Sutherland: Camp of the Saints

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 6.49.04 PMForty years ago a French author, Jean Raspail, wrote a powerful polemic against multiculturalism…

Translated into English by Norman Shapiro, a Harvard faculty member, it was roundly condemned at the time as racist, hateful, etc., when it was published here in 1975 by Charles Scribner’s Sons.

The book’s plot is very straight forward.  It’s a nightmarish account of the Western world (Europe and the United States) being overrun by a tidal wave of third world immigrants.

The political and cultural Left in the book insist that it be allowed on humanitarian grounds, with particular emphasis on the plight of children being sent here as the spear head of the demographic invasion.

Their arguments were couched in terms of cultural relativism, but the real aim was to consolidate political power by swamping the opposition. Many liberals and progressives are today unequivocal about this.

Undocumented immigrants, as Jay Leno has noted, is just a euphemism for unregistered Democrats. 

Muslim-Terrorists-Whos-clinging-to-guns-and-religionWitness the dozen or more gloating brags by Harley over the last year or so how “12,” “15,” “20” million new Hispanic voters (it varies) are going to put the Democratic Party in total control of the country for the next hundred years.

The other aim is to destroy the traditional values and culture of the country. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 7.03.21 PMThe real enemy of the Left is not the wealthy, who are only too eager to embrace its cultural outlook and secular world views.  No, the real resistance is the working class, which pays the price of left-wing policies and thus is most resistant to them.

That’s why you had then presidential candidate Barack Obama telling people in billionaire activist Tom Steyer’s living room, about what a shame it is that so many working people “bitterly cling” to “their guns and their religion.”

If there is any doubt that this is the view of the Kansas City Star, check out these cartoons from David Horsey.  The cute one about the no-longer-white-America, sung by a little girl who appears to be white, appeared on Monday, January 12th, after the events in Paris. And Shawnee.
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  1. chuck says:

    The Orwellian 24/7/365 agitprop from the Red Star and the disgraceful, contemptible 4th estate drones on.

  2. jimmy says:

    “Witness the dozen or more gloating brags by Harley over the last year or so how “12,” “15,” “20” million new Hispanic voters (it varies) are going to put the Democratic Party in total control of the country for the next hundred years.”

    Many Latinos are culturally conservative but still vote Democrat. Why would they vote for the Republicans when that party is outright hostile in rhetoric and actions? When immigration was taken up by Bush he was raked over the coals by conservatives because he dared to build a compromise with those that wanted to see a path to citizenship and those that wanted tougher immigration laws. This was at a time when violations of the 11th Commandment were not tolerated. You don’t think Latino voters noticed this? Also, why the hell would you not want to engage with a rising voting bloc? Bush was never seen as a savvy politician but even he realized that you should at least try and respectfully engage even if you have different goals on an issue.

    “The other aim is to destroy the traditional values and culture of the country.”

    How do you define traditional values and culture?

    • admin says:

      Man Jimmy, that’s a loaded question. You trying to make Dwight write a whole other column today?

      • jimmy says:

        I don’t want to make assumptions…

      • hahhararley says:

        he doesn’t need a column….he can’t figure it out so he
        can just put his name and leave the comment box blank!!!
        And we would rip him a new $$$$$$$$$$$$ (notice I used
        dollar bill signs…he probably loves that) with his comments.
        Traditional values have broken down everywhere…its pure
        stupidity to blame the “immigrants” for this.
        come on southy….lets hear your story then we can talk
        about your family values….
        bring it on dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

      The Western Canon ,i.e.those works of literature,art,and philosophy that people,regardless of their race or origin,have relied on for two thousand years for guidance and inspiration. The same values that inform these works are reflected in what is called Judaeo-Christian morality. See ,that wasn’t so hard,was it ?
      You miss my point about immigration. Why would I fault anyone coming here for a better life for themselves,like my ancestors did? What I’m objecting to is people who should know better encouraging illegal immigration mostly to further their own political ends,but dressing it up in the rhetoric of compassion.
      The fact that George W. Bush and John McCain had enlightened (and pragmatic!) positions on immigration refutes the perception that Republicans are reflexively anti-immigrant and xenophobic.

      • the dude says:

        Then why won’t reasonable minded people listen to them? Oh, I think I know- it’s about money and keeping people in compromised legal status so you can make more money off them. This situation we are in now is intentional, make no doubt about that.

        • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

          Because organized labor was concerned,legitimately,with an influx of cheap,non-union,Hispanic labor.Actually,you’ve got the politics of the issue totally backwards. The corporatist types in the GOP want the continued influx of cheap labor that “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” would ensure.(Don’t you just love what they call the bill? How could anyone be against anything called “comprehensive reform”?) The cynicism of that position is what led to the defeat of pro-immigration reform House Majority leader Eric Cantor by an under-funded,unknown challenger in last summer’s congressional primary. This is not the simplistic Republican=bad guys/Democratic=good guys political situation on this issue that you want to make it.Ask the people living on the border whose lives and property are at risk because of the hundreds of thousands of desperate people coming across,encouraged by this Administration.

          • the dude says:

            Oh I know that. There are people on both sides of the aisle that do not want the immigration problem here solved any time soon. I ain’t that naïve Dwight.

      • jimmy says:

        “The Western Canon ,i.e.those works of literature,art,and philosophy that people ,regardless of their race or origin,have relied on for two thousand years for guidance and inspiration.”

        Fair enough though I haven’t seen much in the news about liberals wanting to burn down the Nelson Art Gallery. Liberals certainly didn’t try to get sculptures removed from the Overland Park Arboretum because of (GASP!) nudity. What are we trying to destroy exactly?

        “The same values that inform these works are reflected in what is called Judaeo-Christian morality.”

        Oh, right. We are trying to destroy Judaeo-Christian morality which has not been revised, rewritten, reinterpreted, or fought over in 2000 years. Martin Luther…who was that again? Henry VIII…seems like he did something important but I can’t remember. Mary I of England…boy it sure seems like she did something to upset a lot of people but what was it? Certainly none of these historical figures were causing trouble over questions of Judaeo-Christian morality were they?

        “What I’m objecting to is people who should know better encouraging illegal immigration mostly to further their own political ends,but dressing it up in the rhetoric of compassion.
        The fact that George W. Bush and John McCain had enlightened (and pragmatic!) positions on immigration refutes the perception that Republicans are reflexively anti-immigrant and xenophobic.”

        Because you can name a couple of republicans who are not “reflexively anti-immigrant” doesn’t refute this well earned perception. McCain and Bush were smart enough to engage. It is a shame that many others in the party (though not all) continue to antagonize and alienate Latino voters instead of following their lead.

      • hahhararley says:

        What I love is the repubs in Kansas passed all these anti
        fraud voting laws in Kansas and other states.
        Then yesterday I got a MAIL IN ballot on a bond worth
        227 million….all I do is fill it out and mail it in.
        What slimeball came up wti h this idea. If theres not a huge
        change of fraud with this type of mail in voting happening
        why did they spend time passing those voter fraud laws.
        Its a scam…..who’s handling the mail in ballots…
        any bets it has some hanky panky???????????????????????//

  3. hahhararley says:

    Southy….I am an analyst speaking in terms of demographic changes. And you
    being a right winger with your friend brownie (nice job brownie…you broke us
    iin Kansas!!!) you say that this was all planned.
    In voting terms…its inevitable and I wish I could credit for figuring it out
    but I didn’t. Hispanics vote 80-90% democratic. why vote republican when
    they say deport the dreaamers…no amnesty (when republican presidents
    gave billionaire amnesty after they stole billions of dollars from being
    taxed and let them in…when had a Hispanic robbed a store of $20 he
    gets 10 years in prison). why vote for hate…you surely read what the
    repubs have said about “immigrants” …and now the republicans want to
    lessen the requirements for high tech foreigners to get into the u.s….
    sounds strange to me. Sure lets send them back….close down agriculture
    (remember big ag loves these immigrants)….close down the food industry
    (where is southy going to get his joe bar b q)? Yes…there is a demographic
    change coming…but you look back to your hero Mr. Reagan for that
    issue!!!!!!! Please read your history books.
    You then ask why Obama would say people cling to their guns and their
    religion. Go look at the south. They continue to vote for the guys who
    keep those states at the bottom of almost every category (except the rankings
    car maker needing cheap labor)…the worst in almost every category
    possible. Not only that but those southern states cling to their guns but
    damn if they’re not the biggest mooches off the gubment than any states.
    who pays for it…lets see…California/ny/ what many call the blue states pay for
    these gun clingers to sap our nation and put us in debt!!!!
    The you say you are afraid these immigrants are trying to destry the
    traditional values of this country. Come with me southy…the same things
    you incorrectly belive are happening in the urban core are happening
    right in your back yard (by the way …thanks for TOP GOLF)…heroine…
    theft…drugs….theft…etc going on in your back yard sir.
    No the traditional values are gone. Don’t blame the Hispanics or blacks…
    look at your kids I phone…look at the porn that’s readily available to any
    kid with a computer….the music the billionaire tv moguls like to put on tv…
    that’s who you blame!
    What’s traditional values. Shawn Hannity pushing people to give their
    last dollars to Wounded Warrior Project? Then we get a hold of their
    records and find that it’s probably just another 501 scam and that
    little actually gets to the wounded veterans. Hell the guy held concerts/
    literally his show was a telethon for thisv charity and then they find
    out the 400K salaries…the outsourcing to their buddies….is that the
    breakdown of traditional values? Of course it is.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Then theres Europe….guys knew those cartoons were dangerous and tht
    they could suffer for printing them. what if the star printed on the front
    page a terrible cartoon about jesus? Do you not think there would be
    an uproar? Yet you say Europe is being overrun by foreoghners…
    Hannity said that in 2030 (you probably won’t be around then) that
    the foreign population of Europe would be a whopping 8%!!!!!
    Just like the kids who robbed the gun store…don’t do horrible cartoons
    about anothers religion or you’ll find yourself in trouble.
    Guys like you southy are on the way out.
    White males are vanishing. Maybe if you got out of the corporate offices
    and talked and spoke with these people you’d see another angle.
    99% of them are good people wanting the same things for their families
    that you inherited for yours.
    Only they start with nothing. You got one hell of a head start!

  4. N. Stix says:

    Let me be as clear and as blunt as possible: an abusive police state is necessary in order to hold a “multicultural” society together.

    If you go to one of the few white areas left in this nation, or anywhere in the world–the ranks of police necessary to keep the peace plummets, because crime goes down astronomically.

    The results of what is happening right now will be turning a blind eye to non-white crimes, and a refocusing of resources into policing whites for revenue generation purposes. This is easier, more profitable, and much safer for cops.

    Crime will explode, of course. Politicians, psychologists, the MSM, and other assorted idiot savants from the left will double down with their suicidal stupidity, and blame whitey for the sad state of affairs and demand even more money to solve the mess.

    Eventually the pendulum will swing hard in the other direction, people will beg for a police state; even most of those who are ideologically opposed to one now.

    So basically, a multicultural society is ungovernable, unpoliceable, and unsustainable.

    We are already teetering on full-blown bankruptcy, with many tens of millions of unemployed around the nation, while this government insists on importing half the third world, no matter what the costs or consequences, ALL THE WHILE with automation destined to take 1/3 of all present jobs within the next decade alone. Talk about packing the dynamite.

    It really doesn’t take a genius to see what is in store for the nation from the ever angry, entitled and infantilized low-IQ negro population that has low-to-no impulse control–who will not be able to compete in an increasingly technological environment, while simultaneously being squeezed out of the job market by foreigners.

    Total hell awaits, because no one in power wants to deal with reality, as they are either chicken-shit cowards or fools who have drank too much Kool-Aid and actually believe their own BS; kinda like Rand Paul, who has done both.

    Total segregation will be mandatory for any future society to function, and for whites to survive. The same way Israel survives in the midst of extremely hostile nations.

  5. the dude says:

    “The other aim is to destroy the traditional values and culture of the country.”

    Please elaborate on which traditional values we are talking about- the first nation people that had their land taken from them- subjugated and had their traditional values and culture of their peoples decimated by the white culture that you seem to be espousing. Which traditional values do you speak of here white devil?

    • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

      See my reply to Jimmy above that I posted at 10:21 for my definition of traditional values. I find it interesting that you and so many others(like our own beloved Harley) constantly harp on my race and age. It may be related to the disdain that so many” progressives”feel for ‘dead,white,European males’.( I actually had someone tell me that “Honey Boo-Boo”was as of much value as Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” and that to say otherwise was to display an elitist,sexist,racist,classist mind-set.) Finally, it’s one thing to be open to different cultures. It’s quite another to rejects one’s own heritage and delight in its destruction.Though even that can have it’s unintentionally humorous side.Witness pinko KU professor Burdett Loomis reassuring the cane/walker/and oxygen tank crowd at the Mainstream Coalition post-election wake in Prairie Village in November that the Forces of Good would ultimately triumph once enough of their older,whiter Republican enemies died off. There was no older or whiter audience than that found in the Village Colonial Church that evening,even for Johnson County ! ( Were you there,Harley ? Or was it seniors’ bingo night at your local community center?)

      • jimmy says:

        “I actually had someone tell me that “Honey Boo-Boo”was as of much value as Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” and that to say otherwise was to display an elitist,sexist,racist,classist mind-set.”

        I will agree that War and Peace is superior in every way to Honey Boo-Boo. We have found common ground!

        • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

          PTL !

          • hahhararley says:

            writer…you’re getting your a$$ kicked on
            Your arguments are absurd and no one’s
            hoping for the loss of white males.
            Its the numbers sir. I didn’t create the
            situation…I only bring it up as a point of
            Its not just your age and race…its your outdated…outmoded….unrealistic views on
            everything from politics to the economy (yes..
            we did a great job in Kansas didn’t we.
            its your intransigence that things are changing…
            that we let 1/3 the people have no medical care
            whileyou go to johns Hopkins. That we allow
            the wealthiest people to not pay taxes…let
            them roll it overseas so they can claim them
            as Bermuda profits/
            No we don’t hate white males…but look where
            those who ran the deal put us.
            And “the forces of good will triumph ” quote.
            that’s a great one.
            ever been to one of the racist disgusting vile
            meetingsthe repubs held….or the idiot who
            didn’t knowhewas speaking to the KKK….
            even though they were wearing hoods in the
            Your traditional values are not those of
            the 99% of America. All you careabout is
            Black kid steals 50 bucks…gets 5 yearsin jail.
            suited stockbroker steals 100 million get
            probation. Is that traditional values and
            fairness mr. southy. And what are you
            doing to change it!
            You and the repubs are always using this
            b.s. like “value voters”…traditional values…\
            this Western Canon…and the rest of the
            bull crap that comes spewing from your mouth.
            It’s all b.s….just last week one of your guys
            wanted to remain a congressman WHILE HE
            WAS IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            OF FAMILY VALUES..
            SANTORUM…GREAT EXAMPLE hahahhaha
            GEORGE WE. BUSH: lYING P.O. S. lied
            to get us into war…is lying and causing 5000
            deaths and 250,000 casualties good family
            So for you….and your Western Canon…shove
            For the rest of us out here its the bible, the
            torah….hey even the Koran! Because unlike
            your views we believe in helping the sick and
            poor…fighting poverty…serving our god….
            while you and the rest of your gang sit around
            counting your dollars.
            wewant nothing to do with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\
            If you’re so brilliant with your ancient links…
            answer my previous post and prove Harley
            You can’t. Because you know the truth!

          • Violent or nonviolent says:

            Harley could your stockbroker v “black kid” (your term not mine) sentencing disparity have anything to do with the fact that the young man stealing $50 did so in a violent manner while the stockbroker’s crime was non-violent. Should we incarcerate nonviolent offenders the same as someone who has shown they are capable of violence?

  6. hahhararley says:

    oh yess he has traditional values and he’sgoing to protect them!

    “soup spoon on the right side. Salad spoon on the left.
    Entrée fork on the left side to the right of the soup spoon.
    Entre knife to the right of the salad spoon but to the left of the shrimp spoon.
    When you grab your napkin be sure to use theright hand…the left if you’re
    sitting on the left hand corner of the table. Under the table you’ll unfold
    the napkin then place it in your crotch at a 45 degree angle from your
    left leg.
    Do not “slurp” your soup or make those horrid sound when drinking
    your dom.
    And if you see any of the n******* butlers get out of hand they will not get
    their spam dinner.”

    traditional valuesmean different things to different people!

    • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

      Why is the highest term of praise in contemporary art and literary criticism “Transgressive”? (That is merely a pretentious way of saying it upsets and angers people because of a perceived affront to the things they hold dear.)Think Robert Serrano’s “Piss Christ”,an art “installation’ of a crucifix submerged in urine. Think Robert Maplethorpe’s obscene photos of male genitalia. Think Madonna and Lady Gaga. These “artists” are not upholders of anyone’s definition of ‘traditional values’ and create in order to assault and destroy those values. They are supported and encouraged by the cultural Left for a reason.,they deliberately mean to undermine middle class values.

      • hahhararley says:

        think wayne newton!
        Think Lawrence welk!
        OJ simpson!
        Jerry Lewis!
        Mr Miller the tag along dummy of Oreily!
        Think of the bare buttocks of paintings in the Louvre
        Or Kim Kardashians booty (may be even JLo’s)
        Madonna…Lady Gaga….what about Freddie Mercury
        These people are not holding up our so called “traditional
        values”…which is another b.s. theme for WHAT I SAY
        IS RIGHT”.

        But you bring up male genatalia…..crucifix in urine…while
        those high priced overcharging robbers at sutherlands
        are selling bathroom plungers for $1.98 (40 cents more
        than the jew at Home depot).

        When will you learn? You can baffle us with bullshit…but
        you will never beat us with intelligence!!!!
        Hope the wine and cheese tastes good.

  7. I'dBuyIt says:

    I assume that comment was in reference to the little girl who killed the shooting range instructor that was helping her with an Uzi? Young lady, in twenty years when you are doing a Google search about yourself and this story pops up, I hope you read this comment.

    I’m really sorry what happened to you. Its not your fault at all what happened to that instructor. He didn’t follow the protocol he was trained to use. Your parents didn’t have ill-intent when the let you use that gun. They didn’t expect that would happen. It was an absolute tragedy, but don’t beat yourself up. People say some mean things sometimes, from both sides of an issue. They don’t realize what its like to take a life. And I’m not sure of many people that know what thats like as a young child. I know I don’t know. Keep your head up, and don’t listen to the ways people portray you.


    Mr. Sutherland,

    I am all for Free Speech, I would never support the government telling you that you can’t use this comic. But just because we can doesn’t mean we should. One day this little girl is going to grow up, and she is going to do a Google search about herself just like you and I do. She will undoubtedly stumble upon the original comic in the LA Times, as well as this blog. This was a VERY young girl, much too young to have made her own choices. She trusted her parents and the instructor. Maybe we can put ourselves in her shoes and have a little compassion. There are a million comics out there that make your point. There are I’m sure hundreds of other publications that have rebroadcast this and similar comics about this incident. But it doesn’t mean KCC has to. I’m pro Constitution and will fight for it to the death, but we can use a little tact if we choose to. I support that French newspapers freedom of speech, but it doesn’t mean it was appropriate or that I support them depicting the Pope giving oral sex. But at least he is a public figure well into adulthood. This was just a young girl who will undoubtedly be traumatized from what she did. Something she can’t take back. I can’t imagine the weight on her shoulders from what happened. How can she even wrap her mind around it?

    • I'dBuyIt says:

      And Mr. Sutherland,

      I am not trying to speak down to you in a condescending manner, or partake in any form of “verbal flatulence”. Just appealing to your experience with the Constitution and responsibilities we have pertaining to our protected rights. Lest we find ourselves in a society where we must circumvent our Constitutional rights to solve the injustices these protections sometimes create.

    • Stomper says:

      For what it is worth, and surely admin can comment here, the writer who posts here does not always have any input on artwork, etc. that Hearne may use. I’m guessing that Dwight did not select that comic, especially since it had little, if anything, to do with the content of his piece.

      • admin says:

        Guess again, Stomps…

        While you are correct, I almost always select the art. Howver in this case, Dwight supplied the cartoons

    • Dwight D. Sutherland, Jr. says:

      I posted the cartoon not because I agreed with it but because it and the other cartoon by David Horsey which appeared in The Star are shocking and offensive. (That’s why I did not use the names of anyone involved or even describe the incident it was based on.) The point was to show the savage ridicule of the family’s class background. The couple and their daughter as depicted are cruel caricatures of working class rural whites.Imagine the firestorm if any other group was portrayed in such an arrogant and ugly way. This is from people who purport to speak for The Common Man. This was meant to reinforce the idea that the working class is lampooned savagely by the Left because they sense,correctly, that these are the people least susceptible to the cult of political correctness(i.e.”bitterly clinging to their guns and religion”). The movie director Brian De Palma did a movie years ago where 60’s revolutionaries try to play the liberal guilt card in a tough Italian blue collar neighborhood.It did not work. That’s why liberals hate and fear “The Religious Right” and “The Tea Party”. Those are the liberal code words for red neck whites who have been spared the indoctrination in college that their more affluent peers were subjected to and thus have no tolerance for political correctness. That hatred and fear is illustrated by those awful,vicious cartoons published in The Star. You have to know what the enemy is thinking to defeat him. It’s not always pleasant to see it first hand.I’m sorry if my meaning was not clear.

  8. hahhararley says:

    BROWNIE SAYS ITS TIME TO RAISE TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now lets talk about traditional values. In terms of religion (you went to some
    church and saw a bunch of old people. Figures…the churches have run off
    their parishioners. They too forgot traditional values (like the entire catholic
    priesthoods”) who for decades portrayed their definition of traditional values.
    Why didn’t you list rthem in your rambling list of art/people who want to
    crush those values. I mean I’m sure they’ve done more than lady gaga to
    promote “virtuous” family values (that’s a joke!)
    or the children in Kansas who were forgotten. Traditional family values…one
    of which is take care of the children. They (the cuts in services) ended many of
    the needed servies in olathe for kids….they cut school funds….and what did
    they do with all the money they froze….well of course give them to the
    wealthy in kasnas who are so “careing of traditional values)
    What are your values sir. Where do you get them? Because the ones you
    profess are not the same as the rest of us.
    Putting a crucifix in urine is not right. Neithre is putting cartoons of another’s
    god on the front pages of a paper when you know what the reaction will be.
    Neither are forgetting your bible that mentions poverty hundreds of times…or
    helping the less fortunate…feeding the hungry…..paying less to personal greed
    and more to the betterment of all humans.
    NO more b.s. from you sir. We’ve seen your values.
    And they are not the rest of ours!

  9. hahhararley says:

    Greg Anthony of CBS sports gets caught soliciting prostitute (and he was my
    favorite announcer next to kevin “ready to go” Harlan!
    I mean southy every day its another personality having to come out and
    explain that their values are tainted.
    Chris Christie is next…followed by walker in wisc…..I’m sure they’ll
    throw a few dems in there to be fair…
    But to say the left is trying to destroy traditional values is another incorrect statement.
    The big question these days is who takes the perp walk next.
    Half the people on here are felons…but they did their time so they don’t count
    who’s next….looks like southys friend is about to go under the lights…big time!
    I’m having problems finding anyone who’s not failed to uphold traditional
    values…or maybe its just that we’re all human.

    • Dwight Sutherland,Jr. says:

      Harley-The fact that many people fail to live up to standards that they espouse for others means that such people are flawed,not that the standards are .There are whole schools of academic dogma that are openly nihilistic. Not only do they argue that literature,philosophy, and religion have no meaning,but they are tools of repression by the ruling class to keep everyone else in servitude. I’m talking about “literary deconstructionism” and “critical legal studies”. The result,cultural relativism, is encountered not just in faculty lounges,but in every day private and public life. It can be best summed up by the constant mantra of liberals, ” Who are we to judge ?” Ninety percent of your posts are dedicated to that proposition. If we as a society lack the will or confidence in our own worth to defend ourselves,how do we protect it from it’s enemies ,be they in a magazine office in Paris or a gun shop in Shawnee ?

  10. hahhararley says:

    “Literature….philosophy….religion are tools of repression”….are you serious?
    the greatest writers in literature would today be considered “liberal”…the
    greatest philosophers would be today considered liberal and maybe
    when you talk about the child abusive catholic church that paid out money
    to keep the kids quiet…the abusive catholic church that allowed the sexual
    assaults of young men to continue while they knew full well it was
    happening…..the religious fanatics who try to push their beliefs on
    the masses….now that’s repression….that’s all illegal and they all should
    go to jail.
    And of course this guy talks about faculty lounges where the real
    “repression of” family values occurs….you’ve got to be kidding.
    Then he says who are we to judge ….obviously this guy hasn’t read
    my posts ….I am the judge…I am the jury and I tell the truth because
    the repression has nothing to do with books/religion/or philosophy.
    What was the philosophy of the catholics who raped those kids?
    NO …we don’t blame repression and poverty on those things…
    we blame it on the racism…the greed….the hate….the crimes (how many
    clergy went to prison sir)….and no..we have never not defended ourselves.
    Your illogical comment that we should protect the people who put that
    disgusting cartoons and comic on their front pages is nuts. they knew the
    consequences and had been forewarned.
    Now…you complain about all this so called
    lack of values…tell me what you would do. You rich conservatives always
    complain…lets see what you’d do. We saw what your buddy BROWNIE did.
    Then there’s our friend hearne. Remember the ventriloquist on tv show had
    that dummy sitting on his lap saying YES…YES….YES…..last name was
    winchell…..that’s hearne. Hearne didn’t understand a word you wrote. Look
    at how he writes…that U of A education was not worth 100K!
    Tell us all how you would change the world. I don’ think you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!! None
    of you can…..and that’s the real story! Debate the issues I brought up..not
    some ivy league language you learned at JOCC.

  11. vincent vega says:

    Only question I have is why is Harly still living in this country…that he hates so much? Sounds to me like he’d be far happier in some communist, multicultural, diverse tenament housing project, waiting with his brethern for their next monthly handout. Utopia is surely out there for you, Harley…

    • RickM says:

      Oh Good Lord, the ol’ reliable”Love It Or Leave It” slogan rears its ugly head again. That went out with peace signs on VW buses.

      Real patriots begin with recognizing their country’s flaws and work to change them, not flee to someplace else.

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