/) cites some specific examples of flights paid for with taxpayer funds and documented as part of officials open records

      this one stuck out to me:
      KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little flew to and from Salina in April 2014 on the KU jet for a speaking engagement at a cost of $3,714. The drive would have taken two hours and 15 minutes each way.
      here’s what the other schoolss in the Big 12 had to say
      The Journal-World contacted 16 colleges, including the 10 Big 12 schools, the University of Missouri and the University of North Carolina. Only three schools — University of Texas System, Texas A&M and Iowa State University — said they own planes. Oklahoma State University owns a small share in a plane with Executive AirShare and sometimes uses a plane that belongs to its aviation program.

      At Kansas State University, the president and administrators used to share a jet with the school’s aviation program, K-State spokeswoman Cindy Hollingsworth said. But the jet was facing major repairs, and K-State President Kirk Schulz decided to sell it.

      “It was not cost effective to continue to own the jet,” Hollingsworth said. “Manhattan has an airport with commercial flights … with American Eagle, that is the way it is most cost effective for the (president) to do his travel.”

      Hope that helps clear yup

      • Stomper says:

        Thanks mrbrown, wish I had read your comments before posting mine. If, as you say, the school itself and not the KUEF were paying any expenses related to the continued use of the plane, then it should be a concern of the taxpayers.

      • Gavin says:

        That does help and tremendously. Thank you, mrbrown.

        However, now what we are dealing with is the issue of not how the plane was purchased or who did the purchasing (is it really relevant that it was a member of KU Endowment was the one who sold the plane when the transaction was between private parties and involved no taxpayer funds when clearly the point of the article is for Hearne to get himself into high dudgeon and to try and whip everyone else into a frenzy? I posit that it is not. It’s just a chance for Hearne to be snarky. For all we know (and for all Hearne’s “reporting” additionally enlightens us, the transaction could have gotten KU a better deal because of the connection.)). What this is about is $3.5M spent on upkeep and maintenance of the jet.

        Now, I am not saying that $3.5M isn’t a lot of money. It certainly is. But we are talking about $3.5M over five years. Again, that’s not chump change, but it starts to look a lot less like a front page expose worthy of strong investigative reporting and more like Hearne having a chance to ride his anti-everything hobby horse, this time with it dressed up in anti-KU garb. As the LJW article points out, KU budgeted for this cost, they have come in under budget. The budget is publicly available. This just looks like an anti-KU axe being ground to a nice sharp edge.

        As for K-State dumping their plane, I note that they only did so after the jet came due for significant (and costly) repairs. I wonder if they’d still have it if it didn’t need all that maintenance. As for the other schools that do or don’t have a plane, so what? They all have different circumstances (proximity to an airport, an abundance of riches, whatever) that make their circumstances unique to them. Mizzou, you do you and KU can do KU.

        I will agree with one thing: I absolutely think that KU Athletics should be paying for Bill Self’s use of the plane and for any football use. My guess is that Self has it written into his contract that he gets use of the jet for recruiting or whatever (but that’s just a guess) and KU has made the decision that keeping him happy is paramount to KU’s mission as they see it. If KU doesn’t want to let him have the jet, plenty of other schools (or NBA teams) will make sure he flies in whatever style he wants. That’s another value judgment KU has made and one with which many would disagree, but, again, KU can do KU.

    • Stomper says:

      Really good comments, Gavin. You shared some facts that appear to be straightforward and distinguished well, the important distinction between public sector/taxpayers and “private sector”/ donors. I too will readily admit that I’m not a finance guy and don’t have any intricate knowledge of the inner workings of the KU Endowment fund, but if the Endowment Fund money is indeed private donors and the title to the plane remains with the KUEF as well as expenses ( pilot, fuel, maintenance, etc.) then it seems to me that if the KUEF Board is good with this then taxpayers should not be upset and should focus any concerns they have with the spending of education dollars elsewhere.

      Now the issue of how big time universities run their athletic programs, as evidenced by the recent revelations of how Coach Jim Boeheim ran the Syracuse BBall program is a completely different ( and worthwhile ) conversation to have.

      Thanks Gavin, don’t be a stranger.

      • Gavin says:

        Thanks, Stomper. I appreciate that. Obviously, mrbrown answered a lot of my questions, but I am still having a hard time getting too worked up about $3.5M over five years when there are much bigger issues facing KU (and every other state-supported school). Even if KU got rid of the jet entirely and put every single one of that $3.5M, it wouldn’t even be a drop in the bucket for the other problems KU is facing.

        And, as I said before, I don’t object to KU keeping Bill Self happy.

  6. hahhararley says:

    ku spent $70,000 for a consulting firm to hire Charlie “big boy” Weiss?
    They should ask for their money back.
    MU paid $7.95 for a consulting firm to hire Kim
    Anderson. They too should get a refund!
    3.5 million bucks at ku as gavin said is nothing compared to the
    problems jr’s buddy has put them in.
    take care of my boy Self….cool dude….and he’s worth millions to the university.

    • kcconfidential’s documentation of Harley’s descent into the rabbit hole is an exercise in diminishing returns for all but those associated with endeavors in the field of Mental Health. That would be me.

      Harley as a narcissist constructs a narrative in which he figures as the hero – brilliant, perfect, irresistibly handsome, destined for great things, entitled, powerful, wealthy, the centre of attention, etc. The bigger the strain on this delusional charade – the greater the gap between fantasy and reality – the more the delusion coalesces and solidifies.

      The Grandiosity Gap (between a fantastically grandiose – and unlimited – self-image and actual – limited – accomplishments and achievements) is grating. Its recurrence threatens the precariously balanced house of cards that is the narcissistic personality. The narcissist finds, to his chagrin, that people out there are much less admiring, accommodating and accepting than his parents. As he grows old, the narcissist often become the target of constant derision and mockery, a sorry sight indeed. His claims for superiority appear less plausible and substantial the more and the longer he makes them.

      I have made note of several troubling and degrading aspects of Harley’s personality and in my opinion, he is going to hit the wall, in a very short time. The escalation of his rhetoric and fantasies signify the inner battle that rages within. The reality of his depressing and friendless existence in contrast to what he needs, on a pathological level, for everyone to believe.

      It is my hope that his identity is never revealed, the mental and emotional break could be fatal.

      • hahhararley says:

        bring it on boys….ive got 10,000 dollars to prove everything..
        and I just made rww eat his words.
        The problem my detractors have is that I am always
        right and that irritates them.
        They (like rush Limbaugh said in his facebook) is like
        the people on kcc who try to put me down.
        They’re old and irrelevant and thye have nothing to
        hang their hat on.
        Harley remains the truth seeker and again he is
        proven right when some idiot asks him for evidence.
        The evidence was presented to rww and now he goes
        back to his section 8 home and grovels down some
        grade c vodka and forgets that his life is really
        realy a mess.
        thanks for reading my stories…
        Obviously you haven’t read much about me and are up
        at 1:30AM thnking about me.
        probably the guy who hearne said fantasized me writing
        this crap because he has no life.
        But it’s okay…while you’re thinking about me I was
        enjoying many friends as we gathered to dance/drink
        and havea great time.
        If you’re having to write this crap at 1:30 am and thinking
        about me…I think you’re the one with severeproblems.
        1:30 am and you’re thinking about me…what a loser!!!!!!

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Dead on accurate, Concerned Professional. But I’ll tell you what he always tells me. “You’re in IDIOT and I’ve gotten 147 emails from other KCC readers who feel the same way.”
        His next claim; “Bill Self reads my newsletter daily before he makes a decision on anything from wardrobe to plays.”
        Can you imagine the level of mental dysfunction to write as he does while claiming to be a top graduate from MU’s J School?
        Then this past week, he claims he’s speaking at MU’s J School in April. “Our contacts there,” to use his phrase, proves that untrue.
        Simply reading their posted seminars and guest speakers proves that untrue.
        His response to that? It’ll be one of two answers. (1) “HAHAHA I PUNKED YOU AGAIN, I can’t believe you fell for that,” or (2) “…bring $10,000 and I’ll prove it to you!”
        Concerned, how many sane people do you know who demand $10K from YOU……to prove they are telling the truth.
        And Hearne thinks he adds value because people like looking inside the tent flap at the Freak Show. I think he’s wrong, but it’s his blog.

        • hahhararley says:

          that’s hearne.
          I probably know or have met many of the people
          here on kcc.
          From Mr. Kennedy to hearne…to super dave to
          glaze and even chuckles (the man was a woman
          killer in his days).
          Theres not one article that I’ve written that
          was factually incorrect. Recently I made a statement
          about bill self wanting to keep up with calipari’s
          in the world by getting better facilities for athletes.
          rww challenged me with showing him the information.
          If you read by comment..i had an article that pointed
          out exactly what I said. It was words from bill
          self…not from me.
          I don’t imagine mr. self readsthis blog. Maybe he
          I’ve asked other readers to prove me wrong.
          And all I get are answers like shoedogs….go google
          something…prove me wrong…debate the topic…
          because Harley continues to prove you all wrong.
          Wherhter I get 147 or 147,000 emails makes no
          difference. There are lots of people who have
          written to my email address (including some disgusting
          emails by shoedog along with threats and incorrect
          So I’m a gambling man. I’ve seen what haters have
          done to glaze. Read his article commending a guy
          for making the hall of fame. He gets hate mail from
          people who have nothing but hate and anger in their
          heart. So my goal is if these haters think what I
          write is wrong…either write a rebuttal or I’m willing
          to see if they really believe the vile language used
          against me and if they truly believe it are willing to
          put money behind their hate and lies.
          Glaze chooses to use physical threats.
          I choose to offer te detractors a chance to let me
          prove what I say is true provided they are willing
          to put up somethingof value. Noone’s taken my
          offer. Because I feel they’ve read my articles and
          they know Harley has proven himself right time and
          time again.
          so what happens…you scan the mu journalism schools
          events…and since you didn’t know where to go..and
          you took the time to actually go and find if it
          was published that I would be part of the j schools
          program you assume I won’t be there.
          You actually tried to prove I wasn’t in vegas one time
          and called the “people” you know there to see if Harley
          was checked in. I remember that. Yet you would
          never know that members of my family ran vegas
          for many years. If you don’t believe that…and in
          youor heart truly think I’m not right…then put up the
          10K and all you have to do is google the nformation
          and find it in the comfort of your home.
          What the real problem is that you lie and have
          tried to prove me wrong. Writng under lois or
          Hillary (I can’t write under others names while
          hearne watches my comments) or other names
          you’ve used on here…
          Again…you have no balls. You just have no guts.
          Noguts no glory. You can prove me wrong…just
          lets do it in a fair and square way….bring your
          cash to the table and lets pay for an impartial
          arbitrator to decide who is right.
          You can make all the claims you want shoedog…
          you can write about me at 1:30am. when glaze
          is counting his receipts for anights work…when
          Harley is involved in a charity event…you’re
          so obsessed with me and what I write that it’sgotten
          to the point that its sickening.
          Hearne even mentioned it a few days ago…that
          it was you who fantasized about me. Just a few
          days ago he repeated that fact. How does that
          make you look? Seriously…do I upset your life
          so much that you have to track me down..do I
          upset your life that you have to investigage whether
          I will speak at mu….
          As far as mU…I think I’ve made myself pretty open
          that I know a lot about the university. Many comments
          make referene to the situation there. I worked in
          the biggest department in the university and met
          and worked with the top people there wile in school.
          Someone with that type of info knows something.
          From Norm Stewart to even Quiin Snyder……
          frommel Sheehan to mike alden…I’ve known all
          these people thru alumni activities and mutual
          Know many of the athletes parents too….I graduated
          from there…am proud to be a mu alumni…have
          given time for charity events…and now am going
          back to present my ideas to some of the top
          I’ve worked with the top doctors in the nation….
          the smartet and most successful businessmen in the
          world…and learned from them….that either you’re
          a winner or you’re a loser.
          You havebeenproven wrong…but you will never
          reach or know or have the life I’ve had.
          It seems youre asore loser. I know a whole lot of
          things about a lot of people on here thatb I have
          never put up here.
          I could spill the beans so to speak on lots of things
          that the people have done! but its not my style.
          I have many many contacts still left in Columbia and
          will be there not only for a forum tht probably wasn’t
          put on the ageda but also to help raise money
          for cancer.
          You see shoedog….in my “short” lifei’ve done it all.
          I’m not done yet. I don’t rebuild old worn out
          furniture…I do hours and hours of charity work every
          year. I run a business…one that’s allowed me to
          meet and work with some of the top people in the
          nation. I was involved in politics…going back to the
          80’s….have met and become acquintances with
          some of the most liberal democrats and done work
          for some of the most right wing repubs.
          I’ve done a lot in my “short” life…and I’ve traveled
          the world.
          All this from someone whostarted with a chair
          and a phone.
          So please…go to a psychiatrist and get some
          anti depressents or something to put you to sleep.
          Being up at 1:30am thinking about me or chasing
          me and trying to prove me wrong has yielded you
          nothing but dead ends.
          You have nothing. I’ve seen your record.
          It’s not pretty to say the least.
          Move on. it’s fruitless to try and compete with
          me. You’ll just get more depressed and angry
          …..and that’s not good for someone your age.
          This is no freak show…I didn’t getbstuck under
          a dashboard…I didn’t travel to find someone to
          repair some old shoes…I could get further but
          hearne won’t allow it to be printed.
          I wish youluck in any endeavor you try. I belibe
          you wrote about one which went belly up.
          Here’s the deal…iwont mention you in my posts..
          you don’t harass or attempt to stalk me in what
          I write. You’ve said a hundred times you were
          going to not pay attention to me. Please do.
          I’ve got probably 10 emails from you on my
          email address (law4life1000@yahoo.com).They
          were very long and probably took you hours
          to write. If hearne would allow it I’d forward those
          to him for publishing…but I’m not here to embarrass
          you or anyone elese.
          Facts are facts….and the fact is I think you have
          some things you need to take care of before
          chasing me and my comments on hearnes
          I know you are able to read my comments before
          they are posted on here…that’s no big deal because
          hearne has been fair lately in putting my work on.
          Yes…I am passionate about many things..I may get
          wordy about my opinions…but as I always say
          PROVE ME WRONG….it might cost you…but as
          rww learned…I write the truth. He got what he
          asked for.
          Thanks for your time.
          Go enjoy the day…and may god bless you and may
          god bless the united states of America!!!!!!!!!!!
          And may you go find something btter to do than
          hound me.
          In other words…your comments have become
          irrelevant because all they pertain to are Harley.
          p.s. stay tuned in a few weeks we could see
          another one of Harleys writings come to fruition.
          And please get some sleep.
          Your friend

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            You also lied about being a juror on a rape trail, a girl from Stephens. There was no such trial and you weren’t on the jury. So I’ll take that as 4 times youre wrong in one story. And one last time, ask Hearne, Im NOT Hillary or Lois, so youre wrong a second time on the same fact. Asshat.

          • hahhararley says:

            Wilson….get your money ready..
            all talk all b.s.
            The problem you have isthat you try to
            prove Harley wrong and time and time
            again you end up wih egg on your face.
            Please…I read where you were a clown’s
            ass…..even without makeup.
            Wen you got a few bucks together…bring
            it on…
            I have copy of decrees/depos and much more
            to prove this issue.
            Go sell some boxes.
            Heard the girlscouts might neeed some
            boxes ….or majybe go to the people at
            th dairy farms….
            go to work….you need the money cause
            you can’t put your money where your money
            is…but having read your other stories
            we know you’ve been handling your d****
            too much fantaszing about Harley.
            thequestions have been asked about your
            past. don’t get into because its not my
            style. Maybe go research whats online to
            see whats there….then put it on kcc…
            that would be funnier than s***!
            go away…tilyou make a few bucks we want
            nthingto do with you.
            Please…you are no longer relevant (except in
            chilcothe) and you just keep trying to prove
            Harley wrong…truth is if you can get chuck
            and jr. and hearne and the rest of your
            flunkey together…maybe there’s 10K
            Til then stop bothering me….I OWN YOU…
            p.s….whens your next story on kcc…
            another faceplant for walrus.

          • rww says:

            Whew hahahaharley! Now that was a mouthful.But you’re probably used to having something long and hard in you mouth so I’m sure that helps. I know who Lois and Hillary is, and if you weren’t so f’ing stupid you would too!
            Not your friend,

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            I provided links and facts, dikwad, wrong in three places in this story alone. You were off by FACTORS of wrong on the instate student numbers between MU/KU. You’re so fukin stupid you don’t bother to check to see its 1%. YOURE WRONG, LIVE WITH IT. We all know youre wrong. You wanted facts, you got them. And what do you do? What you always do, you attack personally instead of saying, Hmmm, guess I was WRONG on that one.
            Hard rain, buddy…. keep your umbrella handy. Youre going to need to screen shots soon.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    For those of you stuck in Common Core and can’t do the math, do you realize that wingnut (Harley) commented a STAGGERING 2,945 words on a 625 word story? I dont know how he has that much time and run his “multinatunal copanies” at the same time. He truly is a wizzard.

    • hahhararley says:

      oh god…you are a freak out about Harley. You took time to count the
      words. Have you no life.
      Of course a businessman with a record like yours has plenty of
      time to waste.
      shoes in Lawrence…jewel thiefs…etc…
      Nowi knowyou are one strange dude andothers agree.
      Maybe get a hobby like neddlepoint or sewing.
      Maybe that will take your mind off Harley.
      Go see a dr…..you are getting worse and worse…in fact
      you are seeming to be obsessed with Harley…
      Do you like guys? Just wondering.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        If you knew computers, but god, why would you, it takes seconds to do, asshat. When the comments you make are 5 times the length of the story…. WHO has time and who DOESNT. PS, I was the number two producers in the nation last year, not that it matters to you. You’ve misread me from day one, which, just kind of tickles me….. you’re wrong on most facts and off base on your assessment of people. It makes me smile a lot… you fukin rube

    • hahhararley says:

      no just 2 companies including one that has the ability to find out information
      that’s legally available on the net and other sources.
      this must be you counting my words…
      “word 1…”
      “word 2”
      “word 3″
      a grown man counting words on a beautiful day. Please please sir…
      you continue to amek a fool of yourself.
      word 4….word 5….wow…thts big numbers”
      If you need some more constrtuctive activities…maybe count the
      words in a Dr. Seuss book. that should keep you occupied for
      about 7 hours while your cmpetitors are making big money and
      you’re counting wrds.
      How many people do that? NONE…
      what amess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • miket says:

      Off topic, paul… kccaferadiodotcom. not the bridge, but if you like 90.9 you might like these guys. similar roots.

    • DC Comics says:

      Harley is the Bizarro Tolstoy.

  8. SteelyDanMan says:

    So no one is commenting on the state budget cuts in education yet KU can afford this plane? WTF?

    • hahhararley says:

      Steely dan man…Harley wroteabout this at least a year ago. When I
      found out that there were severe cuts to education coming to Kansas
      I immediately made the comment that 8 million dollars was a lot
      of money.
      But to ku its an investment. Had they probably not bought self
      his jet…he probably would have left after learning they pared down
      their plans to build lusurious dorms for the male athletes.
      I would probably send an email to walrus to further investigate
      this but remind him not to get stuck in the men’s room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Yes Harley wason this story months ago. If you need further info
      I suggest contactin law4life1000@yahoo.com.
      Or contat the walrus and have him do his usual “top grade”
      “undercover” work just like he didwith the jewel theif.

  9. The Truth says:

    Who cares is they buy a plane? I don’t understand the point?

    The KU Coach is already the highest paid employee in the state, so why is this surprising?

    KU basketball is a pro sport, like football and MU. They are in a fight to have the best trainers, the best coaches, the best facilities, so why wouldn’t they want to get the best plane?

  10. Jim M says:

    People are so stupid these days. Too many excellent coaches have been lost to car accidents, working 80 hour weeks, in order to see that one recruit that might bring a championship & millions to the University. Case in point: Coach Don Meyer, my wife’s cousin, who was nearly killed, after a long week recruiting & coaching. Please, people, think before you bloviate.

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