Glazer: Look for Chiefs to Fade Away & This Week’s Picks

Chase Daniel

Chase Daniel

Last call, anyone?

Game 16 for the Kansas City Chiefs is Sunday at Arrowhead against the Chargers. And even though KC lost its starting quarterback and the Chargers need just this win to make the playoffs, the Chiefs are a one point favorite at home.

Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers is banged up but will start. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is out injured. Enter former Missouri star Chase Daniel. His only prior start for KC resulted in a loss to the Chargers last year. I expect to see the same outcome tomorrow.

However having Chase in there the Chiefs might create some downfield throws and maybe even a touchdown to a wide out, something the team hasn’t had in nearly two seasons.

Kansas City is 8 and 7 while the Chargers are 9 and 6, but both teams have weakened down the stretch. The Chiefs were 7-3 just over a month ago, but since have only beaten the lowly Raiders – that’s it. The Chiefs have become known for fading as the season ends. They stunk it up last year the second half going from 9-0 to 11-5, then losing the playoff game. The Chiefs defense was the league’s worst by season’s end.


Jamaal Charles

Former Chiefs QB Matt Cassel and former coach Todd Haley did  the same thing a few years back with their phony division title. By that season’s end they were one of the worst teams in the league and couldn’t really beat anyone.

What looked like an 8 and 8 season or maybe 9 and 7, is now yet another poor performance by the Chiefs’ front office, coaches and light talented players. Alex Smith is just not the right guy to take this team to the Super Bowl. That seems pretty obvious now.

So I can’t see this team doing anything more than backing into the playoffs here and there with Reid, Smith and crew, but simply just not enough talent anywhere on this squad. Jamaal Charles as we all know is outstanding, but as we have seen, he can’t carry the team that far.

So yes, I like the Chargers to win.

I’ll look at the playoffs and the big bowls next week. I do like Missouri and K-State’s chances to win.





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32 Responses to Glazer: Look for Chiefs to Fade Away & This Week’s Picks

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    I don’t think the Chiefs have ever fully recovered from blowing that huge lead in the playoffs last year. They were embarrassed at home in the season opener by a team that now stands 2-13 on the season. They couldn’t close the deal against the Colts in the playoffs, and Coach Reid didn’t have them ready to play the Titans. This should’ve been the first time ever both the Royals and the Chiefs qualified for the playoffs in the same calendar year – after all, the Chiefs were 7-3 barely a month ago – but I’m afraid it ain’t a-gonna happen. The football gods granted them a miracle a few years ago under similar circumstances, but I don’t look for a repeat tomorrow. Hey, the start of spring training is less than two months off!

  2. Jack Springer says:

    I’d say prospects for a Chief’s win have improved because of this article.

  3. Old Man Kissel says:

    I wonder what Greg Hall’s thought on the game is?

    BTW, KK was on fire Monday with his takes. I’m afraid he maybe right. This feels like the final product. The Chiefs under Dorsey and Reid are forever a 7-9 to 9-7 team.

    They may go to the playoffs every now and then, but mostly there a 7-9 to 9-7 team.

    810 scoops 610 once again…

    • CG says:

      Well Mister Kissel my thoughts exactly. We have been writing about that for the last few weeks. I feel the Reid experiment has worked only to the extent of making KC average. Andy is deeply involved in the draft and as Chuck said, “we can’t draft.” Marty could at times, the rest since Hank, NO. It has been the reason the Chiefs are a lower level product all these years. Never finding a top ten quarterback since Dawson in the draft. By the way we didn’t draft him either.

      KC has been known for finding running backs, linebackers and a few corners and lineman. NO RECEIVERS AND NO QUARTERBACKS. That is the answer to all the questions of why we fail. The two most important parts of the passing game and we have zero. My God Otis Taylor was our last great outside receiver. I guess we have been lucky to make post season a few times since Marty.

      Because we have tons of money in Andy and Alex likely the Chiefs best hope for the next two years is low level playoff team. Frankly that might be tough. However with the aging and likely end of Manning in Denver, KC might be the best bet to control the division. It’s a reality show these days isn’t it.

      • hahhararley says:

        proven time and tme again that this guy knows nothing about football/baseball. Will he look for other “writing
        opportunities” like greg hall and finally stop writing about
        the subjects he knows nothing and will never knownothing
        about!!!!!! ITS TIME TO PUT THE KABOSH ON HIS

  4. chuck says:

    Glazer’s constant message is, “The Chiefs can’t draft.”

    He is right.

  5. Second Try for the Elephant's eye says:

    Goin’ to the see the good ole Chiefs at Camarohead for season finale. At 9am gate opening time I notice RVs already parked in lot A with smoking grills. They have been here for 2 weeks. Cut off from the world they haven’t yet heard about the Chiefs and their playoff chances. Once the generator died they couldn’t get scores, the engine running, or any supplies. They were surviving off of old rib tips, bbq sauce, white bread and natty. The crew argue loudly about whether Alex Smith is going to throw 3 or 4 TDs to his WRs today ‘just to show up Kaepershiat and his no playoff Niners’

    I don’t have the heart to tell them so I bolt….Approaching gate A….It’s body scan time. I fluff it up a bit just in case there are any cutie security screeners. They find something irregular. Lights and sirens blaring everywhere. Gate security draw on me with their standard issue Glocks like I was at Independence Center.

    Hands up, dont shoot! After a full body cavity search it turns out it was just the copper rivets on my jeans, not concentrated subdermal c4. Well hell man, at least she had skinny fingers.

    I go up to my seat in section 227 aka the Jackee section. The only people there are an old sleeping red coater, someone who snuck down from 327, and a couple of people I recognize from The Carriage Club who are eating caviar and playing broomball in the empty rows. I look up and every seat is occupied in 327. Arching fountains of beer, vomit and chicken bones are continually tossed over the sides. I smell the pungent smell of their traditional burnt offerings to the football Gods to strike down Philip Rivers and ensure Chiefs victories


  6. Second Try for the Elephant's eye says:

    Red Coater keeps asking me if I want 80/20 raffle tickets. Seems like a bad deal but he is unrelenting. I hand him a hundred for 75 tickets. When I ask for my tickets he scoffs.

    “Ya lost kid, nobody has won this raffle since 1971…how do you think Clark pays for our WRs we draft and sign in free agency.”

    “But we didn’t…..”

    “A top tier SMU education ain’t cheap either, son. They are the finest university in the metroplex!”

    I drop the issue and decide to watch the game. Most Chiefs are playing in half to 3/4 of a uniform, wearing Single bar facemasks and belts where you loop in the pads. Bowe’s jersey clearly just has the numbers spraypainted on.

    Chase Daniel shows he is the singular Daniel and throws 3 TDS all to WRs
    Charles: 150 yr, 3 TD
    But everyone in the Chiefs secondary has forgotten how to cover anything.
    They just lay down for naps while Chargers WR run past on flys and posts.

    Rivers: 7 TDs and taunts arrowhead crowd with WWF wrestling gestures
    He shows the Diane Hart Chiefs Cheerleaders a hairy piece of gum that was stuck to his leg.
    Flowers laughs and eats a big ass Santana’s carne asada burrito on the sideline
    Chargers 49 – Chiefs 42

    as I exit, I hear the RV guys
    “I tell you we’re a couple of pieces away.
    All we need is a couple of CBs, two WRs, a couple of interior lineman, a QB, a backup QB, a kicker, a new D.J. in the draft and a cure for Lymphoma.”

    Pro: SD +1 Smokin’ Bowls: TA&M +1 over WVU in the liberty owl

    • Lance The Intern says:

      Hilarious post. Unfortunate prediction…..KC eliminates Sand Diego*.

      Justin Houston laughs and eats a big ass Santana’s carne asada burrito on the sideline.

  7. hahhararley says:

    dee ford was supposed to takeover for tamba hali to save them money….wrong!
    when will they realize the offense wins games? no receivers! let bowe go…
    draft cooper from Alabama…do whatever it takes…bring in some speedy
    receivers….Thomas can do some things.
    defense….can’t fault them….if the chiefs could score it could make the
    defense even better. But now they’re playing with some hurt horses.
    Overall…a few breaks and they’re in the playoffs. Rememeber….they’ve
    got to get past Denver to win a division….and that’s tough….although they
    split with them this year.
    But even with all that being said …..I love the chiefs.
    I think this year was really unusual. As the royals stretched the
    season into the world series and the end of October little attention was focused
    on the chiefs. Usually royals would be out of it by july and everyone would
    have been lit for the chiefs. Not so this season and I think it may have affected
    the team. Had they not lost some easy games…chiefs would be in playoffs
    and glaze and k might have a differenet take on this team.

    • CG says:

      Thanks for your support Harley. Yeah that guy is kinda a nut huh. Lazlo. A hater for no reason. Maybe we will find one for him soon.

    • rww says:

      The Chiefs record should be changed to 10-6 because hahahaharley is NEVER WRONG and he just said they split with the Broncos this year instead of losing both games. HE’S NEVER WRONG!!!!

  8. CG says:

    Welp the Chiefs play an OK game. Clearly a wounded Charger team let one go… lots of bad calls help Chiefs win. Clearly there were several pass interference calls that hurt Chargers down the line late. But the Chiefs won. A meaningless game. Houston has his sacks for his payday..but you still don’t see him dominate games that matter. A 9-7 season was a win for this mediocre Chiefs squad. Another meaningless season.

  9. PucKChaser says:

    An Andy Reid coached team over 81/2. Easiest bet in Vegas all year.

  10. Jack Springer says:

    Are you ready to retire from reporting on sports now? We all hope so.

  11. burrito flatulence says:

    only a few short months ago…


    “I’m gonna make you rich in just a few short months. Here’s how!!! The Chiefs have a magic number like all NFL teams. Meaning how many regular season games with the Chiefs win. You can bet over the magic number over or under. This year Vegas has them at 8 1/2 wins. That means you must bet they win more or less games than that in the entire regular season. So if you take the OVER, the Chiefs must win 9 games. Under they must only win 8 or less. With their tough schedule, the Chiefs will be happy to win 6 or 7 games. ”

    Chiefs go 9-7.

    Are we rich yet?

  12. Lance The Intern says:

    Is there a feud between CG and some DJ on the Buzz? Which DJ?

  13. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Wow. Another incorrect Chiefs prediction by Glaze. Daniel and the Chiefs defense lead the way to a victory. A meaningless win, but a win nonetheless.

  14. CG says:

    YEP I was foolish everyone knew KC would whip the Chargers. Especially with a back up qb. It’s easy to come in after the fact huh. It has been a strange year in the NFL for sure. I looked at the expert picks against the spread each week. Most of them went the way I did on the picks. More than the picks we also have all pretty much agreed the Chiefs are a ‘problem’ franchise. If you want to be a top tier team. This year was no exception. Hey where’s KKKKK? You stuck in Xmas Hell K?

    • CG says:

      PS the only game I was wrong on picks this week was KC. So 2 of 3 thats not too bad.

    • Kerouac says:

      Yes, I was/still am on vacation, since December 13 and up until January 6, 2015, when, in celebration another hamster on the treadmill Swiss Chiefs season, Kerouac will take His own life and extinguish it (but like them will resurrect it in September, just in time for another pass the hat go round of commentary response KCindy’s 2015 football foibles to come; Happy New Year indeed… heh heh heh heh heh


  15. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Here’s a thought for you…Chase Daniel had a better receiving corp at Missouri than he does with the Chiefs.

  16. Kerouac says:

    Kerouac nails another…

    He predicted the GIANTS triumph and Royals demise ~ check

    He predicted another Superbowl-less, post season-less KCindy season ~ check

    See ya’ll back here again in April and September and we’ll replay both yet again, ad nauseam, sports suckers- er fans

    heh heh heh heh heh


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